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Installing Double Glazed Glass Window



Few Conducted Analysis



Cash Flow Diagram



Assumptions And Analysis



Reasons For Recommending This Project








Installing Double Glazed Glass Window

Every eye has dream of many necessities to make their state of living high with simple and sober thoughts.

One of that dream is also having one’s own house with elegant and classy where you can sleep with peace.

Nowadays various trained architect are always surrounding you to make the building more designable with unique art ideas.

One of the most essential part of a house is its “windows” where you can sit with a cup of hot coffee and enjoy the nature while sitting inside. So why not you think to make it also the most satisfying part of your house? We are here to help you to choose the theme for the windows. Avoid looking for the outdated wooden window as it will not provide the insulation and also demand of woods leads to deforestation which is disturbing the ecological niche and it will add your contribution to sustainable development of resources as glass pieces can be renewed again and again but not the wooden pieces.

Install the double-glazed glass window for the perfect window of a perfect house. Double glazed glass is made up of two glass panes which are separated by an air pockets (may be gas sometimes) which drastically helps in the insulation of thermal heat of scorching rays of sun, UV rays and also the out-side pollution. We can also achieve double glazing by retrofitting windows made of uPVC over the existing window, this method is useful to those who are thinking to renovate their building.

 The existing idea of windows and timber wood does not provide proper insulation of noise and excessive noise in metropolitan cities adds hypertension and lack of sleep which imbalance the neuro-system. The new double-glazed window idea also fulfils this criterion and it is also sound-prof. It will maintain the normal temperature inside you house by entrapping the heat and without any artificial heaters and air-conditioner. Thinking of the installation procedure is not your problem a group of trained workers fits up your window. Its various colors and design are also the open option to choose which suits the best.

Few Conducted Analysis:

It has gone through various stress test to prove its quality. It is resistant to heat shock, monsoon pressure and termites as well. Its simple curvature designs make cleaning easier and more efficient. Just using simple tissue paper or a piece of cloth it can be cleaned. Its shine and luster don’t fade and the process of its manufacturing procedures uses very less energy which abides with all quality test which its promises to fulfill.

Cash Flow Diagram :

It reflects an idea of financial assets with liabilities and also evaluates the changes and comparison time to time.

Cash Flow Diagram

You can see that the procedure is very simple and its cost effective. The installation of this window will save your hospital bills as it will protect you from the harsh environment. Thus, investing once at right place is always a good option.

Assumptions Made in this Process:

For calculating the energy conserving performance by these glazed glass windows we have to consider different values of inflation and escalation rates to start off with, along with which we need to work with an assumed value of rate of interest for calculating the actual rate of interest in the process of finding out the various factors that gives us the final cost effectiveness results in values of this whole process.

Sensitivity Analysis with Interest Rate and Economical Analysis:

 So as to describe the impact of climatic changes on installing a double glasses glazed window and doing its economic analysis, a study of few places with different weather conditions were taken into account. These places had a variety for climatic conditions ranging from very hot to very cold to moderate. It was observed in this study that the thickness of the air layer in between the glazed glasses governed its costing factors, which certainly differed from place to place depending on the temperature of that place. It is also demonstrated that the rate of interest in calculating the cost effectiveness of this process depended on the local prevailing rate of interest or the one issued to them the bank of that particular region. In that particular study it was also observed that the maximum amount of energy savings depended on the prevalent fuel type of a particular place which has shown maximum values for liquid petroleum gases and natural gases.

Cost Analysis of double glazed glass windows:

Cost of energy as well as of installing double a glazed glass window may vary from place to place depending on the size of windows, materials used , number of windows in which double glazing glasses are required to be installed. Poly vinyl chlorides (PVCs) are most prevalently used for double glazed glass windows for their cost effectiveness.

Reasons for recommending this project:

 The main reason for recommending this project is its vital role in maintaining a Sustainable Environment. Every buildings receive a good amount of sunlight (which is a renewable energy) all through the day. These buildings therefore can act as a great conserver of energy. In a recent study it is found that Double glazed glass windows can conserve up to 60% of the total energy incident on the building. The amount of energy conserved is calculated by an optimization technique, with a minimal investment cost which is an upper hand for the Stakeholders. Double glazed glass windows acts as an efficient insulator for the building having it, hence maintaining the thermal balance of the building at the same time it helps in conservation of energy by preventing heat loss from the windows. These windows can be used in any weather conditions be it hot, humid or cold, it acts in noise cancellation, and more over it will also provide safety against the intruders. As Double glazed glass windows are current demand of the cities for using renewable sources of energy more effectively which can benefit the stakeholders getting more projects in many location.

Develop the Gantt and Project Milestone:

Before proceeding towards the point of benefits of Gantt chart we must know what a Gantt chart is. Mainly Gantt charts are those charts, which helps in visual view of planned tasks over time and also helps in different types of projects of all sizes to be completed on a particular day. Though it was Adamiecki who first thought about the idea but H. GANTT introduced this pattern of planning, and after this his name got attached with visually viewed bar chart. Gantt charts are used as effective tools for some people who plans long range projects, moves with complex lists of tasks etc. like- project managers, marketing managers, scheduling managers, and CEO and CTOs etc. This application is available online and has a great collaborative nature, so many teams are too much interested to make plans and track their works with the help of gantt charts. Many team like- construction teams, manufacturing teams, project management teams, professional services teams, and government teams etc. Another important tool in project making is milestones, which helps to specify some point like- start and the ending date of the project, the delivery of it, or the evaluation of the project etc.

 stakeholder Development:

 The stakeholders are the another typically important members of any project team. Their amount of investment helps the project to proceed further. It's them who are too much responsible for either the success or the failure in completing the project. The main topic of the project must be achievable and at the same time catchy to the public, that catch holds the attention and concern of the stakeholders, because of which more number of stakeholders give their concern to engage in the project. 


Double glazed glass window refers here the windows made up of double layers of glass. The place in between two layers of glasses either it’s kept vacant or filled with inert gases. Double glazed glass windows are easy to main, and it also increases the security system of the house. It will reduce the energy bill as well as it is eco friendly which will keep the environment healthy and pollution free.

  1. Eco friendly: The formula of using double glazed glass window is one of the finest way to keep the world pollution free and with the use of this we can keep our houses eco friendly too.

  2. Easy to maintain: The building which we generally construct for our livings, we often found the maintenance of those houses make us almost empty pocketed. Applying double glazed glass makes it so easier to maintain the house in a proper way.

  3. Noise reducer: In between the two layers of glasses either the vacant place or the place filled with inert gases works as noise reducer, and promotes the building to be noise free.

  4. Reduce the energy bills: It also helps to reduce the energy bills of the house than the usual.


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