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Due to the use of the illicit psychoactive drug, it can further cause the problem of the excessive alcohol consumption, tobacco use along with the problems like gambling that can constantly create harm to both to those individuals who have been using it and to those who belong to the society as a whole. Incidentally, there have been complaints from neighboring residents and how there has been a high level of accidents that would lead to the lead to the people involved drive cars coming back from the park. Adolescence is understood as to how there can be the transition from childhood that would work in adulthood, which can result in the physical, psychological along social maturation (Puurunen, 2019). The social illicit drug is a major issue for youngsters as young people fall into the trap to experiment and even to overcome the challenges they have faced in their life. The problem lies, how to correct the youngster's positive dynamics and even help them to explore there can be energetic, enthusiasm, along with anxiety issues that can help to handle the decision making. To control the problem, it is important to understand what is the reason for using the drugs and how to correctly use the models to correct different kinds of problems (McCall, 2019).

Two Models

Moral Model

As per the model, the addiction can further be caused due to the Bio-Psycho-Social-Spiritual (BPSS) model. The model is more like a "spiritual" problem. The main aim is to use the model is to correct addicted people who are addicted, have to undergo the treatment, and how it has to substantially based on the rational approach in correcting them spirituality. It is also important to use the moral and spiritual method that can help to correct the addiction problem through the value-laden and culture-specific approach. While correcting the patient problem, it is necessary to understand how to clinicians have to check the socio-cultural (social) values and background to treat them spirituality. Once the spiritual path is awakening and the patient is guided about the moral values and obligation to be spirituality and how to boost the addicted people's subconsciousness.. To make the people realize how to have the course of struggle and make encouraging motivational steps to overcome severe or fatal disorders and to overcome the addiction problem (Hodgson, 2019).

As per the model, the main goal is to arouse the subconsciousness and even make the patient feel obligated as to how to connect with God or a Higher Power. It is a realization that can help to overcome the problem of addiction. It is also important to understand how the separation of the people's suffering can live can be overcome, if they can follow God's will or direction. During the addiction cases, use of the spiritual power can help to overcome the addiction problem and make the addiction, to understand the moral obligation related to the spiritual cause and the problems. The model advocates, that the less spiritual people, are disconnected to God and are likely to be higher addiction. It is an intervention model to arouse the subconsciousness to connect with God or a Higher Power.

Through the model of the spiritual can help to correct the prominent problem of overcoming the spiritual approach and help in correcting the behavior of the directors, subconsciously. It would also help in reducing the addiction (Bachi et al, 2019). The groups would be divided morally and guided culturally, based on which they can follow the set "faith-based" approaches and it would lead to overcoming the specific problems that can arouse the religious orientations. To specifically correct the behavior of the youngsters, it is necessary to correct the problem consciously and also help to connect with the God, through the sign and gesture of the prayer, meditation and can help to correct the behavior by counseling and assuring the spiritual advisor's techniques (Anderson, 2019).

To use the model accurately, it is essential to note how the moral model can equally be the moral failure (which is the failure faced to be right) and addiction. It is also necessary to transit in accordance with the recovery that can focus on the problems of strengthening one's will and also motivation that can lead to bringing in the motivation to behave and also substantially correct in an upright manner. Due to the moral model which can lead to correct the traditional approaches to recovery. It is also necessary to think and relate with the willpower which can focus to motivate and bring in better command to control the temptation and to get a better life.

It is necessary to think and even relate to the criminal justice system that can correct the addiction from this perspective. It is also important to think about how to control the addiction which is a self-directed punishment and it is an aim to control addiction-related crimes. The main model emphasis is on the way to handle the motivation and how one can present the addicted person, to change their views. The model also explains how there can be well-behaved people who can provide an example as to how one can behave and be more mature. Due to the model, it is necessary to have better command in changing one own behavior and to have a better command that can use the technique to control one own behavior (Becke, 2020).

The model has been proved to be a Moral Resonation Therapy (MRT) which is used as one of the addiction treatments. The major resolution is how to correct the problem and to provide a concise solution in the corrective deliberate decision-making. Moral Resonation Therapy helps to correct the subconscious approach that can result in the overall wellbeing and the better effort to correct the way (Hodgson, 2019).

