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Activity 1

Use Case Diagram 

Misuse Case Diagram 

Use Case and Interaction 

Use Case Description 

Activity 2 

Activity 3 

AES workflow 





My Health Record has a large amount of sensitive data from Australian citizens. One is managing health records efficiently, and the other is having privacy as well as security issues. The main purpose of this report is to study various types of symmetric as well as asymmetric encryption algorithms, understand the security pitfalls of My Health Record. Secondly, this report will also find the appropriate algorithms to help the My Health Record system improve system safety as well as reliability.


Activity 1

Use Case Diagram

Below is the Use Case Diagram

Figure -1

picture of the Use Case Diagram

In the My Health Record system, there are several factors, such as patients, hospitals, doctors, specialists, nurses, researchers, pharmacists, administrators, and nursing homes, as shown in the use case diagram above. The ellipse represents a use case or operation that an Actor can use. A use case diagram typically represents the actions that an authorized actor can perform on an application system [1].

Misuse Case Diagram

Below is the Misuse case diagram – 

Figure 2

picture showing Misuse Case Diagram

 The Misuse Chart shows how unauthorized users to access, harm the system, as well as access data. Here, a black oval symbol represents a misused case. [2] 

Use Case and Interaction

Use case as well as interaction: appointment schedule, Actor: patient, doctor, expert

If you plan to make a reservation, the patient will make a reservation by filling in the system reservation page. If the validation is successful, the system sends a reservation request to the doctor. If possible, the doctor accepts the request as well as notifies the system. The system checks the reservation as well as shares the reservation details with both actors. Doctors can also refer to experts who are looking at symptoms.

Use Case Description

Below is the Use case description

The patient goes to the appointment reservation page, where the system prompts the user to enter personal details such as name, patient ID, email, address, contact number as well as address, the date as well as the time of the appointment as well as doctor, as well as other details such as their condition.

The framework at that point checks for required fields, for example, name, tolerant ID, the date just like time. The client must enter the right information in completely required fields just as the booking is planned if the approval is effective.

The framework at that point sends the booking subtleties to the specialist. 

If conceivable, the specialist acknowledges the solicitation. The affirmation is sent to the patient just as the client to their separate email ID just as a number.

Activity 2

Symmetric key cryptography shares a single private key with both the sender as well as the recipient, each of which encrypts as well as decrypts the message.

Example: One-Time Pad Algorithm

The one-time pad algorithm uses plain text as well as a one-time keystream XOR addition to obtaining the resulting ciphertext. The key length is the same as the message. Therefore, only the Brute Force can be attacked. 

Asymmetric key cryptography uses the recipient's public key for encryption as well as the recipient's private key for decryption.

Example: RSA Algorithm

The RSA algorithm uses the public key for encryption as well as the private key for decryption. This improves data security by allowing people with valid private keys to decrypt data as well as implement digital signatures.

The Atbash substitution cipher encrypts the first letter of the alphabet into the last letter as well as the second letter into the last letter.

In the Caesar substitution figure, each plaintext character is moved by a fixed situation in the letter set. For instance, if you move one position, S changes to U just as B changes to C. 

On account of My Health Record, the Cesar substitution figure gives more noteworthy security than the Atbash substitution figure. Since the Atbash figure is a fixed-key substitution figure if can distinguish whether it is an Atbash.

The My Health Record stores touchy information for patients, for example, dentistry, cardiology, just as oncology. Patients need to share their information just with explicit clinical experts. Unapproved individuals getting to this information can prompt information changes, for example, evacuating certain conditions that patients are experiencing. Hence, it should utilize secure encryption just as decoding systems to ensure your patient's health records. 

AES is perfect for My Health Record-type applications that contain delicate information. This is an encryption innovation that comprises of a few information sources, for example, bit substitution just as rearranging [3]. Encryption is performed on the predefined number of rounds. This makes the information secure. It is, at any rate, multiple times quicker than Triple-DES, just as is utilized as a standard for scrambling touchy information by the U.S. government just as different associations. 

Activity 3

To discover an investigation, enter watchwords for the Google researcher. This is because not at all like Google, which records papers just as reference books, it records just research papers. Next, it will see the papers that coordinate the watchwords. I utilized it as a hotspot for other research papers just as read the unique to check whether I could get the thought I was searching for. 

Utilizing the Advanced Encryption Standard for Secure just as Scalable Sharing of Personal Health Records in the Cloud utilizes the Advanced Encryption Standard to ensure general health subtleties.

AES workflow

Plain content is added to the key utilizing the XOR option. Here, the keys are inferred in the Linear Darkened key timetable. At that point, in light of the length of the key, the sub bytes, move lines, segment blending, just as extra N rounds of keys are performed. N is 10 rounds for 128-piece keys, 12 rounds for 192-piece keys, just as 14 rounds for 256-piece keys. Instructional exercise Points 

Byte Substitution—the 16 information bytes are supplanted utilizing a fixed table (S box). 

Move lines: Here, each line aside from the first is moved. The subsequent line is moved to one side by one digit, just as the third line is moved to one side constantly digit. 

Blend Columns: Multiplies the segments of information by a particular framework. 

AddRoundKey: The network is increased by the round key produced for each round. 

The last round makes a figure content. 

AES utilizes the substitution just as substitution techniques. Encryption is performed on the predefined number of rounds. This makes your information secure. Since it is, at any rate, multiple times quicker than Triple-DES just as is utilized as a standard for encoding delicate information by the U.S. government just as different associations. My Health Records containing exceptionally touchy information must be executed utilizing AES [3].


The Australian government is finding a way to ensure my health record's information, yet today, there are a few security breaks on the planet that are worried about Australian residents, just as more than one million Australian residents are quitting My Health Record. Records in the My Health Record database must be erased promptly if the individual chooses to drop the My Health Record, as opposed to saving them for a particular timeframe [4]. Furthermore, not all specialists, open foundations, just as medicinal services associations are taking standard safety efforts. Along these lines, to habitually arrange security mindfulness programs just as give greater security, you should execute solid encryption, for example, AES-256.


My health record contains delicate information from Australian residents. Specialists, Acre geriatric medical clinics, just as other medicinal services suppliers can get to My Health Record information. Significant level approaches just as safety efforts are much of the time upheld. Numerous security breaks are occurring far and wide today, just as they can be gotten to by unapproved clients, so you have to give high security. Also, AES 256-piece key encryption innovation guarantees approved access just as limits outer digital assaults.


Australian Government, My Health Record, https://www.myhealthrecord.gov.au/.

Chaudhary, J. (2019), LMS, Melbourne, La Trobe University.

B. Sri Varsha,P.S. Suryateja (2014), Using Advanced Encryption Standard for Secure and Scalable Sharing of Personal Health Records in Cloud.

Menezes, Alfred J., Paul C. van Oorschot, and Scott A. Vanstone: Handbook of Applied Cryptography1997, CRC PressBoca Raton, New York, London, Tokyo.


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