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Study on Various Biases in Australia

Table of Contents


Theory and Practice




Reflective practices are the particular way of studying our own experience to gain deeper knowledge and deeper analysis of work. The major importance of reflective journal is it can enhance the confidence level and helps the students to become more professional and structural in terms studying and learning new things. The act of reflection is a huge sources of increasing the level of intelligence and helps to become more proactive and qualified professional. The study is extremely vital for social work researchers as this deeper analysis can help to get the actual idea and helps to analysis various adverse situations that may arise in Australia. The key issues that are mainly focused in the study are various aspect of cultural differentiation, gender biases, racism regarding different religions and other visible and invisible forms of issues. These issues are mainly focused in this reflective journal to identify various kinds obstacles that can hamper the total social culture of Australia.

Theory and Practice

From this essay, I am critically reflecting my own lived experience, personal beliefs and values as well as their relation to my developing profession. The purpose of the essay is to develop a self-awareness through the reflection. I want to reflect my ideas on different social identities as well as utilizing the research on critical white theory and intersectional theory,how they assist oppression. I am a Sri Lankan Buddhist girl who came to Australia to peruse Master in social Work. When anyone privileged, they enjoy some special advantage which most of the people do not have(Schreiner, 2017).

Even I am from a middle class family and still my guardians’ support me financially so that I got an opportunity to come here to pursue my study, I consider this as a privilege. Whereas, several students who are from rich background or from middle class family struggle to do the same but fail because of cultural and economic issues.Privilege gives social and economic boost to dominant teams and it is the invisible profit. There are different types of privilege, such as white privilege and male privilege. White privilege is the societal privilege which give benefit to people whom society identify as white in few countries, commonly it is experienced by non-whitepeople in the same political, social as well as economic circumstances(DeFrantz/Slippage, 2018).

On the other hand, male privilege means to examine social, economic and political benefits which are available for men based on their gender.From my social identities, intersectional theory has enlightened me to the fact that privilege and discrimination takes on all these factors. As I am practicing social work I came to know that social worker stay attentive to their privilege in practice, this focus on identifyingbarriers. I believe that social workers need to obtain education about the nature of social diversity as well as oppression in regards to ethnicity, race, color, gender, sexual orientation, age, religion and origin. The second theory that is reflected in the essay is oppression. It takes place when an individual acts or policy is enacted unjustly against a group because of their affiliationto a specific group. It comprise depriving people to create fair living and to participate in the entire aspects of social life. Oppression engage language, ethnic and race, background, class, culture, gender and disability(Rocha, 2017).

It also comprise experience human rights and imposing belief systems, laws, values on other groups by peaceful means. As I am from Sri Lanka, so my language is differ from the people of Australia, as in my country English is a second language and It is consider asvisible form. So I have to face many problems to talk with the clients as I have to deal with the most Australian citizens. I have being unable to familiarize with the Australian culture and language. This is one of the major barriers that being a social worker I have to deal and solve the problem I could use sociolinguistic and linguistic landscape. Sociolinguistic is an integral part of language in common and the impact of society over language. In linguistic landscape language utilized in public signs to indicate which language is locally relevant and easy to understand.

I want to reflect my views on racism as well. Racism is the practice, belief or individual qualities that are totally influenced by the race and the belief system that signifies the fact that other members are not good as their own members. There are various racism effect that any individual can follow in their life like unfair treatment, faulty behaviour of the staff member. In this reflective journal i also want to reflect various racism issues through my academic session in Australia.One of the major racism issues that i face is i was humiliated and harassed by the white people of Australia at my workplace. As a social worker, i feel it's my responsibility to remove such obstacles in my area both working and personal department.

I feel very isolated and less valued at my workplace and my cultural background are very much different and i am buddhist , my behavioural process and my emotional balance are also not similar with the Australian people. I also feel some discriminatory attitudes based on the languages and being an Asian Buddhist girl my english is not that good and it also takes some time to understand the things in proper way,this also becomes a major racism issues in my area of work In Australia (Rutherford, 2019). Another major issues that i face is being an Asian buddhist girl my skin tone is dark compared to the Australian people. For this reason i always feel some discriminatory attitude for being non-Australian (Salifu, 2018)My gender is also an important factor in racism. Being an Asian girl i also questioned by some of the Australian people that i am not capable of doing every work and Australian people also has a doubt in terms of operational expertise (Nelson, 2015).

Being a social worker the Australian people also question about my capacities and expertises. The total Australian culture is very fond of white people and being a social worker it’s my duty to eliminate the discriminatory attitude that i have faced in my operational area.

