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Ballarat Regional Multicultural Council

Executive Summary of Ballarat Regional Multicultural Council

This report highlights factors of communication that affect the Ballarat Regional Multicultural Council (BRMC) and the Association members. The organization's effectiveness was highlighted through the communication plan and design of the framework to create proper channels for employees' directive. The organization's effectiveness through research suggested changes in structuring policies for priorities. The organizations should encourage regular meetings to reach out to association members. This would foster upward communication, empathy, and alignment to work goals for barriers related to hierarchy. Direct communication with employees with directive through structuring priorities as per skill will create autonomy and commitment by upward directive through staff appreciation by active listening and creative pursuit would improve effectiveness at BRMC 

Table of Contents


Industry partner overview..

Researcher relationship to the organization.

Research problem..

Literature review.

Research aim.

Research questions.


Ethical considerations.

Population study and sampling.






Introduction to Ballarat Regional Multicultural Council

The purpose of this research is to work with organizations and explore factors that are affecting their internal communication. The research is being conducted on organizations that work with other organizations and associations to aid the multicultural communities in the regional town of Victoria known as Ballarat. The reason for this research is to help the ‘Ballarat Regional Multicultural Council (BRMC)’ to positively identify a problem that is currently affecting the productivity of the organizations. The study is being taken place to examine the problem and find solutions by exploring several ideas that will be recommended to BRMC to solve the problem their facing.

This research will be used as a guide for the organization in the process of implementing the new solutions needed for improvement. Throughout the research, the organization BRMC will be referred to multiple times and the research aim will be used to understand the problem. The report of the research will include the aim, problem, and questions that will guide the research. The organization's background will be present including the relationship of the researcher to the organization. Literature reviews will be used as a guideline through the exploration of other studies that are similar or have elements that could be implemented into this report. The report will include a methodology, a section that discusses the findings plus the results, a general discussion, recommendations, limitation, and conclusion

Industry Partner Overview

Ballarat Regional Multicultural Council (BRMC) is a multicultural agency providing opportunities to all cultural backgrounds in the Central Highlands Grampians Region (CHGR) and has been operating since 1998 (BRMC,2020). For the past 22 years in the CHGR, BRMC has been working closely with other organizations and association groups through partnerships to help new arrivals fit into the community. As a Social Service in the community of CHGR, Ballarat Regional Multicultural Council (BRMC) have gradually built their payroll employee list to eleven people.

However, the organization has managed to connect with 24 cultural and diversity association groups. BRMC also has over 100 volunteers. The organization’s objective is to provide advisory services, advocacy, and support. Having in mind the purpose to promote understanding and harmony as well as the goodwill of cultural diversity in the community, BRMC has been able to provide opportunities for people from all cultural backgrounds. Over the years, the organization has been helping people to come together to celebrate multiculturalism, cultural diversity by running programs and facilitating activities

Researcher Relationship with The Organization

My relationship with this organization dates to 2013 when I was extremely involved in the Ballarat community as the voice of young people. I was working with one of BRMC’s partner organization known as Centre for Multicultural Youth (CMY). As part of CMY’s Youth Advisory Group (YAG), myself and many other young people acted as the voice of our peers and participated in monthly meetings and project planning. Due to CMY and BRMC’s partnership, the YAG members worked on some projects that collaborated with the BRMC and the other community services. As part of my progress, I was introduced to the BRMC committee board in 2017 and was named the executive Youth Officer for the organization. During my time I participate in projects designed by both organizations and attended meetings to discuss issues and opportunities arising in the CHGR community. My time as a volunteer for both organizations has allowed me to observe the issues that the organizations were facing and explore ideas that could be used to improve the situations. Over time, I was fortunate enough to be given new roles in both organizations. At BRMC I was given a casual role of engagement coordinator to train individuals with limited knowledge to use the internet for communication. Especially in the current moment with the issue of a global health pandemic and new regulations rolled out by the government, BRMC was forced to go online. As engagement coordinator, I have been able to work much closer with the organization to train those who need help or a little extra help with understanding the use of internet platforms

Research problem

The organization is currently experiencing factors affecting communication internally which includes association members and partnered organizations.

Literature Review of Ballarat Regional Multicultural Council

The purpose of the research is to determine communication in a corporate organization and understand the factors impacting communication in the focus organization (BRMC). Communication in general is indicated to be the way a message is sent and received by the process of sharing information. However, internal corporate communication is more directed to organizations and it is the central skill that managerial staffs need to run an efficient and effective work environment.

The definition of communication is expensive and crucial for organizations to use it right, but for many people, it is easier to commonly simplify communication without digging deeper into the meaning of it. On the surface, communication may seem simple or easy. However, when the roots of communication are explored properly, there are many links to be found. When it comes to the process of sharing information in an organization, the topic of communication takes a little turn. In the organizational structure, the process of information sharing is either referred to as internal communication or external, explaining the way information is transit among the employees.

