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How Steve Jobs communicate with his employees and stakeholders.

Approaches of Steve Jobs in internal and external communications.

How Steve Jobs successfully leads team..

Modes of business communication.

Impact of effective communication skills



Reference list

Introduction to Communication Skills Analysis of Steve Jobs

In every business environment, effective communication skills are important to ensure a smooth flow of business processes. By communicating, one can express or articulate his/her views, opinions, and beliefs to others in order to explain or discuss any matter or concern. Concerning such fact, in a business environment, an effective communication skill help leader to plan, organize, manage, promote, and innovation required factors that need to be developed (Bucăţa and Rizescu, 2017). On the other hand, it also helps build and inspire people or employees to work productivity to achieve organizational goals and objectives mutually (Bucăţa and Rizescu, 2017). There are various factors involved in making the communication within a business environment or organization more effective and efficient subsequently (Bucăţa and Rizescu, 2017). It includes written memos, emails to peers and employees, business presentations, telecommunication, conference, seminars, and important announcements (Bucăţa and Rizescu, 2017). It is crucial to have an effective communication flow or skills to ensure organizational effectiveness and efficiency at the same time.

Similarly, for effective communication skill, it is important to have an effective leader as well as managing the entire business efficiently (Bucăţa and Rizescu, 2017). Relating to such fact, Steve Jobs, the co-founder of Apple Inc., who was also known as the American business magnate whose innovation, design, and management took the company to a certain height that it is known best in the world till date (Lee, 2015). For his effective leadership style and communication skills, Apple Inc. has reached its mission to become the leading company in the world (Lee, 2015). This paper will help analyse the communication skills of Steve Jobs and his communication strategy that has helped the business prosper great growth. Thus, identifying the importance of effective communication skills in a business environment and the insights of Steve Jobs communication strategy will help provide a significant understanding of the factors involved and for further studies as a point of reference.

How Steve Jobs Communicate with His Employees and Stakeholders

It is of obvious understanding that, to create a positive impact on your business and community it serves, effective leadership is crucial to success. Business organizations require innovation, effective strategies, actions, and communications to motivate their employees to perform with high productivity to reach the organizational goals together. Concerning such fact, Steve Jobs was been known for his effective PowerPoint presentations and skills in handling audience or viewers proficiently (Smith, 2016). On the other hand, according to an article in Forbes official website relating to Steve Jobs communication has provided significant information and described him as world’s most stimulating and exceptional communicator in the business ecosystem (Smith, 2016). Steve Jobs have died in 2011, at the age of 56 years old; however, his strategies, effectiveness, and abilities in shaping a business proficiently will be revolving till the business environments exist (Smith, 2016). The communication styles and approaches of Steve jobs were extraordinary and full of skill sets which are unique and appeared to be effective (Smith, 2016).

Steve Jobs had an effectual strategy of communicating with his peers and colleagues which many business leaders are not aware of or fail to ensure effectiveness (Heracleous and Klaering, 2017). However, Steve Jobs was the game-changer in this aspect of motivating and making every employee work productivity with great enthusiasm and morale (Heracleous and Klaering, 2017). The communication strategies of Steve Jobs include written messages via email to every employee (Heracleous and Klaering, 2017). In addition, he also used a video presentation to make his peers and colleagues understand the company's changing policies, values, mission, and productivity (Heracleous and Klaering, 2017). This had helped Steve Jobs massively in enhancing high morale and articulates accurately what he wants to convey to his employees and stakeholders (Heracleous and Klaering, 2017). As Apple Inc. is a Technology Company, it is obvious that Steve Jobs would use high-tech gadgets and tools to communicate with his peer and colleagues (Heracleous and Klaering, 2017).

