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Fundamentals of Human Resources

Assessment 1


Part A



Answer 1


In order to determine the required skills and qualifications for carrying out recruitment for the desired position an organized approach needs to be followed.
Firstly, the recruiter needs to explore through the organizations past databases to find out the previous employees qualification and experiences. Based on this retrieved information the HR should create a basic prototype for filtering the candidates.
Secondly, the recruiter should thoroughly understand the specific requirements that the organization expects to fulfil through current job role. Moreover, comprehending the duties that the previous Finance Manager has played would help the recruiter to form a better understanding of the open position.
Thirdly, the greatest and free source of information, the internet has got a lot under its hood. Browsing through online sources would help in gathering appropriate information regarding the required position of Finance Manager.
Lastly, the recruiter should carry out comprehensive research by reading through job postings of similar positions. For doing so the social recruitment platform could be of a great help.

Answer 2

Before heading on to scheduling an interview or posting advertisements, the recruiter needs to comply with certain legislative norms to mitigate the possible risks in the future. The basic legal requirements include
The job postings and advertisements should only be published on the authentic sources that do not support candidate discrimination by any means.
The job advertisement should comprise of fair details that are legitimate and provide complete insight into the role and responsibilities.
During the interview the interviewer should only ask the appropriate questions that are legally compliant and related to the job role.
Discrimination during the process of interview based on gender, caste, and race or on any grounds is completely illegal.
Seeking irrelevant information from a candidate that relates to his/her personal characteristics or behaviour is completely forbidden.

Answer 3

Our esteemed organization is seeking to hire an experienced and proficient candidate for the Finance Manager position. The designated position will play a key role in looking after the companys finance department. The Finance Manager will be required to work in collaboration with the Executive Management team. The position will also be liable to relish various perks and promotions after the successful completion of the probation period.
The job responsibilities include
Undertaking all financial activities for maintaining the good financial health of the company.
Preparing business plans, reports and devising a budget for the organisation.
Proposing investment plans while managing the budget.
Developing robust financial systems.
Analysing and evaluating sales, cash flows, and expenditures.
Collaborating with other departments and discussing future plans.
Assisting in the maintenance of property, ledgers, accounts receivable, revenue distribution, operating expenses, and depreciation.
Developing the methods for mitigating financial risk to the company.
Coordinating with auditors for proper maintenance of the companys finances.
Skills And Qualifications Required
Masters degree in Finance, Accounting or related field.
2 years of proven experience of working in a similar domain.
Well- versed in using finance software.
Good interpersonal skills.
Strong oral and written communication skills.
Ability to work on multiple projects simultaneously.

Answer 4

The job description would be asked on the basis of
Where will you advertise this position
When do you need to hire for this position
Who should approve this advertisement
ABC Group at Brambles is looking for a qualified candidate to fill up the position of Finance Manager.
Qualification and Experience
Masters degree in Finance or Accounts
2 years of proven experience of working in the similar field.Age
The applicant should be between 30-50 years.
Place of Posting
Brambles, Indiana
The Role
The job role requires the candidate to manage all financial activities including budgeting, distribution of payments and managing expenses of the company.
Who we are
We are a luxury product conglomerate headquartered in Brambles. We have a vast network of clients spread all across the worldwide. Ever since our inception, we have garnered the attention of many connoisseurs. We are renowned for our services and products that stand high for their quality. Since our establishment we have made endeavours to satisfy our employees as well as the clients.
No of openings 1
No bar for the right candidate.
To apply
Interested candidates may either directly drop their resumes to the office located at Sheffield, Brambles or apply through the companys recruitment page.
The advertisement will be published on the companys website as well as on the job search engines including LinkedIn, monster.com, and indeed. Furthermore, various media channels such as newspapers and social media sites can also be used for publishing the following job advertisement.
The following position needs to be filled within 1 month of a period from the date of releasing notification.
The advertisement should be in compliance with the companys norms and should be verified and approved by the General Manager. However, for the purpose of publishing it on different Medias, it should be in compliant with the legal protocols.

