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  • Subject Code : FPC002B
  • University : Kaplan University
  • Subject Name : Ethics and professionalism in financial advice (FPC002b)

Analysis task

Answer 1

 (a) Virtue ethics are defined as the key framework of the normative ethical theories that can help to capitalize and also work over the virtues of mind,  having the set of the character along with developing a sense of honesty(Atkins, 2020).  The role of the virtue ethicists as described is defined as the set of nature along withholding it as the prior set virtues that can link with the defined problems and can also hold the consequences of the action.  As per the Virtue Ethics (or Virtue Theory) it is also an approach that can help to define the  Ethics which is important to relate with the individual's character along with the defined key element of ethical thinking, that can link with the set rules and can relate with the acts themselves (Boscardin, 2019). It is important to note how the Deontology role and the defined consequences Consequentialism can be helpful to judge what is right or wrong. Virtue ethics can be defined as the key to honesty, having a set of courage,  defined  compassion, includes the key to generosity, fidelity, integrity, fairness and having pre-defined self-control, and prudence.

(b) As per the agency relationship I am defined as the fiduciary relationship, that can help to define the role of one person which is called the key “principal”) that can allow enacting on the behalf of the other. It is also defined as the key subjective role that can associate with the principal's control and having an action related to the consent to her instructions. Based on the agency relationship it is also defined as the role of the two parties which would demarket the one taking an action in the interest of the other principal. It needs to be defined with the set rules and having the key findings that can be set to the fiduciary, which can help to identify the trust factor. The role of the employees can be associated with the predefined third parties that can be considered as agents (Spalding, 2019).

Answer 2

(a) Adam's act is the deontology identified, which states that there should be a personal sense of morality and how there can be attributes to what is right and what can be wrong for us. It is also the ability of the deontology that can help to devise the key benefits as to what can be right and wrong to us. It can be possible for the right of science, morality, and history.

As per the Kant's deontology, it is also defined as the deontological ethics, which can start through the action and having the set outcomes, which can be inline of the independent of things. It is more related to how one can step up and do the things, which can help to protect our family and take the necessary action even if it is wrong to do. 

(b) The teleological ethics can be defined as the theory of morality and it would be helpful to define the set of duties or moral obligation which can help to relate with what is good or desirable and the same can also be achieved. As per the Teleological Ethical Theories, it is more related to the consequences of actions that can help to derive and benefit the basic standards that can be linked with the actions that can be morally right or wrong that can depend as per the good or evil generated.

Answer 3

 (a) The problem here is Adam's inability to disclose the full financial income of the coupe Betty and Graham, who are doing well with the business but do not disclose the real income. Due to the undisclosed income, the government also has initiated the key benefits and also providing the regular income, that can help to provide social security and income. The prime reason for the couple for not disclosing the income is losing the benefits provided by the government and paying for it. As per the "ethics agency consideration' in finance, it is important to fine-tune and act with integrity and honesty. The conflicts should be based on the key aspects of the professional. It is necessary to provide the people with accurate, objective and also the predefined understandable information.

(b) One accurate quick alternative action is to educate the couple and detail them the loss of the benefits would be negligible in case of the penalties applied by the government. The role of the governments have to subjectively apply for the key benefits and provide the security benefits only to the needy people. The couple should be guided that all the income and the benefits should be disclosed. to avoid any legal consequences out of it.

Answer 4

 (a) The goal of the motivated blindness defines as how the system would fail due to the personal biasedness and attaining a restriction. The problem of motivating blindness is defined as unethical behavior which can cause the problem of the lack of interest. it is also the condition that can affect virtually. The role of the unethical behavior and how this can be a downturn, is due to the lack of vision and thinking of the preconceived points of judgments. For example, when the credit rating agencies place an AAA credit rating which is the   “collateralized mortgage securities that can be linked to the low quality” along withholding to the set point of the crises as define in the housing market. As per the motivated blindness, it is also necessary to have the predefined credit rating agencies which can be paid by the companies and how to make the set profits that can fine-tune as per the good graces as to what one can rate. The conflicts of interest can also be deemed powerful due to the company or an individual employee's choice about them. It is suggested to have the root out conflicts gained out of the interest can also gain the awareness and there can be a practical attribute to the ethical lapses. the executives need to achieve the “practical attributes and be realistic to the ethical decision making, rather than remaining blind eye to the set blind spots (Later, 2019).

(b) Overvaluing outcomes is defined as how one can priorly evaluate the outcome and the over above conceived goals. It is also an ability to judge and relate with the set goals and incentives which can help to promote and attain a  better certain behavior. It would also rationalize how there can be incentives gained due to the negative effect. The overvaluing outcomes can also be due to the unintended consequences which can e be formulated due to the set goals or the defined motivated blindness. The overvaluing outcomes can be predefined goals and how it would be associated with the set clauses and identification of the key benefits (Atkins, 2020).

Answer 5

(a) Occupation is defined as the set of the activity which can be helpful to define how there can be  the set of groups that can access the person able to make the money. Based on the profession it  is defined as the set of the activity which would require prior access tools and the defined specialized training, knowledge and also access to the qualification and skills (O'Sullivan, 2019).

The role of the professional's individuals can also underline and take a better asset approach that can help to retract the profession and it can help to identify the rendered personalized services. It is also defined as the set of professionals that can help to attain and define a certain code of conduct that can be linked with the respective body. It is also important to note how there can be a demarcation which can priorly define the set roles and how there can be a set of occupation and profession which can equally be viewed. It is also the professional ability to check how one can be paid with the set skills and the talent due to which the professional can get better-paid jobs. The occupation can be the regular jobs that would not have the predefined rules (Spalding, 2019)..

(b) As per the FASEA regulatory regime, it is important to understand the minimum education standards and the ability to hold how the new entrants would be trained even with the approved degree, while the same would be commenced through the clause of the Work and Training (Professional Year) holding the key requirement. It is also associated with the set of Professional Year which can help to define the set of Financial Adviser exams which can examine and define the term as the Provisional Financial Adviser (Spalding, 2019).

There can also be a set of goals as per the annual requirement and it can help to develop the 40 hours Continuous Professional Development which has been done following the 1 January 2019. As per the Provisional Financial Advisers, it is also important to undertake how there can be CPD after completion that can belong to the Professional Year.

Based on the set FASEA which was established in 1989 as per the CPA Program there has also been prior learning (RPL) which can help to bridge the requirements of the course in between the existing and the new financial advisers. 


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Spalding, A.D., and Lawrie, G.R., 2019. A critical examination of the AICPA’s new “conceptual framework” ethics protocol. Journal of Business Ethics, 155(4), pp.1135-1152.

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