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Community Profile

Introduction to Ethnic and Community Development

A community provides identity and belonging. A community provides a sense of loyalty and empowerment within the group. Community Development is an ongoing process that is aimed at helping people within a community. The development of community work for the sports community is addressed in the paper. The sports community provides access to the world and connects local people and issues for activism on common grounds (Pawar 2014). The community member's publication, restriction, and inclusion are part of the dynamic play. Formal structure and consensus are part of the community. The key process, elements, and company assets are addressed in the below section. Creating sports equity and development of commitment and integrity can bridge the gap through training and social support.

Section 1: Discription of The Community

The community of interest has been incorporated with wide interest and social movements.A community such as the Sports community has grown at a local and global level. These include the individual being part as voluntary and active members for the strengthening of the community.

The sports community is geographical. It is an ongoing process of education activity that is aimed at their construct of the community. It requires a framework and problem-solving. It provides a large structure and acts as a form of social organization. Development if a venue and lack of infrastructural development act as a drawback. The age of the community lies between the early twenties to fifties. The employment level and the income structure is fairly average. It provides an antidote of mass culture through encouraging diversity. The community assets are training, knowledge, and identify and mobilize local and geographical needs. Social support is a common reason for community establishment. The community is daily integrated and attract funds and assist sportspeople for welfare. Shared common value provides collaboration and a sense of identity. There are several issues faced by the community as a greater engagement of sports bodies. non-inclusion of people with disabilities in sports, negative perception in society are some of the major issues faced by the sports community. The role of the community act as a common medium of interactions without any transaction complication. The major employment in the sports community is sports club, supporting trainers, and volunteers for part of her development and programs (KPMG, 2018). The formal structure is practiced in meetings, infrastructure support, and grants from Australian sporting committees and fundraising. Sports contribution to economic health and wellbeing is large. The functional role in online and infrastructural support for activation in the sports community has seen recent developments for bringing the gap at the local and global levels. In rural setup, the bureaucracy based model is still prevalent in the sports community in Australia. Culture and the human scale shows large numbers in the community with the purpose of social support (Department of local government, Sports and cultural industries, 2020)

The sports community provides financial intervention and development of the sports community in rural areas is a weakness of the community, the conservatism of the community in rural areas is also a major problem. The state interventional model supports community development through grants. The sports community is a strong community with an urban population recognizing ideas of community and tackling discrimination through developing active sports measures.

Section 2: Achievable Goals of The Sports Community

Reducing violence and promoting counterproductive measures as a key goal by the sports community has developed. Linking sports historically to masculinity creates gender bias and none development of the community as a whole (Ife, 2016). The safety and fear of the organization prevent people with disabilities to participate in sports. Addressing discrimination is necessary as the program for disabled people and women are less funded and they are provided with limited opportunity for progression in mainstream sports. Awareness measures among the sporting community in mainstream sports will increase wider participation. Handling discrimination will help boost community members and encourage inclusivity. Gender diversity will create players in the community and a broader mixture of stakeholders. Sports can act as part of assimilation for maintenance as people with different cultures associates sports as part of their group characteristics and tradition. Perceived weaknesses of gender create myths and stereotypes that prevent development and participation. Creating sports equity and social justice will channelize the community in long-term development. It has a major role in human development, reducing vulnerability by providing a common platform at both the national and local levels. The sports community can bridge the gap through training, mentoring, and development sessions among the discriminated to build a holistic community. The goal s identified due to its widespread impact on the community. Communication enthusiasm and integrity are key qualities for social workers where community workers take responsibility for their goals and personal development (Ife, 2016). Supportive trainers and additional team-building exercises will lay the foundation for a stronghold in the community. The use of promotional channels and involvement of the government body will enhance the community members and release the restrictive practice. Community as a vision for social change will benefit through the empowerment model of change. The creation of a physical center will help people re-establish the connection. 

