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2. Safety Management for Industry

The article https://www.ehsinsight.com/blog/a-brief-guide-to-industrial-safety-challenges-and-solutions is not a peer-reviewed or scholarly article but is a good source to understand the importance of industrial safety. With the rising number of workplace accidents particularly in the industrial sector, the companies need to abide by the rules and regulations set by the government for ensuring the protection and safety of the workers in the companies. The article points out that industrial safety is not just important for the business but it is equally important to ensure that the workers in the company feel safe, healthy, and happy. Smooth operations of the company can be ensured by practicing good industrial safety which includes the best interests of workers, vendors, and customers. The article also points out the management of industrial safety ensures that the workplace hazards, including but not limited to physical hazards, poor ergonomics, chemical exposures, and so on, for ensuring that the business can function normally without any interruptions. However, the companies need to be careful of the challenges in implementing the strategies for industrial safety such as complex laws, employee training which is ongoing, or ergonomic hazards, and so on.

The article proposes the use of WHS software which will help in planning, executing, and monitoring the strategies of the company. The software can look after all the aspects from updates of the safety procedures to training the team. The software for the industrial safety can help the company manage workplace observations, incidents, injuries, and other hazards. Thus, it suggests investing in industrial safety for ensuring a safe, satisfactory workspace for the workers.

The article is best suited because it explains that it is important for the companies to maintain a healthy, safe, and free workplace from any hazards which can be done by abiding by the workplace and health safety legislation for a company to effectively and efficiently. The article ends with stating that having a successful workplace can be possible if the company has a higher level of health and safety measures.

3. Quality of Today’s Industry

The article https://hbr.org/1983/07/quality-is-more-than-making-a-good-product is not peer-reviewed but is a good source as it is published in the Harvard Business Review which is a trusted magazine which provides insights on the management subjects. This article is written by two Harvard professors and also contains references, which proves the basis for the facts that they have claimed in the article.

During the times when the consumer has become very choosy and particular about their needs and wants, the companies need to ensure the quality of their products. The article points out that it is not just the manufacturers or producers who have to keep the quality in mind, quality is to be ensured and promoted by the marketers as well. This is because promoting the quality of the product would attract a larger chunk of the consumers. According to the article, production and customer satisfaction are closely linked. If the product is of good quality the customer service people will not have to spend their time on the problems related to the quality of the products.

It is also fascinating to note that the consumer’s perception of the quality of the product is ever-changing and is dependent on various factors such as the image of the company, perception of the friends and family, specifications, price, reliability, and so on. Thus, it is important for the companies to regularly check the consumer feedback for their products and services so that necessary steps can be taken to resolve the quality issue and meet the consumer expectations. The article also mentions, just making the customers believe in the good quality of the product before the sale is not the task, it is also essential to ensure that the quality of after-sales service is as efficient as the product itself.

Industries in today’s environment which focuses on the quality in their products and services can operate successfully and profitably, as compared to those who mention that they are providing quality service but in reality are far from it. Quality of the product should be ensured by all the departments of the company – production, packaging, marketing, and after-sales.

4. Business Performance and Productivity in Globalisation

The article https://www.getsmarter.com/blog/market-trends/the-historical-impact-of-globalisation-on-economies-and-business/ is an online source of information which provides information on the connection of the globalization and business performance. The source is not a peer-reviewed journal paper, but it can be considered credible because it has provided the sources to back their claims about the impact of globalization on business performance.

According to the article, businesses have responded to globalization by taking advantage of the technological improvements for refining their strategy for increased growth. Globalization has helped the companies to expand their business scope and reach new target markets. With globalization, there have also been improvements in the manner in which the work was done in the companies, and has also helped the society by generating employment opportunities and increasing the living standard of the people.

Additionally, there are few disadvantages of globalization such as an increase in wealth inequality, jobs lost through international trade, and multinational companies having exploitive nature. However, the companies have helped the governments in improving their economic conditions. Furthermore, the changing nature of production through outsourcing and mechanization, advances in the disrupted technologies, and the interconnection between the climate change and globalization. Thus, for resolving this problem the companies need to work in concert to reforming the global economy.

