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Ques- 2 Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility as mentioned by Mr. Niall Fitzgerald (Former CEO, Unilever): “Corporate social responsibility is a hard-edged business decision. Not because it is a nice thing to do or because people are forcing us to do it…because it is a good for our business.”

As its name itself says it deals with the social responsibilities that an organization must possess towards its surrounding. It is an integral part of a business because it takes in consideration to both media and the consumer that the company takes an interest in its surrounding social issues that it does not make profit at the cost of hampering social welfare. These issues may be local, national or global, but it will be sterling if a concern for the wellness and health others that does not involve sales id considered.

CSR is an integration of social and environment concerns with the operation of an organization. It is a “Triple- Bottom-Line approach” idea where a balance between social imperatives, environment and economic is achieved, with meeting the expectation od stake holder and shareholders at the same time. CSR can be districted between sponsorship or philanthropy, charity and strategic business concept where the sponsorship can be used to evaluate the brand value of an organization simultaneously making value contribution to poverty contribution.

The organizations setting up an ethical environment is less likely to find themselves in breach of one of the multitude of laws concerning required behavior. It is but obvious the organizations falling under generous work environment will always have impression above ordinary in the business ethics to the wider world. CSR is a way of dragging all the fundamental parts of an organization may ne internally or external in a well-designed way to enhancing each with having impact of one on another. It is well required step to help the needy sector with investment of upper section of the society and connecting the two.

Over time, the business contribution to a community, cause and charity can be a significant amount of charitable funds, product donations or other ventures. This, over the edge, can work as skipping stop for the business to greater extended. However, putting up a highly reliable and regarded reputation is more evaluating in this instance, and observers acknowledge that social responsibility initiatives take time to establish and manage.

Corporate Social Responsibility is implement in such a manner that is cover the external affairs while focusing the internal, which simultaneously have effect of the shareholders and stake holders. Various social responsivities marked by an organization put forwards its reputation in the marked which is henceforth proved to elevate the goodwill of the company boosting the relation with the other external affairs.

Furthermore, helping disadvantaged people or those in need can help boost morale for employees within the responsible company. Corporate social responsibility develops a feeling of unparalleled happiness among employees. People enhance the tendency of working together as a single unit leading to strengthening the bond among one another. A sense of attachment and loyalty can be easily highlighted towards their organization which is at least thinking for the society. Improving public image, attracting investors and helping media coverage are some of the other profits.

CSR prevents financial ramification, where Compliance with the spirit and letter of the law — both nationally and internationally — through self-regulatory processes will prevent fines, put your business "low on regulators' radar screens," and lower legal expenses. The act allows the employee working in company to be treated ethically and generously by putting moral standards, and professional environment. Support among “Fair Trade” advocates is observed in products produced by such encouraging organization workers. Now a day, CSR engages customers through online websites, where they promote the charity at each payment, such initiatives are appreciated and make a customer connected to such campaigns which make them return in the future. Diverse websites are adding promotion of charity to their online businesses.

Some of the best live examples of corporate social responsibility are ITC donates Re.1 for every product that it sells. Another example is reliance is building hospital so that ill can be treated. HCL has built a school for underprivileged kids for that proper upbringing and education and takes no fee in return. There are enormous examples as every organization knows that with being socially active there is no growth. Social responsibility may play a vital role, but working something that is for the betterment and welfare for other allows a business to gather rewards and perks in many ways.

Advantages of CSR

1. Better workforce – CSR improves morale of the employees working for organization as well of those outside the organization. Those who are working for the organization feels proud of the organization and secured regarding their jobs and hence strive to work for the betterment of the organization in the best way they can. Those outside the organization, who are currently not associated with the organization, would like to work and get associated with the organization which promotes CSR. This means more application will be pooled in for the same post than it was earlier and hence a better workforce.

2. Increased customer satisfaction – CSR also increases customers’ satisfaction. Existing customers/clients are less likely to switch to different company/organization/brand and their trust factor in the brand is increased if they see their organization promoting CSR. Nowadays, general public is also getting concerned regarding the environmental impact of the product they are buying. If they see no harmful impact of the product they are buying then there are more chances that they will continue to buy more and more products of the same brand and will also promote the brand.

