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Essay on Leaders of Global North Providing Aid to Global South for “Global Justice”

The globe has been cut into two parts, Global South and Global north. Global north consists of economically strong as well as very well build societies of Australia, Israel, North America, Europe, amongst others, whereas, global south consists of comparatively economically backward and under development societies of India, Brazil, China, Mexico, amongst others (Odeh 2010). For many years, the global north has been constantly dominating when it comes to economy and easily overshadowing the global south, so it has become more or less the talk of the town. In this essay, the readers would get an idea of why everyone is expecting the leaders of the global north to provide aid to the global south.

Global justice holds the key to a better and tension free world. The moral obligations of the rich societies towards poor societies are said to be global justice (Mccabe 2016). More and more people have started to expect the global north to help the global south in every way possible to make it better and more powerful. Though many global south societies are developing at a really good pace but still not fast enough to remove poverty, child labor, illiteracy, etc. So, the ultimate option left with them is to seek help from the global north because they are more powerful, economically developed, and could afford to lend a hand.

If global peace is to be achieved then leaders of America, Australia, Israel and more developed counties like these have to come together to address the issues of the global south to provide them with the much-needed help that they could very well be in need of. Even though the global south is constantly making progress in almost every department, it is evident that it has not changed the fact that still, they are nowhere close to what they should be. Following written could be defined as some of the major problems which contribute to making the global south undeveloped and economically less powerful.

  • Lack of facilities related to health care.

One of the major problems faced by the global south is improper health care facilities. Global south covers a big chunk of the world's total population but lacks behind in providing proper health care to their people. Every year endless people die because of not getting proper health aid and this number seems to be increasing year by year. Global north could provide these countries with a better health care system because it is difficult for them to do it themselves.

  • Problems related to sanitation.

Though, countries like India have taken a really big step towards better sanitation facilities but still given the vast nature of India this step is far from successful. There are many more countries suffering from this in the global south. Bad sanitation facilities eventually lead to several diseases and as talked earlier health care facilities are already not so impressive in these countries.

  • Lack of drinkable water.

For the past several years, the majority of the death occurred in these countries are due to the scarcity of drinkable water. The increasing population in these countries does not match up with the availability of water. Many extremely backward part of these global south countries does not have sufficient water for human beings. In this area also, global north help could be taken as exceptional peace of global justice. They can provide a great infrastructure to these countries and if possible some monetary help, to do rainwater harvesting so that they can save some valuable water.

  • Increasing low-level corruption.

Corruption is present in almost every country, but it is safe to say that countries of the global south have low-level corruption, which means that even at the lowest level also the corruption is really frequent, unlike global north countries that have corruption but mainly at a higher level. Highly corrupted countries find it extremely difficult to grow economically and as a result, the whole society suffers from it (Mirzayev 2020). Global north leaders could meet the leaders of the global south regarding the same and could form several policies regarding the same, which ultimately could help in putting an end to unwanted corruption.

  • Illiteracy or severely lacking education.

In global south societies, for a child, it is easy to become labor then becoming a student. There are government schools but those almost do not serve the purpose. Child labor is one of those problems which has not been resolved one bit. The majority of the global south societies have found it nearly impossible to get rid of child labor. Several rules could be made regarding this and the global north could indeed provide aid in this.

Global justice is an easier said than done thing, societies of the global north would have to take a stand to bring global peace. To put everything written above in a shorter form it would be safe to say that global south is evolving with time, development is visible from a distance but still more work has to be done and for that, the leaders of the other parts of the world have to come together to provide much-needed aid, not only for the above-listed problems but for any and every problem present in the global south society.

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Essay on Global Issues Threatening Social Cohesion of Australia

The world we live in today has become a terrible place, full of terrorism, biasness for colour, and treating religions differently, amongst others. Australia is said to be one of those countries which are doing well in terms of terrorism and many more of these global problems. But it goes without saying that in one way or the other Australia is getting affected by these because these issues have only been increasing in other parts of the world. Global issues like international crime, terrorism, etc. directly affect the safety, security, and the lives of people (Wilcox 2002). The following essay would be talking about the effects of global issues on Australia.

Australia is generally considered to be a peace-loving country, far from much terrorism, racism, and other things which are considered to be global problems. But this does not change the fact that the boundaries are fading, things which are happening outside Australia are somehow affecting the country’s peace and constantly becoming a threat to unity and trust of citizens. It is high time that Australia takes a big step towards maintaining the peace and solidity of the nation.

In March of 1978, Australia for the very first time saw glimpses of terrorism reaching its land, when Sydney Hilton Hotel got bombarded (Hancock 2002). 143 threats and 225 attacks were recorded on Jews between October 2018 and November 2019 (Nathan 2019). These two are two devastating examples of things that are taking place outside but are slowly reaching in Australia. Australia has to take a step towards assuring the Security of the nation as well as national sovereignty. There have been countless cases of white supremacism around the globe and till the day people are continuing this ill habit and needless to say that it has reached Australian boundaries too. In many parts of the world white people are considered to be supreme and also the opportunities that white people get is way more than what other colour people get. This started many years ago when Britishers use to rule many countries, since then it has become even more prominent in this world, and also in Australia too it is becoming rather frequent, there have been many cases where for a particular job white people were considered. When talking about Islam, it is considered to be the religion of terrorism almost every other terrorist is Islamic, so evidently, their image in the globe is really bad and everyone seems to look at them with doubtful thoughts. In Australia, numerous times Muslims have been caught planning to kill non-Islamic people just because they think that non-Islamic people are not worth living.

Australia cannot just remain an indifferent bystander anymore, they have to react to these things. Things that are slowly but steadily becoming a severe threat to the nation, constantly challenging the national security, the safety of the citizens as well as it is also playing its part in demolishing the unity that Australians are usually known for. We have already arrived in an era, where the policies and the opinions of the leaders are not drawn towards the major problems of the society, which has led to the disconnection of the people of societies from their countries. The interest of those leaders has started to not match with the major problem which is surrounding the majority of the countries.

Boundaries could not be treated as something which would be resisting the evil. These boundaries do not make any sense anymore. Evil has slowly but steadily spread its wings inside Australia and is chewing the trust and unity out of the country, people are getting more and more frequent in being victimized as well as in giving birth to a crime. Fortunately, Australia has not been in the receiving end of the majority of the vicious crimes but it is safe to say that any and everything is possible and if the current picture is to be studied then these evils have made their way to the land of Australia. The freedom of Australia indeed depends upon the much-needed protection from foreign interference.

To conclude what is written above, I would like to say that vicious crimes have been a part of this world, be it terrorism, white supremacism, anti-Semitism all of these have made a direct or indirect impact on every country. Australia has also seen a fair share of these things but more than ever, today it has become extremely important for them to make a move and to not let the citizens of Australia become criminals. Many times Australia has been able to put its national interest in front of the world to show its place to the world. But now it has become even more important to show the globe their national interest and maintain an uncanny goodwill for themselves.

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