Section 3: Principles, Roles, and Skills

Community workers play the role of facilitator, the representative for the community. Their communication and negotiation skills see key for the development of the sports community. Communication skills are important to measure of successful work practice. The worker should have strong integrity and trustworthy skills and commitment to the development of work. Training and public relations are required for networking, engaging institutes for collaboration (Zdenek 2017). Technical skills and education roles will create a strong foundation for the building. robust community support. To maintain community support and relationships personal interaction will help in developing a sustainable model. Managing dynamics in a group community setting through negotiators, help in frame formal mechanism. The major role of a community support worker is to provide support and integration. Listening and actively involved in business meetings, requirements formally informally will let workers question current practice for alternate solutions. Building facility and community empowerment will attempt radical change for betterment. Negotiation and responsibility for skill development are necessary skills for establishing process. The personality of the worker has a major role in engaging constructive and community-based action and reducing vulnerability by providing a platform at the local level. Community worker has to the legitimate census by applying financial control and management of business operations requires are necessary for technical skills.

1-Transition and transformation guide a community development worker. It provides a measure for sustainable development and guides workers to challenge current norms.

2-The principle of the common capacity will help workers in developing effective community decision-making structures. The idea of community development and recreation and physical environment.

3-Diversity for community workers is important to maintain diversity within communities and between communities. Diversity will enforce community workers the right way of community development. Encouraging diversity within the community will provide community work to develop a strong social justice perspective.

 4-The principle of addressing disadvantage and inequality will guide community workers that projects reinforce structural oppression through the project for all. Removing the language barrier and critically aware of the background will help in developing equal opportunities and reach the full potential of the sports community (Everley 2018). The community can bridge the gap between the people and help them in sharing problems.

5- linking the global and the local- Global forces will guide community workers to drive response by linking local and global communities for global issues such as inclusion, stereotype in sports. As a community worker being aware will help in determining the appropriate balance between the two. Community Development can help the sports community by application of the human standard in its practice. Valuing income inequality by reevaluating and engagement with local and state grants will strengthen the community. Building infrastructural requirements transport will create a shared community facility. Valuing skills and discussions with experienced personnel will drive the community process. Community workers can use the development process through the hierarchy. Elimination of ambiguity through short term specific and result-oriented approach will help in achieving the goal (Twelvetrees, 2017).

6- Principles of relationship and dialogue capacity to nurture the relationship with the person will help community worker to develop solidarity and using expertise for community development

7- Cooperation and census- Community Development seeks to challenge the education system and establish alternate structures for new measured for bringing people together. Cooperation and census go hand in hand for establishing a viable competitive structure (Banks 2019). This will help in removing obstacles. The process for community development will help community workers in determining the direction of control. The process will help in developing a high level of literacy. The participatory democracy process will broaden democracy for community action on the determination. Acknowledging participating through meetings and activities will help in accomplishing by acknowledging public skills and interests. The balanced development process will improve social interaction by addressing community needs on the local level for infrastructural and community development projects for sports stereotypes break.

Empowerment in community development can use empowerment for radical change. using women-centric programs, conducting disability facilities training as an opportunity will overturn existing structures. Power and empowerment through vocal support, open policy in the sports community will increase subjectivity and effectiveness. Community workers in the sports community can establish a development program that reinforces the structure. Retaining and delivering a quality experience in club and using newsletter by motivating people and providing them with confidence (Clark, 2017). sharing of personal experience creates a safe place through idea development will create a source for effective change by daily conversation. Using the capacity to determine future actions as an outcome-oriented process will benefit the community in achieving the goals. Managing conflicting interests within the community is critical for development measures.

Conclusion on Ethnic and Community Development

Community development within the sports community requires company worker engagement. Community work can develop a relationship dialogue between community members to share their experience and skills to work towards change. Training, collaboration, and public relations are required for networking as key skills for community workers. Gender diversity in the community and a broader alignment of stakeholders will result in social justice. Sports can act as part of assimilation for maintenance as people with different cultures associates sports as part of their group characteristics and tradition. Discrimination on gender and disability are part of the robust community support. Community Development seeks to challenge the current system and provide a viable solution. To maintain community support and relationships personal interaction will help in developing a sustainable model. Managing dynamics in a group community setting through negotiators, help in frame formal mechanisms relative importance of community work by democratic participation will provide the development of ideas and value. The principles outline guides community workers for management, public relations, and developing cooperation and integrity for maintaining diversity and curb social injustice. Community workers need to determine ethnicity and address gender value while navigating operations. Building facility negotiation and responsibility for re necessary skills for establishing a process for democratic setup. The community provides both opportunity and challenge as an attempt for radical change for betterment.

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