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  • Subject Code : ENVM073
  • University : University of Northampton
  • Subject Name : Portfolio Management

Career Futures: Employability Skills

Details of The Job

Title: Developers or programmers

Location: Cheltenham, Bude, London, Scarborough, Manchester

Key responsibilities

The following are some of the key responsibility of the job position:

  1. To disrupt the plans made by criminals.
  2. To undertake analysis of the requirement and further ensure that the requirements are met through the service and programs.
  3. To collaborate with business, government and other individuals for ensuring detailed investigation of the requirements.
  4. To translate the requirement into the specification for ensuring detailed designing.
  5. To ensure testing of the program at various levels to make sure that the requirements are met and there are no bugs in the developed program.
  6. To undertake testing of the program by the users so that they are able to understand the way of using the software.
  7. To document programs covering the operations as well as the functions of the program.
  8. To ensure the up-gradation of the program as per the new requirements and also as per the changes taking place in the internal and the external environment.
  9. To meet the budget and the quality as prescribed by the government, individuals and the businesses in the effective implementation of the program.

Key skills requirements

The following are some of the key skills that are required by the developers or a programmer:

  1. The programmer or a developer must have problem-solving skills where they are able to determine the best solution to a problem through the development of a program.
  2. The programmer must further hold excellent skills in the area of time management so as to meet the time and the deadline constraints of the clients at all times.
  3. The programmer should also have certain skills in ensuring the accuracy of a number of details that may be a part of a complex program.
  4. The programmer should also hold the ability to learn new concepts and further apply these concepts to practical problems and situations.
  5. Along with this, the programmers must also have basic skills in the area of mathematics to solve complex equations and understand formulas.
  6. The programmer must also be resourceful and have confidence around the use of computer.
  7. Effective communication skills are also required in a programmer to listen and understand the issues faced by the clients and further communicate with them several times to tell them about the progress of the program.
  8. The programmer must hold an inquisitive mind where the person should be able to think out of the box and find out new ways in which things can be done and progressed.

Cover Letter

Dear sir/ mam

Subject: Application for the position of programmer

I came across your advertisement for the position of the programmer or developer. The advertisements have helped me to get through the requirement and further reach you. As per the request in the advertisement, I am attaching where my CV that would help you has better insights about my qualification and background and make your choice.

Currently, I am pursuing my MSc. degree in computer science where I am in the first semester. My choice for pursuing a computer degree is linked to my interest in the area of information and technology. Since, my childhood, I have been eager to learn about the functioning and the internal operations of the computer. With the passage of time and are going through books and articles on information technology, I made my mind to take forward my interest and further pursue my career in this field. To ensure a good career in the field of information technology, I have taken modules on the development of mobile devices. In addition to this, I have also taken modules on intelligent systems and related aspects. This has helped me to gain more knowledge in this field and further boost my CV.

During a part of the degree that I am currently pursuing, I have been able to develop some of the key skills. Some of the skills that I have been able to develop during the first semester in this degree are analytical skills which have helped me to understand and analyse complex situations and further determine the most suitable solution to the same. Along with this, I have also been able to extend my abilities in the area of reading and comprehending difficult and complex reading materials. In addition to this, the degree has also helped me in gaining insights into the management and presentation of data. I have been an active reader ever since my childhood where I used to read a wide range of books on information technology and computer science. During my schooling, I have taking part in various quizzes and competitions based on a computer and I was even a part of the computer science club. 

Taking into consideration my past experience in the field of information and technology, I have been a part of one of the companies named as Waterbuck technologies private limited. As a part of the company, I was working at the position of the senior software engineer. I further managed a team of 15 people and was able to demonstrate effective leadership due to which I achieved the objectives in difficult and most pressurized circumstances. Through my career in the field of information technology, I have worked as a software developer. This has further enabled me in the development of a can do attitude. This attitude has allowed me to manage stress and anxiety that is common in extreme and most challenging situations. Along with this, my attitude has assisted my team member to remain motivated and supported by me at all times.

Thus, this attitude has contributed a lot to the past work history. I have also worked as a .Net developer in the following key areas that include:

  1. Good Experience By Undertaking Work In The Client/ Server And Web Application That Made Use Of Technologies Such As The .NET.
  2. A Solid And Wide Experience In The Use And Implementation Of ASP, N- Hibernate, WCF And C# Along With The MVVM Architecture.
  3. I am also versed with working in environments that are agile while doing short sprints.
  4. I have been able to gain skill such as time management along with the experience in the area of planning and organising.
  5. My years of experience in the field of information technology working as a software developer has made me very attentive to even the smallest of the details and has thus given me the skill to work towards the aspect of quality while developing a program.

I have been living in the United Kingdom for quite some time. My stay in the United Kingdom has exposed me to a number of new people that have added to my experience about a number of cultures. This has helped me in gaining a positive and cooperative attitude for people of diverse and mixed cultures which would surely help me in working in organisations with people from various religions, cultures and nationalities as well. I have also been able to improve a lot on my language skills where I have become more fluent in verbal communication.

The verbal communication which is considered to be a vital skill for the job of a programmer would assist me in taking up the responsibility and further communicating effectively with my team and also interacting with the clients to understand their requirements and share my insights on a matter. I am sure that the skills that I have been able to gain throughout my past work life and my knowledge about the whole discipline of information technology will make me secure a position in some or the other successful organisations.

