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Purpose of The Communication Plan

The purpose of this communication plan is to set out written statements along with the objectives of communication after strict analysis of various proposals identified to achieve the objectives. This communication plan is signed between the University of South Australia and MavTech for introducing a technology named holoportation. This communication plan aims to set out criteria of including the technology for the use of the University of South Australia to provide the facility of remote and virtual teaching to the students (Heide, Platen, Simonsson and 2018). This plan has been formed to update regarding the changes in the university e concerning the adoption of new technology, which will commence from July 2020.

To make the communication plan efficient, both the partners of the project have agreed to incorporate 9 steps provided by Smith to make specific details of different departments that need to be taken care of during the implementation of the project (Smith 2016).

Dissemination, as well as communication, is never going activities that are carried out with the participation of the partners of the project. Thereby this communication plan will set various aspects like:-

  1. The objectives that are underlining under this plan.

  2. The message of the activities of communication.

  3. The targeted audience will get affected by new communication technology plan.

  4. The tools that are appropriate to address the targeted audience.

  5. Programs related to dissemination and communication activities.

  6. At lasts, the evaluation regarding the achievement of communication goals.

Situational Analysis

The education industry is collaborating with IT companies to improve the concept of digital learning. E-learning companies are showing great interest in adopting the latest technologies of digital learning. Holoporation is a three-dimensional model that creates 3-D models of different spaces and people. Maverick Technology Pty Ltd (MavTech) is a company that is specialized in making holograms by using the technique of holoportation. The technique of holoportation can be used by multiple schools to join together as a unit and to teach collaboratively. It can modify the directions of teaching and can improve the learning outcomes of the students. There is an urgent need to spread more information about this revolutionary technology in the e-learning and educational sector. The IT companies and education industry should collaborate and introduce the concept of holoportation to the students. The communication gap between IT companies and education industries should be reduced for the successful implementation of holoporation technology.

Objectives of The Communication Plan

It is very evident from the identified objectives in the communication plan that the goals and objectives identified and decided by both the partners are SMART goals. These goals are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time-specific as provided under the timeline of the communication plan.

Overall Objectives

University of Australia and MavTech are aiming to bring down the technology of holoportation that aims to provide and assist the students with virtual conferencing and lectures with teachers.

This communication activity through holoportation and all the dissemination activities focus upon providing higher visibility of the new technology project of holoportation to produce affordable learning to the students whenever they need it.

Specific Objectives

  1. The specific aim to adopt the application of holoportation technology into the University of South Australia is to provide an opportunity of guest lecturers from any location across the globe into the campus class of the university.

  2. The technology will help the professors teaching in the class University of South Australia to project their lectures outside the campus whenever necessary.

  3. The application of this technology will help the students to learn online by projecting a lecture through holoportation, where the students can stay at home during the time of the COVID-19 crisis and can experience real-time lectures.

  4. The application of hollow transportation will also help various students to participate from multiple locations across the globe into various academic programs.

  5. Also, when the student is unable to be physically present in the university, this technology will provide the opportunity to have a face to face consultation with the student with the professor teaching at the University of South Australia.

Stakeholder Analysis

This partnership aims to target two primary categories of audience. The audience extended to the different students studying at the University of South Australia as well as any other student belonging from any university across the globe who is interested in attending the lectures of the professors of the University of Australia.

Apart from the targeted audience is extended to the professors teaching at the University of South Australia as well as any other professor teaching in any university or campus who is interested or invited as a guest lecturer.

It must be noted that these audiences are not limited to these two categories, but the audience may likely extend two other external constituents, which are inclusive of peers in higher education, affiliates, or any service organizations which are associated with the University of Australia.

Apart from this, the audience who can gain advantage from the incorporation of the technology of holoportation will extend to all the community of the campus, which is inclusive of every faculty, staff, and all the students. This facility will extend to the IT staff of the University of South Australia.

The Strategy of The Communication Plan

The major strategy of communication which will be adopted under this plan will be based upon the PRINCE 2 communication management strategy where the roles and responsibilities will be strictly divided between different departments to ensure effective management of responsibilities (Wilson & Plowman 2018). The responsibility of maintaining adequate and effective communication through quotations will be assigned to the information technology department of the University of South Australia. It will be the responsibility of the senior management team to check the proper communication framework within various divisional liaisons.

It will be the responsibility of the information technology department to keep a regular review upon the activities of various divisions to ensure the proper flow of technology within all the departments and targeted audiences at the University of South Australia. Assigning responsibility to check the framework of the technology within the institution will work as a strategy to achieve the objective of virtual training and online class facility through holoportation in a smooth manner.