The importance of internal communications identifies the way employees pass information around. Within internal communication, employees and the managerial staff are to be focused on as well as any associate members. If the link of a communication connection between the employees and their manger is strong, then the organization is more likely to move forward positively and achieve higher goals. The link between employees and managers is weak and the process of information is not adequate due to other factors, then the organization will forever remain behind until the issue at hand is fixed (Vercic, 2017).

An internal corporate communication framework (Ruck, 2019) indicated that there are four components to strictly follow when looking for ways to improve the effectiveness of communication in the organization. The four contents of the framework include commitment, awareness, belonging, and understanding. The components of the model illustrate the process of information sharing in a corporate organization as a cycle that goes around and never stops. The link among the key factors of the framework is to help strengthen the relationship of the employees in the organization.

Looking at the framework, the element commitment describes an individual being dedicated to a certain task in the organization. However, as an employee of the organization, the individual will be required to keep in touch with (his or her) coworkers to gain knowledge of the activities and programs taking place in the organization, Commitment then leads to awareness which is an element that explains the employee knowledge of what is going on in the organization. Being alert about situations, new contracts, funding, and other little things such as meetings, and employee turnover are important tasks to be aware of. The awareness concept is very important to take into consideration because the more aware employees are of the activities and programs, the more interested and motivated there will be in the event of completing their own tasks.

Awareness leads to the feeling of you belong to a circle of people or a part of something bigger. Feeling like you belong means, you are not alone or being left out by others. You feel included in the activities taking place and your opinions are valued. Belonging shows the value of the employee, which in the future clear the path for a genuine work-related relationship to be formed between managerial staff, employees, and the association members. Belonging is an identification of how relaxed the working environment is to prompts the employees to be enthusiastic about going to work or simply being part of the organization. Being part of an organization and being accepted is all about feeling a sense of belonging and being at ease with the way the organization processes.

The last element of the cycle pinning everything together is understanding. Without the line of understanding, the organization is sure to not progress effectively. Everyone who is part of the organization must be on the same page with any activities that be taking place. All employees need to understand that it is ideally important for the requirements, values, and visions of the organization to be understood by anyone willing to be part of the organization and showcase their worth for the achievement of the future.

The communication framework is an interpretation of the way managerial staff and employees can build an effective communication link that will improve their workplace relationships. It is crucial that the framework is taken into consideration when managing the internal communication of the organization. It is also important that everyone in the organization is educated on the importance of internal corporate communication and the effects it could have on the progress of the organization. The transmitting of the framework can also evolve into the interpretation of an interpersonal communication relationship

The world realized that it is an important matter that needs to be addressed carefully if an organization is to progress efficiently and effectively to achieve high goals. Internal communication is so crucial that it became a topic of its own. However, it is well understood that there are many factors that could be affecting its productivity. A conceptual map, the IOIC explained that internal communication is influence by core purposes such as being informed, connected, and purposeful. Around the core purpose of the model are the professional areas that need to be addressed by managerial members for a positive form of workplace relationship to be formed. The last area of the model has outlined the behaviors that are required by the employees and the managerial staff as well as any partner organizations or associations.

The map below includes the key domains of internal communication in an organization which was reviewed by IOIC that, it is important for people to implement the map into their personal development plans within the organizations. The framework is a set benchmark for professionals and team to refer to when facing difficulties with communication among the staff (Corey, 2016). With each area of the map focusing on the core purpose of internal communication, it is also a model that is designed to help individuals identify the gaps occurring in their organization, map out their skills and knowledge as well as creating their development plan and establish a path to follow within the communication domain

Linking back to the purpose of the report, the two frameworks and maps are explanatory of the factors that are potential impactors on the internal communication of BRMC. The first figure outlines four components that should be implemented into a development plan for building an efficient communication line among co-workers. However, everyone in the organization needs to be educated based on the factors and how to implement them. This varies with transparency with internal framework priority (Thornton, 2018)

The employees need to understand the purpose of the internal communication framework and the differences that it could make when practiced properly. On the other hand, the internal communication conceptual map designed by the Institute of Internal Communication should be used as a guideline for a personal development plan that would benefit everyone in the workplace. The ‘IoIC’ map is an outline of personality traits, behaviors, and skills that are required to run an efficient effective organization with a positive communication relationship (Institute of Internal Communication, 2016).

Research Aim

The aim of the research is to explore the factors impacting communication in Ballarat Regional Multicultural Council (BRMC) internally as well as an extension to its association members and partner organizations.

Research questions

  1. What are the factors impacting the efficiency and effectiveness of communication in BRMC as in organization and its association members?
  2. How can we improve communication with the associations?

