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External Communication Assessment Answer

Assignment Response to Case study C

Response to Case Study C
Brief for external communication planning
Our school needs a change in the external communication plan because of significant reasons. After initial research, I found that we need to improve our external communication processes in order to draw more contribution of resources from our external contributors like parents and families of our students, community and business organizations, and the resources which have been unrecognized or underutilized. I found out that an establishment of a two-way communication system and its maintenance in order to improve our external relations would be a feasible option. It would be helpul for us in making people aware about the work we are doing for the society as our corporate social responsibility like scholarships for economically weaker, promoting sustainable development goals and reducing the use of paper in order to save environment and so on. I will be needing your expertise to review the communication improvement plan and provide me with the feedback in order to make necessary changes in the plan.

The main points covering the plan are listed below-

Building a positive rapport in the field of education focusing on our vision and mission

For an organization to function well, its vision and mission play an important role. And for an educational institution, its mission and vision should be positively relevant to the society. The mission statement should demonstrate a commitment to the students and the society it is catering (Papulova, 2014). The organization must spread awareness about its mission and vision to the society or area it is serving. In the same way, it is equally important for us to make more people aware of the work we are doing. Introduction of bi-annual publishing of e-magazines, to make parents and families of our students, aware of the work we are doing. Spreading these e-magazines to community organizations to make them aware of our work too. Making the vision and mission of our school very clear to the external affiliates of our school in order to spread the gesture of our goodwill, and building a better educational rapport in nearby areas. It will improve our positive sphere of influence on the society we are working for.

Making more contributions to society

Our school can make remarkable services to the society and environment. These contributions can be of several forms. Organizing tree plantation drives, donations of funds and clothes to the victims of natural disasters, helping poor children in getting an education and spreading awareness about the social issues will help our school in making a contribution to the society in one way or the other (Liangrong, 2019). Additional classes for weak students could also help our organization reaching more number of contributors. These major contributions can make us relevant to society and may help us in persuading more organizations for contribution of resources. Other than these contributions, we can host cultural events in our school, in order to relate to different cultural communities and the people associated with it. This will help our school in gaining the confidence in a variety of cultural communities. Even those cultural communities which are still not associated with our school can thus build a relationship with our organization, and help us in the long run by helping us with the necessary resources. We have a good amount of staff providing their services to our school. Even our staff represent different cultural backgrounds, it will make our work easier as these staff could be helpful in conducting such cultural events. Effective use of our staff, belonging to different cultural groups can help us in catering people who are still unaware of our organization. Thus, associating more people to our school in order to help us in fulfilling the need for necessary resources.

Focusing on social media platforms for the promotion of our services to the society

Social media platforms could be utilized by us in order to increase our reach among the target audience, and making our work visible for people around our locality and the state. We can utilize these platforms as significant opportunities to attract more and more people as well as organizations/companies for the contribution of resources. Social media has become very relevant in todays world therefore, it can easily allow an organization to reach more people in a convenient way (Szwajca, 2017). Social media can also be utilized to connect with people who are far away from our locality/area. It will provide us a national/global platform to connect with people who wish to contribute to our noble cause and thus helping us make a significant mark in the society.

Perception amp feedback system

Introduction of direct Electronic Data exchange system (EDE) will provide a common online platform for communication between our school and the affiliated resource groups. It will help our organization to bridge the existing gaps between our school and the associated communities or business organizations, which provide us with important resources. The direct EDE which is also known as point to point EDE is used by several companies all around the world to make a direct communication platform between two or more closely associated organizations (Tankosic, Ivetic and Mikelic, 2017). Generally, a single secure line between two or more business partners is established for direct communication and updates using EDE. This feature of EDE can help us in constructing an information gathering system along with the feedback mechanism. It will enable our organization to engage directly with our contributor organizations, and taking their real-time feedbacks. The feedback system is important for our organization in order to improve our strategies which in return will help us in achieving our goals and objectives, easily and conveniently. Ths EDI system will also help us in improving our relations with the families of students, as it will give them an active feedback platform that would help them in resolving their concerns. Apart from the feedback feature, it would help us in knowing about the perception of people and organizations associated to our school regarding the necessary steps needed to take, to improve our strategies which would in return help us in achieving our goals more conveniently.

Aligning the stakeholders in the schools priorities by filling the alignment gaps

It is important for any organization to be in agreement with the stakeholders in every decision-making process. Therefore, it is necessary to capture the concerns of the stakeholders correctly, and then moving forward with the plan. Proper addressal of stakeholders concern is very important for smooth functioning of any organization (Pinheiro, 2015). Apart from EDI and social media platform, the increase in the frequency of board meeting (consisting all our stakeholders and teachers representatives) will take place. This will provide us with an additional stage to connect more closely with our stakeholders. These meetings may take place on video conferences too, helping the stakeholders save their quality time. This would ensure interest of our stakeholders in helping us with both funds and other resources. Thus, we could improve our relations with our stakeholders by making the above mentioned changes.
Suggest your recommendations and necessary changes in the external communication system plan.


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