Answer 5

An effective interview process comprises of a systematic approach. Every step ranging from identifying the vacant position to fulfilling it has to undergo an array of steps. However, an effective interview process is a key to attract a diverse pool of talented candidates. Thus the recruitment procedure of an organization should be complete in its every sense.
The comprehensive steps involved in the process of the interview are
Steps before the interview
Before heading on to initiate the recruitment process the HR needs to fulfil the following prerequisites
Identifying the roles and responsibilities of the position that needs to be fulfilled.
Consulting with the concerned authorities about main areas of interests that need to be highlighted in the job posting.
Drafting and getting acquainted with the objectives, style, and approach of the interview.
Screening and filtering out the potential candidates based on their availability for interview.
Making arrangements for scheduling interviews.
Informing the interviewee about the documents requirements to be carried for the interview process.
Steps during the Interview
A healthy conversation during the course of interview is reflective of being a good HR. Thus during the interview, the human resource manager should resort to the following steps
Conducting an interview in an appropriate space that is free from disturbances and external noise.
Posing question that makes the interviewee comfortable and less anxious.
Analysing candidate on the basis of skills required.
Clearly explaining the activities and roles that an applicant needs to perform during the job.
Informing the candidate about all necessary policies and protocols of the company.
Gathering all the necessary information about the applicant and checking legitimacy of the documents.
Steps after the interview
Collect all necessary information and check their authenticity.
Evaluate the candidates performance as per the duties required to be carried out.
Verify the references provided by the candidate.
Inform candidate about selection and provide all necessary documents as per the companys protocols.

Answer 6

The candidate who will be suitable for the position of finance manager will be preferred by the human resource manager. The human resource manager will match the skills of the candidate with the job profile. The resume of the candidate should possess all the skills required for the finance manager. The candidate should have knowledge about budgeting. There are many factors that will decide the selection of candidate by Human resource manager. The factors include
Work experience
The human resource manager will prefer that candidate who has some work experience in the field of finance. The candidate should have at least a bachelor degree in finance and economics. The hiring manager will call the candidate who has a finance background. If any candidate has mentioned any certification course than he will be most preferred by the hiring manager.
The candidate should be able to handle all the financial aspects of the company. He should have a high-level of computer knowledge. The experience in accounting would an additional advantage for the candidate. Excellent communication skill and analytical skills will be required by the hiring manager. Complex financial information will be an added advantage.
B) Minimum time required for the interview will be 30 minutes. It also depends on the skills and knowledge of the candidate. And also depends on the interviewer mind. Most of the interviewer takes most of their decision in the first half of the interview. However, there is a certain time limit decided by the interviewer for each interview.
C) The steps included in scheduling and arranging of interviews includes
1) Planning
In this step, the Interviewer will discuss the job description with all the members of the company. In the planning stage, the interviewer will decide the appropriate interview style for the candidate. Appointments and interview location is also set by the interviewer.
2) Deciding the interview questions
In this step, the interviewer decides the criteria for deciding the interview question. There are two types of questions which include open-ended questions or close-ended questions. The suitable questions required for the job of the finance manager will be decided by the interviewer.
3) Organizing the interview
In this step, the interviewer introduces himself and panel members. The interviewer should ensure that an interview will be scheduled on time. The interviewer should use open-ended questions in the interview. The interviewer prepares the relevant questions to test the knowledge and skills of the candidate. In this step, the interviewer tries to solve the questions or queries of the candidate.
4) Follow up
This is the last step of the interview process. In this step, the hiring manager tries to complete the job interview. The interviewer takes suggestions from the stakeholders to review the results of the candidate. The results of all the candidates will be evaluated on the basis of certain criteria. The most preferred candidates will be chosen by the company. In this process, the interviewer contacts the selected candidate.

