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Stakeholder of Expert Education and Visa Services Assessment Answer

Topic 1

Here are some external stakeholders of Expert education and visa services.


Students are the most important stakeholder of expert education and visa services. These are the people who want to acquire education in Australia and this is why they are known as the customer of the company. Gaining an education in a new country is not an easy task it requires selection of the right educational institute, a leaving place, and so on(Gołata & Sojkin, 2020). Expert education and visa services take care of the needs of the students and also help them in providing counseling for taking higher studies. A student who has to visit Australia for a minimum of 30 hours or several years needs to have a visa without which it cannot enter in Australia.


Government agencies are considered as major stakeholders of the organization. They collect tax from the company, employees, and clients. The government invests the money that is collected from the company, employees, and clients back in the organization. Students, to get a visa for traveling to Australia and continue their higher study in the Australian institute, have to follow all the rules and regulations of the government. If the documents submitted are correct then the student is allowed to travel to Australia. 


Media plays a very significant role in attracting students to Australian universities. There are hundreds of good universities all across the world. Thus competition is very high in the market. To complete in such a world market media helps the organization in attracting students towards Australian universities (Gołata & Sojkin, 2020). The media broadcast about the universities, education provided by them, job opportunities, and other basic amenities so that students can heck verify which university is best for them.


They do the statuary disclosures to increase the transparency in the organization. They have a right to approve or reject the decisions of the organization. They also have the right to see the financial statements of the company. They are the one who helps the company to get more clients and help in promoting the business in the market (Derakhshan, Turner & Mancini, 2019).


Community is the fifth stakeholder of the organization where the organization operates. The company understands the issues faced by the community and try to help them by donating some amount of money in welfare organizations. They try to involve themselves in social activities and also ensure that they complete their social responsibilities towards the environment and community.


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Topic 2

Internal stakeholders of the Expert education and visa services include the following: -
They supply capital and equity for the business and checks how everything in the organization is running. They are the one who creates a mission and vision statement of the organization.

Board of directors

The Board of directors of the organization conducts an internal assessment of the employees to gather information about the participation and performance of the team members in fulfilling the goals set by them. They have the power to hire and fire the employees of the organization. They even have control over the future direction of the company.

Education counselors

Since the organization is an education and migration consultant agency thus it has some education counselors who assist the international students from choosing the right educational institute to helping them with the visa application(Vandeweghe & Fu 2018). They give updated information to the students so that they can make an informed decision. They support the students at every step of the study abroad process. 

Migrant agents

Migration agents make the process of moving to Australia easily. They assist the client in completing the entire documents. They verify the authenticity of the paper and also ensure that the client submits them on time(Marshall, 2018). They help the client to get all the permits required for settling in the new country by filling a lodgment of visa application to the department of home affairs. They help the client to find a location where they take a rented house for living. 

Tax consultants

Tax consultants are experts in planning, compliance, and law. They help the client to minimize the tax liability for a year. They make the client understand tax strategies in a very easy style. They help solve the issues of the clients in filing the tax. They prepare the tax returns of the client and also help them in estate planning.  

Leaders of customer service

The lead of customer service supports the activities of the organization. It keeps a check on whether all the customer service employees are working properly or not. The leader ensures that clients do not find any difficulty in connecting with experts. They help its team members to resolve the complaints and questions of the customer. The leader also conducts a developing program in the organization to enhance the productivity of the team. 


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Topic 3

The company operates with foreign clients who are willing to get higher education in Australia. They operate the business in different parts of the world. The political economy influences the business. Some political leaders may support the education of foreign children while the other would bring an order to stop providing visas to any foreign person. That is, they may not want to expand the cross border integration in the country(Abykanova et al. 2020). The company in such cases would stop providing visas. Since its inception, the company has helped 40,000 students to get an education in Australia. Many of them even got a job opportunity in the country.

Identification of threats

•    Security breaches and cyber-attacks related to confidentiality of personal information.
•    Fraudulent activities during card usage of the visa holder can be detected
•    The exponential rise of the government digital payments.
•    Increase in the operating expenditure of the company. 
•    Heavy dependence on the contractual relationship with foreign clients. 
•    Due to the increase in the inflation rate, employees would ask for higher pay.
•    Tax breaches may also occur.

Impact of threats

The impact of the threats would be severe. The company would suffer loss in the Australian market as it is very difficult to find the people who breach confidential information through cyber-attacks(Hodson, 2019). It is hard for the company to identify fraudulent activities conducted it would decrease the profitability of the company as people who came for higher education would be able to stay for a longer period in Australia without renewing their visas. The expenditure of the operations if increased will make it hard to run the organization. Expert education and visa services would have to increase the pay of the employees who are there to counsel the students for higher education and help them to pay the taxes on time. The government may receive less tax in comparison to what it should get. 


Hodson, C. J. (2019). Cyber Risk Management: Prioritize Threats, Identify Vulnerabilities, and Apply Controls. Kogan Page Publishers.
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