The modes of communication that Steve Jobs used to engage his audience and employees are PowerPoint presentations, video conference, email, and public speaking (Heracleous and Klaering, 2017). Now, concerning the relation with the communication theory, it implies considerable relevancy with the theory. According to Ruben and Gigliotti, (2016), states interpersonal and intrapersonal communication is a component of communication theory which is essential for effective business communication (Ruben and Gigliotti, 2016). Also, written messages in the form of email or text messages in Smartphone are closely related to communication theory respectively (Ruben and Gigliotti, 2016). Moreover, PowerPoint presentation also involves speaking, listening, and viewing graphical contents and written texts to express or make understand regarding a topic or subject or issue effectively (Ruben and Gigliotti, 2016). Thus, it has been understood that the modes and strategies of communication that Steve Jobs used are closely related to the communication theory and perspectives.

Approaches of Steve Jobs in Internal and External Communications

Within a business atmosphere, understanding the approaches of communicating effectively towards the audience or viewers is important as it helps to grow and maintain solid and study relationships with stakeholders and customers effectively (Tsai and Liao, 2016). On the other hand, communication also plays a vital role in improving business values and approaches by communicating effectively with the employees to make them understand about the expectations and results precisely (Tsai and Liao, 2016). It includes internal and external communication skills and approaches. Concerning such facts, Steve Jobs had used effectual communication skills to articulate what the company is all about and its values before its clients, stakeholder, and employees (Yaffe, 2019). As it is already been known that, Steve Job is an exceptional technology marketing expert who uses a strategic approach to engage his audience to influence and lure them towards buying products looking at values and how it performs (Yaffe, 2019). The communication strategies of Steve Jobs include customer-centric and employee-centric approach towards communication with his clients and colleagues (Yaffe, 2019).

He focuses and designs his presentations and messages in way theta it creates a positive impact and generating enthusiasm to use or purchase the product right away (Yaffe, 2019). According to an article by Harris, (2015), Steve Jobs have had once enlightened about his feelings towards communicating on the company's vision and mission (Harris, 2015). In addition, Steve Jobs has had also articulated that when one would think their organization as the best possible organization and every employee or teammates will understand the master plan to use it while making a decision, the company will prosper effectively (Harris, 2015). However, several companies neglect or do not understand the importance of mutual decision making (Harris, 2015). With employing or encouraging mutual decision making, there are massive possibilities that the company will move to the right and accurate direction to gain success and achieve business goals and objectives (Harris, 2015). In addition, Steve Jobs had also said that, if one has a clear outlook on company’s vision, mission, and values, and communicated appropriately to every employee and in return, supported with correct behaviours, can help achieve employee engagement effectively (Harris, 2015).

This strategic alignment of employee engagement by communication effectively towards employees about the company's mission, vision, and values has assisted Apple Inc. to reach organizational goals successfully (Harris, 2015). According to communication theory in terms of the business environment, internal communication involves communicating with the organization’s employees, stakeholders, and colleagues internally within specific constraints (Zerfass and Viertmann, 2017). Whereas, external communication includes business meetings, conference, and seminars with stakeholders, customers, and business partners which occurs externally or concerning people other than in-house employees (Zerfass and Viertmann, 2017). In the case of internal communication, several corporate uses effectual and upon the trending messaging tools and techniques to communicate with the employees or peers (Zerfass and Viertmann, 2017).

Concerning the approaches of Steve Jobs in Apple Inc. he used to use emails, video conference, and PowerPoint presentation as most effective and efficient messaging tools to communicate with his colleague internally (Haden, 2020). On the other hand, in case of external communication, Steve Jobs had used PowerPoint presentation as his most effective tools to communicate with stakeholders, customers, press and public (Haden, 2020). However, there was a specific and effectual strategy and skills were present within Steve Jobs which makes the presentation and communication appeared to be perfect and effective towards the public (Haden, 2020). With such speeches and communication by Steve Jobs has helped win millions of customers by influencing them towards using the innovative products and experience the difference (Haden, 2020).

