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Ehtical Treatment of Drug Abuse

Table of Contents


Brief Description of Dilemma.

Ethical Principles and Guidelines.

Appropriate Ethical Course of Action.

Potential Outcome.




John is a 36-year-old man who was suffering from drug addiction. Drug addiction is a condition when a person feels a strong desire to take a drug. In this condition it becomes essential to use the drug anyhow. People who are addicted to drugs lost their mental control. They think that their only motto is to get the drug. if they don’t get they show abnormal behaviour and talk abnormally and sometimes they become antisocial. Drug addiction has an adverse effect on our body. It damaged many organs of our body like kidney, brain etc. So people should be discouraged from getting such addiction.

They should be aware of the adverse effects of drug addiction. But nowadays there are techniques by which we can save them from such condition. their family member friends may help them to stop it .they may visit rehabilitation Center to treat such a condition. nowadays this is a common problem for all the young generation. Generally, when people are in the bad or sad condition they use this drug to get relief from pain. In our case, John who has nobody in the Society had become drug-addicted and he decides not to live any more in the society because he has no interest, no reason to live.

Brief Description of Dilemma

In our case, the person is addicted to drug heroin. So he is in the rehabilitation centre. Due to drug addiction, he has lost his normal functioning. He didn’t like to do anything. He is now alone. Nobody wants to live with him. So he is very very depressed. There is no aim in his life to live. He is a hopeless fellow. So he decided not to live any more.

Drug abuse is the one of the major reasons behind depressions and anxiety, which can even deteriorate the previous symptoms. Drug abuse causes such chemical changes in the brain that the user to fail to enjoy life without the euphoric effects caused by drugs.

Upon drug abuse, the person will find his or her life heavily affected due to it. Drug abuse can lead to financial deprivation of the person. Drug addiction can have serious impacts on family or any other personal relations. It can cause serious strains in relationships and destroy families.

Legal troubles and many such factors can lead to depression, anxiety and many other conditions which can cumulatively lead to more and more abuse and can worsen the preexisting situation (Capon et al., 2016).

Ethical Principles and Guidelines

Adherence to legal requirements: The drug treatment professional should deliver and develop activities which are supported by evidences of high-quality research.

The basic rights of the participants must be respected as well as their autonomy which is defined as per the Human Rights framework. So that people can easily reach there without any fear. They can have their own right.

The professionals must make sure that the participation is bringing the participants benefits so that participants can easily take part in such a programme. The trainers should also make sure that the participation is actually useful for them. (Vuong et al., 2017).

The healthcare professional must make sure that the prevention strategies used by them is not causing any harm to them substantially or otherwise. The treatment must not cause any side effects like exclusion, injury, iatrogenic effects, illness, stigma.

The drug treatment expert must provide true and transparent information to the patients comprehensively and they must understand the practical aspects of seeking and receiving consent from the participants.

The data of the participant must be kept confidential in any case. Appropriate interventions must be provided to them and development of the participant must be promoted by treating them as partners in various activities.

Respect for autonomy:

This principle implies the fact that one should always respect other self-autonomy decisions, especially when it concerns their personal life. This suggests that it should not interfere with any person’s interest. This is reasonable as every person with a rational outlook can decide for their actions, without the need of being compelled. Their confidentiality, privacy of information and dignity should not be taken with disrespect and accepted as they like.

Non – maleficence principle

According to this principle, the “do no harm” act is implied. The non-maleficence ethic needs that no human being should partake in any act causing harm to others and should not put them in a place of potential injury or risks of any other sort. This principle calls for minimization of risk placement because of any act undertaken, as per the biomedical research. This principle also indicates the need for people to be truthful. performance of such acts would mean the violataion of this ethical principle, along with non-conveyance of an all-inclusive information of partaking in risk-associated measures.

Beneficence principle

This ethical principle requires the research analysis to have an inexpensive possibility of benefits generation, which the advantages of research would exceed any such risks or associated with the participation. This biomedical research, in this case, suggests the research advantages take place for the society as a whole for outweighing the risks as well as the individual participants’ risks as outbalanced by advantages of their partaking (Schottenfeld, & O’Malley, 2016).

 Guidelines :

  • As his friend I should suggest him not take any drug any more

  • From now onwards he should live a happy and healthy lifestyle.

  • He can start a new business so that he can be busy whole time with business.

  • He should take active participation in the different activities , functioning of the society so that he can talk to other members of the society. In this way he can be a good citizen of the society.

  • He can join an non governmental organizations and can work for the poor people of the society.

  • He can make Friends with other members of the society so that with them he can share his thoughts , depression etc .

  • Every time he can visit a religion place so that he can stay away from drugs .

  • There are thousands of books, novels which he can read so that he can acquire some good knowledge and understanding

  • He can learn some skills, and some works so that he can earn money and can live happily.

Appropriate Ethical Course of Action

In the era of frustration and rat race, drug addiction becomes a frequent event. Most of the youths and teenagers get addicted to the drug for quick and short term relief from mental stress. Sometimes it turns into a fashion for young generations. According to ground, reality youths feel, it's cool to be a drug addict (whatever addiction- alcohol, nicotine, marijuana). Sometimes a deformed mentality and sometimes a depressed mentality leads to the addiction of drug and draw a question mark over the mental balance and existence of the addict (Rudolph, Bazzi, & Fish, 2016).