Being a brown skinned girl from Asia i am also unable to familiarize myself with the Australian people (Anderson, Georgantis & Kapelles, 2017). The Australian cultures are also different and my way of approaches are become major issues for me. My own belief system and my external appearance are the major issues i face in my operational area and being a social worker it also hampers me to run my area of responsibilities in a smooth way.

Intersectionality is the theory that signifies various social identities, gender, race , class, sexuality which contributes various type of oppression and discrimination attitude by an individual. Intersectionality can have different dimensions. These dimensions are race, class, culture, education, abilities , age. Being an Asian girl that too from Buddhist community i face lot issues regarding my gender and cultural background. I have different kind of cultural background and my own set of beliefs and lifestyles are totally different from Australian culture and majority of the people in Australia. These issues took a prominent place in terms of finding a job in my social activities area. As a practitioner of social work i also understand that discriminatory attitudes of towards certain individual is a disgraceful act.

The discriminatory attitudes towards gender, class, race are the perfect example of violating the human rights. I an sri lankan citizen my languages also create biggest obstacles for the Australian people. Being a social worker the language issues are niot minor as without proper communications nothing has been materialised. Being an asian female from sri lanka i have a lot discriminatory attitude in terms of my external appearances as well. As a social work practitioner it is my duty to eliminate the rate of differences based upon the skin color, race, culture, ethnicity. Being a citizen of Sri lanka my lifestyle, my ethnicity is also a major obstacles. As majority of Australian people think that Srilankan people are not up to their standard and they think Srilankan people are also very less organized and poor.

I am a sri Lankan woman and my age is 30 years. Being a woman also become an issues for the social workers in Australia. They may question on my social activities and these reasons also create a conflictory situations as every social workers are bound to the principles of Australian Association of Social Workers. In the context of Australia people who are born with some physical disabilities and who are also refugee face a lot of challenges. At the same time, Disability services sector in Australia also undertaking a lot changes in Nationality Disability Insurance Schemes. Being an Asian girl i may also face a lot prejudice and discriminatory attitudes from various locations in Australia.

Being a social work practitioner i find addressing these issues might help the total perspective of Australian people and can also help the social attributes and can also help the social studies to get a deeper analysis on the Australian social position and their regressive attitudes towards non Australian people. The class is also one of the major factor in the intersectionality ("Correction: Rowman and Littlefield Racism without Racists: Color-Blind Racism and the Persistence of Racial Inequality in America", 2014). In my cases i am from middle class family and my belief system and perspectives are also nowhere similar to the Australian people (O’Donnell, 2017)

My social class also become the major obstacles for my social studies . Being a social worker practitioner i have to face a lot cultural challenges and linguistic challenges while dealing with my clients. Being unable to familiarize with australian culture can also hamper my social work activities and can also hamper my work in such a way that most of the Australian people are very much cautious regarding their existing culture and not ready to explore and accept the cultural diversification process. I am not an Austrian citizen and i also have a fear i might get humiliated and bullied at my work area and also may face a lot threats from my subordinates.

Whiteness is the aspect which is belonging to a human group who is having white skinned people. Being an Asian woman from Sri lanka most of people are having brown skin and Australian citizen are not very keen to accept the dark skinned people. The obsession with fair skin and cultural differences may hamper my professional areas and personal life as well. Whiteness is an existing cultural implications that most of american has in their life. The major influential factor in Australia is whiteness (Nelson, 2015) .I know the actual frame of Australia that is race. As a white settler colonial outpost of the British empire, the race is the only identifying factor. While in the Australian policy the racism toward dark skinned people is quite high and i know the treatment that dark skinned people get from various aspect in Australia.

Being a social work practitioner the biases regarding fair skinned people can also affect the dark skinned people in terms of their operation area. Understanding the biased attitude towards white skinned people and treating black skinned people in a wrongful manner will help me to get the deeper analysis or certain perceptions can help me to get a deeper analysis. Apart from obsession of white skinned people i know there are various kinds of issues like cultural differences, caste issues are also major determinant in Australia. At the same time being a social work practitioner it is also important for me to study on this(Lee, 2015) . I know i may face a lot of difficulties in my area of operation but this study will help me to focus more on socio cultural issues in Australia.


Through my reflective journal i can understand that Australian people are still working in removing the biases for other countries people. Though the government of Australia takes a lot of effort to eliminate the rate of discriminatory attitude in work areas, universities and even schools. My entire studies are mainly focuses on the various biases regarding different culture, skin color and also signify the various perspectives that may arise and can create an adverse situation in social working fields.


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