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Table of Contents



Thesis statement




Topic sentences

Concerns related to dimension, reponses and evidence


Restatement of the thesis

Summary of main points and qualification of thesis




In this essay, the effect of the rise of the sea level of Pacific and its impact over the climatic events is detected. In what ways, the hike of sea level influences the weather conditions such as high tides or storm surges is also evaluated in an effectual manner. In regard to this, the entire eco-system of the globe would get affected and the living bodies would also get extremely hampered. The prime issue that acts as the standpoint for such types of issue is global warming. Due to global warming, the ocean bio-geochemistry is extremely affected and hindered (Taylor & Kumar, 2016). Therefore, it is extremely essential to protect and control the issues related to warming so as to safeguard the water level rising of the pacific as it would not only disturb the marine life of the water animals but also the human beings.

Thesis Statement

Thus, it can be depicted that sea level change can pose an existential issue over the changes of the climate. Hence, extreme attention is presented over the sea-level rising issue as it could result in a serious problem in the coming era.


It is divided into introduction, discussion and conclusion.



In this advanced era, technological improvement created a negative effect over the climate of the entire globe. For example; global warming is one of the key instances that erupted from the extreme advancement of the globe. Due to this, varied types of climatic changes arouse and it directly hindered the human as well as atmospheric activities. Among many other alterations, sea-level rise is one of the most significant as well as long term effect. The key reason behind this is mainly due to the variation in the climate of the entire globe. According to Constable (2017) it can be mentioned that the level of sea of Pacific islands are increasing at a rapid rate mainly due to the issue of melting of continental ice sheets.

As a result to this, numerous low-lying islands are in great threat of getting drowned under water in the coming time. Not only this, rising surface temperature and acidification of the ocean waters results in lack of generation of sediments and so the level of the islands are drowning. In regard to this, the duration of storms, precipitation and water vapour rate alters considerably and it creates a noteworthy challenge for the entire globe. Since due to such types of changes the risk of dangerous hurricanes and cyclones thereby hindering the normal life of the individual in the world.

Topic Sentences

Other than this, another prime reason that resulted in the rise of the sea level of Pacific is melting of the Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets. Along with this, thermal expansion is also primly responsible to enhance the level of sea water of pacific. Due to this, the low lying atolls of Pacific, which are the residence of numerous aged breeding sea birds, mammals, turtles, fishes, coral reefs and wildlife would entirely drown under water. As a result, the wildlife species would undergo extreme distressful situation. As a result of this, many of them would die, or fly away to any other safe shelter. In addition to this, Weir et al., (2017) also highlighted that rise of sea level is a extreme serious issue and it would increase of floods and storms in varied parts of the entire world. In lieu to this, wide range of devastation is witnessed due to storms in different parts of the world due to cyclonic storms.

It not only disturbs the life of the living beings but also of many other species like birds, animals and replies. In addition to this, storms or hike in water level also results in flooding of the wetlands as well as pollution of the aquifers. So, the flora and fauna of the varied regions of the world gets damaged and destroyed entirely. Therefore, it is extremely essential to implement environmental sustainability concerns so as to safeguard the entire world. At the same time, the government need to plant many trees, so as to protect the level of erosion of the soil. Doing so, would be effectual in safeguarding the farmland, housing areas as well as recreational parts from getting evaded by water. Hence, it would be mentioned that extreme rains and strong winds intensity is quite threatening for the people and aquatic lives of world. Keeping this in mind, the government officials need to implement extreme measures to safeguard the environment from the above mentioned climatic conditions.

Concerns Related to Dimension, Reponses and Evidence

Additionally, Taylor & Kumar (2016) revealed that, sea level rise in Pacific also resulted in forced migration. Due to this, numerous families had to shift over to other regions in order to protect them from the extreme heat and weather conditions. The prime reason behind this is swallowing of the islands under water and disappearance of the large land areas. Due to this, rate of harvesting also lowers and the issue of drought also arises due to lack of rainfall in winter months due to climatic changes. Thus, violent storms or drought are some of the main challenges faced by both rural and urban population of the world due to sea level increase. In contrast, it would be stated that strict actions need to be taken by the authorities so that the level of heat does not enhances resulting in melting of ice sheets.