Answer 7

The questions that will be asked by the interviewer are
Give a brief introduction about yourself
Do you have any work experience related to finance
What are your strength and weaknesses
Describe some financial strategies for our company
Define accounting and budgeting
If your company is facing some major financial issues what will be your strategy to control that situation
If your subordinates are not working properly what would you do to solve the major issue
Have you ever had a dispute with your prior teammates or boss
Is it possible for a company to have a positive cash flow
Do you have any expectations with this company
Rating sheet
Criteria 1 2 3 4 5
Interpersonal skills Communication skills Problem-solving skills Leadership skills
Enthusiasm Technical qualification Financial knowledge Analytical skills
Rating will be based on certain criteria. The candidate with excellent interpersonal skill will be given the highest rating by the interviewer. The ratings will explain the skills and knowledge of the candidates.
1 Most important
2 Important
3 Average
4 Less important
5 below average

Part B


Answer 1



Que.1) good afternoon sir,
I am BCD, I live in DEF place, I have completed my HSC AND SSC from XYZ school with high distinction grade, further I continued my studies in bachelors and then master of business administration with specialisation in finance. Talking about my family I have 3 members in my family. My father is an artist and my mother is a home maker. My hobbies are singing, playing guitar and football. I began my career as a finance trainee in ABC organisation. My role was look after the funds and reserves of the company.

Que.2) yes I do persist the job experience of 2 years.

Que.3) my strength is Critical thinking, analysing situations and quick decision making.
My weakness is I try to please everyone and unaware of new software.

Que.4) the financial strategies can be
Return on investment capital measurement should be done to accumulate the gains and losses of a business investment.
Cash flow strategy can be implemented to to find out the net amount of cash and cash-equivalent to be transferred in a business.
Finding different financial alternatives means a businessman always needs fund to start the business to smoothly run his business he should always have different alternatives to fulfil the capital of the business.
Liquidity management refers to managing the flow of cash in the business for healthy growth.

Que.5) Accounting is the double-entry book keeping which means every transaction will have two effects and those effects will be called as recording of the entry in book of accounts. Accounting has two side debit entry and credit entry. Debit what comes in, credit what goes out. The sum of debit side and credit side should always be equal.
Budgeting is an anticipation of revenue and expenses to be occurred in a specific time period. Budget is prepared to maximise profit and reduce the cost.

Que.6) financial strategies would be
Identifying a problem and issue.
Preparing a plan
Use available resources
Preparing a budget
Preventing financial challenges.

Que.7) Listen their problems
Provide solutions
Rewarding them for their performance
Acknowledgment of their performance

Que.8) yes, sometimes I had disputes with my boss and my team leader.

Que.9) yes it is possible that a company can have a positive cash flow because of the liquidity of cash in company.

Que.10) yes I do have an expectation to grow and develop myself in your company with grooming of my personality.



Assessment 2


Part A



Answer 1


Employment contracts consist of executive employees to sign a contract with the company. Employment contract are required in specific cases to protect employer as well as employee. Contract between employer and employee sets the duties of an employee. Employee contract must involve following things
Job information this content should involve the job title, department of job and work of employee. Evaluation of performance of the employee should be mentioned.
Compensation and benefits providing information about compensation plans for the employee like salary, bonus and incentives. Benefits will include medical, health care or other benefit given to an employee.
Vacation policy, leave days and sick leaves this part will include the yearly vacation for an employee, leave policy of the company and sick leaves to be provided on the basis of paid leaves of unpaid leaves.
The schedule and employment period the contract must involve the period of employment that is the contract signed for long-term or it is set for short- term or on an internship basis.

Answer 2

The procedure for appointment of staff of new employees will start with their induction program. In this induction program employees will be given information about their joining dates, they will be made familiar with staff and other departments of company. For administrative arrangements of pay and employee record detail should be shared with them. They should get all the information in induction program by the session organisers.

