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Content Creation and Management

Table of Contents

1. Channel Selection 2

1.1. Social media (Facebook) 2

1.2. Social Media (Instagram) 3

1.3. Electronic Direct Mail 3

2. The Big Idea 5

2.1. Insight 5

2.2. Proposition 5

2.3. Leap 6

2.4. Idea 6

3. Craftsmanship of Copy 6

3.1. Facebook Quiz 7

3.1.1. Draft 7

3.2. EDM Content 9

3.2.1. Draft 9

3.3. Instagram 10

3.3.1. Draft 11

4. References 12

1. Channel Selection

According to Jia et al. (2017), the currently available channels from Radio Lollipop are Facebook, Instagram, Google+, Email, LinkedIn, and Radio Lollipop's web and direct mail (Macarthy, 2018). Secondary research has established children under 10 years of age as the target of Radio Lollipop legacies, as the children's income is accounted for by over 40 percent by Baby Boomers, new products, and technology are opened up and spend significant time online. Children also have a greater willingness to donate and contribute their money and time than the adult (Radu et al., 2017).

The following media outlets are the preferred ones and hence are best reached by Radio Lollipop with their post, namely Facebook, Instagram, or EDM. The following outlets have been established (Radio Lollipop Australia, 2020).

1.1. Social media (Facebook)

A total of 85% of participants in some type of social media are still active on Facebook (Macarthy, 2018). Every age group spends most money every week 81 per cent of baby boomers currently on the Facebook platform. More than two trillion Facebook users are active every month, and one billion smartphone users are active every day, according to Jia et al. (2017). According to statistics several people sign into Facebook: 

  • Like material

  • Sending text message

  • Consume content 

  • Photo sharing or post comment

Search for new friends’ updates

The details must be relevant and important and must be on the right social media site (Carvalho, 2017). Facebook, for example, provides users with a powerful feeling of compensation and autonomy to increase their confidence, affection and shareholdings (Macarthy, 2018).

Jia et al. (2017) reports that an interaction that only asserts an important aspect of itself may remove dissonance and thus fundamentally empower people to perceive themselves positively or digitally and thus enhance their picture. This factor is crucial to consider when choosing this location in the decision to leave a donation on Radio Lollipop (Macarthy, 2018).

Radio Lollipop has completed its worldwide Radio Lollipop-with Play & Radio players using Play & Radio to help sick children cope in hospital – has clocked 28 273 virtual miles (45,000 + km) connecting 29 Lollipop mobile hospitals worldwide (Radu et al., 2017). The project for Miles for Smiles, which marked the 35th anniversary of Radio Lollipop, saw Playmakers walking on the Inca Trail in the UK and abseiling down the Avon Gorge near Bristol. According to Jia et al. (2017), doctors, nurses, child patients and their families involved, for a whole year of world-wide promotion and collection of donations, cycling, biking, riding, swimming, etc.

1.2. Social Media (Instagram)

Instagram is the second most popular children's helping website. Instagram fulfills the need for pleasure, rest, and exploration of the user more aggressively (Macarthy, 2018). Local Charity organizations, for example Radio Lollipop Australia, use Instagram stories to produce original photos and videos and give kids from all over the world an insight into their lives. Some of the problems with social media (Instagram and Facebook) are:

  • Retain content on chosen channels 

  • Use the best look and sound for the audience switchable

  • Create a compelling content and make it appropriate 

  • Seek to prevent exhaustion, over-exposition, and misunderstanding.

1.3. Electronic Direct Mail

One will still receive one's email messages via the contacts as long as they add to one's email list. Radio Lollipop will use the volunteers and subscribers' current database to submit emails targeted at the user (Macarthy, 2018). According to research, only 21% of customers have reported getting an e-mail in the last two months, which can be the most efficient way to differentiate themselves from the others. Informational and/or instructional material as well as promotional and sales should be combined in the email marketing process (Radu et al., 2017).