Psychodynamic Model

To use the psychodynamic theory, it is important to focus on the psychological theory which was the theory propounded by Sigmund Freud (1856-1939) was about human behavior. The model also advocates on how to use the psychodynamic approach in order to correct the theories in psychology which have been seen to be transiting and also allowing to bring in the better command over the human functionality that can lead to the interaction of drives and forces and it can also cause the problem of the person, particularly unconscious, and how there can be a better command over the different structures aimed at the personality. As per the Sigmund Freud's psychoanalysis, it is important to note how there can be the psychodynamic theory, and it would further

cause the psychodynamic approach that can also result in the representing all theories which would be based as per the new ideas and the resulting presentation (Hodgson, 2019). The main analysis that can result in the psychodynamic and psychoanalytic which would be a major cause that can result in overcoming any confusion and how there can be analysis, that can be done in terms of the Freud’s theories that can be presented in terms of the psychoanalytic, and how it can result in the ‘psychodynamic’ which would be based on the followers and can representing the theory and therapy. The theory was propounded by Sigmund Freud (existing with the 1890s - 1930s) and how it would be a substantial be based on the collection of theories that can be attributed to the psychodynamic approach which can cause psychology. the therapy controls the person's mind, body, and behavior and helps to understand how the person would have better command in the psychodynamic therapist. The theory is useful the patients, who have experienced depression or anxiety or any sort of disorder (McCall, 2019).

The model is an example, which helps to understand how one can use it in a substantial way to control the behavior and feelings. The model helps to understand how one can derive the power and overcome the unconscious motives. The model helps to understand how one can overcome the unconscious mind and how to identify the mental processes that can influence the consciousness and overcome the judgments, feelings, and understand one own behavior (Lucherini, 2019). With the regular use of illicit drugs, it is necessary to have a command over the problem and overcome the impairment effects on the patient. It is also necessary to overcome the hallucinations or delusions problems. The model also advocates to use additional communication problems and to integrate social interaction difficulties. The issue of the excess drug can result in the drug-induced psychosis that can help to overcome the problem of the abused drug and to use the prescription medication to overcome the use of the illicit drug abuse (Roshanfekr,2019)

As per the model advocated by Freud (1915), to obligate the unconscious mind and how they can represent human behavior. The model helps to influence the feelings, motive, and how there can be decisions that can relate to correcting the past experiences, and how to control the unconscious. It is necessary to correct the behavior and feelings and how they can be adults (identifying the psychological problems) and correcting the reading the childhood experiences. The theory also propagates as to how to use the psychodynamic theory and how to use the events in one own child a great influence and it would be followed in the adult lives, shaping our personality. The model advocates as to how one can correct the approach and correct the childhood experience in correcting the unconscious, and how it would have corrective repercussion as the adults.

The model identifies the personality is shaped and how to correct the driving motivation to have different conflicts and relate the restaining childhood (problems repressing the psychosexual development. With the constant illicit drug use, the problem can be long term and has to be corrected with the help of the non-therapeutic that can be done through the medication problem. To understand, how the youngsters are falling prey to it, it is necessary to focus on some of the factors to curb and control it. Due to the over-indulgence and facing the combination of the drugs, often the youngsters feel hallucinated become drug addict victims and also face the abuse. The chemicals of the drugs are equally damaging as not only, it controls the subs-consciousness of the mind, but also cause the problem that can even cause the problems of the detrimental effects to the individuals and even can cause the physical and mental health.

The problem of drug abuse is a problematic biological predisposition and the problem of personal development that would face during the context. To understand how there can be problem parent-child conflict and also facing the child physical and sexual abuse and can face the problem of the family breakdown. To bring the transition, it is necessary to focus on adolescence to young adulthood that can cause the problem of experimentation with illicit drugs (Saeed, 2019). Due to the innate curiosity that can cause the peer pressures that can result in the authority and it can cause low self-esteem and it can result in positive interpersonal relationships. To make the people also feel susceptible that can fail drugs.


To conclude, substance abuse is common and one of the most disturbing problems among youths. Substance abuse refers to the harmful or hazardous that can be attributive to the psychoactive substances that would lead to tobacco, alcohol, and illicit drugs. Form the assignment, it is important to use the models and it would be likely be placed inline to the state that can result in the excessive dose that would be represented illegal and therapeutic drugs. To either stimulant-induced psychosis, further, be leading to the use of a legal or illicit drug that causes to the psychiatric illness leading to the patient is impaired.


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