Answer 3

An employee induction program is the session organised by different staff members to explain their role, job and department in relation with business. Employee induction program involves
Terms and conditions of the employment will include working hours, vacation policy, sick days leaves and discipline and complaints procedures. Health and safety states that the policies of health and safety in company and Job security.
Trip of business premises means showing worker the place where they will be going to work, canteen area and smoke area.
Introducing new employees to their colleagues. Initiate them to meet with their team leader, manager and human resource manager.

Answer 4

An induction plan is the term in which planning for new employees takes place. The induction program should be delivered by human resource manager or any of the team leaders, who possess their positions. HR manager is a person who is responsible for recruitment and hand hiring process as well as managing companys staff and employees, measuring and evaluating their work. He has the authority to organise the sessions because of his experience for consulting with different people, quality check for employees. HR manager plans the induction program for new employees with the help of supervisors and team leaders, these team leaders are also responsible for carrying the process effectively. These team leaders are the authoritative statue for successful conduction of an induction programme.

Answer 5

Buddy system has been originated from safety industry which is used for mutual safety of partners. The reasons for which buddy system is important in addressing emergency situations at the time of emergency situations, the responses from colleagues are immediate.
Relationship building when two people work together and interact with each other, they develop a good relationship with each other.
Develop confidence people feel more confident, creative and innovative while working together. If one of the employees get discouraged then the other one will be present for motivation.
Welcome new employee welcoming new employee and assigning him work with an old employee will help the former employee to work easily.

Answer 6

Recruitment is the process of finding, attracting, selecting and hiring best qualified candidates for a job in an organisation. It is away to analyse a job requirement, finding the right candidate who are motivated for job and suitable for the job. It is structured to attract more and more applicants to apply for a particular job. Recruitment process involves the following steps
2218690775335Strategy Development
00Strategy Development
2218690137160Recruitment planning
00Recruitment planning

Human resource life cycle fits in recruitment process with following steps
Recruitment human resource manager is responsible for hiring the candidates. Hiring decision play an important role in companys growth, productivity and turnover. For completing HR lifecycle, HR department needs to create strategic plan for staff, evaluating compensation and benefiting packages and at last develop an interview procedure.
Education this section comprise of employees role, expectations from them and their responsibilities.
Motivation this involves engaging employees with their work, motivating them to perform better and give high productivity.
Evaluation in this stage the HR manager evaluates an employees performance. Reviewing their performance and identifying if they fit in job or not.
Celebration the last stage of cycle creates an opportunity for the HR manager to rearrange your staff and thanking them for their hard work.

Answer 7

Discrimination means treating a person differently because they have some different characteristics. Discrimination can be direct and indirect. Strong policies should be implemented by the organization to prevent discrimination in the workplace. The organization takes many steps to prevent discrimination in the recruitment process
Determining the recruitment process
Some recruiters use a human resource manager for recruitment. Others may use in-house recruitment process. The staff member takes the interview of the candidate in in-house recruitment process the organization should ensure that proper measures should be taken to control the discrimination in the recruitment process. Many companies also hire a recruitment agent. The agent should be aware of the obligations and laws of discrimination.
Developing the job description
The organization should mention all the necessary requirements in the job description. When the company is clear about all the requirement needed for the job, It will prevent them from unnecessary discrimination. The job description should be clear and specific.
Determining the application process
The application process should be simplified by the organization to avoid any discrimination in the company. The requirements should be simplified by the company. The recruiter should not ask any unnecessary information from the candidate.
Job Advertising
The organization should not promote any discriminated advertising. Good advertising includes information about the skills and knowledge of the candidate. The advertisement should be written in a format to attract the candidate for the job profile.
Shortlisting the candidates
The recruiter should not promote any personal bias, the stereotype in the shortlisting process. Recruitment professionals should have a clear understanding of the job requirement
Final interview
The recruiter should not make any assumptions about the candidate. The recruiter should prevent the characteristics which include Cultural background or any other discriminative factors.

