Certificate IV In Finance and Mortgage Broking

Executive Summary of A to Z Solutions

A to Z Solutions is a new company with high level of expertise in the real estate market.It provides solutions in the field of mortgage broking, loan arrangement, renting and buying commercial and individual properties, financing the loan and remodelling of properties. We provide customised solutions to our clients, giving them the requisite data depending on their needs. The data includes finding the best of properties as per their requirement, assessing the best loan with lower interest rates, terms and high flexibility.

Our website contains all information about the available properties, in all locations. One can access details of nearby agents, complete loan information and evaluate the loan parameters by online calculators provided on website.

A to Z Solutions commenced its business in 2018 and has its headquarters in New York. It has helped thousands of clients with its expertise ever since.

Situation Analysis of A to Z Solutions

The situation in the real estate market today is getting better as the economic conditions are stable, the interest rates are low and there are a large number of people who like to buy a home than renting it. This has given the industry the much-needed support. The construction industry is also showing strength. A to Z Solutions plan to take these situations to its full advantage and work to become a preferred company among consumersfor all types of real estate requirements.

2.1 S.W.O.T Analysis

Strengths: Our strength lies in the fact that we understand the requirements of various category of clients such as first time buyers, commercial buyers, tenants, owners and others. We have requisite expertise in providing optimum solution for any problem faced. We handle paperwork for the client. Since we also a web based platform which can be accessed at anytime from anywhere.

Weaknesses : The only weakness currently is that we are under staffed. So sometimes, the processing off client’s request takes time.

Opportunities: In case of web based platform a large number of buyers can be contacted and physical presence is not mandatory. A good advertisement on social media and other websites can help in people recognising the brand easily.

Threats: There is a lot of competition in the market. The older and more established firms are also planning to enter the market digitally which could reduce out share of customers.

2.2 P.E.S.T Analysis

Political Factors: The factors effecting the business politically include the stability of the government, the changes (increase or decrease)in the taxation schemes, the global [political scenario, laws related to banking industry, changes in laws related to the industry, bureaucracy and its involvement, legal paperwork requirements, stamp duty changes etc

Economic Factors: The factors effecting the business economically include the changes in the interest rates and prime lending rates, the monetary policy of the banks, the amount of discount or monetary help provided by government to first time buyers, the upward or downward movement in per capita income, currency exchange rates, unemployment rate, growth rate of the economy, the stability in the economic conditions of the country etc.

Social Factors: Social factors influencing this business include the demographic factors, level of education of the concerned clients, cultural traits, attitudes of people towards health , environmental changes, power structure, client specific interests and others.

Technological Factors: Technological factors influencing the business include the advancements in the field of technology in recent past, the use of digital advertising and marketing platforms, the views of influencers on digital media, the impact of technological advancements on banks’s cost structure, the availability of various products online depending on requirements of clients, easy access to data etc

2.3 Competitive Analysis




Markets Targeted

Current Percentage of market share

XYZ brokers

Lots of experience in market as it commenced business 10 years back, goodwill

Not using any web based platforms

All markets


ABC Firms

Expertise of agents, Has large number of them, data organised and customers targeted

Focus only on niche chinese people market

Niche market of chinese customers only


Class Apart firms

Multiple paltforms for buying and selling, digital also used

Focus only on luxury properties, big ticket size

Niche market of wealthy customers


Few Homes Brokers

Expertise in all kinds of business needs, high experience, contemporary and customised solutions, goodwill

Under staffed

All markets


It is verified that the direct competition is from two firms which operate in the market wherein they provide all products. This is very similar to our business model. We plan to increase leads through online platforms also. There is still lots of people left who are not able to get customised solutions. This is where our firm steps in.We have to take into consideration the strategies of the competitors with respect to marketing and advertising, evaluate their performance, assess their next moves and build on their weakness.

2.4 Market Analysis

As per the government reports, the industry is growing at 5% per annum. The market of the country we are operating in rose by almost 300 billions dollars to 7000 billion dollars in the past year. So there are lots of opportunities present in the current market conditions to build abusiness and serve the customers.The market is expected to grow at a rate of approximately three percent this year.

