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Gender Diversity in The Workplace

Research Topic Statement

With the emerging disobedience towards social welfare and changing organizational policies, several workers and professionals face extreme challenges that de-motivate them and create psychological stress amongst them. Concerning such fact, the research topic for this particular study will be ‘Gender diversity in the workplace’ which has been assumed as a critical social issue that hampers working professionals in society negatively. The research on this specific topic will be providing a significant understanding of the challenges and insights that a professional experience within a workplace. Therefore, performing this research study will help enlighten readers about this social issue comprehensively with solid evidence and understanding.

Annotated Bibliography

Yasser, Q., Al Mamun, A., & Ahmed, I. (2017). Corporate Social Responsibility and Gender Diversity: Insights from Asia Pacific (Yasser et al., 2017). Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Management, 24(3), 210-221. https://doi.org/10.1002/csr.1400

A research by Yasser et al., (2017), discusses the positive link amongst the gender diversity in boardrooms and performance of corporate social responsibility (CSR) within the organizations of developed economies (Yasser et al., 2017). On the other hand, the research methodology that has applied by Yasser et al., (2017) is particularly based on an empirical research approach which utilizes all the verifiable evidence to provide a substantial result of the research study (Yasser et al., 2017). In addition, this type of research is solely depending on the pieces of evidence that are collected through scientific or observation data collection methodology (Yasser et al., 2017). Concerning the theoretical frameworks that are being drawn on the study are stakeholders’ theory and institutional theory (Yasser et al., 2017).

The authors have used the Univariate analysis and multivariate analysis as this methodology is effective to evaluate wide-ranging statistical data (Yasser et al., 2017). In contrast, the research is based on quantitative approach. Besides, concerning the board’s perspective, the affirmative impact of diversification of gender is important as it helps them enhance the analysis and decision-making process effectively (Yasser et al., 2017). The study is specifically limited to the three Asia pacific countries which include Malaysia, Thailand, and Pakistan (Yasser et al., 2017). The study is useful in gaining insights about several factors related to gender diversity in the workplace. This research source will help significantly in determining the organizational outlook on gender diversification along with the involvement of stakeholders and investor, and also regarding enhancing CSR activities of such firms that assist inclining their profitability ratio.

Maamari, B., & Saheb, A. (2018). How organizational culture and leadership style affect employees’ performance of genders (Maamari& Saheb, 2018). International Journal of Organizational Analysis, 26(4), 630-651. https://doi.org/10.1108/ijoa-04-2017-1151 (Maamari& Saheb, 2018).

Another study by Maamari& Saheb, (2018), provides a profound understanding of how the performances of employees concerning gender affected by organizational culture and leadership styles (Maamari& Saheb, 2018). In other words, the research study is to investigate the presence of the statistically significant result of organizational culture on the performance or productivity of genders and confirming the facilitation of association by leadership styles (Maamari& Saheb, 2018). The research methodology applied for this study is concerning the positivist theory that emphasizes observational data and inspectional job in order to recognize perceptible consistencies (Maamari& Saheb, 2018). In addition, a survey tool was also been used for data collection purposes (Maamari& Saheb, 2018).

This indicates that the research is based on quantitative methodology by analyzing the variations and collected data from a survey to provide accurate and reliable finding in concluding the research. Various pieces of literature have been reviewed by the authors to scrutinize information related to the area of research. The result of the research indicates that the introduction of leadership style for both the genders explains the effect on employees’ performance concerning organizational culture by 9% for men and 5% for women (Maamari& Saheb, 2018). Besides, the study has several limitations concerning sampling selection and survey respondents. Hence, this study will help collect significant information about the effect of organizational culture and leadership styles on their performance and concerning gender diversity within the workplace.

Zhang, L. (2020). An Institutional Approach to Gender Diversity and Firm Performance (Zhang, 2020). Organization Science, 31(2), 439-457. https://doi.org/10.1287/orsc.2019.1297

According to a research by Zhang, (2020), which examines data collected from 35 countries and 24 industries to comprehend the relationship between gender diversity and organizational performance signifies close relation with the selected research topic (Zhang, 2020). The author has implemented the institutional approach in context to countries and industries concerning quantitative research methodology. Since the research will be based on a quantitative approach, statistical data measurement is essential to provide substantial finding. Also, several samples collected from different countries that span from 2007 to 2014 to effectively analyze the variables (Zhang, 2020). Concerning the theoretical framework for the study includes institutional theory and the regulatory legitimacy structures have been utilized (Zhang, 2020). The key findings of the research indicate that the more gender diversity has been normative accepted, the more it positively relates to market valuation and overall revenue of the firm subsequently. This study will help shed a light on understanding more on the importance and benefits of gender diversity in the organization's perspective.