The following are the EDM’s advantages:

  • Speed 

  • Low cost

  • Tracking, make the campaign monitoring possible, For example, how several emails are answered, who has decided to open or not click on links. 

  • Easy to set up

  • User personalization 

  • Make it more accessible for communication 

  • High rate clicking and higher volume 

  • Email enables transfers to friends.

According to Jia et al. (2017), targeting via email has become accurate and efficient with smarter and more powerful email marketing tools. Consumers can now access emails through their smartphones, allowing them to get close to their clients. Most people buy, like, and trust from people they know. To attract one's guests, using email marketing. Pay attention to one's messages. Let them sound as if they know one is on the street saying hello (Radu et al., 2017). When one feels like one is conscious, one can feel comfortable to purchase from one or even better, and encourage others to buy from one. If one next needs to tell one's customers of updates, new products, or new items, forget snail mail. Instead, using email marketing (Radio Lollipop History, 2020).

Some of the problems to be avoided in order to reach the maximum spectrum of EDM benefits are: 

  • User spamming 

  • Providing out meaningless information, keeping one’s consumers interested in knowing one’s segments 

  • May not always offer to sell, teach or warn one

  • Delete obsolete emails from one’s database 

  • Ensuring that one can access content on different channels correctly;

Media (Radio): While most child patients are short-term, others have a persistent need for treatment and return to the hospital regularly (Noel, Babor and Robaina, 2017). Some of them forever ill spend a lot of their short life in the hospital. During their stay, Radio Lollipop gives young patients a voice and preference. Unable to say no to your service, they will order their favorite albums, earn honors, and voice on the radio. These traditions include a haven on the day of the hospital, which, in many ways, is curious, unusual and often scary. Every Lollipop radio station has its volunteer station that runs the broadcast, includes children to play, and uses the radio sounds to stimulate the imagination of children. They can be a Radio Lollipop volunteer if you're over 18 years old and enjoy spending two hours a week with children (Noel, Babor and Robaina, 2017). In children's wards and rooms there is a stimulating blend of music and participatory sports. Volunteers work on the desk at work, play games, and organize art projects and events where all the sick kids have the chance to win prizes. A child will find protection and happiness through play. Experience showed that a positively motivated child would respond to treatment more quickly (Radio Lollipop History, 2020).

2. The Big Idea

2.1. Insight

Lloyd et al. (2018) stated that the key consumer perspective is that consumers are willing to leave a positive donation in their will to support children in hospitals. The key explanation is that they will make a lasting difference. External analysis also showed that customers like it but do not know how to leave a donation and how. 

2.2. Proposition

Individuals behave the same as those with negative emotional experiences. Our product range, especially those they associate with, transmit who they are to others and distinguish us from whom they do not want to be associated. Also, people determine with which social groups they want to associate and that most people want to associate with groups associated with higher status (Chaffey and Smith, 2017).

To order to meet this need, Radio Lollipop is unique to delivering programs for children in the hospital and in promoting Clinical medical research and testing, making them unique among the charity organizations. Lloyd et al. (2018) stated that customers will understand that they are part of a genuinely Single categories and part of its motives.

2.3. Leap

Around times, the emphasis changed from the radio station to volunteering, playing sports, creating art, and reading storytelling in person. However, the radio, mostly on-air with children's programming, remains a core aspect of the charity. Lloyd et al. (2018) stated that Programming consists of a children's on-air presenter-banter, interspersed with songs and rivalry. In most hospitals, the program is wired to speakers inwards instead of directly broadcasting them, although a central studio with on-air speakers is a priority for children. 

2.4. Idea

This simple act of offering will build a legacy for future generations. By providing services to English children in hospitals and their families the Radio Lollipop Foundation offers them a gift of will (McDonald et al., 2018).

