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NatureCare Products 

Table of Contents


Cosmetic industry.

Organization’s objectives.

SWOT analysis.

Two marketing opportunities.

Marketing mix.

Product mix.

Price mix.

Promotion mix.

Place mix.

Staff resources and budget

Marketing tactics.

Legal and ethical issues.

Review marketing performance.

Conclusion and Recommendations.


Introduction to NatureCare Products

NatureCare Products is based in Australia for high quality and eco-friendly beauty products. It is focused on manufacturing and retailing of beauty and skincare products that are based on natural ingredients to maintain the effectiveness of the products. Eco-friendly packaging of the products is a major strength that helps to attain competitive advantage. This report is based on the marketing activities of NatureCare Products to identify the suitable marketing strategies that are necessary for better business performance. A range of products are available in the company such as regenerating facial scrub, cleansing creams, multi-protection day moisturizing creams and many other beauty products. This report focuses on the cosmetic industry, recent trends, SWOT analysis, marketing mix and marketing opportunities of NatureCare Products.

Cosmetic Industry

The market of beauty and personal care products is based on effective sales and high revenues. In Australia, the total revenue generated by this segment is $5,920 million which represents the largest segment (Statista, 2020). Through the growing demand for personal care products, this segment is leading higher among other products' segments. 

Figure 1: Cosmetics segment in Australia

Cosmetics segment in Australia

Source: https://www.mordorintelligence.com/industry-reports/australia-beauty-and-personal-care-products-market-industry

The above figure represents that the cosmetic industry in Australia is continuously growing with the demand for natural products. Individuals prefer different products for self-care and with the modern world, the range of products is increasing. High disposable income of Australians, promote their spending on beauty and personal care products. Frequent purchases and a new range of products create new trends in the industry (Mordor Intelligence, 2020). Online purchasing is the latest trend in Australia that promotes cost-effective ways or brand promotion for companies. L’Oréal Australia is the most competitive brand in Australia which promotes its products through innovative strategies. The beauty and personal care products market in Australia is “fragmented” which represents a highly competitive market (Statista, 2020).

Organization’s Objectives

NatureCare Products promotes high quality and eco-friendly products. Whereas it focuses on the following objectives:

  • Market share of the market to be increased by 15%.
  • The number of customers increases online sales by 20%.
  • Increase the number of NatureCare Products retail outlet by 150.
  • Create awareness among the target customer segment by 20%.
  • Expand in the global market
  • Recognize new markets and products for the effectiveness of the organization.
  • Reach to the annual growth by 10% within 3 years.

SWOT Analysis

SWOT analysis is a technique to identify the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats in the organization. Different strategies can be prepared by the management based on the SWOT analysis.

Table 1: SWOT analysis of NatureCare Products


o Eco-friendly products

o Natural ingredients are used by the company

o High-quality products

o The popularity of the brand

o Specific skin based products

o Retail and online stores availability


o High competition in the cosmetic industry

o The high price of NatureCare Products

o Limited range of products

o Targeted customers are only women


o New target customers

o Entry into the global market

o Introduction of new products such as face packs, sunscreen and face wash. 


o Customer switch to other brands

o Fierce marketing by competitive brands

o Low priced products of other brands

Two Marketing Opportunities

Marketing opportunities for NatureCare Products are based on their strengths. Its eco-friendly products and strong brand image can provide several opportunities that can enhance business opportunities. Effectiveness of business operations is based on the larger customer segmentation and market positioning. New marketing opportunities for NatureCare Products are:

  1. Expansion of the new target market

NatureCare Products can attain the benefits of targeting men for their products. Nowadays men are also using beauty and skincare products regularly to maintain their skin balance. By targeting men, the customer segment increases and provides better opportunities for the company to increase sales.

  1. New products

NatureCare Products are known for their eco-friendly products and with a new range of products it can boost up its sales. Some common products for men and women can be launched by the company to enhance its sales and promoting better marketing opportunities. Face wash and sunscreens are mostly used by women. A common facewash for men and women with natural ingredients can provide an effective opportunity to expand in the market.

Marketing Mix

The marketing mix is a technique for the company to analyze the actions to promote its products or brand for effective opportunities. Price mix, product mix, promotion mix and place mix are four marketing mix which is effective to provide a specific study about the organization (Abril & Rodriguez-Cánovas, 2016).

Product mix

The products of NatureCare are based on natural ingredients. High-quality products of the company are popular among women that increase its brand value. Eco-friendly products promote an effective competitive advantage. Cleansing creams, regenerating facial scrub and multi-protection day moisturizing creams are some of the NatureCare Products.