Bosch, M., Heras, M., Russo, M., Rofcanin, Y., & Grau I Grau, M. (2018). How context matters: The relationship between family supportive supervisor behaviours and motivation to work moderated by gender inequality (Bosch et al., 2018). Journal of Business Research, 82, 46-55. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.jbusres.2017.08.026

A study by Bosch et al., (2018), critically examines the connection among FSSB as called as Family Supportive Supervisor Behavior (Bosch et al., 2018) and an employee’s pro-social and external enthusiasm or motivation at job concerning four countries such as Kenya, Brazil, Philippines, and the Netherlands (Bosch et al., 2018). The research study is based on quantitative approach as a sample of 2046 employees from the four nations and is evaluated by the GII as known as Gender Inequality Index of United Nations to scrutinize the achievements among the gender differences in moderating the association among FSSB (Bosch et al., 2018) and employees’ at job (Bosch et al., 2018). Relating to the theoretical framework, it involves the hypothesis of reciprocity in communal exchange, FSSB (Bosch et al., 2018) and pro-social motivation, and external enthusiasm or motivation (Bosch et al., 2018). The main findings of the research reveal that FSSB (Bosch et al., 2018) is completely related with motivation involving extrinsic and pro-social (Bosch et al., 2018), and which signifies the intensity of gender discrimination in such countries is significant (Bosch et al., 2018). Hence, this study will be advantageous in identifying the different factors involved in gender inequality and its implication on organizations, thus, concerning gender diversity in the workplace.

Steffens, M., Viladot, M., & Scheifele, C. (2019). Male Majority, Female Majority, or Gender Diversity in Organizations: How Do Proportions Affect Gender Stereotyping and Women Leaders’ Well-Being (Steffens et al., 2019)? Frontiers in Psychology, 10 (Steffens et al., 2019). https://doi.org/10.3389/fpsyg.2019.01037 (Steffens et al., 2019).

A study by Steffens et al., (2019), which discusses gender equality, critically analyze and evaluate how proportions of genders affect wellbeing and stereotyping for women leaders within organizations (Steffens et al., 2019). The methods used in this study comprise of both quantitative and qualitative approach as it includes both theoretical frameworks as well as statistical variations to determine the findings (Steffens et al., 2019). The main findings of the authors indicate that the organizational environment has been supposed more effectively in several ways within the existence of gender diversity; however, there is no extension related to women endorsement concerning gender stereotype and wellbeing (Steffens et al., 2019). On the other hand, the limitation of the study signifies that the samples were taken only from women respondents (Steffens et al., 2019). The analysis and research topic is closely related to the challenges that employees face concerning gender diversity within the workplace (Steffens et al., 2019). Thus, this study will provide a substantial understanding of gender equality, stereotyping, and well-being for women employees.

Banihani, M., & Syed, J. (2017). Gendered work engagement: qualitative insights from Jordan (Banihani & Syed, 2017). The International Journal of Human Resource Management, 31(5), 611-637. https://doi.org/10.1080/09585192.2017.1355838 (Banihani & Syed, 2017).

(Banihani & Syed, 2017) has performed research correlated to gender work-engagement and evaluates the factors which affect the genders of work-engagement negatively (Banihani & Syed, 2017). The authors have used the gender organization theory and engagement theory to reveal the gendered nature concerning work-engagement (Banihani & Syed, 2017). This indicates the research methodology applied in the study is both qualitative and quantitative approach (Banihani & Syed, 2017). Besides, the key findings expose that the concept of work-engagement is neither gender-based nor universal (Banihani & Syed, 2017). The studies is limited to selected respondents from collected 149 samples, located in Spain specifically and are women in top level positions in the chosen organizations (Banihani & Syed, 2017). The provided data interpretation, graphical analysis, and evaluation about gender stereotype, competence, and wellbeing which are essential and reliable to refer for the research (Banihani & Syed, 2017). Banihani & Syed, (2017), have provided significant understanding on gender diversity importantly and the various aspects that affect the work-engagement negatively within the workplace (Banihani & Syed, 2017). Therefore, this indicates that research is closely related to gender diversity and encompasses various factors associated with it.

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