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The complexities of consumer behavior by examining cultural factors influencing consumer decisions to purchase products in a digital market space.

Critical Analysis of Identified Issues

Complexities of determining cultural factors on the consumer buying decision

There exists complexity in the determination to purchase a product as it is influenced by a wide range of cultural factors. There are cultural and subcultural factors such as region, religion, gender, festivals, ideology (Constantinides, 2008). Cultural factors are a collection of fundamental values, expectations, wishes and habits that are "learned" by consumers from their surroundings, families, community, geographical location, history, and other important social institutions(, n.d.).  "Culture" has been a basic source of needs, desires, and conduct.  It resides in the structure of the vision of the consumer (Rani, 2014). Elements of online purchase behavior can be identified from distinct perspectives: such as the comparative significance of the variables of internet experience in the selection of an online retailer, the real impact of these variables on the selection of seller and the effect and influence of private and behavioral features on the customer conduct.

The complexity of examining consumer preferences from an advertising perspective has been compiled on the issue. The outcome of globalization is that millions of prospective consumers are available online; institutions now have the chance to address market sections and even personalize the offerings (Levitt, n.d.). Entry into the minds of customers and comprehension of their buying conduct is one of the biggest problems that businesses are facing (Haghshenas, 2013). The choice of the customer differs from the sort of purchasing decision (Durma 2011). Relatively, complicated and costly purchases, such as sustainable procurement, are likely to cause more customer discussions and more stakeholders. 

Limited attention to cross-cultural comparison on consumer buying behavior

The worldwide access of the internet industry, coupled with the nature of the communication systems which it can express, makes it an ideal device for global informational advertising. Worldwide customer belongs in a cross-cultural arena is required for just an improvised understand the online market behavior of a consumer. The conduct of customers from diverse cultures in a progressively divided world is illustrated by the diverse development of the percentage of released cross-cultural studies as well as the increase of specific problems in customer behavior-related journals. Including issues arising from either a multitude of spheres and integrative methods, like the number of techniques for data gathering, refining, assessment, and explanation, as well as problems related to process prejudice and level inference. The aspect of individual dimensions has both beneficial and negative effects on several contingent factors and that its influence also differs across cross-cultural aspects. (Wang, 2019) “cross-cultural study on customers’ beliefs about online advertising also reveals that cultural analysis of the target market can positively predict the online buying behavior”.

Consumer behavior is different because if the ideals acquired from customers vary from culture to culture (Kire, and Rajkumar, n.d.). The cross-cultural comparison of consumer buying g decisions seems essential for individual and collaborate buying behavior the cultural factors play a major role in the decision making the process of a consumer. Limited attention to cross-cultural comparison on consumer buying behavior

Digital marketing in attracting the customer and their buying behavior 

Digital advertising could be recognized as a type of marketing that links customers to vendors digitally through online techniques such as e-mails, blogs, social media, online forums, Usenet, online broadcasting, wireless communications, etc. Due to the elevated level of connections, digital marketing promotes many others too many contacts and is usually used to encourage goods and services in a prompt, appropriate, private and price-effective way. Consumer behavior is a particular standard of behavior in which customers are shown to be able to search, purchase, use, evaluate and dispose of the goods and services we expect to encounter their requirements. It is research that examines how people make choices about investing their resources available on consumer associated products. 

Industry examples

Case study 1)

Smart home industry: 

The customers in Australia are moving toward smart homes and changing environments in the country. In an attempt to move fast with consumer behavior, for example, Starcom is conducting Australian-first ethnographic research into the linked household of the future. (Mitchell, 2019) 

it has bought over 4 Australian households and converted them into potential linked intelligent housing, a study project intended to discover how intelligent innovation will alter consumer behavior, and the business possibilities that it provides to companies. This will give rise to deeper insights and predictions. Especially the notion of brand value has been developed over years, with the memory of graphical organizations carried to the point of service for subconscious inclination that is based on cultural perspective and changing demands of the consumer.

The concept of the business is based on the changing needs and demands of the consumer which are influenced by the cultural shifts in the society and innovative technological drift in the customer demands. it is very difficult to determine the behavior of the consumer in the dynamic market scenario, therefore, a business needs to be updated concerning the trends.

Case study 2)

Hospitality industry:

The fast development of the Web has changed the way people are searching for data on tourism and travel facilities. Product understanding or knowledge and experience appear to affect visitor data search operations. The effect of cross-channel entry on customer choice-making procedures was on the worldwide hospitality sector. The patterns and the terns suggest that the customer is immensely affected and influenced by their cultural perspective while making a choice of their travel destination In a cross-cultural research of German and Japanese tourists to the US, Money, and Crofts (2003) demonstrate that confusion as a cultural aspect affects consumer data entry procedures, such as stream decisions.

Consumer research of hospitality and tourism analysis is a diverse filed to keep up with the cross-cultural aspects of the customer and providing them with a wide range of alternatives (Gao, 2016)

Case study 3)

e- Retail industry: The e-retail technology facilities must support this culture of testing and this can be hard to achieve with standardized document management (Rigby, 2011). Online retailers have accomplished its competitive advantage by improving its technologies and provided digital marketing techniques to attract customers using cultural techniques on an internal basis and making important investments that may not be made accessible to other organizations without a proper focus on internet channels (Ladd, 2019). E-retailers utilizes the complete power of its methods to find out what both of its clients is most likely to purchase based on their cultural preferences and to put that product in front of the client through digital marketing techniques in from of their client at the correct moment (Letford, 2019). 

Dynamic, differentiated pricing strategy enables distributors to maximize their goals, whether they are price awareness or profits, and client decision-making processes (, n.d.). Online retailers always thought in a prosperous and involved society, before the emergence of social media. Through the comprehensive use of digital marketing techniques using Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and now its Spark network, one of the keys to achievement is to encourage and its goods throughout the online marketing and to facilitate discussion, commitment, and exploration among millions of supporters.


Consumer Buying Behavior relates to the purchase behavior of the final customer. Several variables, particularities, and features affect the person in their decision-making process, shopping practices, buying behavior, the products purchased through the cultural background they belong to.

  1. The primary focus of the e- retail business should be to focus on the variables that attract the customer through an online survey.  

  2. The cultural background has a major impact on the choices and preferences that an individual or a community has. The cultural dynamics that attracts a customer in a specific target market

  3. Develop a clear information approach: recognize the client communication information that you presently have and will Receive in the prospective, and create a long-term methodology for collecting that information to better evaluate customer engagement and behavior. 

  4. Assessment of digital marketing channels that best serve the buying behavior of the customers and understand the reactions of the customers.

  5. Research on the cultural influence of consumer purchasing behavior is essential. Such efforts shed light on how customers choose, purchase, using and dispose of products.


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