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Salmon for Stetson

Ambitious UK-US Trade would make up for losses of leaving the E.U. and put additional pressure on the union in the Post-Brexit Trade negotiation

After ending the Brexit transaction period on December 31, Britain and E.U. has started the talks regarding the future trading relationship. These crucial talks have provided the opportunity for the double-sided negotiation and tried to come to any point and deal.On the 1st day of negotiation, the United Kingdom has started the negotiations related to the trade with the United States. London believes that this discussion will give it rise to a conflict with Europe in terms of negotiation. Prime Minister of UK, Boris Johnson has promised to develop effective negotiation with the United States as United Kingdom hopes that the trade relationship between these countries will boost the economies of both countries as Britain traded "salmon for Stetson hats" (VOA , 2020).

As far as the equity market and its relevant factors are concerned, it is significant to note that it is one of the free markets, which is mainly proceeded on the basis of demand and supply procurements. The determination of prices is performed by the conditional insinuations of markets and thus, any alteration, in the prices will also influence on the exchange rates and the second factors, which is observed in the market is the attitude of both the market players and investors. According to the insights of Angel Zhong scripture, it has been professed that market players usually try to intervene in the costing insinuations and the interventions for marketing trends. The performance of activities is disturbed by the exchange rates, and exchange is affected by the various factors (BBC , 2020).

Formal negotiation is expected to begin while stereotyping has predicted that Britain wants to open the markets and expand the areas of business such as car manufacturing, artificial intelligence, big data, food processing and professional services like law and architecture. According to the figures of government, the best-case scenario of the negotiationcan result ina boost of about 19 million dollars that is 0.16 percent of GDP over the period of 15 years. The trade expert Center for International Political Economy of the European, David Henig has said that the rise in the economy of the U.K. if is 0.1 or 0.2 percent higher than it can be acceptable. He thinks that Trump may add to double or triple, and it was unrealistic. He said that the U.K. made more than 50% of the trade with the E.U. and U.S. cannot provide the returns that can be higher than E.U. (VOA , 2020).

For instance, if the economic conditions are completely at the recession, then, interest rates in its relevancy are more likely to decrease; thus, the declined interest is mainly the demonstration of fewer investments of relevant capitals.In this market, cost implications will be at such a point when both rates for supply and demand will become equal, and that situation is referred to as the equilibrium of the market. The political atmosphere will mainly determine the equity rates and prices in the markets. In this regard, it can be stated that when the insinuations of political leadership intervene for determination of cost implications, then the probability for fluctuation of costs is more likely to enhance and thus, ultimately regular pattern is disturbed in this regard. Market players and investors have an impact on share prices. With more bulls than bears, there is an increase in price and vice versa (Sandford, 2020).

But the forecast of the government reveals that the Brexit will have much more cost for the economy, about 168 billion dollars or 6.7% ofthe growth of GDP. This figure includes the effect of type of the trade deal revised by the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. United Kingdom has ruled out the opening keys of areas of its economy to U.S. Prime minister of the United Kingdom has said that National Health Service (NHS) is not on the trade table and the U.K. will not accept any change in food, animal welfare standards and hygienic standards (VOA , 2020).

Reflective Assignment on Trading Sequences .There have been observed numerous factors which impact on markets and due to which prices in each market are changed; thus, some of them are as Inflation rates are tended to transformed on the basis of exchange rates in the market, and in this regard, imperative outlooks are the impact of prices by the inflation one country or both countries. Interest rate is also regarded to be imperative in this regard as transformation in its trends and patterns; there will be an alteration of both prices of stocks and exchange rates. The increment in the interest rates tends to depend and appreciate the currency of the country. This reliance and appreciation will actually improve the communal interactions for saving and not for investing, which are regarded to be core reasons in order to increase the exchange rates.

The benefits that can be arrived from the UK-US trade deal and it can be interpreted in a way that the economy of England could be the 0.16 percent largest by the 15 years by making the trade deals with the U.S. Further, the government of U.K. has admitted that by being in the trade agreement with the Donald Trump, UK can arrive limited benefits. In a department of International Trade (DIT) document, that was based on the talks that were before the Brexit with the Whitehouse (The Gaurdien , 2020).

The government of U.S. has figured out that the trade will start with the ambitious and comprehensive and will lead to the value a fraction of GDP, almost equal to 3.4 billion pounds after 15 years. On the other hand, economists have shown the red card and estimated that the benefit that can be derived from the deal of UK-US would be out from track by the losses from the separation from the E.U. The official analysis has revealed that the deal with the U.S. will give the limited benefits to the economy of the U.K. that can be just 0.07% in 2035 or about 1.4 billion pounds (Sandford, 2020).

The assessment of this tenure is elaboration which is maintained in the course of attaining insights which are carried out in the ascertaining of the different propensities of operations. These operations are carried out in the course of elaborating on the basis of behaviors and commencement of impact on the course of profitability of trade. There is maintenance of the stock which is commenced on the basis of establishing the different distinctions of trade and commencement of security considerations through the course of monitoring. The different basis of development and depicted measure of the implications are carried out in the course of financial factors which are related to the course of valuation associated with the security. In this manner the different valuations centered on the trade are depicted in the elaboration of the decisions executions (The Gaurdien , 2020).

Dr Peter Holmes said that the U.K. is going to deal with small grains and has left the bigger one. Now it is time to shows how these small pieces of grains make the free agreement with the U.S. and comparing the loss that we have done by losing the E.U. In a deeper talk with Washington, the government of U.K. has insisted that it may not be water down welfare standards to secure the deals of trade with Donald Trump. Moreover, Robert Lighthizer, the U.S. trade representative, has poured the cold water on the various aspects of the position of negotiation of the U.K. while speaking at an event in Oxford.

He said that he has hope that the U.K. just does not adopt the standards proposed by the E.U. that has banned the practising of chicken washing in chlorine and claimed the practice is not based on the health question. He accepted that the U.K. has sensitivity related to the access of the NHS and said that it should be opened. Moreover, he has rejected the slow economic growth related to the U.K. negotiation with the U.S. and mentioned in the negotiation paper (BBC , 2020).

UK-US trade agreement negotiation was took placed in six meetings of the working group. The major points of the agreements are based on the Treasury, the United States and Malaysia investment framework agreement, the United States and Philippian's engagement on trade, Trade allocation of sugar, the first round of NAFTA negotiation, World trade organization tariffs, NAFTA negotiation objective, 2nd agreement was based on the promotion of small and medium-sized business, promoting intellectual property, strengthening US-UK financial regulatory cooperation, and US/UK technological safeguard agreement. The main points of the 3rd meeting are based on the invitation to the government of the U.K. to join the Tenth Americans Competitiveness Exchange. Further U.S. and U.K. are agreed to explore trade promotion and trade collaboration, and 2nd US-UK SME dialogue will be hosted in the U.K. (Office of the United States Trade Representative , 2020 ).


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