The advertisement that I can through about the job position in your esteemed company has urged me to extend my qualification and background to you and present these through my CV as well. I am very keen to be an integral part of your company and contribute to its future growth and development. I am sure that my past experience coupled with my can do attitude and ability to accept new challenges with passion would assist the company as well. Along with this, my past experience as the leader would also help me to take up managerial and leadership roles in your company as well. I would surely prove my ability to add to the list of skills and my past experience in this field if I am given a chance.

I am also eager to showcase my talent, skills, knowledge and experience to you through taking up the job role. I am also waiting to get a response from your side as soon as possible and for you to invite me for the interview. I want to consider my request and go through my CV that would enable you to understand my qualification and professional qualification in a better way. I am hoping for a positive reply and also hoping to become a part of your valuable organisation.

Yours sincerely,



Personal details

  1. Experience in the development of software of 7.5 years.
  2. Experience in the development of the application through the use of Ado. Net, C# and Asp. Net.
  3. An elaborative understanding and know-how of all the phases that are a part of the SDLC methodology.
  4. Experience in implementing applications that make use of the Scrum or the Agile methodologies.
  5. Developed and further designed interfaces that are a graphical user-based and uses Xaml, C# and Silverlight.
  6. Gained vast experience in the field of front-end development through the use of CSS, JavaScipt, Html and AngularJS.
  7. Strong skills in the area of presentation and communication.
  8. String experience in the creation of the complex database for queries that make use of the SQL Queries and stored procedures along with Indexes, triggers and views.
  9. Research-based attitude with the ability to learn quickly.
  10. Ready to take on challenges even in the new and unexplored areas of technology.
  11. Experience with interacting with customers to understand business analysis and also understand the requirements of the customers.

Key Skills

Worked and gained experience in the application and use of Crystal Reports, SSIS, SSRS, Joomla, Wordpress, Android Studio, TFS, Bootstrap, jQuery, .Net framework, MVC, LINQ, WPF, Web API, AML, Ajax.

Qualification and Education

2020- MSc, University of Northampton, UK

2015- 2016- Diploma Certificate in Business and iNformation system, University of Southern Queensland

  • The system, analysis, Digital Enterprise, Information system

2003- 2007- bachelor of technology computer sciences engineering, Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, India

  • Programming in C++, C, Java, Mathematics, SDLC, computer hardware and Assembly language Programming

Work experience and history

2017- 2019- worked as the web developer in a company named as Xclusive Fashions in India

  • Collaborated with the application development team and the designing team
  • Got involved in the work of designing through the use of the Bootstrap 3

(Sep-Dec)- worked on ERP products in the company named as Enabling Developer (New Zealand)

  • Designed new programs and software solutions
  • Was a part of the implementation of the logic through the use of the C#.
  • Use of SQL Server database that gave an opportunity to access the database at the backend

 2016 (July- Sept)- worked as the Software developer in a company named as 3WhiteHats Limited (New Zealand)

  • Work experience of three months on the use of Google Search and Console Platform project
  • Internship or creation and the setup of the web-based application that was built using the Net on Microsoft Azure
  • The web-based application retrieve data from Google Search Console platform through the use of the API instructions

2012- 2015 – worked as a .Net Developer in a company named as the Waterbuck technologies located in India

  • Been a part of the project named as the Care Web Solutions
  • Got an opportunity to perform requirement analysis along with the development, designing, testing as well as the deployment of the web portal
  • Made use of the Agile methodology in order to implement the application

2009- 2012- worked as the .Net developer in a company named as the MaterialSoftware System Limited located in India

  • Have been a part of the projects named as the Maya vision, Contract staffing systems and the online reservation systems
  • Have undertaken the development of the master pages in order to create the layout of the web pages
  • Got involved in the server-side scripting and the writing client-side
  • Coded bug fixes and reviews
  • Got a chance to get involved in the designing of the architecture of databases
  • Undertook stored procedures, triggers and SQL queries

Reflective Summary

My past work experience and my qualification in the field of information technology has helped me to get through the advertisement for the job of a programmer or a developer. I have been a part of the application process for the chosen job. During the application process, I have been able to meet with some of the key people of the organisation with who I got an opportunity to interact and gain some insights. Along with this, the application process helped me to meet other applicants and understand their experience that further helped me in gaining knowledge about the trends of this industry. In fact, I have been able to expand my network and go to know new people. Moreover, the application process of the organisation gave me an opportunity to work on my CV where I recalled my past experience in the companies where I have worked and the qualification as well as a skillset. 

One of the key aspects of the application process was the cover letter where the letter has further given me an opportunity to express my experiences and skills in a detailed manner. The document that was an integral part of the job application further gave me an opportunity to express my views about the organisation and also express my desire of becoming a part of the company. Through the interview that was a part of the application process, I was able to communicate with the interviewer and share my experiences and skills. This, therefore, gave me a chance to demonstrate my capabilities that would assist the company in taking the final decision for selecting the most suitable candidate for the job vacancy. Furthermore, employment tests organised by the company provided for an effective way to screen the applicants for the job and further make the judgment for each of the candidates and their skills to pursue the job. 

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