Methodology of Ballarat Regional Multicultural Council

This research is specifically focusing on the internal communication of BRMC as a social community service organization. Since the problem of the organization is related to factors affecting the internal communication of the organization from running effectively and efficiently, the research will explore the factors and deconstruct their impact on the organization. The research design for this study will be descriptive with both quantitative and qualitative research approaches for a sample selected from respondents through the survey technique on random sampling Descriptive research will analyze population behavior for and opinion for the purpose of our research

Ethical Considerations

The researcher took a clearance letter for carrying out the study from council members. The respondents have willingly participated and consideration for their privacy and confidentiality is done

Population study and sampling

The population for the research is the top management and organizational vertical of council members. Probability sampling was employed for the selection of 100 employees. The sub group here represent further demographics for presentation

 Data collection

The study comprises data collection through surveys and primary data gathered from the respondents through the interview. The survey and interview were based on close-ended questions. The researcher personally administered the entire process. In order to determine the data and analysis thematic and frequency-based analysis for patterns of communication were applied

Findings of Ballarat Regional Multicultural Council

The analysis of data includes means of communication and barriers to communication among stakeholders

  • Demographic variables specific to age, work experience are important factors for smooth communication. The communication was limited to people similar to themselves at the organization

Demographic characteristic of respondents

Table 1

Demographic variable n=100



Male 48 48

Female 36 36

Others 15 15


18-25 24 24

26-35 24 24

36-50 36 36

51-65 5 5

Above 65 11 11

Personal Annual Income

0-20,000 14 14

20,001-50,000 10 10

50,001-80,000 16 16

80,001-150,000 48 48

Qualification (highest achieved)

High School 1 1

 Certificate/Vocational 42 42

Undergraduate 38 38

Postgraduate and above 19 19

Work status

Full time 74 74

Part time 24 24

Casual 2 2

  • Management communication and effectiveness practice

The below findings depicts 70% of employees feel they are not adequately communicated. The miscommunication and lack of communication causes performance gap later

  • Assessment of effective listening among organization hirer racy

Understanding people and culture is essential for motivating employees and maintaining effectiveness. Active listening is lacking in employees. The close-ended question regarding employee concern to manager causing decline motivation



















Table 2- It shows the frequency of active listening as lowest with 29% with responses

Inadequate management commitment as a challenge to effective communication




 Strongly agree












Strongly disagree



Its shows low commitment as a negative attitude for effective communication as a disconnect

The employee suggested way for effective communication on the survey question

Discussion on Ballarat Regional Multicultural Council

BRMC communication effectiveness through research and finding relates to employee dissatisfaction and negative sentiment. The data relating to active listening with organization peer and management market at 62% total shows a lack of commitment and a strong sense of hostility as a prime reason for a broken chain of communication. According to Vercic (2017), the link between employees should be strong with employee awareness to increase engagement. The regular meeting between staff and management will decrease distress and reduce satisfaction. Updating IoIC Map will advocate self-drive and increase professionalism through central communication being effective with each person working in collaborative projects for empathetic relationships. Communication effectiveness is subjective to changes in structure with front line interaction through collaboration an accessibility (Harvard business review ,2017).The demographic income group with 48% majorly of high income with top management dilution of decision making can use IoIC map for professional ambition and measuring demonstrative value

Recommendation on Ballarat Regional Multicultural Council

BRMC to increase communication effectiveness should align the communication plan with its policies. The organizations should encourage regular meetings to reach out to association members. This will foster upward communication, empathy, and alignment to work goals for barriers related to hierarchy. Direct communication with employees with directive through structuring priorities as per skill will create autonomy (Ishtiaque, 2016). The majority of the respondents in findings demonstrated transparency as key focus it will reduce incumbency. Confidence will raise morale and commitment by upward directive through staff appreciation by active listening and creative pursuit (Austin, 2015).

Limitations of Ballarat Regional Multicultural Council

This research has faced many limitations from the beginning to the end. At the start of this research, there was an announcement of a global health pandemic that took the world by surprise. With a new virus known as Coronavirus (COVID-19), the world quickly took a turn and, accessibility to things became much hard. Rapidly, new rules and regulations were rolled by every nation’s leader to work on minimizing the spread of the new virus (stop the spread). Since this research is based on a social community service organization, it was extremely hard to conduct the research during a tough time like this. The organization structure is vast thus limit us with structuring timeline that can disengage in sampling and order (Quirke, 2016)

Conclusion on Ballarat Regional Multicultural Council

From the above discussion and analyze the research study is to analyses factors for effective communication. The technique used in data collection reflect lack of application of proper communication framework through variable to draw inferences. The finding reflects that understanding and awareness not in chronic order causing internal communication distortion. Low commitment and negative sentiment create block in a hierarchal structure. Conflict management and individual autonomy will reflect the change in the inter-personal relationship that will encourage communication and interaction at the workplace

Reference List for Ballarat Regional Multicultural Council

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