3. Reduction in costs – CSR helps in reducing the costs in many ways – a) An organization promoting CSR automatically attracts people for the purpose of hiring. Thus, the organization need not spend too much on setting up recruitment camps, putting up banners, etc. b) An organization promoting CSR need not spend too much amount of money for the purpose of advertising their products. Satisfied customers of the organization themselves promote the product. c) Cost can also be reduced by using eco-friendly energy sources. This serves two fold interest. On one hand cost is reduced and on the other hand environmental impact of the eco-friendly energy sources is almost negligible.

Disadvantages of CSR

1. Shift from the main objective – The main objective during setting up the company is money-making. As the company starts promoting CSR, chances are it is more likely to shift from its original money-making objective towards community welfare.

2. Hit at company’s reputation – A company promoting CSR in its essence, have to disclose the shortcomings of their own products to the customers, which would otherwise could have gone unnoticed by them. This in turn may result in loss of trust towards the company and thus the company’s reputation is brought down by them only.

3. Increase in cost – Setting up environment friendly technologies is not that easy and requires heavy investment of capital. Though large scale industries are somehow able to bear and overcome from the loss of setting up environment friendly technologies but small scale industries are not able to consume the increased expenses on their own and hence in turn to meet their set goals they increase the cost of their products.

Ques- 3 Globalization

The term globalization originates from English, as base of "globalization" which alludes to the rising of a worldwide system, having a place with a conservative and social framework. Probably the most punctual utilization of the expression "globalization", as known, was in 1930 - in a distribution entitled Towards New Education - to assign a diagram of the human involvement with instruction.

There are various perspectives about the rise of globalization, it has been viewed because of innovative turn of events, yet in addition got from advertise economy. On that there is another case which says, globalization is a result of the entrepreneur progress. As headway of correspondence advances and the expansion in efficiency require states' extension of their market an area. The decrease in defensive social strategies, the expansion in the motivating forces for remote exchange and the intermingling of free market economy, are all in accordance with these "apparent" worldwide necessities.

Increment in the powerlessness to outside vacillations, shrinkage in the steadiness of residential economies, decrease in residential arrangement self-sufficiency, and rebuilding of administration are completely joined by globalization. The ascent of globalization likewise covers with the demonstrations of facilitated commerce of products and accounts and the worldwide inclusion of Neo liberal projects. In this new edge, states have become an operator which manages the monetary structure as indicated by the wills of the proprietors of capital and global coordination instrument.

The significance of Globalization is typically deciphered to show the mix of the economy of the country with the world economy, it is a multifaceted perspective. It is a consequence of the assortment of various procedures that are aimed at changing the world towards more noteworthy reliance and coordination. It incorporates the making of systems and interests changing social, financial and topographical obstructions. Globalization attempts to assemble interfaces so that the occasions in India can be dictated by occasions happening separations away.

Management Education

The board is a result of culture. In the domain of business instruction, the need is felt as at no other time of growing the extent of the scholastic coaching to envelop the whole world space similarly as grasping the job that financial milieu plays in moulding the matter of the various social substances of the world is concerned. The business colleges which will demonstrate readiness to adapt to the situation will just endure prompting the breakdown of the schools which confer preparing of just national significance. Given the system of these patterns towards globalization of the executives training, the paper talks about the difficulties that business colleges face and the vital moves they can receive to make their essence felt over the globe fuelled by their bundle of educational plan, instructing and organization capacities which are worldwide as well as genuinely worldwide.

Impact of Globalisation

The term 'globalization' signifies joining of economies and social orders through crosscountry streams of data, thoughts, advancements, merchandise, administrations, capital, money and individuals. Cross outskirt coordination can have a few measurements – social, social, political and financial. Indeed, a few people dread social and social coordination significantly more than monetary incorporation. Information is the main impetus in the quickly changing globalized economy and society. Amount and nature of particular HR decide their ability in the worldwide market. Development of information as driving variable outcomes in the two difficulties and openings. It is notable that the development of the worldwide economy has expanded open doors for those nations with great degrees of training.

Globalization has a multi-dimensional effect on the arrangement of training. It advances new instruments and procedures here like E-learning, Flexible learning, Distance Education Programs and Overseas preparing. Globalization will mean a wide range of things for instruction. Sooner rather than later, "it will mean a progressively serious and deregulated instructive framework demonstrated after free market yet with more weight on it to guarantee that the up and coming age of laborers are set up for some nebulous 'work market of 21st century'. The instruction framework in India ought to convey such training and preparing so experts can modify themselves according to advertise desires.

