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Display Ads in Digital Spaces

Consider the Form and Function of Ads.

Display ads are a form of contextual banner ads that are displayed on the website that the user is currently on. It does not matter where the user is. The ads are displayed on websites, YouTube, google display pages and so on (Kireyev, Pauwels & Gupta, 2016). There are different forms of advertisements that are used by companies where some use podcast advertisements, some display ads, social media ads and so on. The functions of ads include information, increasing salience, influencing, adding value and other company efforts. Information is the most important function that helps the company to inform customers about the product and services that it offers. Ads help in increasing the salience of the products. The continuous display of the products helps the company to remind consumers about the product. Advertisement influences the customers to purchase the product even if it is not required by them. There is a benefit of digital ads that it adds value to the products and make the inventory cheaper for the consumer to purchase. Ads increase brand awareness about the company through their efforts.

Where and When Are They Effective?

Display ads or media ads are effective at different places. Like if the company is thinking to target younger groups then they must use media ads on Instagram and Snapchat as these are the most popular websites which are frequently watched by consumers. If the company is thinking to target adults then there are Facebook ads, and YouTube ads that can work. Depending upon the demographic, there are different types of ads that can be used. The podcast can be used for the people who do to want to see but listen about the innovation or the product that has been launched in the market. Some companies are providing the enticing option to the advertisers to market their products to the people. These companies include Soundcloud, Pandora and Spotify (Mladenović, Ahmad & Krajina, 2019). Social media like YouTube and other platforms has seen tremendous success in selling ads and thus these have made the subscription option ad-free.

How Do We Target These to Reach a Specific Audience?

Most of the companies are using automated ad buying. It is a process by which the marketers use computerized systems to target users based on consumer data and web browsing. Programmatically automated buying technique helps the consumer by decreasing transaction cost and increasing the efficiency of the ads by targeting only those consumers who will get influenced by them (McGuigan, 2019). This technique is used for buying and selling the inventory. On average, a person is served with 17000 banner ads per month to target the person. Media-rich ads are also used to attract the specific media audience to the product (McGuigan, 2019). Through research, it was found that podcast advertisement is going to increase by 14.7 per cent in 2020. Banner ads are going to reduce instead media ads would be attracting consumers towards the products.

How Do They Fit Into the Big Picture Strategy?

Display ads perfectly fit into the bigger picture strategy it is because it has changed the legacy of the old traditional methods of marketing by banner podcast and other forms of the advertisements (Razak & Asma’Amran, 2017). It has made the mind wander about the new technology. It makes companies explore new technologies in the market.

The Medium is the Message - Platforms Matter

Is Email Effective? Why or Why Not?

Yes, email marketing is effective but up to a certain limit. Some people click and go through the email and some do not go through it and the email bounces. It is because most of the emails are sent directly without taking the consent of the user. It is not a correct form of email marketing. The companies that are using email marketing must give a proper description of the email program (Sahni, Wheeler & Chintagunta, 2018). It must take an appropriate step and must deliver according to the consumer’s expectations so that people subscribe to the mails. Besides, the company must keep the list of the mails updated so that the people who have unsubscribed do not receive the mail. It should be done promptly. The emails that are sent to the customers must be authenticated by SPF. The SPF record must be as narrow as possible. The legitimate business does not hide its identity from others. The marketing company must use the legitimate domains otherwise the mail will get into the spam folder. These mails are unsolicited and are a huge burden for the people who receive it. Thus marketing of email must be such that it becomes effective for both customers and the company.

Has Mobile Changed Our Communication Patterns? if So, How?

Mobile has changed the communication pattern of the people. Users are now able to seamlessly merge social offline experience with the online communication that is, it is offering an emotional form of communication. Mobile has made it possible for the people to have peer to peer communication (Sun, Lin, Wu, Zhou & Luo, 2018). Various social messaging apps have enhanced the current platform. These platforms are now able to deliver interaction, convenience and emotional communication. WeChat is one such app that is already morphing on the digital platform. These kinds of apps are now a new face of the social context. Evan Spiegel, CEO of Snapchat stated the app no longer captures the moment and makes it online instead it helps the people to live to the current moment and communicate with one another at the same time.

What Is Mobile-First? Why Does It Matter?

The mobile-first concept is in the rage. The idea behind this concept is to develop a mobile web before developing a website for desktop. It means to design and develop exclusively for the mobile device. It also means that the development effort of the application which is going to be developed will be mobile-centric (Hill & Bradshaw, 2018). The tremendous growth in the use of mobile has forced the companies to bring the concept of mobile-first. But the shift is changing with the increase in data consumption rate and it has started to level off. The focus of the mobile-first is decreasing now the companies are putting attention on multi-screen experience that is a screen of the moment. Smartphones would be called a portable computer. It is because these devices will have a lot of value that it will be with the user every time, it will be in an on mode and will able to track the location and will become useful for other things as well.

References for Digital Media and Ads

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