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The Digitization of Society and Globalization into the Future


This paper deals with the analysis of the disclosure of new culture with the help of Wikileaks. This is the result of the digitization and globalization of society. WikiLeaks is an organization which printsprivatedata about a nation.Itobtains this secret data from other individuals who get the facts, but they do not want it to be published under their names.This data is derived due to the digitization and globalization of the society. WikiLeaks is working since long, but, recently they have printed information on the United States that gives threats to the nationwide security (Brevini, 2017).

This datarelates not only to US people but also to thecountries all over the globe. With this datarevelation, WikiLeaks influenced the United States in numerous ways. The first leak by the Wikileaks was the Revelations of U.S. war logs. This event brought vibration among the world of globalmediation and political leaders. Numerous leaks were exposed after this starting from Sweden up to Panama. This paper examines the appearance, the struggle, and the past of WikiLeaks including the four scholarship approaches.

Critical Evaluation

Wikileaks is a global establishment which is based on Sweden and made online in the year 2006. WikiLeaks is a kind of forum for people to print delicate and leaked information due to the digitization and globalization of the society. Ittakes care of maintaining the anonymity of the resource. The mission statement of Wikileaks states that the establishment has a clear agenda for revealingnumerouscruelrules of Asia. WikiLeaks is involved in publishing private data about the nations which are received by the individuals. These are those individuals who desire to hide their identity from pubic.

There are different modifications which started with the beginning of Wikileaks. It reveals the US data to Afghanistan and Iran. The main idea is comparatively very simple. Since the nature of the web is viral and the duplication of the document is an easy task therefore it enabled to publish secret data on the web due to digitization and globalization of the society(Firmino, Melgaço&Kloza, 2018). As soon as the data is published the information becomes visible to all and then is it no longer secret.

According to the founder of Wikileaks, the volunteers of Wikileaks are spread over the world, but, the information about the location of these volunteers cannot be provided. The main host of the Wikileaks website is Swedish ISP PRQ (PeRiQuito). This website is well known for hosting files. Still, the websites faced some financial challenges in February because of which it has suspended. It happened as the website was unable to bear the functional costs. With the help of donations from companies and people throughout the world, the site got saved. The founder of the website states that it is attempting to take to the role of a middle man among the numerous resources and the media.

The main work of Wikileaks is to print the secrets of politics which are gathered by the whistle blowers throughout the world to teach peopleabout the truths of the things happening in the government. This is possible due to the digitization and globalization of the society. The United States is searching the head publisher of Wikileaks Julian Assange, for levying a charge on him for spying. The United States claims that the head publisher has revealed the secret information to the people which places the national defence in danger. Wikileaks is also responsible for the data that had an impact on the 2007 elections in Kenya(Meskell, 2016). Due to this election, there was an uprising of the civil war in Tunisia. Wikileaks also revealed the secret documents of the church members of Scientology.

For the effective collection of information, the whistleblowers upload the secret information documents into a dropbox which is electronic and shared with the server which is placed in numerous parts of the globe. As the server is not placed in a single location there is no single company that can entitlementspecialist for prosecution. Wikileaks collects raw information and make it accessible and permits it to be understood by the individuals who read it. The founder, Assange states that he is acting for the good of the individuals and works on his liberty of speech(Byrne, 2016). There are numerous harsh criticisms against Wikileaks as according to some people it is imposing a threat to the interests of the countries.

These are the adverse effects of digitalization and globalization of the society. Numerous lawsuits are also filed against the company and the most interesting factor is that they all have won. In contrast to this, there are some people like activist throughout the globe who praise Wikileaks. According to them, Wikileaks promises for free speech.

Wikileaks should not only consider as a website but also it is one of the quickest growing establishments of the 21st century. In recent times, WikiLeaks has revealed more than 250000 secret documents. A campaign blamed Wikileaks for the disclosure of the book of Donna Brazile. In this way, since WikiLeaks started to reveal secret documents the security of all the individual and companies are at risk. The releasing of such information brings changes due to the digitization and globalization of the societybut they were not the exact changes hoped by the whistleblowers.

The leaks by the WikiLeaks are the best examples of secret information which deserve to be retained. Wikileaks legality is complicated. The founder, Assangeregards Wikileaks as a defenseman. The whistleblowers can leak the secret information to the WikiLeaks instead of leaking it to the press reporters. There they have a fear of exposure and revenge (Lynch, 2019). The server of Wikileaks is placed in the globe over Europe and it is accessible from any unrestrictedinternet connection due to the digitization and globalization of the society. The team had located its head office in Sweden since it has one of the sphere's robust rules to guard private resource-journalist relations.

Scholarship Approaches

This paper has the objective of giving a cross-disciplinary overview of the examination which has examined the rise and legacy of the revelation platforms and the whistleblowing websites like Wikileaks.The paper recognises 4 scholarship approaches to examine and emphasize on Julian Assange’s platform to understand its influence on numerous aspects of the media and public(Brevini, 2017).

The approaches includeWikileaks and Journalism, Wikileaks between transparency, openness and secrecy, Wikileaks and digital activism and Wikileaks and ethics. The first scholarship approach is that which is used to examine the chance and opportunities which are established and evolving media organisations face. This is the turning point of the industry.The relevant media example can be television, print, radio, newsreels and the Internet. This approach contains the following components which include Mass media aggregation sites, traditional mass media, professional journalism focussed non-profit, a party press culture, non-profit organisations with peer production and individuals and persons playing an important role.

The second scholarship approach is that which focuses on the effect of the Wikileaks model as a framework (Dobson &Hunsinger, 2016). It investigates how it challenges the present balance among openness and secrecy in international and domestic politics. Spatial media are utilised to interact with how agencies are working with regards to the key indicators. It is very difficult to maintain openness and secrecy together in a government. If the level of transparency becomes higher than it can reveal much of the government failures in front of the public.

This is the third scholarship approach is that which is used to examine whether Wikileaks lead towards social activities and digital activism. With the assistance of effective research, the dynamics among the media and social movement can be understood (Brevini, 2017). The relevant media examples are software, digital audio such as MP3, digital video, digital images, digital data and databases, video games, web pages and websites, electronic books and social media. The fourth scholarship approach is that which emphasizes the legal and ethical results of the functions of Wikileaks. It mainly concerns about the public good and harm due to the exposing capability of Wikileaks. The relevant media can be social media.

Digitization of Society and Globalization Into the Future

Digitalization is not only applicable toincreasethe thoughtfulqueries about economic influences, but also its influences on the social communitywhich it conveys. Nowadays, there is rapid advancement in technology which can bring a new culture of disclosure. This is happening since people are more attached to the media like social media, television, radio, internet etc. Wikileaks provides a platform for the disclosure of information which can reach to the mass media with the help of digitization of society.


The conclusion shows the present growth of "new digital culture of disclosure". The future research should examine queries about the challenges, changes and issues for the evolving culture of disclosure. For the future, there is a certain question which needs to be addressed which includes about the socio-political-economic situations which have allowed the novel culture. Other questions include about democratic accountability and public interest journalism. The paper incorporates 4 scholarship approaches which help examine the influence of Wikileaks on the world.

There is a platform provided by Assange to the scholars where there can be key discussions regarding traditional journalism’s part in the news distribution. Other discussions which can be done are the issues faced due to the emergence of online media, the complex relationships among secrecy and openness, transparency and cybersecurity, the Internet’s ability to enable activism, and on digital activism. Wikileaks has put up a debate which can be referred to as a novel digital culture of disclosure.


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