It has underlined the requirement for changes in the instructive framework with specific reference to the more extensive usage of data innovation, giving profitability measurement to training and accentuation on its innovative work exercises. The advantages of globalization accumulate to the nations with profoundly talented human capital and it is a revile for the nations without such specific human capital. Creating and progress nations are additionally tested in an exceptionally serious world economy on the grounds that their advanced education frameworks are not enough produced for the creation and utilization of information.

Globalization prompts difficulties and dangers also. The significant concern is to convey world class training with refreshed educational plan and functional presentation. This is conceivable just by pulling in skilled and experienced people in to scholastic. At present it is hard to evaluate the nature and measurements of globalization, yet in addition what it intends to the field of instruction. A couple of instructive specialists have endeavoured to make associations between the few components of globalization and the approaches of training. India is seeing new time in the field of Management Education. Numerous Corporate gatherings like Reliance, Nirma, Tata, Sterlite and so on have advanced Management Institutes. Some rumoured remote colleges are likewise coming to India. In India, there is a significant expectation and assumptions about the estimation of the board instruction and its latent capacity contributing to a great extent to country's monetary development.

For Example :-

It has been noticed that European business colleges are commonly better prepared to sharpen their understudies into the job of social contrasts in universal business since Europe is a mainland with a lot of social assorted variety. Asia is likewise a landmass with its a lot of obstacles attributable to heterogeneous societies existing together. In this manner business colleges in these belts can bestow better multi-social business preparing models as they battle colossal local monetary squares for encouraging social mix while seeking after the way of globalization in their locales.

Anyway, the most extravagant channel of globalization is to pull in understudies ready to take abroad course to satisfy their desires for quality training in a nation other than their own. The host nation ought to have business colleges that should coordinate global benchmarks of value instruction. To achieve this achievement the business colleges with globalization high on their plan should prepare for universal accreditation and affirmations to win worldwide validity.

Globalization additionally includes reception of substitute administration standards, strategies and instruments hatched in the way of life other than one's own. Moving administration procedures and instruments across societies should be overseen and this thus relies upon the comprehension of the estimations of the way of life where a specific administration idea or device is created and furthermore on the way of life embracing that administration model to be worked in its social condition. The West has gained from Japan the board instruments and practices, for example, Just in Time, Kaizen, Kanban, and so forth in like manner, Chinese are gaining from the US approaches, for example, 360, six sigma, adjusted score card, and so forth.

In each culture in Asia, administrative adequacy through exchange of the executive’s know-how requires knowledge into the estimations of the host nation to culturally assimilate the procedure of move. It involves a full familiarity with the qualities inserted into the specific model, device or practice one needs to move inside the national or corporate culture from where it comes. The long annal of joint endeavour calamities in Asia exhibits how testing this exchange procedure can be.

On the off chance that you take a scholarly touring over the various divisions of globe, a case that can be seen through the focal points of social audit is that of the West receiving the Japanese administration precepts like Quality Circles and Total Quality Control. The case embodies how these administration frameworks were first received with gospel fixation and afterward surrendered portraying the adventure of disappointment of cross preparation of the board thinking without scholarly venture into understanding society as a significant factor in globalization.

Conclusion on Globalization

Subsequently there is a yawning hole between the ideal model of globalization and the present status of globalization in the business colleges. The business colleges which put globalization on their aspiring plan should initially conceptualize and think of a globalization methodology that will be successful in giving the stamp of universal measures to scholastic frameworks. Business colleges should freeze their systems regarding internationalizing their staff bodies and the understudy qualities and ought to likewise find a way to redo their business educational program to confer it veracious worldwide quality.

Globalization measures carry rich assorted variety into the homeroom conversations, a worldwide system of experts and a clear edge in reality as we know it where selection representatives are looking for chiefs who comprehend the quintessence of being worldwide. Consequently, a business college ought to endeavour to offer an uncommon multi-social learning condition by propelling projects portrayed by trans-national substance and by enlisting support from around the globe. Also, a consistent introduction through portability programs guarantees adjustment and osmosis of cross outskirt thinking and practices in the current training framework.

References for Globalization

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5. According to Milton Friedman “that the social responsibility of companies is to make as much money for stockholders as possible” (Twenty-First Century Society, 2006)

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“CSR as situations where the firm goes beyond compliance and engages in ‘actions that appear to further some social good, beyond the interests of the firm and that which is required by law’ (Journal of Management Studies 2001, p. 1-18)

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