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Foundations for Professional Practice

Table of Contents


How therapeutic communication ultimately gets related with person-centered care.

Role of inter/intra professional communication in the provisioning of clinical handover

Critical reflection on the potential communication barriers which might affect safety and quality in healthcare


Introduction to Therapeutic Communication

Therapeutic communication is stated as face to face interactions among the persons that is the between the patient and the nurses whose primary objective is to enhance patient’s physical and emotional well-being. Some of the theaurapactic communication techniques used by the nurses are active listening, focusing through the use of open ended questions along with clarification, paraphrasing, reflecting, restating etc. With the help of therapeutic communication, all the negative emotional stress among the patients gradually alleviated through which health problems can get solved easily and likewise the patients can plan about certain activities which will help in improving health condition. These are some of the important contexts which had ultimately helped in establishing a relation of trust and mutual co-operation between nurses and the beneficiaries of health care. These things will be described later in support of certain literature reviews and case analysis.

How Therapeutic Communication Ultimately Gets Related with Person-Centered Care

According to (), through thereupatic communication, better understanding in between nurses and the patients gets developed. In practical sense, the thereupatic communication means making use of certain strategies through which the patient will get encouragement in expressing their feelings and ideas. However from psychological view point, this particular communication has been aimed in establishing a good relation of developing trust and mutual co-operation in between nurses and the beneficiaries of healthcare based on which certain things will be getting uplifted among the patients involving enhancement in mind and soul along with the development of formal education to the nurses which will ideally help in bringing the moral capacities for humanity, empathy as well as care for others.

On the other hand authors like (), put the things differently where he stated that the particular communication can be primarily stated as one of the important skill as well as technique to communicate with patients. The therapeutic communication actually acts as one of the special factor within the process of health care which will be having beneficial as well as healing effect and is also defined as the anti-therapeutic process. This form of communication can be defined as one of the medical and humanistic discipline which aims in analysing a clear picture regarding deep moral grounding of nursing as a profession. The therapeutic communication through which the person-centred care can be related is based on certain principles like putting the patients always in the first criteria where the nurses will be responsible in introducing themselves first with a calm and welcoming voice.

The other principle of thereupatic communication through which person-centred care can get related is actively listening towards the problems of the patients that is what the patients say and allowing them in order to finish their statements without any judgements and interruptions. Another principle is that the nurses should learn to talk with the patient by heart were honesty as well as frankness are some of the important parts to be dealt with based on which kindness and courtesies are some of the important aspects to be looked after. The patients always needed to be asked some open-ended questions having non-medical and simpler languages which will help in bringing patients closer to the nurses. According to (), the specific skills of the nurses involves true desires and needs in order to help other individuals without the achievement of any form of personal gains. Here the development of moral attitudes towards the personal profession is one of the necessary pre-conditions for the exercise of therapeutic communication.

Role of Inter/intra Professional Communication in The Provisioning of Clinical Handover

Clinical handover is defined as one of the explicit transfer in the information which actually supports the transfer of clinical accountability and responsibility among the healthcare professionals so that the continuity of care can be easily delivered to the patient. ISoBAR is defined as one of the standard structure in the context of all clinical handovers like identity, situation, observations, and background, agree in planning and read back. The clinical handover policy can be defined as one of the mandatory requirement under clinical governance which gets applied to entire Health Service Providers. In the field of inter-personal communication, the nurses professionally held responsible for those persons who are ill and that is why they needs nurses to speak for them. The nurses gets perfectly positioned in utilizing effective interpersonal communication through which emotional , spiritual and psychological development among the patients can be encouraged. According to (), ISBAR approach holds greater importance in enhancing the communication as one of the simple , portable as well as memorable tool which can be used by the individuals in optimising the communication. The ISBAAR approach is basically simpler to use, memorable and at the same time also portable and logically structured. The following framework highlights the ISBAR framework:

According to Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health care structured clinical handover had been discovered in order to reduce the communication errors within and between the health service organisations so that the patient care and safety can get improved. As per Australian legal procedures of clinical handover, certain things which are important for the clinical handover is that the good management team within the hospital who will be responsible in supporting the transfer of the high quality clinical information across the changes in the shift. This involves the dedicated time to be provided to the team members with the help of which they can share the information and clarify the responsibilities for the delivery of ongoing care and the outstanding tasks. It will also be the responsibilities of the team to summarise up-to-date management plans and also contact doctor hoc is basically responsible for the patients under the care of the team. The proper allocation of team within the hospital premise shift wise have been highlighted below

According to Australian Medical Association it can be demonstrated by highlighting that both the doctors as well as stakeholders in the healthcare believes that both the development and the introduction of best practice clinical handover can be stated as one of the positive step for caring the patients and also assisting the introduction of more flexibilities in the work practices.

Critical Reflection on The Potential Communication Barriers Which Might Affect Safety and Quality in Healthcare

It had been critically highlighted by some of the authors like (), that dysfunctional teamwork is ultimately leading towards poorer intra as well as interpersonal communication which affects the safety and quality in Australian healthcare. I think that the communication barriers usually occurs due to certain factors like absence of trust , fear of conflict , lack of commitments , avoidance in the context of accountability and inattentive to results. The sharing of the patient-specific health care information’s during the clinical handover lacks situational awareness in most of the times leads to problems in the communication barriers affecting the safety and quality in healthcare. The communication problems within healthcare are multi-dimensional by nature and it is being influenced through technology , processes , personells , information design and the biology.

The medical associations in Australia have endorsed the SBAR based communication tool with the help of which a standardized as well as structured communication processes can be followed in a logical and succinct sequence. Hence the SBAR tool is found to be effective in bridging the gap of the communication styles. However it have been critically analysed by (), that there exists certain communication barriers in the healthcare involving complexities and hurdles in the upgradation of new communication systems. In addition to this , the nurses also faces difficulties in providing clear patient instructions via voice calls and as a result the patient complicacies are getting increased on a daily basis. As per the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act 1996 , the thinking process by the healthcare professionals have changed the way in dealing with Protected Health Information to ensure confidentiality , integrity as well as security. This Act had also set limits on the disclosure and the use and also provided patients the tight to examine and receiving copies of records as well as requesting the corrections.

According to HIPAA legal procedures, it can be recommended by stating that communication barriers within the industry can be avoided through below aspects:

  • The nurses should be efficient in having the proper control accessibility to data involving tracking users , automatic logoffs and encryption
  • The nurses should also access towards auditing control so that the activity can be recorded
  • Implementation of the security protocols
  • Promotion of secured training and awareness for the effective communication in between the healthcare professionals
  • The establishment of the contingency plans covering data backups , disaster recovery and the emergencies

Through the above procedures, benefits can be guaranteed through the mantainance of the smooth communication like improved diagnostic accuracy, higher satisfaction among the patients, and greater satisfaction among the team. The cloud contact centre that s 8*8 cloud contract centre is one of the first of its kind solution through which the Omni-channel routing , quality management along with work stream collaboration can be guaranteed to the patients.

Conclusion on Therapeutic Communication

Promotion of effective communication within healthcare is demanding by nature and also challenging. In this aspect, the communication barriers also occurs between patients and the nurses also due to cultural differences which can be avoided through the development of the, communication skills , cultural awareness and sensitivity. The communication processes along with the principles needs to be defined by the nurses with the patients in order to make the treatment easier.

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