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Service Marketing Assignment

Answer 3

An individual has all the rights to live the way he or she wants to and it the personal choice. The thing which really matters in the society is the work profile which sets up the status and also build the capacity of people to enhance their living and maintain their lifestyle. Work fills a major portion in the life of an individual, also it helps in setting up the class. It is said that people of upper class like to visit of the live shows, theatre museums and live concerts, people of middle class like to enjoy their lives by going camping, fishing whereas people from lower class goes for monster truck rallies, wrestling matches and furthermore. The interest of all the three classes can be seen also this shows the lifestyle of all the three class above mentioned.

Working skills and earning plays and important role in setting up the class of people in the society. Occupation symbols the personality identity, economic status and the leisure lifestyle. As much as a person work for family and to enjoy the living the capability to earn increases, as it is perfectly said that “hard work leads to success”. Upper class itself makes us understand that a person belong from a rich family and is successful in all means either its money or maintaining his or her lifestyles, going for theatre becomes hobby as its expensive and not everyone can afford to visit live shows, it is a mean to showcase the living by rich and upper class people. Middle class also showcases their hobby and attraction towards enjoying life in what all they can afford or still manage to spend equal to the upper-class people.

But the activities like going fishing and camping shows that people from middle class are more active in sports and adventure, they love to enjoy with thrill and excitement, whereas people of lower class has to manage in what they can and is easily available to them, also not is beyond the reach of the people. Attending wrestling, rallies of truck are the part of the hard work and experience in such also tells the status that people of lower class work hard and loves their work profile also tries to afford every luxury they can for them and for their families (Sharma, 2020). People from every class has rights to explore every luxury of life an have also have rights to enjoy what other class people are. It also depends over the education of a person, the expertise it holds according which a person works and earns.

The money plays a very important role in setting up the dreams and aim of a person people who earn good also brings the luxury for the further life, less income lead to not fulfilling of the dreams and achievements and providing the luxurious life which every individual wants to live in (Eckhardh & Bardhi, 2020). Interest and dreams are the important factor to achieve what all a person wants and the success is of achieving it either the person belongs to upper class, middle class or lower class. Interest of a person cannot be decided therefore person can have aims and dreams to achieve certain aims and dreams, the question arises that how does a person puts its efforts to achieve them.


Sharma, R. (2020). Lifestyles, Work lives and Social lives of Retail Employees. Studies in Indian Place Names 40 (50) https://archives.tpnsindia.org/index.php/sipn/article/view/2502

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Answer 4

A dramatic growth of skin whitening and lightening either its thinking or it is about the products has occurred in the Asian markets. The meaning and information about the getting a tone lighter than your actual skin tine has been in influence by the ideologies and tradition of the western culture following their beliefs and values. Asian people find fair skin to be attractive and beautiful as they count white skin to be more confident and more attractive and so the advertisement is based on the skin whitening product.

The analyses on this tells that Asian culture is now dominating and non-dominating in both global and local character. People spend a lot of money in getting treatment and making their skin tone lighter and beautiful in Asian countries like India, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea and many more (Bettache, 2020). The ideas of beauty and femininity are interconnected and constructed historically and culturally. There are further studies which tells about the cultural ideas and methods of skin beauty related to white skin.

The mentality of people related to white skin has always been through the advertisement of skin beauty, also the magazines from various countries which provides information about getting a fair tone skin. Whereas in the American and European countries sun tanned skin is considered as the mark or beauty and attraction. People spend money to get tanned skin and consider it as a mark of beauty factor and a symbol of attraction. Culture of fair and tanned skin has been divided into two different behaviour, sun protective behaviour in Chinese culture and sun seeking behaviour in Euro-American culture.

These behaviour of both the culture varies from people to people as the fact is that which culture is more fascinating and attract people towards them (Chen, Robinson and Jablonski, 2019). The further research has resulted in that in the history of the world there was conflicts with the people who had tanned skin and also were not provided with the privileges of the society, they were also discriminated from the people who had white and clear skin even their cultural values were not given privilege and was always kept out of the society matters and discussion (Acevedo, Green, Deventer and Gordon, 2020). The study also explores the context of sociocultural attitude of people towards skin tone and related theory of behaviour groups.