Price mix

The prices of NatureCare products are high which is a weakness of the company. Other brands can take benefit from the high prices of the company. Several brands provide a similar range of products with low prices which can create a barrier for NatureCare and also promote its customers to switch to other brands. Lower cost alternative is necessary for the company to manage the sales and gaining the benefits of increasing customers.

Promotion mix

The promotion mix represents its advertising strategies. NatureCare Products is the first company to work through online stores. Its retail and online stores are available in Australia to deliver high-quality products everywhere in the country. However, it can be effective to expand in other countries through online stores. Search Engine Optimization can be used by the company to transfer traffic to the company's website and enhance promotion. In-store promotion is a great idea for effective promotional activities. 

Place mix

NatureCare is popular for its eco-friendly products which can create better sales. With its online stores, it is available in the whole country and provides delivery to the customers. Retail stores of the company are available at different locations in Australia which can promote effective delivery services.

Staff Resources and Budget

The company consists of Marketing Assistant, CEO, five Customer Sales Officers, Operations Manager, 3 Administration Staff and Sales Manager. To increase the sales outcomes, the company needs to increase the number of staff to handle the sales all over the country. High ratio of staff resources can manage the new retail outlets in other locations and promote effective online outcomes. The budget for the financial year is $150,000 which will be used for the promotional activities. The budget can be distributed for the increase in online sales and in-store promotions. m

Marketing Tactics

Marketing tactics represent the strategies of marketing which can be used by the company to increase its sales and performance. To increase sales in online stores, digital marketing strategies can be used by NatureCare. It can maintain the use of social media, websites and other online tools to optimize the sales and manage effective approach for the effectiveness of the business. Email marketing can also be used by the company to mail about the latest discounts and offers and also about the new launch of products (Kang & Kim, 2017). Existing customers can find it effective to manage updates. Social media is an effective tool which helps to reach potential customers in a short period. In-store offers promote the sales of natural products effectively and help the organization to manage specific marketing goals. Some of the marketing tactics are as follows:

  • Social media marketing is an effective technique to communicate with customers and maintain updates about the products. It is a cost-effective tool that reaches out the customers easily (Sheth, Sinha & Shah, 2016).
  • Search Engine Optimization can be used by the company to manage traffic on the website and transfer customers to the company’s website for the promotion of the products.
  • Email marketing can be used for existing customers to provide them with effective discounts and offers.
  • In-store discounts and offers increase the sales in the retail outlets which can promote brand effectiveness (Sheth, Sinha & Shah, 2016).

Legal and Ethical Issues

The manufacturing of beauty and skincare products require effective planning. To enter into Japan’s market, the understanding of legal and regulatory forces is necessary. For the new opportunities, the market expansion is a necessary step. Target market in Japan will be the same as the Australian consumers. Mostly women are considered as a targeted segment for the beauty and skincare products. High quality and natural products are effectively popular in Japan which can provide an effective business environment for NatureCare Products. Natural and organic ingredients of NatureCare provide an advantage to the company through honest and high-quality products. Respect for all the customers will be maintained by the company while it needs to identify the cultural issues in the overseas market. Middle-aged/ older women are considered as the key group for the cosmetic products in Japan which can create a higher value.

Review Marketing Performance

Marketing performance of NatureCare can be identified as effective in Japan with new products and a larger group of customer segments. The results and business performance in Australia can provide an effective example to expand in Japan with the need for cultural sensitivity. This company is based on natural ingredients which need to be based on honest statements. The major target group of customers in women who are seeking for natural products. Successful promotional activities through retail and online segments promote better opportunities for NatureCare Products to expand in the other country. Trade-in global market is based on the effective strategies which need to be based on the study of the business environment. The market of cosmetics in Japan is a favourable market for NatureCare Products that can manage effective functionality for the high-value trades in the country. 

Conclusion and Recommendations on NatureCare Products

It can be concluded that NatureCare Products can successfully adopt marketing strategies for effective business in Japan. The economy of Japan is stable which can maintain business growth opportunities. Through natural and eco-friendly products, NatureCare can establish an effective opportunity in Japan including the current country. High-quality products are an effective strength of the company which needs to be maintained similar for the business growth in the international market. It can be recommended that NatureCare Products needs to focus on online marketing tools for better performance in the international market and maintain the costs of the products low to compete with other brands. Better strategies and marketing opportunities, enhance the business performance of NatureCare Products.

References for NatureCare Products

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