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Indigenous Australian

Introduction to Indigenous Australian

This essay deals with the Indigenous Australian groups and the field of engineering. An engineering company is building a novel project on the land which has been provided with a Native title status. There is a requirement to deal with the situation carefully. There is a need to build good relationships with the Indigenous Australian groups and make them understand the benefits and importance of the project. The essay describes various important points which must be considered in this scenario. Also, the essay describes the areas in which the engineering company can support the Indigenous Australian groups. Other than this the history of the Indigenous Australians is also reflected.

Role of An Engineering Company

Engineering can be considered as the technical field. An engineering company should understand the requirements and issues of the citizens and form a pleasantrelation with the Indigenous individuals. This can be done with the help of open and honestteamwork for the sustainable and overall growth of the nation. The main culture of the indigenous people deals with the peaceful tradition with the exclusive way of living. While building the project, the engineers should consider the rights of the indigenous people.There is a requirement of sustainable development in Australia and this has been the mindset of people there since thousands of years(Malaspinas et al. 2016).There is an existence of a great multiplicity of the indigenous groups and their traditional practices of principleslike Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in the nation. So, building up of the novel engineering project with the indigenous people should formpleasantrelationshipsamong both the company and community. The first step should include informing about the aims to be attained with the project. It should also explain the feasibility in attaining the goals.

This will help to form the decisions which determine the needs of the connection, the requirement and scope, type of relations and linkswhich are necessary to be formed to attain the predefined goals. The project should make clear about the advantages, abilities, features and capacities to the people. There is a requirement of various strategies for increasing honest engagement among native groups and engineering company which can be recognized only with the help of individual experience and broader discussion with aboriginal groups(Osmond, 2019). There are numerous ways and regions to discover and involve indigenous Australian people. These indigenous Australian individuals have a very low participation rate in engineering and other technology linked fields when compared to other fields like health, law, and education. There must be the formation of new methods to guarantee the engagement of all the indigenous Australian participants on equivalent terms. The thinking that the other communities are superior to the indigenous Australian groups should be diminished. It is required to give significance to the viewpoints of indigenous individuals. Also, the outdated thinking about traditional inequality should be replaced with respectful interest to place the indigenous Australian groupsequivalent and different from other information. This will be a very good step.

Areas Which Support Indigenous Australian People

The areas in which the engineering company can support Indigenous Australians are discussed below:

Safeguarding the Rights of The Indigenous Australian People

Engineering practices and training provides a voice to the indigenous people to speak about their issues. Italso helps them to identify their rights.

Guaranteeing Suitable Compensation

Engineering projects can assist in getting profits and appropriate compensation which will be helpful for the indigenous people (Goldfinch, Prpic, Jolly, Leigh & Kennedy, 2017). The team of engineers gives a good way to work meaningfully, reciprocally and sensitively with the indigenous Australian people.

Technical Abilities

The education which is based on providing technical abilities is very significant. With the help of a learning activity which is based on programming and coding, it can be shown that for what duration the indigenous people can be kept engaged. The indigenous people of Australia and their goals should have interconnectedness. This can be undertaken with the help of full participation of the indigenous Australian people. Engineering can be helpful as a social change.If proper training of engineering is provided to the indigenous people then they will be able to handle the resources in a better way. This can make the actual variance in enhancing the living conditions of numerous other indigenous individuals(Kennedy et al. 2016). The knowledge and information about civil engineering and its uses should be provided to the indigenous people. This will assist in sustainable housing for indigenous individuals. It is of great importance to learn a wide variety of skills rather than being invisible and tribal. It is a type of two-way learning which involves biodiversity conservation with the help of utilizing traditional knowledge of handling carbon releases over traditional fire management approaches.

Providing Employment

By undertaking thetraining of skills, indigenous people can get employment. There should be a reserved portion in the available vacancies. This will assist in enhancing the worth of the indigenous people and will provide them with a bright future. This will also increase the power of the indigenous people(Kennedy et al. 2016).

History of Indigenous Australian

It is very important to learn about the culture and history of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. This will assist in developing respect for the multiplicity of various cultural differences among communities. This gives the students with enormous information about Australia and indigenous culture. When there was a European attack in Australia in the year 1788, the indigenous people were worried about their survival for thousands of years(Kennedy et al. 2016).

Firstly, there was an arrival of the outsiders who carried diseases with them, which destroyed the direct populace of the Sydney communities. It is projected that more than 750,000 indigenous Australians occupied the island continent in the year 1788.The migrants were led to trust that the land was terra nullius which means that it was no one’s land which was declared by Lt James Cook as Australia in the year 1770(Goldfinch & Hollis, 2016). Lt James Cook declared this during his journey around the coast of Australia. The indigenous people of Australia came from Asia through Southeast Asia which is now called as Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, East Timor, the Philippines and Brunei. They have been in Australia since 45-50 years(Kennedy et al. 2016). Based on research in the archaeological sites, scientists claim that the human came early from 65 to 80 years ago. As per the scholar the relocation of structurally modern humans out of nearby areas of Southwest Asia and Africa to Southeast and South Asia through the so-called Southern Way preceded relocation to Europe. It has been observed that the indigenous people were hunters who did not domesticate the animals and also did not grow crops(Hollis & Goldfinch, 2017). They were directly dependent on the natural environment. Some archaeologists stated that the indigenous people were engaged in agricultural practices that were too cultured to be categorized as gathering or hunting. Yet, the traditional clarification explains that the indigenous people had a very tough sense of connection to their sites and regions in the homeland. Most of the gathering and hunting was done in this region.

Conclusion on Indigenous Australian

It can be concluded from the essay that it is important to give support and respect to the Indigenous Australian community. They should be treated with equal respect and equality as the other people in the nation. For effectively, building the engineering project on the land which has been provided with a Native title status it is required to build good relations and understanding with Aboriginal people.A trust should be built among them regarding the effectiveness of the project.There are various rights of the Aboriginal people which must be considered. The essay also describes the history of the Aboriginal people which gave a better understanding of the indigenous community.

References for Indigenous Australian

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