How Steve Jobs Successfully Leads the Team

In order to ensure an organization’s effectiveness and efficient at all times of business processes and prospering success, it is significant to understand how to lead a team accordingly. Many business organizations do not adhere to or become ineffective when it comes to leading a team. An article by Zipkin, (2017) which explains and describes the secrets of successful leadership shared by Steve Jobs, has indicated various strategies and approaches that Steve Jobs has used to make an effective team collaboration (Zipkin, 2017). According to the article, Steve Jobs had explained that the best employees are the ones who have the capabilities to handle themselves properly (Zipkin, 2017). In addition, he had also articulated that leadership is about communicating effectively so that the public around you be able to understand that and obtain an agreement on a general idea (Zipkin, 2017). This mindsets and thought process of Steve Jobs makes him exceptional and different than any other business leaders across the world (Zipkin, 2017). Similarly to the business communication components, Steve Jobs too had used the elements effectively to communicate with his team and shareholders (Zipkin, 2017). Consequently, it has been identified that the leadership skills of Steve Jobs was efficient and had effectively employed the communication components and modes to successfully lead the team towards achieving business goals.

Modes of Business Communication

Business communication plays a crucial role in an organization to operate, manage, control, and develop the entire work ecosystem effectively. Moreover, it helps the business achieve better results and success at the same time (Coffelt, Baker and Corey, 2016). It is important that the business leader of the organization effectively shares and communicates their opinions, ideas, and views to articulate clear suggestions to an organizational topic or subject (Coffelt, Baker and Corey, 2016). The modes of business include non-verbal communication, verbal communication, active listening, personal interactions, and social media (Coffelt, Baker and Corey, 2016). With the emerging technologies and latest advancements, technology companies like Apple Inc. commonly use emails and written memo to its employees to communicate regarding a company related matter or topic (Coffelt, Baker and Corey, 2016). On the other hand, in regard to verbal communication, such companies use PowerPoint presentation, graphical representation, seminars via projectors, and video conference to share ideas and views towards any recommendation related to the company (Coffelt, Baker and Corey, 2016). 

In real business environments, employees most prefer written communication instead of verbal communications as it helps them to express their views effectively and accurately as compared to verbal communication (Coffelt, Baker and Corey, 2016). The reason behind such factor is that during verbal communication there are possibilities of several barriers of communication to occur at any time in the process of communicating effectively (Coffelt, Baker and Corey, 2016). The barriers of verbal communication include sound issue, technological issue, and lack of interest towards listening or interacting (Coffelt, Baker and Corey, 2016). To ensure effectiveness in verbal communication, then it is vital to communicate effectively by well aware of the barriers of communication and prevent such to occur (Coffelt, Baker and Corey, 2016). Thus, written communication is more effective and ensure efficiency in providing accurate message and expression towards any company related topic or matter precisely.

However, there are barriers of written communication as well, but it does not affect the communication negatively as much as it effects in verbal communication (Coffelt, Baker and Corey, 2016). The barriers of non-verbal communication include lack of encoding and decoding, clarity, and use of language (Coffelt, Baker and Corey, 2016). These barriers create distractions and misleading information and messages to the sender and receiver which in turn lead to conflicts arousal (Coffelt, Baker and Corey, 2016).

Impact of Effective Communication Skills

As it has been understood that there is been a massive importance of effective communication skills from related information and insights of Steve Job’s way of a leading company. Now, it is time to look at the impacts of effective communication skills with a business environment and in a general scenario of required communication. Effective communication has several positive impacts which help business and people collaborate effectively to succeed a certain set goal and objective together for a mutual benefit (Villa, Gonçalves and Villy Odong, 2017). Concerning such fact, effective communication helps to build employee morale, employee satisfaction, and employee engagement at the same time (Villa, Gonçalves and Villy Odong, 2017). On the other hand, in case of building and enhancing interpersonal relations, effective communications play a significant role in providing utmost benefits to become collaborative and engaging towards work and reaching set goals (Villa, Gonçalves and Villy Odong, 2017).

