Understanding Language and Literacy - Learning Activity 1

Title: The fun of Communication

Age: Junior year age:5 to 8 years

Communication plays a vital role in the life of each one of us. Communication is the art of effective sharing of information, feelings, and thoughts so they can create a formidable impact. The art of communication needs to be taught and terrain to children before a very early age. Once a child can communicate well most of the hurdles are crossed and finding solutions to problems becomes smooth. Communication has interpersonal and intrapersonal aspects too( Bertram, 2004). Whereas a child communicates in a specific friendly casual manner with their counterparts and a specified format and design manner with peers. Whatever the format of communication in any language, any specific reason it needs to come from the heart.

communication is it should be able to express and transfer the idea. Hesitation in communication thoughts can lead a child to anxiety, fears, and many unresolved issues.

The confidence to be able to speak your heart out makes anyone resolve all life issues well, so when this aspect of living is so crucial and important why not train and teach children in this art to make their life journey easy and smooth.

Activity advantage

This activity to make children understand the importance of effective easy and polite communication to manage things in day today

The children are made to play a game where they express a situation though through words, and the others judge what exactly the child doing the activity wished to express, was the child able to pass the exact message and was the message Underwood cordially by the receiver. The children will also learn what can be the ways and situations that need to be expressed with words, gestures, and expressions. This one activity will give children a glimpse of how different kinds of communication can be and how one is more effective than others.

EYLF or the Australian

Activity method

The activity starts with using mood boards to practice communication skills

There are three kinds of mood board children will use in one time

  1. Person to be communicated: Parents, friends, teachers. Helpers.
  2. Message to be conveyed: need help, stuck in a problem. Done a blunder, feeling angry, ecstatic, excited, etc.
  3. Tone to be used: airy, comic, condescending, intimate, ironic, playful, serious, solemn, somber, and threatening.
  4. Each child gets 3 chits and combines all three to create communication.

Understanding Language and Literacy - Learning Activity 2

Title Faces of expression

Age Junior year age:5 to 8 years


What makes us human beings different from the animals and inanimate things around us? It is our set of feelings and emotions. Only human beings are blessed with this attribute and also the ability to express the same. The expression of these feelings is also a very integral part of teaching Most of the time we grow up either recklessly expressing our thoughts and feelings and expressions or in case of an ineffective disposition, we train ourselves to hold and keep our feelings wired and leave our expression on hold( Barnlund, 2008). The children need to understand the various infinite feelings that emerge due to change in the situation and also that it’s rightful and mandatory to express them appropriately.

Expressions are the tools to show our feelings and feelings need to be expressed as that's what keeps anyone happy, content, and peaceful. The anger, frustration, and irritability we see around is just reason for many bottled up feelings. So let's teach our young children the faces of ex[pressiosn. When these faces are expressed the only thing we have on our face is a big smile. The activity related to This is fun, innovative and many new things can be learned from the child and also about the child in the whole process

Activity advantage

The activity design there will be something children will try to possibly follow at home most of the time. The effort here is to help children understand a particular feeling and associate an expression related to it. There might be is a time when one emotion may exuberate two or more expressions and that's the fun about it (Rowe, Ozçalişkan & Goldin-Meadow, 2008). There might be times when some expressions will be exaggerated and a few toned down, This is the art a child will learn from a very young age

The balancing of emotions and feeling their adequate and timely expression can bring a major boost in the confidence of a child

 Activity method

The activity needs two sets of picture cards both separately kept.

SET A: This set a has all the picture, smile or emojis that represent one feeling or emotion The more the emojis the better to distinguish between emoticons like happy and excited

Set B set B carries a set of situations that are unique yet everyday affaire( Wandell, Rauschecker &, Yeatman, 2012). The situation can be very basic as finding a lost toy or losing a favourite T-shirt.

The child then needs to match the feeling card with that of the situation and then give his expression on that scene.

References for Understanding Language and Literacy

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