When addiction reaches the extreme peak, addict ignores everything about mundane joy. He lives in a world where the drug is his first priority and his last. Family, friends, relatives and every relationship seem useless to them in front of the drug. First and foremost ethical step to recover and rehabilitate a drug addict is to connect him with people and earthly things when they are in need of drugs.

Make him understand the beauty of the world, the fragrance of nature, the importance of relations and obviously the distressed condition of his own. Regular morning and evening walk generate a positive and aesthetic mindset and also fruits his creative nature. Positive thought with creative sense drives the man to work on his mental stability. As thought replaces thought, these collected thoughts replace the thought of drug.It's not an easy job,obviously. An addict always try to find his dearest friend, drug and cannot let it to go from him. This is the main reason behind the extreme addiction. An addict can't obey that, he can live without the drug. Knowing the defects and dark side of the drug, he can't leave it. As he thought his life is nothing without drug. This mental state is comparable with crazy lovers. Likewise, crazy lovers, the addict has a craze on the drug. He finds his joy and sorrow both in it and likes to observe everything with the drug.

For rehabilitation, mental support is necessary. Motivation and regular exercise are some useful things to do for recovery. Society always treats an addict with very bad sight. He is not even considered as a common citizen in some of the societies. This time addict's mind demand for social acceptance and helpful treatment. Mental support is necessary to show him, "society wants you to be perfect, society wants you to be beautiful and even everyone wants you to be perfect." Normal behaviour with a caring and helpful accent is very helpful for mental relief and quick recovery. Rehabilitation moulds him into a new form and that form will be free from addiction (van Rensburg, Thobane, & Da Costa, 2018).

Mind soothing atmosphere helps him to think about the future and. Release his depression too. He needs a close contact with nature as nature and green can heal everything. Beautiful sights and interesting thought are always stress relievers. Let addict enjoy natural beauty with his own space, obviously under observation. But the Addict should realise that he is not observing by anybody and in his own world. Creation of such a beautiful feeling in the head of the addict is very important. As it helps him to make his own thoughts isolated from the thoughts about drug. Let the addict dream about a beautiful future and make him comfortable about dreaming it without considering anything about his condition. Somehow a hopeful and stressf ree mind needs to be generated with usual social acceptance.

Addiction from the drug may be converted towards the physique. Addiction to self-improvement needs to created and it leads to recover the deficiency of addicted state and also creates a healthy lifestyle. Self grooming and self-discipline may also be the anther additives for the addict. It will give him various advantages in his post-rehabilitation lifestyle. Self-defense also protects his body with his mind too and offer him an addiction-free, healthy life.

Motivation, Mental support, social acceptance and self-improvement are key to be De-addicted (Pereira, & Scott, 2017).

Potential Outcome

De-addiction is necessary to stabilize mental balance and physiological strength. Every possible thought in the brain of a drug addict always revolves around getting the drug and enjoying the virtual joy.

Mental healing and psychological process may have some bad side effects along with improvements. Realising that, he is an addict, addict tries to end up his life. He thought nothing left in his life. That’s a very crucial stage and needs caring for mental support. The sudden stop of drug consumption may cause serious health issues. That why strong medical supervision is necessary.

Connecting addict with nature, enables him to think about things he ignored. The things did not consider import. The beauty he ignored and obviously ignoring these,he ignore his own soul. This feeling may make him feeling guilty. In every step of mental counselling and nature therapy, strong supervision is a much needed thing.

Reconnecting with family members through social apps or over phone, make some emotional stress. This emotional stress helps him to create strong mental reef against drugs.

Psychological exercise and self-improvement practices enable more positive energy. Positivity helps to make himself concern. This thoughts start to revolve around self-love. Ideas about the harmfulness of drugs become his main concern. As his physique becomes his main concern and anything harmful to it, will seem too harmful for him. Regular psychological exercise also increase immunity power and nourishes the wounds of addiction (London, & Kimmelman, 2019).

Self-realization is the main therapy to recover addiction. Self-esteem is the key to key to staying, addiction-free. As addict never get equal importance as common citizen.

Realisation, Realisation and realisation over depression are key for deletion of the addiction. All the thinking process needs to be changed and new way of thinking needs to be incorporated.

During physical exercise like morning walk session and freehand exercise, patient ( addict) faced some difficulty in breathing and feel discomfort. These difficulties solved with proper medical treatment. Sudden cut on the consumption of drug made addict crazy and got angry with people around him and some made some noise. Stuff and counselor control the situation without hurting the patient badly. During the early days,addict refused to eat and stopped interacting. These odds also removed with proper guidelines. Blood pressure and mental health was the most two concern of authority during the treatment. With strict steps, the patient started behaving normally (Metzner, 2017).


So after having a prolonged discussion about the life of John, it is very clear that since he was having nobody to live in the society, no person to take care of him, nobody with whom he can pass time so felt isolated from the society and became drug-addicted.

But this is our responsibility to take him in the light of our society. He should know the goals of life. He should know that he is also having the right to enjoy life. He should be given some task so that he can understand the importance of him.

So, at last, I want to say there are many people like John Livin in our society. It is our duty to save them from drug addiction and bring them back in the main flow of society. Where they can enjoy their life of their own.


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