Marketing Goals

The marketing goal is to create a brand image of a complete solution provider in the business of mortgage broking. For this we will need to reach the customers via different methods. Targeted advertisements for targeted consumers. The services offered by our company should be clearly demarcated and they should be conveyed clearly to the target customers.

Specifically, the goals we want to reach are of providing services to at least 300 customers every month and then growing this customer base at a rate of 20% per month. Currently we receive 1000 queries every month. We need to convert atleast 30% of the inquiries to serviced customers. In a year’s time, our target is to serve 6000 customers. The sales percentage is growing at 5% and we have a target to increase it to 10%. This growth in sales will automatically improve the profitability and bottom line in the business. New services in the offering are to provide guidance based on a very detailed questionnaire about needs of the client and providing maintenance of properties solutions to clients. We will focus on lead generation through cold calling, website search data, social media platforms.

Our policy of providing quality services to the client so that he/she becomes a repeat customer. The target is to achieve atleast 20% repeat clients.

Marketing Strategy

(a) Market penetration: We will send introductory letter to various people in the country promoting our businessthrough introductory offers, discount schemes, ensure to get good feedback and testimonials from existing clients to show them to prospective ones. Decreasing prices in a few services than the competitors is also a part of the strategy.

(b) Market development: We are targeting to increase our services to nearby countries which have similar demographic and cultural factors.

(c) Product development: New services in the offering are to provide guidance based on a very detailed questionnaire about needs of the client and providing maintenance of properties solutions to clients.

(d) Diversification: Providing maintenance services to our current client base is a new sector where we intend to diversify.

(e) Retrenchment: Currently, we donot intend to stop any of out products or take back any of our services.

Besides these, we intend to increase our market share by focussing more on bid ticket clients and corporates.

Market Segmentation

The target market in this business is segmented on the basis of their geographical location, their demographic factors such as age, status in the society, marital status, gender, income, occupation etc, their behavioural traits, and their psychological traits such as their standard of living, attitudes etc.

5.1 Target market(s):The target market has been segmented on the basis of two traits. The first one is commercial or residential property requirement and the other is the loan ticket size. This way of segmentation helps in finding the exact requirements of the consumers. The commercial property buyers will have more corporate related requirements and residential or personal buyers will have an emotional touch also to their choice. So, in each case the strategy will be different. Also another classification is based on the loan ticket size so this will help us prioritize the clients so as to create a win win situation for both parties.

The team which we have are experts in providing the right options to the client needs, Each of the team members have their area of expertise. So one who is expert in providing solutions on residential properties will be assigned to clients with this type of requirement and the other to corporates.

Market Positioning

The brand name is A to Z solutions which clearly shows that we provide solutions to all business neds in the industry. The logo also suggests the same meaning. The advertisement is focussed on clients of different age, income, requirements getting their problem solved after coming to us. The image we want to create in the customer’s mind is of a one stop solution provider in this business which can be trusted completely.

The positioning statement is: Providing expert solutions and multiple product and services to all mortgage needs.

Marketing Tactics

7.1 Product strategy: The products offered by the firm include, buying and renting of residential properties, buying and renting of commercial properties, lease agreements, legal paperwork, providing loans, providing online solutions to real estate requirement needs to all clients, consultation and advisory services related to the industry, business loans. Loans are provided to all types of borrower.

7.2 Service strategy: We intend to offer customised solution to our clients to their level of satisfaction. For residential buyers we provide movie tickets or funpark tickets to families to show that we care. In case of commercial clients, an official gift is given as introductory gift such as a time piece. The questionnaire we have developed is very extensive in nature so as to let us know the complete requirement and match the buyers to relevant properties.

7.3 Pricing strategy:The brokerage is taken as a commission which is based on the price of the deal (property). The charges are fixed at one percent of deal value from both parties. If the ticket size is greater than 5million then the brokerage can be reduced to 0.9% charged from both parties. A fee is paid to partners who refer a customer to us and the customer should avail atleast one service. This is also dependent on the amount of service availed. The average size of mortgage in out country is 5 million.

