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Introduction To Public Relations



Description and analysis.

Research and Goals.

Programming- includes target publics, key messages, and tactics.


key theory.




Introduction to Organizational Boundaries and Inter Organisational Conflicts

The international art festival is a world-class festival. It is festival based in Brisbane and it is a $17 million international festival. This festival held in every September across the city. The festival runs for around 22 days and it has approximately 70 productions and there are 540 performances which include dance, music, theatre, opera, circus, and comedy. This festival held at different locations and also held at some premium locations like Queensland performing arts centre and various other locations. The theme of the festival 2016 is ‘welcome to Youtopia’ that helps in motivating the festival-goers to come outside and experience something very unusual. Three main goals help in engaging the client and to deliver them all integrated PR campaign. The first goal is securing the tickets, the second goal is to engage the community of Brisbane in the festival and the third goal is to improve the reputation. The study analysing critically the above-given situation. The study also presents the key aspects of development, and principles of practices.

Description and Analysis of Organizational Boundaries and Inter Organisational Conflicts

To achieve all the goals and objectives and to generate the hype around the festival, it is necessary to take some planning, follows some strategies so that all the goals and objectives can be accomplished. There is a need to create structured tactics to accomplish the desired goals and objectives. Involvement of media and social media is also required for the branding of 2016 youtopia with the help of media kits. The media kits are very famous because it has various features to match with a logo of the festival and it is also used to capture the 3D photos of all the key performances such as dance, music and various others. Producing high-quality features and outlining the festival of Brisbane and fulfilling all the conditions and demands of the client make the festival outstanding and more engaging. The digital ambassadors and the social influencers accelerated the present social media presence of the Brisbane festival by allowing the client to go to the new audiences to increase the sales of the tickets. The influencers attracting people by showing them tickets so that more people come forward and buy the tickets and the social influencers also sharing one key message to the people so that people get influenced very much with the hey message and buy the tickets. These influences also get selected based on the followers, if one person has minimum 10, 000 follower than this person become the influencer so that this influencer can appeal to 10, 000 followers and more people. The results can be grouped in different categories such as cool kids of Brisbane aged between 19 to 25 years, the photographers, and different event bloggers, mummy bloggers who support the day program for friends and family and foodies. Some strategies addressed the comments of the clients pertinent to possible crisis events like the heated climate of political people with an explicit crisis plan and training provided to media (Aldrich, 2018).

Research and Goals

To support three main goals that the client engaged group P4 to offer an integrated PR campaign. The goals are, to secure tickets sales to the suggested top ten festival events, to engage the community of Brisbane in the festival and the third is to improve the reputation of the event and enhance the reputation as a relevant art hub. The primary goal of the client is to create a hype around the festival with the help of social media engagement and media coverage, the primary activities that are involved are to drive the sales of a ticket. It is understood, if media coverage is more at the place then more people involved in the festival so that the sales of tickets can be increased. It is the P4 that translates the goals into objectives, SMART objectives. To get all the media clippings from the festival that being held from 1st April 2016 to 31st October 2016. To acquire around a 10 per cent increase in the followers on Facebook and approximately 100,000 post engagements. To acquire around 10 per cent followers on Instagram and around 20,000 post engagements. To acquire around 10 per cent followers on Twitter and approximately 1500 post engagements.

All the clients of the festival get different kinds of assistance so that they can face any misshaping if occurred at the festival such any possible terror activity and different kind of crisis. Hence all the clients get training and appropriate planning assistance.

The most important thing is required for generating the hype in the festival it is required to have the structured tactics, strategies for string creativity and continuous message (Grunig, 2017).

Programming- Includes Target Publics, Key Messages, and Tactics

It is identified by the research that the appropriate target public as per the sales of the tickets and engagements as compared to the previous years. There were a great number of stakeholders and these stakeholders are very important to the campaign. These are;

  • Attendees of previous Brisbane festival
  • All the digital and social influencers
  • Families of Brisbane have children below of age 18
  • All the members who belong to the arts community
  • City council of Brisbane
  • Government of Queensland
  • All the sponsors of the festival
  • All the venues where the Brisbane festival held
  • Performers, dancers, musicians and other artists.

Evaluation of Organizational Boundaries and Inter Organisational Conflicts

It depends on the media tracking reports to evaluate the results of the campaign. The results of the campaign can also be analysed with the help of insights into social media. All the clippings are assessed and analysed by the practitioners and there is a criterion that needs to be maintained including these points;

  1. The integer of hits inside the channel of target media
  2. Key messages
  3. Size of the audience
  4. Call the action
  5. Tone
  6. Types of spokesperson

Some points are learned with the help of analysis and evaluation and all points offered to the clients so that they can learn and enhance productivity.

  1. Allocated a large number of hours to preserve all the communities online specifically Facebook, to meet the number of enquiries.
  2. To review data of ticket, social insights, and all the analytics from the website that will help in making more strategies for the upcoming year’s festivals.
  3. Include all the requirements through the learning like database, dataset and to get to know, how to access the information instantly.
  4. Provide all the information of sale regarding the tickets to boost the sales of tickets if needed.
  5. To get a more professional photographer by looking at the current year pictures and if the quality of pictures is good then maybe not necessary to get the photographer (Broom, 2014).

Key Theory

Social exchange theory is the best theory that can be applied to the given case study. Social exchange theory is all about the social behaviour of the people of a community or different community. The main goal of the exchange in the theory is to maximise the profit and minimise the costs. This theory is developed by the sociologist named George Homans. According to this theory, people get involved in the social relationship just to gain profit and when people gets the profit, they abandon the relationship. Most of the relationships are based on certain kinds of giving and take. So, social exchange theory is necessary in the Brisbane festival case study because there are certain kinds of relationships between the social influencers and the clients, the social influencers and the people, and the clients and the people of the Brisbane community. Here also the relationship is based on the factor of giving and take. So this theory helps in maintaining the cost-benefit ratio in the following way:

Cost vs., benefit

In the Brisbane festival case study, the social influencers take some money from the clients to attract more people to the particular client so that people can come to the clients and purchase the tickets, but what if the clients also paid to the social influencers and the social; influencers are not able to attract the people as per the expectations of the client. Hence, the clients have to make some strategies and tactics to get the expected number of clients (Fisher et al., 2015).

Recommendation on Organizational Boundaries and Inter Organisational Conflicts

In the given case study, communication plays a major role, if there is no communication in between the clients and the social influencer, in between the social influencer and the community of people, the clients and the media and the client and the people of Brisbane community then there will be no benefit get to the clients and they aren’t able to sell the tickets. If there is need to generate a hype around the festival then strong communication strategies are required.

Summary of Organizational Boundaries and Inter Organisational Conflicts

The paper described the case study of the Brisbane festival. Different points are described in the case study, the points were the research and analysis about the Brisbane festival, the evaluation of Brisbane festival, the key theories and models that are important to the Brisbane festival and how this theory helps in achieving the target of the clients of the festival.

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