3. Craftsmanship of Copy

One of the problems facing Radio Lollipop is sensitizing its legacy or gift. Evidence shows that immediately leaving a donation to charities during this process raises the number of wills involving a charitable organization by 50% (Chaffey and Smith, 2017). Scheduled donors pledge 6 times as much as unexpected supporters to organizations and 48 percent to a relative in social media (McDonald et al., 2018). Therefore, if they knew they could leave a donation to a charity three times as many English citizens, they would like the eternal donation to stay or pay respect to a family member. In the ARF (Advertising Research Foundation) report for the 2018 ARF (Advertising Research Foundation) awards category Successful information policy, four business topics were listed among the winning information entries (McDonald et al., 2018). They are the following:

  • Entertainment 

  • Content versatile 

  • Content that differentiates new individuals 

  • Content between different audiences

The report noted that it is obvious that many organizations follow YouTube's "star, center, sanitation" content model. First of all, to make a great statement or 'hero' data, supported by center user support, which is more popular, reliable content for the public and, last but not least, supports all efforts with the content of 'hygiene' that optimizes the desires and intentions of the audience (McDonald et al., 2018). The value of material (as unique as Radio Lollipop itself) that makes a difference and draws new users can be taken from this analysis and increases, which is one of Lollipop Radio Foundation's strategies. Branded content should be fun, beautiful and informative for consumers to see and share with colleagues and friends (Fairlie and Miranda, 2017). 

In addition, the study suggested that the role of internet video in marketing campaigns has been important and that the public has been conveyed in depth through empathy, history and satire. One of Radio Lollipop's objectives is to improve its brand identity and appeal and content marketing itself is also included (Fairlie and Miranda, 2017). A non-profit organization's other crucial aspect is the online content that does fantastic stuff on a small budget, with most 2018 awards from its digital strategy, such as lower budgets. It will prefer Radio Lollipop, which will run as quickly as possible strategically. The below are concept recommendations focused on the related foundations of content and the previous secondary research (McDonald et al., 2018). 

3.1. Facebook Quiz

Content Theme 1: Knowledge and Theme 3: Courage 

The effect of television advertising has been surpassed by social media tips. Sensibilities and practice are the foundations of intelligence and bravery (De Veirman, Cauberghe and Hudders, 2017). According to the report, children under the age of 10 tend to donate in their will to charity. One may not know, however, that it is possible. The following concept is aimed at educating the participants and then asking them to take action.

3.1.1. Draft

Media: Facebook 

Background: Radio Lollipop picture. 

Tag: [For Children in the hospital] [The beautiful gift in the world, Children!] 

Title: How can children be helped? Take the exam and see what you think!  

Call to action: Website: Latest News (newsletter): 

Get involved: Bequest: 


How old are one? 

  • 4

  • 5

  • Please specify

What is one’s name? 


Which nation is leading the world in the children's charity foundation? 

  • Germany 

  • USA 

  • England 

Which non-profit agency in England focuses exclusively on the development of innovative and accelerated clinical trials and treatments for children of the next generation to combat hospital services?

  • Radio Lollipop 

  • Saving Children 

  • English Red Cross 

 What really is the best approach for children for getting involved and help?

  • Let yourself have a talent

  • Share this quiz 

  • Visit the Radio Lollipop website 

  • Become a volunteer 

  • Donating 

  • All the above 

3.2. EDM Content

Content Theme 1: Knowledge 

Already discussed above, material from the ARF report was described by the Advertisement Research Foundation (ARF) as being the most common entries. The most popular and powerful communication tool for all ages is email. It could be shared easily, connected to social media, sends a strong message and encourages user interaction. A client or brand's e-mail may have a 40% effect on purchase decisions (De Veirman, Cauberghe and Hudders, 2017).

Learning resources that can draw customers' attention and demand for more information during the initial stages of their trip are becoming increasingly relevant. 

3.2.1. Draft

  • Subject Line: What does a gift have to do with helping the children in the hospital? 

  • Header: For Children in Hospital! 

  • Body Copy:  

Dear [title] [name]

Radio Lollipop and the members have been very busy. 

