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Decision Making

Q1: Re-write the paragraph below. Where necessary remove or restructure the sentences, and correct any spelling or grammatical errors.

Decision making is one of the most important skill which every manager must to have in any management or business activity. As a manager sometimes we know everything we can know. Sometimes we know only something but not everything, and sometimes we know absolutely nothing- but we still have to decides, so managers have to critical and creative mind person while they make any decisions. A solution can be defined as any situation in which a gap is imagined to exist between what is and what should be. So as a manager its accountability to think critically and make the perfect decision where fewer chance of risk.

Decision-making is one of the most important skill, which every manager must have for effective management or processing of business activities. As a manager sometimes, we have to know everything that can be known about the relevant subject matter. Managers have to have critical and creative mindset while making decisions. The information set accumulated by managers sometimes does not have all the answers to the issues raise, but they still have to make a decision with whatever information they have in their hand. The issues are resolved with finding solutions. Solutions help to bridge the gap in between the existing and desired situation. Therefore, a manager is accountable to think creatively and critically in order to make informed decision with less involvement of risk.

Q3: Describe three (3) situations when a group project experiences a problem. What would be a suitable approach towards any such conflict resolution.


One of the most important aspect of carrying out business activities is incorporating the culture of teamwork at workplace. Group activities and group experiences provides efficiency and collaborative practice of putting out job responsibilities in an organization. In this essay, the discussion of problems faced in conducting project would be discussed along with recommendations for conflict resolution.


An individual or an employee when becomes a part of a team or a group, he or she goes through many barriers to effectively work with team members. It is a gradual process, therefore; some of the common problems faced in group projects is mentioned further. When a group is formed the teammates are not familiar with each other and their area of expertise or their cultural background, hence this is why lack of trust is noticed. This lack of trust hinders collaborative approach towards finishing the assigned task.

Another situation arises when the implementation of change processes is done poorly. This declines the efficiency rate of production by a team. In an organization where change is constant, and teams are formatted to attain the goals of that change. Poor change management occurs because the communication about it is not distributed in a planned way.

When an individual works alone, the purpose is well defined in his or her mind. However, the similar situation when occurs in a group, lack of purpose is noticed. It is a huge obstacle to not know why the group has been formed and why professionals have been bought together for carrying out business activities. This result in poor establishment of job duties.

The identified 3 situations that depicts the kind of problems faced by any group can be resolved with the application of conflict resolution. The first situation can be eradicated if interaction is encouraged and socializing is incorporated in the organization. Second approach could be to organize team meetings where the purpose, objectives, goals and vision is clearly communicated with team members. This would allow them to trust the organization and drive loyalty as well. Effective leadership management resolves the issue of lack of purpose. The group leader must communicate with the team members on daily basis to motivate them.


It can be concluded that with effective conflict management, the obstacles to forming an effective team is resolved. Effective team management will lead any organization to the fulfilment of its goals and objectives.

Q4: A recent and continuing complaint from employers is that new graduates have no skills in team work, communication and collaboration. Do you think that undergraduates doing a business major should be taught a formal version of such ‘soft’ skills?


The incorporation of soft skills is essential for effective performance outcome by individuals at workplace. This makes employees to instil interpersonal skills popularly known as people skills in the market place. This helps to build relationships with colleagues that fosters a collective and collaborative working environment.

Main Body

It is essential the undergraduates go through the training of soft skills and utilize them at workplace. A workplace is made up of human capital. This means that interaction and communication is the only way to carry out business activities. Interaction can be rigid if interpersonal skills are not applied. Therefore, the soft skills are the ways to imply and achieve that. It allows individuals to engage in corporate relationships as well. The important soft skills Are leadership, teamwork, communication skills, maintain work ethic and most importantly adaptabiloity to the arisisng situations

The undergraduates working in a company as an intern shall and must use this to develop relationships with their managers or supervisors. It enables the problem solving at workplace which is essential for effective management.


It can be concluded that, soft skills are essential for employees to produce effective outcome.

Q2: Analyse using critical thinking and critical numeracy to answer the following questions based on the online advertisement below.

2a. This is an advertisement for deodorant. What do you think is the underlying message in this advertisement?

The underlying message is that one should maintain their hygiene and get rid of their dandruff problems

2b. What information or statistics are given?

The dri mist protects the scalp against dandruff generation and from it getting dry. This substance keeps the hair cool and ry with minty smell.

2c. Is there any information that you might consider misleading? List them down. Explain why you consider that information misleading.

The third image shows that a woman is sitting with a man, and it depicts that using the dandruff shampoo will make one desirable in opposite gender’s eyes which is misleading.

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