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Case Study: Timberland


The assignment is about a case study related to the Timberland; and the Commerce and Justice legality and the implications on the environment. In this case, the Jeffrey Swartz who was leading the organization as per the third generation power given from the family, it was imperative to formulate the strategy that could consider the commerce and justice issues which is the "inextricably linked" and to understand how to convert the opportunity in the business advantage. The company was actively involved in the community but constantly faced vast issues such as the turbulence in the environmental management, and facing crises of the global labour standards and the regulation violations.

The Criticality of The Management Approaches

The CEO has to build the strategies which can make it an integral part of commercial and justice framework (Mirvis 2017). The company over the years have gradually build a command through their innovative leadership and the company have consistently worked to form a well-developed, value-centric business and should adopt the two emerging challenges. Through the innovation strategy, the company has to constantly measure the impact of social justice activities along with how the it is important to have a values-based strategy abroad (Seifi, 2018). The strategic management was to focus on the corporate social responsibility (CSR) program and it was necessary to develop in accordance to Timberland's innovative commerce and having a justice strategy to collaborate the energy, synergy, and resources inline to the CSR program that can govern the for-profit company (Seifi, 2018).

Environmental Responsibilities

The company even introduced the Green Index program which is the company’s primary mechanism and depending on the “cradle to cradle” product design. As per the index measures along with communicating critical aspects and depending on the environmental performance it is important to follow the particular format that can follow the Timberland model to guide product design and to also seek the consumer choice (Mirvis, 2017). The company has incorporated the Green Index measures, using the three product impacts such as climate impact and how to measure the changing greenhouse gases that can consistently be producing more of the raw materials.

For example, the footwear production and how it would lead to climate change (Kelly, 2019). So far, Timberland’s climate impact rating has also adequately measured the greenhouse gases that could be due to the production of every material and also due to the consistently following the manufacturing of the final product (Vyas, 2019). Similarly, the chemical used, such as the use of chemicals and how to use the materials and footwear production.

Resource consumption—Depending on the scorecard and how much the Timberland can use materials and use it appropriately for the less land mixed with the water and fewer chemicals that can be produced. Further, the data are also integrated and used with the product an index score which can be determined from the ten to zero, with ten showing the high impact and zero showing no impact at all. Subsequently, the Timberland CSR Team has even shown how the team of employees would be working in line with the CSR in the company (Goncharova, 2018).

CSR team

Due to the working of the company, it is also showed how the vice president of CSR along with the four managers and incorporating the team of fourteen code-of-conduct employees and the two community service employees were in line with the functionality (GE, 2018).

The CSR team has to also work as per the senior management, and for this, in 2006, the company formed the structured CSR committee as per the direction of the board of directors (Johansen 2018). So far the group consists of the four board members that have been actively part of all CSR strategy development. It is the task, the committee members have to work in accordance to the committee members who needs to work in accordance to the CSR leadership team and work towards the strategic agenda and be accountable to their actions (Goncharova, Y 2018). As per the two members of the current CSR team are Beth Holzman who is part of the company CSR strategy would be reporting to the Betsy Blaisdell, who is the manager of the environmental stewardship.

Beth Holzman being a team-oriented person before joining Timberland has beenconsistory been interacting with the Timberland to the adequate capacity. The Betsy Blasdell who held previous experience in New Hampshire state government also has to actively get involved as the environmental research being part of the University of New Hampshire.Similarly, the CSR team’s responsibilities also have to establish the metrics to report and standardizing the reporting. Gradually the steps involved to be active in collecting information, preparing reports, and also focusing on communicating information to follow the senior management, and subsequently the way of interacting with stakeholders.

Another aspect is the key objective that can follow the sustainability reports that can help departments at Timberland. Even this Betsy Blaisdell mentions how the “Everybody needs to work in collaboration with the right thing at Timberland. And it is important to work over the complex environmental metric and includes the kilograms of CO2 that can also help in a pair of shoelaces, and also generating the best choice. It is also important to have a good choice that would be working in terms of using the approach. It is also important to substantially to collaborate and make it appropriate as per the standardizing the reporting method and subsequently also follow and to make the reporting easier and also make it one of the cost-effective techniques of the Timberland in the industry (Kelly, 2019).

OH&S and social justice

As per the OH& S and social justice, through initiating sustainability reporting along with coinciding with developing with the corrective communication methods that can work in terms of the company. Sustainability reporting should be worked inline that can convert over the Timberland’s that can be hold with the business units and needs to be working systems. To work over the reporting software system needs to work in terms of sustainability performance indicators (SPIs), that can continuously be worked that can be accounted to corporate social responsibility (CSR) reporting system that can have the company’s accounting along with holding within the finance system tools and can work interms of product design systems.

The functionality has to be improved to be developed in accordance to the software platforms that can be communicated. Subsequently, it was also noted from the case, the reporting and management systems have not been working interms of sustainability measure and it is important to follow the standard business practice. Such as, how there can be designing a new product, and it would be important to have a limited product design reporting system and the ability to approach the sustainability impacts that can have different designs.

Another factual impact was how the company was not able to develop the following environmental reporting. As observed, the business decision software systems companies can also use the SAP, and how it is important to have the designers of product life cycle management systems that need to be developed in accordance with the software which would have the environmental modules. It would mean how the separate systems can be identified as the one (Spinal 2018).


The company's strengths were having the strong relationship with NGO's, to have the accuracy and having transparency in reporting, to have service to community and to have an environment that can be channelized into the Timberland’s operating infrastructure. It is also important to follow an ability to recover amid the financial crisis and also being able to channelize the core values which can help the company behavior along with the decision making (Spinal 2018).


The company needs to expand environmental protection policy, to have global labor standards, and to follow the management of product expansion (Vyas, 2019).


The company main aim was to establish the brand and to focus on the social mission internationally

The company aimed for the increasing diversity, to have the team building initiatives/base, and subsequently to increase business and also to have the social practice synergy. Important to follow the direct sales that can be generated fromstrategic partnership events.


The threats which the company felt were being apprehensive when the employees were unable to expand as per the CSR mission. Also hold as the shinning sales and declining profit (Vyas, 2019).

Future CEO Planning and Comparison of Alternate Organisations

The future CEO planning needs to understand how the company is working, what present scenario is and what can be the done in the near future. Such as adopting the CSR activities is, all the green technologies was the good idea but it lack research and the evidence based incidences.

In comparison to this, Adolfo Dominguez, who has adopted the CSR program which is systematic, tested and designed in accordance to the programs, procedures and policies.

Similarly, the Industrial Webbing has to be inline to the years have gradually build a command through their innovative leadership and the company have consistently worked to form a well-developed, value-centric business and should adopt the two emerging challenges.


To conclude, in the Timberland case study, as observed that it was imperative to formulate the strategy that could consider the commerce and justice issues which can be "inextricably linked." The company Timberland, were actively engaged in the community involvement, but faced continuously some of the environmental management, and facing the global labor standards. Through the case study, how to convert an opportunity in an advantage was important challenge for the commercial strategy.


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