Answer 8

It is ethical and also my responsibility to appoint the best candidate for my organization and I am bounded to appoint the best individual. As one of my fellow manager is insisting to appoint one of his acquaintance for the required post I would also respect him. It is very important for me to think on the request present to me by my fellow member. So I would appoint him or her but on a temporary basis. I would make sure that with in the given time that individual fulfils the skills which are required by the organization. If that individual is able to meet the standards of the company then I will appoint him permanently otherwise he will have to leave the organization.

Answer 9

The most important test used in the selection process
Knowledge test
This test is used to measure the technical and theoretical knowledge of the candidate. This test will allow the candidate for further process.
Aptitude test
Aptitude test helps to measure the competency level of the candidate. This includes a computer programming test to measure the level of intelligence. Each test is based on particular criteria. The quantified results are obtained to judge the knowledge of the candidate.
Skill assessment test
The skill assessment test is used to measure the maths and verbal skills of the candidate. This test is used to evaluate the cognitive abilities of the candidates. The test will help the recruiter to decide whether the job role is suitable for the candidate or not.
Personality Test
The personality test is used to evaluate the characteristic trait of the candidate. It is used to evaluate the skills and knowledge of the candidate. Personality test will help the recruiter to find the interpersonal skills of the candidates. The candidate should possess all the skills to match the job profile of the company. The questions in the personality test are based on the roles and responsibilities of the job profile.

Answer 10

The reference check is an important part of the hiring process. Reference check helps the employer to check whether the candidate was honest in his job interview or not. The reference check helps the employer to measure the performance and personal qualities of the company. The reference check includes many steps. The in-depth reference help the employer to understand the employment history of the candidate. Most companies inform the candidate about the reference check. The reference check is the final step taken by the employer. The background check is the step to verify the claims made by the employees. The employer should follow some instructions before doing a reference check. The candidate should provide a genuine reference with the contact details. The process will help the organization to know the positive things about the candidate. The three questions are
What was your experience with the job candidate
How would you describe the candidates loyalty and dependability
What are the major interpersonal skills of the candidate

Answer 11

How members of the selection panel decide the candidate
For hiring the candidate for the particular position depends on the skills and knowledge that the candidate possesses. Therefore, the hiring of the candidate depends on the job role and responsibilities. I and other members of the selection panel will hire the candidate on the basis of their skills and knowledge. As for the position of senior marketing manager, the candidate should have an experience, knowledge about the certain marketing terms as well as about the current market trends. The market case studies will be given to the candidate and they should be able to solve those case studies. Every organisation conducts the selection process of the candidates because they have their own requirements. The selection process includes preliminary interview, receiving applications, and screening of the applications, employment test, interview, reference checking, medical examination and the final interview. Proper selection of the candidates helps in achieving the growth as well as profits in the organisation.
Sometimes if there is a large amount of discussion or the interview day has been long, an individual may feel that its best to take some time out and reconvene the next day.

Answer 12

Job offer letter
Date - 18.03.2019
Dear Mr. Adam
This is with reference to your interview held on 15.02.2019. we are very grateful to inform you that on the basis of your assessment, we have analysed your skill and competencies and found that you are fit for this job.
We are hiring you for the post of finance manager in XYZ ltd. The date for your joining will be 20.03.2019.
You be paid _______ only as your basic salary and other expenses incurred on travelling will be reimbursed by company.
You will require submitting your original documents with company as a subject to security. Appointment letter will be provided to you after completion of formalities of documentation and sign the code of conduct agreement with our company.
You will be reporting to Mr. ABC general manager of the company on 3rd floor, at UVW place.
Best regards
General Manager
XYZ ltd.
Application rejection letter
Date - 18.03.2019
Dear Ronaldo
We are grateful to receive the application of yours for the particular job and position and we are happy that you have shown interest in our company. After reviewing all the application it was difficult for us to choose between the candidates.
We are very afraid to tell you that your application has not been selected for further process. The selection panel appreciates the time you devoted for your application. We encourage you to apply for the companies and jobs suitable to you.
Best regards
General Manager
XYZ Company.


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