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Case Study: AH News Organization

Table of Contents

I. Executive summary.

II. WAN Internet Connection.

III. Dynamic Routing.

  • OSPF.

IV. Application Design.

V. IP addressing Scheme.

  • IPv4.

  • IPv6.

VI. Upgradation of assessment 2 Design.

VII. Logical Topology Diagram...

VIII. Conclusion.

IX. References.

I. Executive Summary

AH News organization has recently opened a new office in Sydney Australia. For their new office, they rent a whole floor in the office building. The office space is 40 m long, 35 m wide and 3.2 m high. This new office has 4 different departments, print department, editorial department, video department, and administration department. This office has to design a new network to fulfill all the company requirements. This report has described the Internet link connection, routing protocol used in the network, application design support, IP addressing scheme, up-gradation of assessment 2 physical network design with WAN link, and logical network design for configuration with a device description.

All the departments connected using a wired network, although there is wireless access point the floor which makes the user able to connect with network wirelessly. The main requirement of the AH news company is to support, voice, video, and data communications. The printer is requiring in the print department to print out important documents. Wireless AP (access point) is placed on the floor, user can connect with this AP using the Wi-Fi signal, this AP is configured with security features WPA-PSK2 and passphrase. The user needs SSID and password to connect with the network. This new office network supports both IP addressing IPv4, IPv6. And network designed after taking 30% future expansion.

II. WAN Internet Connection

WAN stands for wide area network. Internet link requirement is depending on the number of users in the company and what kind of applications their uses. AH, news company uses, high and medium level applications like voice, video, and email. The number of users in the AH newsgroup has 180 including future expansion. So for 180 users 29 Mb/s Internet link is sufficient. Also, several other factors need to take into consideration for getting good network performance. Network performance based on Router, switch, Cable type, user usages of the Internet at a given period. This Internet link gives good network performance and throughput. [4]

There are many types of WAN link connections. Mostly, two are known, Fiber optic and serial link. Fiber optic gives a good performance in data transmission and the speed of data transmission is also good. While using it for long-distance, it decreases the speed of transmission. The serial link is known and uses for data transmission over the long distance. This network used the serial link to connect gateway router of AH news company and connected with the Internet. Now users from the AH news company can access the data from the Internet with high speed.

III. Dynamic Routing

Routing is a process to transmit data between two different networks. There are two types of routing, static routing, and dynamic routing. Static routing used in the at end node customer and small organization where networks are not many. Dynamic routing uses in medium and large size enterprise levels. Dynamic routing has different routing protocols that help the network to find the shortest path and transfer data over the long distance. Dynamic routing protocol has RIP, OSPF, EIGRP. OSPF is the most efficient and easy to configure the routing protocol to use in medium and large size networks.OSPF routing protocol proposed to use for this network. In this network used InterVLAN routing to configure the network. 


OSPF stands for the open shortest path first.OSPF uses the shortest path to reach the destination. Open Shortest Path First uses cost as the value of metric and uses a Reference Bandwidth of 100 Mbps for cost calculation. OSPF is loop avoidance which makes OSPF use low bandwidth to forward routing table information. OSPF does not share the whole routing table to its neighbor. OSPF just share newly updated routing information. This network proposed to use the OSPF routing protocol to configure the router. OSPF is easy to configure and use wild card mask route summarization. In the OSPF network can be divided into area wise, which is good to identify and manage the network. [5]

IV. Application Design

AH, news company use a different kind of applications like voice, video, and email. To fulfill this requirement, we need to use different software on the user’s PC. For voice communication, they can use Voice over IP phone, for the video they can use a video conferencing tool, and for the email they can use thunderbird and outlook.

Skype – Skype is an application which used to make a voice call, and video call to another employee. It uses high internet bandwidth for video communication. It transfers a high volume of data over the internet, and it requires high bandwidth to get good performance of video calls. Recently, a new application comes into the market is Zoom, which is gradually famous all over the world for online meetings and video conferencing.

Email – MS Outlook and Mozilla thunderbird are applications used for mail communications with other company employees. MS outlook comes with Microsoft office package and Mozilla thunderbird is a standalone application for email communication. Employees should use the application which describes the company policies. Mozilla Thunderbird is free and open-source for everyone.

VoIP phone – Voice over IP telephone can use for voice communication between the company's internal users. VoIP phone has only a one-time investment and it will work a long period without maintenance. It uses an Ethernet link and IP to communicate with other users. Telecommunication between users using VoIP phone is free of cost.

 V. IP Addressing Scheme

The network has an IP address which used to make employees able to communicate with other users. AH, a new company has users’ requirements as described in the table below. It has 30% future growth of employees. the calculation of the total number of user’s requirements is shown in the below table. There are two types of IP addressing scheme in the network, IPv4 and IPv6. [3]

Department Name


30% Growth

+2 address for gateway and broadcast

Total Requirement





















WAN link


No growth

No require



Department Name

Subnetwork Address

Usable Hosts

Broadcast address

Print (VLAN 100)

Editorial (VLAN 200)

Video (VLAN 300)

Administration (VLAN 400)

WAN Link

Not available

The above table shows the IPv4 subnetworks for AH news company as per departments, with a subnetwork address, usable IP address, and broadcast address. The network is divided into a subnetwork using VLAN functionality. WAN link shows the public IP address and it connected with the Internet.