7.4 Distribution strategy:The service is delivered through online model and through agents which are commissioned partners. The customer has to fill an online questionnaire and based on that the agent is assigned to them. Currently there are two people in staff looking after residential and commercial queries respectively. The company website helps us in promoting our business and reaching out to new clients. The agents assigned have deep understanding and training of their markets and are able to provide solutions to most problems. While targeting corporate clients, the office used is their or we use a web video platform so to increase the experience we intend to rent an interview room. Distribution channels are very important as they are the medium who actually reach out to clients and form the basis of customer’s experience with the company.

7.5 Promotion strategy:The business is being promoted on social media, facebook, twitter, pay per click, video messages etc strategies. Introductory letters are being sent. For corporate clients we arrange a small seminar or workshop. There are schemes such as discounts on high ticket size, introductory discounts, referral programs, are also in place. The promotion strategy also includes setting up a kiosk in trade fairs. Cold calling and telemarketing is done to generate leads.

7.6 People strategy:The staff is trained about all the relevant scenarios and their details that will be required in their fields. The staff has hold of market situation, know the laws, paperwork and can support the client in fulfilling any deficiency regarding requirements by the government. There are meetings done with staff members to understand if they follow the mission of the company and work towards it. Brainstorming sessions are also held to generate new ideas for market development and advertising. Some of the work will be outsourced. The clients are very important as the word of mouth proceeds very fast in gaining client. So their testimonial and reviews on internet are also a great source to generate good traffic.

Research of A to Z Solutions

8.1 Consumer research:The clients are requested to fill a questionnaire which is very detailed and then an interview is set with them to understand the exact needs of them. The changes in the clients behaviour can be analysed through this. When new changes/requirements are discovered then a meeting will be held with the assigned agent and the matter will be discussed. The staff compensation will be linked to the rating given by customer on the experience they had in dealing with the assigned person. This way they can be motivated to provide good services. If the feedback given by the customers are negative then an external consultant can be appointed to find out the problems in out work so as to know why the client is not satisfied.

8.2 Market research:The economic trends can be monitored by reports published by companies. There are many government and non-government companies providing details about future trends in property sales, upward or downward movement of interest rates, increase or decrease in lending volumes, consumer trends, etc. We would need to look at the market trends on the basis of segmentation we have done. If the numbers increase or decrease in one segment then decision will be taken accordingly.

Consumer Behaviour

The interpretation and understanding of consumer behaviour is very important because different customer chose different lender. The consumers do not know the prices in the mortgage market so behaving with transparency might generate trust. They do not have fixed choices, many factors can be adjusted depending upon property, location, last minute changes etc. They do not have a lot of experience in mortgage buying so providing the right consultation helps in getting the client converted. The satisfaction of customer will be increased if the loans can be arranged on cheaper rate so providing them with such an option will be appreciated and they will become repeat customers. The borrower will be given discounts, offers on services in first few times of service usage. This will give us benefit in increasing our client base. If the customers get customised solutions to their needs at a less price then they will like the prospect.

Evaluation of A to Z Solutions

The results achieved from the marketing strategy have to be quantified. First we should create a marketing calendar in which all the marketing activities should be noted. Then The target s should be written so as to know what one needs to achieve. Calculation on return should be done. This can be put in the following format.

Return can be calculated by using the formula:

We need to see if the results are in line with the goals or not. If they are falling short then we need to check and identify the problem area. For example, if marketing is the problem area then we should induce more methods, increase the marketing budget etc. If delivery is the problem area then we should provide training to agents. We need to determine the reason for customers not converting by analysisng the feedback of customer or an external resource can be consulted in this case.

Implementation Plan





Lead Generation

Use all methods such as cold calling, seminar, workshop, marketing, advertisement

All staff

Beginning of business

Client Conversion

Set up meeting, fill questionnaire, conduct interview to understand the requirement discuss pricing

Assigned Staff

Conversion time

Delivery of Services

Deliver the services on the basis of requirements, show deals, help in selection, tell about the merits and demerits, finalise

Assigned staff

Post Conversion

Client Satisfaction

Find out about the satisfaction of the client, take feedbacks, reviews on internet, testimonials, generate a relationship so as to make him a repeat client

Assigned Staff, Higher Staff

Post Delivery

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