They want to share with them what they have achieved together. They have enabled access to new aid for over 500 children through the help and support of leaders and supporters such as ourselves. 

Only see Jhonson's story, to know what a difference a little gift or donation brings to someone's life. [Hyperlink to]. Radio Lollipop has dedicated over $3 million to children in the past 12 months to benefit them, and this will allow more kids such as Jhonson to build new assistance quickly. Yet a perfect way to help finance our further work and save lives remains the list of Radio Lollipop Foundation in their will. Growing small or large, life itself is a gift in the hands of the next generations (De Veirman, Cauberghe & Hudders, 2017). 

Support us, via the following ties, by engaging and engaging in life-changing study. They think that life itself is the greatest gift in the globe. 

Thank you for your ongoing support. 

Radio Lollipop Foundation. 

  1. Call to Action:  

  • Link to https://www.Radio 

  • Instagram story – Share with friends 

  • Facebook Quiz link – share with friends 

  • Radio History- Suggest friends

  1. Footer:  

  • Radio Lollipop Foundation Logo 

  • For Children in Hospital

  1. Social Links: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google Plus

  2. Unsubscribe: To unsubscribe from our mailing list click here

  3. Sender Address: info@Radio 

  4. Why are receiving this: they are subscribed as registered on Radio Lollipop Foundation. 

3.3. Instagram

Content Theme 2: Strength 

It has to do with the intensity they can share our experiences and inspire others. De Veirman, Cauberghe and Hudders, (2017) approaches that "creates, nurtures and nurtures meaningful stories in which people want to communicate and share." Radio Lollipop Australia, for example, uses Instagram Stories as an example to give kids a peek into the lives of people around the world to create exclusive photos and videos in Instagram stories which go away within 24 hours and are already popular. Radio Lollipop would do the same to allow users to connect, interact, act and raise awareness. 51% of survey participants have said that businesses have strengthened their views of their product or brand using social networking sites (Fairlie and Miranda, 2017).

3.3.1. Draft

Medium: Instagram 

Tags: #Forchildreninhospital#RadioLollipop 



  • https://www.

4. References

Carvalho, D. F. M. D. (2017). Plano de marketing Wi2Play (Doctoral dissertation).

Chaffey, D., and Smith, P. R. (2017). Digital marketing excellence: planning, optimizing and integrating online marketing. Taylor & Francis.

De Veirman, M., Cauberghe, V., and Hudders, L. (2017). Marketing through Instagram influencers: the impact of number of followers and product divergence on brand attitude. International Journal of Advertising, 36(5), 798-828.

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Jia, M., Liu, X., Gu, X., and Guo, Q. (2017). Joint cooperative spectrum sensing and channel selection optimization for satellite communication systems based on cognitive radio. International Journal of Satellite Communications and Networking, 35(2), 139-150.

Lloyd, J., Creanor, S., Logan, S., Green, C., Dean, S. G., Hillsdon, M., ... and Ryan, E. (2018). Effectiveness of the Healthy Lifestyles Programme (HeLP) to prevent obesity in UK primary-school children: a cluster randomised controlled trial. The Lancet Child & Adolescent Health, 2(1), 35-45.

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Noel, J. K., Babor, T. F., and Robaina, K. (2017). Industry self‐regulation of alcohol marketing: a systematic review of content and exposure research. Addiction, 112, 28-50.

Radio Lollipop Australia (2020). LinkedIn Australia: Log In or Sign Up. Available at: [Accessed on 7 May 2020]

Radio Lollipop History. (2020). Radio Lollipop | for Children in Hospital. Available at: [Accessed on 7 May 2020]

Radu, G. A. B. R. I. E. L., Solomon, M. A. R. I. A., Gheorghe, C. M., Hostiuc, M., Bulescu, I. A., and Purcarea, V. L. (2017). The adaptation of health care marketing to the digital era. Journal of medicine and life, 10(1), 44.

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