Feedback of The Technology

The technology of holoportation and communication incorporates in itself a mechanism for feedback. It will be the responsibility of every audience using the communication tool to provide feedback regarding their experience so that the feedback can be evaluated to ensure adequate Holoportation facility in the university. To determine the focus and credibility of the holoportation tool, then the plan will provide an opportunity for the audience to respond after analyzing the timeline of the project and services offered there (Jones et al. 2016). The feedback from the audience will be based upon the opinions and personal involvement of the audience in holo transportation, and therefore the feedback will be evaluated to meet the need of the target audience at a particular point. This will help to identify the changes needed in the communication tool, which is holoportation in the present case.

How Will Holoportation Work?

Holoportation will provide end to end system, which is based upon reality virtual telepresence. This communication tool will provide real-time 3D reconstructions with a higher quality of the entire space (Orlosky, Kiyokawa & Takemura 2017). The technology of holoportation will also provide a 3D reconstruction of objects and furniture other than people by using new depth cameras (Shufutinsky 2018). To adopt this technology and to use holoportation, the user will be required to hear a virtual reality displays to interact with the remote participants. The reality displays will assist the user in seeing and hearing the participants in a 3D manner with the experience of sharing the same physical space.

Messaging for Different Stakeholders

After the mutual consultation of both the parties, it is hereby agreed that the information technology department of the University of South Australia will respond and manage all the emergency messages that are related to the Polo transportation technology and all its related services via broadcast email and voicemail to the campus of the university whenever needed. The communication manager of the IT department on the campus will be held responsible for managing all the emergency messages outline by the information technology department to the campus. The information technology department has to become active according to the length and type of emergency ok during the operations of coal transportation technology in the university. Certain guidelines need to be avoided by all the users of holoportation technology for communicating an emergency message. Any user who is getting affected by the technology must get the message. It is important that the message needs to be relevant and clear. The frequency of messages must be monitored on time.

Communication Tactics Inside and Outside the Premise of The University Campus

The University of Australia will work to promote the Maverick technology and its innovation of holoportation technology outside the campus. The management of the university is recommended to upload documents, images, and all necessary project-related content periodically to achieve and promote greater visibility of holoportation technology. The website of the University of South Australia must reflect the installation of quotation technology in university. Under any situation whenever any audience or visitors shows interest in the project of quotation technology, then the same must be communicated by the management of the university in the simplest manner possible by not complicating the contents of the project (Wilcox, Cameron & Reber 2015). Apart from this, all the relevant information and contents related to the technology of holoportation installation in the technology must be provided to the targeted audience in the most presentable manner by the responsible percent of the university. Apart from this, the information on available features of the technology must also be disclosed. The University of South Australia must be open to conduct and be a part of various interviews with different stakeholders across the country to promote the technology and other project-related activities.


From June 5th, 2020, to June 7th, 2020, the installation of all the requirements will be completed at the University of South Australia. All the necessary wirings and several 25 headsets will be provided until June 10th, 2020. Till June 15th, 2020, the internal installment will be completed regarding the monitoring of technology by the information technology department on the campus. On 17th June 2020, the first round of video production tests will be conducted to check the proper functioning of the technology on the campus. On 28th June 2020, partners of this project will check the dissemination events related to the technical installation on the campus. From 1st July 2020, holoportation technology will completely function on the campus of the university.


As the Maverick technologies providing the facility of holoportation to the University of South Australia, therefore the university must bear the cost of communication technology, which is primarily holoportation in the present case. The cost of all the staff which will be used to incorporate and set up the machines used to update the communication will be paid by the University. Any other administrative expenditure incurred by Maverick technology while

installing the machines in the university will be born at the University of Australia. Apart from this, all the travel, accommodation cost, any unforeseen need of external expertise, and all the service-related cost of installing and maintaining the technology in the university will also be borne by the University of South Australia. The estimated cost for installing and maintaining the communication technology by holoportation is approximately $25000, which is subject to change according to the need of the situation.

Evaluation of The Holoportation Tool

The implementation of holoportation technology at the University of South Australia will be evaluated and monitored on an annual basis. The communication manager of this project will have the responsibility to collect all the feedback from all targeted audiences, as mentioned in this communication plan (Winby & Mohrman 2018). After collection of data, the situation must be assessed by the manager so that the results of the success of implementing holoportation technology providing the students an opportunity to be a part of the online class through visual 3D technology can be properly identified. The evaluation of this technology will be based upon all the published articles related to the success of technology in the university on various websites. Records of all the organized transnational dissemination events will be analyzed. Media appearance by the University for promoting the technology will be checked. Facebook fan page, YouTube channel views, project posters, published videos of some of the lectures provided in the university through holoportation, and all the actions of similar nature will be the major force of evaluating the success or failure of implementing the technology of holoportation in the university of South Australia. The evaluation will provide the scope of improvement in the problems identified regarding installing or any other service-related issues. Evaluation of technology has to be considered as an important part of the communication plan to maintain the integrity and authenticity of teleportation technology.


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