Overall Asian people especially women prefer Asian culture of having a lighter tone of skin and get involved in more sun protected works and practice reason behind this adoption is that Asian people once adapted the culture and Euro-American of tanned skin and sun seeking culture but they experienced sun burn and skin diseases which was unexpectedly not good for their skin and body. Whereas in the Northern America and European counties people have got used to the tanned tone of skin and has considered same as the mark of beauty and attractive skin shade. Relation between sociocultural behaviour and sun related behaviour are supportive and appreciating Euro-American culture may rise exposure of sun and tendency of sunburns. There is also a relatable problem to skin being sun seeking i.e. bone density, skin cancer, severe sun burns, vitamin D status, such problems to skin can cause major health issues and further skin diseases (Chen, Robinson and Jablonski, 2020)

A rapid growth of skin whitening and lightening either its thinking or it is about the products has occurred in the Asian markets. It has been in influence for the Asian people who have darker shade to buy and become a shade lighter than their original skin tone and for that people spend money and get transformed. And same is with the people of Euro-American who wats tanned skin and spend money for the transformation and get considered in the list of attractive people.


Chen, H. Y, Robinson, J. K & Jablonski, N. G. (2020). A Cross-cultural exploration on the psychological aspects of skin colour aesthetics: implications for sun-related behaviour. Translational Behavioural Medicine, 10 (1) pp 234–243, https://doi.org/10.1093/tbm/ibz063

Chen, H. Y, Robinson, J. K & Jablonski, N. G. (2019). Caught between “light skin is beautiful and tanned skin is attractive”: How bicultural socialization shapes attitudes toward skin colour aesthetics. Asian American Journal of Psychology, 10 (4) pp 326-340, https://psycnet.apa.org/buy/2019-19694-001

Bettache, K. (2020). A Call to Action: The Need for a Cultural Psychological Approach to Discrimination on the Basis of Skin Colour in Asia. Perspective on Psychological Science, SAGE JOURNALS, https://doi.org/10.1177/1745691620904740

Acevedo, R. A. J, Green, A. C, Sinclair, C. (et. al) (2020). Indoor tanning prevalence after the International Agency for Research on Cancer statement on carcinogenicity of artificial tanning devices: systematic review and meta‐analysis. British Journal of Dermatology, 184 (4) pp 849-859, https://doi.org/10.1111/bjd.18412

Answer 7.a.

Marketing often targets and supports specific group of people either its men, women, children, aged or LGBTQ. Investor of any product choose a group for their campaign which is more reliable and can bring profit to an industry. The advertisement maker also keeps this fact in mind that certain group using the product in advertisement make people influenced and so that the product is easier while selling and it should also increase the demand amongst the society. Example; Apple developed a campaign supporting International Women’s Day, Pantene Shampoo has a campaign supporting LGBT (Kollen, 2013).

Therefore, in a campaign it is really important to cast a particular group or target the particular group, as it creates more influence to that community or related group. Society gets more attracted towards the product and wishes to buy the product with willingness. Organisations who are involved in such campaign gives an opportunity to the certain group of people to come forward and get introduced to the society, that shall help in advertising and campaigning about the products. Creating influence in the society can only be when a particular group is targeted and given light to the relatable situations faced by the people in the society. A campaign which includes children to stop smoking or getting into a habit of taking drugs and intoxication, children playing role in the campaign puts a great influence in the society also makes their parents and guardians aware of their habit of intake of drugs and other intoxicants.

The effectiveness of these strategies puts a great influence in the mentality of people and bring awareness amongst the society about the particular things and also enlightens the topic in the society what actually people thinks and feels about the same. The theory of such campaigns is used as the framework for the future social works and campaigns for the society. Main concern it to bring the enlightenment to the society with a strong social message.


Kollen, T., (2013). Bisexuality and Diversity Management—Addressing the B in LGBT as a Relevant ‘Sexual Orientation’ in the Workplace. Journal of Bisexuality 13 (1) pp 122-137 https://doi.org/10.1080/15299716.2013.755728

Answer 7.b.

The positive and negative effect of targeting a specific group can be that the group involved and targeted can get influenced and can also get offended through such activity. Positive effect can bring the change in them and can also change the mentality of the society through it. For instance if men are targeted and made part of campaign relate to stop sexual abuse then it is possible that the particular section gets offended and do not support the campaign, on the other hand it can also be possible that the male section of society takes it positively and tries to bring some changes in relation to stop sexual abuse against the society. Similarly, if a campaign is related to the women of society to raise voice against domestic violence, it can motivate people to stop such activities and give rise to a healthy environment indoors and outdoors. It can create positive impact as well as negative impact on the society regarding the same.

