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Bushfire in Australia.

Domestic Violence during COVID 19.

Issues concerning to Asylum Seekers.

Education system getting backward.

Indigenous lives matter


Bushfire in Australia

This is the current issue faced by the Australian Nation that has destroyed over 5900 buildings and 2800 homes. This issue has been taken from a news website named as ‘the verge’. This issue started in late 2019 and resolved recently in February 2020. The impact of bushfire in Australia was adverse on the lives of children as numerous child lost their homes and belongings. Many children are suffering from mental health issues that are due to the effect caused by bushfires mainly in the Victoria and New South Wales cities in Australia. Apart from its long-lasting impacts on the children's lives, it also has its enduring effects on the emotional wellbeing of people in society. It is well known that children are more sensitive and get afraid more promptly than adults. Therefore, there is too much vagueness around what is going on and the lives of children have been evacuated. This ambiguity and terror can be crippling and can remain with them for numerous years without accurate assistance. The future implications of this issue for society and children will be a shortage of fuel and food, loss of habitat of numerous homes, dry climate, warming, and loss of wildlife, emission of carbon dioxide, drought, and more. Furthermore, the bushfire has its negative impacts on the health of the children as they are suffering from anxiety and distress problems. Additionally, other people in society are too suffering from negative health impacts like cardiac-related problems, asthma, and more (Calma, 2020).

Domestic Violence during COVID 19

This is the ongoing issue currently in Australia that has been taken from the newspaper website “The Guardian”. This is the period of pandemic COVID-19 for which the whole world is fighting against. During this period, the issue of domestic violence is the trendiest issue that is increasing on a daily basis in the Australian Country. This article says that the assault of domestic violence is among the three significant crime categories that are increasing at an alarming rate along with the cases of robbery and sexual attack. This situating is impacting adversely the lives of children nowadays. In Australia, currently susceptible women and teenagers in the separation are facing the panorama of being enforced to stay inside with an obnoxious partner. Moreover, the article says that the major reasons behind too much domestic violence due to COVID-19 are alcohol consumption and stressful situations with the people.

According to research, it is estimated that 20% of the households in Australia are buying more alcohol than they generally purchase. The lives of children are adversely affected by the increasing domestic violence as they are being neglected by their parents and it further leads to an increase in mental health problems in children. Furthermore, they are being abused by their parents and are facing a risky situation nowadays. With this, their studies are to getting interrupted in such an abusive environment at their home. The future implication of the issue of domestic violence for the children will be seen in the form of poor social development of the children and hindrance in the growth of the child (Mercer, 2020).

Issues Concerning to Asylum Seekers

In this tough period of COVID-19, the refugees and the Asylum seekers are facing definite exposures like preserving safety methods in congested camps and imprisonment centers, border closure issues, no income assistance, job loss, and more. This issue has been taken from an online article posted by Harriet Spinks in May 2020. The lockdown period has canceled all the flights and closes the borders of nations that have further affected the movement of refugees for immigration. It has been analyzed by the department of health in Australia that the people in the detention centers are at high risk. There is another concern that is having an economic impact on the lives of refugees and asylum. Those who have been approved permanent visas are able to obtain the complete support and assistance from the government, However, those who are living based on bridging visas or temporary ones have to struggle more for getting the support and in fact, they are not even eligible to take that benefit. The impact of this situation is worst as the children of refugees and asylum seekers are facing mental illness issues nowadays. There has been found an instance where the moist and reducedaeration resulted in the ill-health of a child and they have poor access to healthcare and are suffering from infections. There is a homeless situation, poverty, that is being faced by children and have enduring impacts on children’s lives (Spinks, 2020).

Education System Getting Backward

There were times when the Australian Educational Schools were admired by numerous nations as inspiring and forward-looking for them. However, the truth nowadays is that the school systems in Australia have become most publicly separated, and unfit among the opulent countries of the world. This has become an issue for the Australian Nation. This issue has been taken from an online article given by Pasi Sahlberg. He discussed that the main reason for the education system to drop from the high-class to the second alliance in the global vision is not due to weakened student attainment in mathematics, evaluation, and science. However, the main reason is a stablefailure in social parity and growing injustice in school education in Australia. Moreover, this article highlighted that the teachers who are using just evidence-proof methods and who are actually contributing to the achievement of students will be paid with high salaries. Therefore, both the teachers and students are suffering from the learning glitches that must be fixed by the nation. It is important for the country to strengthen equity in education that can improve the success of the education system. Children are getting low scores on the skill tests and their performance is declining day by day due to the weakening of the Australian education system. Furthermore, there is the lowest early participation and hence children are lacking the required skills needed for higher education. It is widening the rich-poor gaps and affecting the children’s lives the most. They are getting distressed as they are not being treated fairly in schools (Sahlberg, 2020).

Indigenous Lives Matter

This article shows the issue of racial violence and has been taken from the news website ‘The Diplomat’. There is an ongoing protest in Australia to support the movement over the death of George Floyd in the United States and the deaths of Indigenous people in custody in Australia. This is the serious issue facing Australia as the nature of imbalancedconnections between indigenous and non-indigenous people within current civilization in Australia avertsfairness not only from being recognized but from even being fictional(Hunt, 2020). This situation of the death of Aboriginal and Torres Islanders in custody is impacting the lives of children adversely. Children experiencing these kinds of trauma are committing to suicide due to depression conditions and poor health consequences. Mostly the younger children are facing the racial violence in Australia that has enormous potential to negatively impact the development of children with outcomes of bad health and mental wellbeing. Furthermore, the future implications of this issue will be the loss of life of indigenous people due to strain and negative emotions that will cause mental and functional effects. Moreover, their studies will be badly impacted in such an inequality environment and racial violence with their community people.

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