Apart from this, climatic alterations and sea level hike is not only dangerous for the human beings but also for the local economy as well. This is because; it would also hamper the farming communities thereby hindering their daily life, harvesting mode and thus the entire livelihood (Storlazzi et al., 2017). In regard to this, poverty tries to grab these centres of populations and lead to death. Moreover, the people engaged in tourism and recreation segment also get widely hampered due to this sort of climatic variations. Since, most of the natural beauties are engulfed by the extreme natural conditions like sea level rise, storms, hurricanes, drowning etc and so the range tourist interests are also lowering day by day. Thus, the recreational aspect is reducing and the tourists organizations are failing its prosperity in the market of those regions. Not only this, climatic changes also resulted in migration of fish and animals also leads to varied types of issues in the living conditions.

Furthermore, rise in climatic aspects leads to upliftment of the temperature of the oceans and this results in problems in various food products. This results in decrease in attainment of foods materials and so the animals living in water bodies fails to achieve it. Other than this, the region of Pacific is also experiencing extreme severity of weather events such as heat waves, extremely high rainfall and cyclones and severe diseases (Scott-Parker et al., 2017).

Due to this, Australia and its neighbouring regions includes wide range of devastating disorders. This leads to the presence of various disturbed environmental circumstances thereby increasing the matter of migration.

Though, climatic change is becoming a threat for human beings, still it cannot be managed in an accurate way. This is because, maintaining immediate activities towards houses, lands as well as environment is extremely essential. Still, the people could not implement accurate measures so as to mitigate the issues resulting in sea level rising in Pacific. It also results in salinisation of the ground water and so the degree of freshwater is decreasing in the current region. This creates a very problematic scenario for the humans and also for the coastal regions. Hence, this had become one of the extreme issues for the individual living in those places and also for the entire world. Despite of this, high range of rainfall in also quite harmful as it would lead to risk of floods. This would diminish the scope of success of the agricultural and production related sectors thereby diminishing the living of the poor people. In lieu to this, the economic scenario of those areas is also decreasing and thus the gross domestic product or GDP is minimising with an extreme rate (Robinson & Gilfillan, 2017).

Hence, it would be analysed from the above mentioned facts and data that climatic alteration is one of the most prominent cause of consideration. This is due to the fact special attention need to be taken over the issue of alteration of the climates so as to save the globe. If such is not done, then the world would get destroyed and the lands would be under water for the coming future. In order to save and protect the globe, it is important to reduce the intensity of warming so as to restrict the rising of the sea levels. And it will also assist in safeguarding the globe from extreme climatic events. Finally, it can be stated that sustainability is the prime key requirement that would aid in taking scalable actions to offer solutions.

Such types of assistance would not only combat sea-level changes but also save the drowning of freshwater resources as well as arable lands. Then, these lands would be used to plant agricultural products and create a balance of the nature. Not only this, freshwater would also support in development of coral reefs and atolls thereby creating a balance in restoring the sediments lost by erosion. As a result, numerous atolls that would be saved from becoming extinct and this would prove quite useful for the coming ages (Constable, 2017).

Environmental sustainability in regard to economic, environmental and social is extremely essential in order to save the globe from any sort of harm. And the individual would be saved from the above said issues and also the availability of fresh drinking water would also increase.


Restatement of The Thesis

Conclusively, it would be detected that sea level rise in the Pacific acted as one of the key facet that resulted in various climatic alterations. It not only disturbed the local people habits but also messed up the entire climate of the globe.

Summary of Main Points and Qualification of Thesis

Threatening storms and cyclones increased and this enhanced the problems of erosion or flood. As a result, the costal infrastructure would get entirely lost and it would prove extremely devastating for all of the individual. So, to reduce such types of disturbances, proper sustainable measures need to be implemented by the government so that, economic, social and environmental issues would get resolved entirely. To do so, accurate coordination and communication is extremely important. Other than this, it would be possible at all to resolute it in any aspect.


Constable, A. L. (2017). Climate change and migration in the Pacific: options for Tuvalu and the Marshall Islands. Regional environmental change, 17(4), 1029-1038.

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