People can get offended and refuse to support and be support for the campaign, the main and major task is to collect and gather the public also to get it involved in the campaign with the message which actually public should be aware of (Moran, 2012). Campaigns including such activity of social awareness can be a big influence to the society if people agree to the topic raised either it is a campaign which motivates women to work or to raise voice against the wrong happening in society, or it is a stop drugs amongst children or any campaign which supports the LGBT community needs attention of people to make it successful.


Moran, M.B. (2012). Campaigns and Cliques: Variations in Effectiveness of an Antismoking Campaign as a Function of Adolescent Peer Group Identity. Journal of Health and Communication, 17 (12) pp 1215-1231 https://doi.org/10.1080/10810730.2012.688246

Answer 8.a.

Stupidity is an act committed when an individual has no knowledge about the facts and circumstances also is not aware of the situation the actions shall be treated as stupid. An act of smartness is considered when an action of a person is according to the situation and circumstances also is done with its understanding and with knowledge about the facts on the present. John values the fact that people should act smartly and also be a smart guy but, John himself acted on a situation stupidly. Every individual commences such act which is inappropriate according to the society and present people therefore the act committed is known as stupidity and person who committed is termed under stupid or foolish.

An important precaution for such situation is develop the listening skills and then react to the situations if required (Capone, 2017). John here in this situation of stupidity can stay calm and should not think about the happening, things happen and are not remembered by the people around us. Try ignore things related to the particular situation and be aware and more focused for next time if such situation arises. Every act committed by an individual has some or the other reactions and meaning it is others duty to understand the situation and the point what actually a person needs to explain.

It is not always possible that everyone thinks the same and reacts to the situation with same intellect and understanding, our views and thinking can differ in many ways and situation so an advice to John is to not to think about the act he committed and should move on from the situation. Thinking and feeling guilty over the committed act shall be not be justice to the present days and situations, every movement of a human being is either positive or negative they cannot always be perfect (Paulsen, 2017).


Capone, Dr. M. J (2017). How friends and family make us sick, stupid, and sad. 

Roland Paulsen (2017) Slipping into functional stupidity: The bifocality of organizational compliance. SAGE JOURNALS Human Relations 70 (2) pp 185-210 https://doi.org/10.1177/0018726716649246

Answer 8.b.

Status of a person is decided through the presentation and personality which he or she showcases in front of the society. Some people in society like to maintain high status whereas some people like to stay lowkey and grounded. Both the aspects of society are acceptable and are of the choice of people themselves. Jerry likes and values a high-status life and people also he loves to maintain his own status in front of the society. Impression on society matters when a person gets influence by the luxury and lifestyle of others and same another person wants to apply on himself or herself. Impression of eligibility from people and the way of living also show cases the level of earning and success (Mattan & Kubota, 2020). Status is shown with the way a person is dressed and has maintained himself and herself in society. Expensive gadgets, machines, clothes, accessories and further more are part of high-status.

The faces which are over the poor clothes all dirty and said to be a low-status people. Such clauses show the mindset and status of people also can be differentiated easily (Oh, Sharif & Todorov, 2020). The research also shows that the economic status lays on the perception of people. Jerry is embarrassed of feeling low status in society, the status of Jerry is different from John as Jerry here is talking about the status and John in his context has committed an act of stupidity. Jerry is seeking forward to maintain the high-status and living as equal to the other people of the society with high-living whereas John is only concerned about the action he committed.

As marketer Jerry can maintain his status in society by buying latest gadget and products which shall help Jerry in standing as equal as others are in the society. New gadgets and new technologies are the main source of telling people about the status and lifestyle of a person therefor, it shall help Jerry in building up the status and luxury lifestyle in the society.


Oh, D., Shafir, E. & Todorov, A. (2020). Economic status cues from clothes affect perceived competence from faces. Nature Human Behaviour 4, 287–293 https://doi.org/10.1038/s41562-019-0782-4

Mattan, B.D., Kubota, J.T. (2020). Status beyond what meets the eye. Nature Human Behaviour 4, 233–234 https://doi.org/10.1038/s41562-019-0770-8

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