Moreover, in concern to organizational employees, effective communication by leaders or managers helps them to understand the business decisions which leads to improving productivity, processes, and procedures effectively (Villa, Gonçalves and Villy Odong, 2017). However, it is also crucial to note that, ineffective communication may lead to conflict arousal, misunderstanding, confusion, and wrong interpretation towards any messages, texts, or graphics (Villa, Gonçalves and Villy Odong, 2017). This indicates that ineffective communication shall lead an organization towards damage, loss, and unproductively functioning. Hence, it is important to have an effective communication aligned with the business process to ensure organizational effectiveness and efficiency at all time and levels of business processes (Villa, Gonçalves and Villy Odong, 2017).

On the other hand, effective communication also helps resolves conflicts within the organization between the trade union and management at any point of business operations (Bucăţa and Rizescu, 2017). It is well-known that working within a large company with thousands of employees and managing such employees precisely and effectively is challenging and often leads to conflict arousal (Bucăţa and Rizescu, 2017). In such cases, effective communication plays a crucial role in negotiating with both parties to create a win-win situation where both parties will gain a shared benefit (Bucăţa and Rizescu, 2017). Utilizing effective public speaking with strategic communication skills like Steve Jobs with the help of technology tools, for example, PowerPoint presentations, video conferencing, and face-to-face interaction shall assist largely (Bucăţa and Rizescu, 2017). Thus, it has been comprehended that to resolve conflicts, strategic and effective communication plays a significant role in preventing any conflict arousal and enure harmony and productivity within the organizational workplace (Bucăţa and Rizescu, 2017).

Analysis of Communication Skills Analysis of Steve Jobs

With all the reviewed and analysed information, and facts relating to effective communication, it has been implicit and has specified a significant understanding of various factors involved in Steve Jobs' strategic communication skills and approach. Beyond that, it has also provided significant understanding o the importance of effective communication in business management ensuring and prospering growth and success subsequently. By looking at the pieces of evidence, it has been recognized that Steve Jobs had a unique approach towards communicating with people. Even though, it has been known that he had great communication skills; however, it is also crucial to note that he also had an effective leadership trait within him which had enabled him to prosper towards success. The strategic approaches that he took are employee-centric as well as customer-centric which has created a massive impact on the business establishment, productivity, and growth. On the other hand, his philosophies, ideologies, and perspectives are different and unique than any other leaders in the business environment globally. Steve Jobs speech, PowerPoint presentations, email frequencies, and the ability to engaging customers are effective and efficient at the same time. This special and different capability in terms of leadership qualities and effective communication has helped him and Apple Inc. to reach heights and raise the bar of their company’s innovativeness and modernization techniques.

However, it has also been identified and assessed that selecting the right and efficient communication approach similarly plays a vital role in improving business processes and productivity at the same time. Choosing the right mode of communication and ensuring no barriers involved or expected would be helpful and beneficial to engage listeners and receivers effectively. In the recent business environment of the emerging use of technology in the business process and administration, utilizing modern technologies like Steve Jobs will be beneficial for the organization. It includes emails, visuals, text messages on smartphones, memo, PowerPoint presentations, video conference, seminars, and a face to face public speaking interactive session. By using these communications approach and modes will help the business grow and help senders and receivers to communicate and understand messages, idea, and views accurately and reliably. Thus, it has been understood that there are various modes of communication in the business environment and selecting the right approach is crucial to prospering success.

Conclusion on Communication Skills Analysis of Steve Jobs

Communication is an essential factor when it comes to expressing thoughts, views, opinions, and perspectives to other people to take uninformative decision to prosper benefits mutually. Concerning such fact, it has been understood that in a business environment, communication plays a key role in building trust, morale, productivity, and engagement within employees or colleagues to prosper together towards the same goal to achieve organizational success. Moreover, it has been identified that Steve Jobs approach towards making effective communication with his employees and customer has provided significant insights on how he achieved to enhance productivity and teamwork effectively. With this aspect, it is been known that using modern technologies such as email, text messages, PowerPoint presentations, face to face interactive sessions are helpful as well as beneficial for leaders to influence and make understand the company values and perspectives effectively. In addition, effective communication not only enhances productivity within employees and business processes but also assists in resolving conflicts. Thus, this paper has provided a significant understanding of various modes of communication, its effectiveness, and aligning with the business process to successful growth.

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