Besides, globalization also has increased the competition for the companies, which in turn has led to the development of the products and services with improved quality and reduction in the prices of the products and services. Globalization is the combined efforts towards transforming the world into a global community. It has helped in the enhancement of the performance of the businesses through providing access to the global market, exploring benefits of cross-cultural management, foreign trade, foreign investment, culture, competition, and legal effects.

The effect of globalization has had both positive and negative impact on the performance of the business and its productivity. The provision of the internet, improved technology, economical resources have helped the businesses to set up their plants in different countries for growth. The opportunities presented through globalization have taught the companies to adapt and evolve.

5. Industry Response to Information Technology Era

Industries have been very supportive if information technology as it helps in innovation which is the path to success. This is supported by the article https://www.business2community.com/tech-gadgets/importance-information-technology-business-today-01393380, which even though it is not a scholarly paper but is an effective piece of information which would help in increasing the awareness about how industries have been adapting to the changing information technology.

Companies have understood that without information technology, in today’s world, it is not going to flourish. The information technology has helped link the companies to their customers easily. With the help of innovations, the companies can operate effectively and efficiently, as it helps in increasing the value, enhances quality, and boosts the productivity of the operations. It is through the information technology that the companies can innovate, for satisfying the customer’s needs and wants.

The emergence of information and communication technology (ICT) – that is, computers, software, telecommunications and the internet – and the tremendous influence these emerging technologies have on how society works have led many to say that they have entered an emerging era, also referred to as the 'Third Industrial Revolution,' the 'Digital Age' or the 'New Economy.'

Industries have been accepting of the information technology as the information technology has provided the companies the tools to solve complex problems. Information technology has helped the companies in making better decisions that have been made possible only of ease in the market research as almost all the data relevant for a market study is available online. Information technology has helped in understanding the impact of the campaigns which are done on the internet, as it will be difficult to ascertain how many people must have read the newspapers, while it is fairly easier to ascertain how many people clicked on the online banner, how many people saw the ad, and so on. Information has also helped the companies in improving their customer support and resource management. Thus, as information technology has a profound impact on the operations of the business and has helped them become more productive, effective, and efficient.

6. Specific Issues in Industry and Technology

The article https://www.forbes.com/sites/forbestechcouncil/2018/12/27/13-tech-experts-predict-the-industrys-biggest-challenges-in-2019/#6d911b421bcd is a credible information source which has given insights on the industry’s challenges. This is a credible source as it provides reliable business and financial information about the industry or individual business ventures.

The technology industry is continually changing, with the introduction of new technologies and apps quicker than before. All of this change is exciting, particularly for the creative firms behind the innovations latest. Few issues facing the industry on technological are:

1. Development of new technologies at a fast pace without being able to incorporate them into existing products. The best examples of two technologies with enormous investment and effort are artificial intelligence ( AI) and voice control, but with minimal influence on the industry as of now.

2. The biggest challenge that tech startups are facing these days is being able to attract great talent because it's spread more internationally than ever before, and keep it in most tech hubs because of fierce competition.

3. The No. 1 challenge is a juggling act in artificial Intelligence deployment and a massive uphill task that the technology industry will have to tackle in 2019.

4. Heavily unbalanced regulation will significantly restrict its data governance, protection, and privacy applications and cause a major setback in market innovation.

5. Organizations are gradually moving their corporate workloads into public, private, and hybrid cloud technology, but network connectivity is a major problem.

7. Digital transformation of the enterprise-level companies.

8. Implementation of the user privacy rights

9. Abiding by the philosophy of whatever seen should not be believed, influence the ability of influencing people.

10. Many businesses find themselves in trouble because they base product development on what they hope will be a future demand, and all too often market demand never materializes. Although the results often inspire, they can also lead to disappointment. It is therefore important to be evaluated more closely and take steps rather than strides based on current market demand and how this is likely to change over time.

It becomes important for the companies to look for solutions for the above-mentioned problems for effectively being able to enjoy the positive effects of the information technology.

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