Department Name

Sub network Address

Usable Hosts

Print (VLAN 100)




Editorial (VLAN 200)




Video (VLAN 300)





(VLAN 400)




WAN Link




The above table contains the IPv6 subnetwork addresses for the AH news company. It also shows the start IP address and the last usable IP address. IPv6 subnetworks are shown using the prefix, so it shows how long the network is.IPv6 uses 128 bit long IP address.

VI. Upgradation of Assessment 2 Design

image shows Physical Network Diagram

Figure 1. Physical Network Diagram

Figure 1 shows the physical network diagram[2] of the AH news company. A network designed using collapse core layer architecture method. This network has one cisco router and it works as a gateway of the Internet. The router connected with the Internet using a serial link provides the 29Mbps link speed to the company's internal network. The network has one cisco multilayer switch and it is connected with Cisco router using a fast Ethernet link. Each department has one Cisco to 2960 switch and those are connected to Cisco 3560 multilayer switch. Each department has one PC and one printer for the assumption.

Company internal Network used a fast Ethernet link for internal communication. The wireless access point is connected with a multi-layer switch on the floor, the wireless access point provides wireless connectivity to guests users. Wireless access point configured securely using WPA-PSK2.VLAN is a layer 2 entity and used to separate network at layer 2. Each department assigned with VLAN number. The print department belongs to VLAN 100, Editorial VLAN 200, Video VLAN 300, and Admin VLAN 400. To communicate with other users each department needs to configure a truck link with a multilayer switch. This network can be configuring with Inter-VLAN routing.

Cisco is a standard company for the manufacturing of network devices like router, switch, and firewalls. This network build using cisco devices. The guest user connected with the wireless network using the wireless access point. The user needs SSID and password to connect with the network. Figure 1 diagram shows how the network physically connected. Inter VLAN routing enables the network to pass data to each user using a VLAN tag. Inter VLAN routing can configure in a multilayer switch as well as a router. Router one physical interface works as many logical interfaces for internal networks.

Like in this network Router Gigabit Ethernet 0/1, is the physical interface and we have 4 different networks in the internal network. So this Gigabit Ethernet 0/1, works as many logical interfaces. In assessment 2, I did not use VLAN functionality to separate the department at level2. VLAN provides benefits like scalability, maintainability, and manageability. It also makes network secure, from default VLAN users. VLAN isolates the network from the other departments. The above network provides fast Internet access to users, security, and efficient performance of the network. Each user is connected with the internet through switch and router. 

VII. Logical Topology Diagram

image shows Logical Network Topology Diagram

Figure 2. Logical Network Topology Diagram.

Figure 2 shows the logical network diagram [1] of the AH group (AH news) company. It has a router, switches, PC, access points, and printers. The router is a layer 3 device, and it is connected with the Internet. It provides users to connect with the Internet and use resources. The diagram shows the Cisco router 2911 connected with the Internet using a serial link connection. As shown in the figure router has 4 subinterfaces on one physical interface. It is for inter VLAN routing. The public IP address assigned to the serial interface. Multilayer switch 3560 is connected with Cisco 2911 router using Gigabit Ethernet cable. This link carries the traffic of all the departments to the router or the Internet and is configured as a trunk link.

Each department has one PCs and printer; those are connected with Cisco 2960 catalyst switch using Fast Ethernet switch. End users have one IP address and gateway address to communicate with the Internet. As shown in the figure, each department has shown a network address using both IPv4 and IPv6 networking schemes. Between two switches used a cross over link for avoiding occurrence. The wireless access point is connected with a multilayer switch; it provides wireless connectivity to employees. It shows how employees connected wirelessly to the network. In the last, end-users show the IP address.

VIII. Conclusion

In conclusion, AH News Company has designed a network using the collapsed core architecture method. The network has built using Cisco networking devices; each department separated using VLAN functionality. The network has end devices and they are connected using a fast Ethernet link. Each user can access the internet through the router. Each user has one pc and connected with the internet. Inter VLAN routing functionality makes different departments users make able to communicate with each other. This report contains the logical and physical layout of the AH news company network. It also contains the IPv4 and IPv6 addressing scheme for the network. In the last, all the requirements are implemented, wireless connectivity, security, and VLAN features. Each user from the department uses a different kind of application, like voice, video, and email as per requirement. To use these applications users need a software application to use this service. Users can use these services using the internet.

X. References

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[5]"Types of Routing - GeeksforGeeks", GeeksforGeeks, 2020. [Online]. Available: https://www.geeksforgeeks.org/types-of-routing/. [Accessed: 09- May- 2020].

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