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Group Facilitation Assessment

A) Management of Group Dynamics in Challenging Situations

i) Ensuing Inclusion and Safety

The extent to which a group welcomes and comprises of people belonging to a broad range of backgrounds and interests is known as being ‘inclusive’. It is important for the groups to be more inclusive because variety of people can bring variety of talent, voices, experiences, and approaches along with adding depth to the ideas. People are likely to be an active member of the group if they feel they are being valued and are being treated with respect and dignity. It is important to build an inclusive culture which wholeheartedly embraces the differences because when the people from different backgrounds and different points of view work together, the outcome is of highest quality, and value.

Few factors that have to kept in mind while working in a diversified team. Just like fingers of the hand are not same, it is not necessary for all the team to have same strengths and weakness. Some of the weaknesses of the team members could be physical, psychological, intellectual, or sensory. During the session plan it is important for the facilitator to keep the following points in mind.

  1. Demonstrating equality
  2. Keeping communication channels opens
  3. Treating every idea fairly
  4. Using language which is understandable to everyone
  5. Meeting at common places to avoid awkwardness
  6. Having positive attitudes towards one another
  7. Helping each other whenever need arises
  8. Ensuring everyone has work and role according to their preferences and calibre.
  9. Establishing ground rules for interactions
  10. Sharing of ideas and opinions of different topics is encourage

Thus, it is important as a team to be sensitive towards the religious sentiments of the team members, thus, all the team members and their beliefs and cultures should be respected. I will also ensure not to use any jargons while conversing with the other team members, as everyone’s linguistic skills may not match. Thus, all the efforts, communications, plans will be made after understanding the differences and ensuring that there is no discrimination, also having a thorough understanding of the fact that all the efforts put-in by the members and outcomes generated will not be similar and there will be variances.

ii) Adapting Plans Because of Participants Not Engaging Themselves in The Group Activities

In every group there could be participants who are difficult to handle: they could be talkative, a know-it-all, fighter, arguer, quiet, withdrawn, complainer, conscious, distracter, or a rambler. It is important to know the behavioural traits for dealing with them.

In our group for dealing with the non-participants: could be a shy person who is conscious of his or her intelligence, a withdrawn person who is not focused, or an arguer who has some or the other problem with the opinions and views of the other people. For ensuring I will try engage people in the discussions for planning the tasks and completing with utmost efficiency. However, there may still be some people who may not participate.

While dealing with the shy person, who has knowledge but does not get a chance or is not comfortable sharing their thoughts with everyone in the group. I would try and get be engaged by specifically asking them to share their thoughts on topics. As another technique I will ask them to write their opinions so that when speaking they have guidance and support and are able to express themselves more freely.

For people who are withdrawn, I would try and gain their trust slowly and steadily and ask them to share their thoughts after everyone else. Use their names as examples in hypothetical situations and then asking them what should be the reaction of that person such a situation. While preparing the role plays, I would ask them to be observers who would provide their opinions on the basis of the act. I will also ensure to ask them simpler questions and praise them for their efforts and opinions. I will try and include them wherever I can but will not ignore them.

While dealing with the arguer, I will be extra careful to not lose my temper be calm while having a discussion with them. I will acknowledge their passion towards the subject and also ask them to share their sources which can help us as a team. If their arguments turn aggressive, I will speak to them privately and try and understand what caused their aggression and will explain it to them that their behaviour can adversely impact the team and the outcome.

iii) Dealing with Distressed Participants

When working in a group, as individuals we do not know the personal circumstances of the other person, thus commenting on somebody’s behaviour would be inhumane. Thus, if ever in a group if there was someone, who was distressed, suddenly in the middle of a discussion began crying or disclosed personal issues irrelevant to the group discussion, I would first try and console that person, give them some water, and would let him or her vent out. So that, once they are done, they will be able to concentrate better in the discussion. I will be respectful towards their feelings and not force them for anything.

I will tell him or her that we all are here, being a team we are together and if there is any way we can help him or her we will be there to help. It is not easy for a person who distressed to trust people, but at times all they want is a non-judgemental ear which would hear all their plight and not judge them. Thus, I will try and be that ear for them. For I believe, it is united we stand tall, succeed and overcome all the obstacles in life. Thus, I will try and establish a rapport within the team where everyone is comfortable talking to each other about anything.

B) Session Plan



Purpose/ Theory

Group Stage


Brief Introduction

The initial-stage activity will be about building trust, introducing each other, and development of the goals and objectives related to the topic area and discussion of the group goals. Icebreaker activity will aid in identifying the individual objective of the members.

To build trust and bond among the team members.

1st stage or initial stage of the session

5-8 minutes

Initiating the work of group

Begin the discussion about tobacco consumption, effects and potential prevention

Sharing knowledge on the topic which would help in the creation of expectations like trust, roles and goals.

Transition stage

10-15 minutes

Presentation on risks associated with use, the facilitators will facilitate a group activity.

Present some fact about the harmful effects of the consumption of tobacco on the health of the individual and on people around them.

Educational video on the impact on the health after consumption of tobacco and how it ruins the lives of the consumers and their loved ones.

Questions from the audience are invited for further discussion.

Learn about the harmful effects of the consumption of tobacco on human health

Understand the benefits of quitting tobacco on the mental and physical health of the individual.

Middle or Working phase

10-15 minutes

Sharing of personal experiences of the Group members.

Sharing of personal and intimate live examples by the group members will facilitate cohesion within the group.

Sharing personal examples helps in understanding why is tobacco not good for our body

Final stage

10 minutes

Lessons learnt

The facilitators will ask the group members to reflect on their learnings.

This will help the group members in understanding the important role that they had in the group task.

Everyone will gain awareness on the effects of consumption of tobacco and why is it important to quit.

Ending stage or group termination.

10 minutes

C) Reflection

Group work plays an essential role in incorporating and fulfilling shared goals in a more improved manner than undertaken on individual basis. In my small group activity, each participant took part in accomplishing the tasks assigned to them. I learned numerous new things from other people working in group. However, there were certain challenges that came in group activity like personality clashes, diverse background of people, sometimes poor communication, and many more. But overall the activity on which we were working was a successful one. The activity was named as tobacco prevention. Initially, while the group activity, my group focused on knowing each other and built robust relationship with each other. All the members of the group used the icebreaker activity in order to identify their individual goals. The goals and objectives to fulfil the activity were set initially and this session took 5-8 minutes to discuss all those things. Moreover, coordinator of the group played an essential role in associating each members of group and communicated the norms and standards to be followed like timely delivery of assignments allotted to them.

Furthermore, after the introduction session, there occurred another session for sharing the knowledge of the topic that would aid in forming expectations like goals, roles, and more. This stage was known to be transition stage in which I participated on initial basis to discuss about the tobacco prevention and I gave reasonable and justified outlooks on the concerned topic of tobacco prevention. This session lasted for about 10 minutes which was enough for spreading awareness of harmful effects of tobacco consumption. I provided factual information that there are numerous diseases which stem up from the tobacco like cancer, cardiac-related diseases, and more. Around 4 k harmful chemicals are produced in individual body after consuming it once that is extremely dreadful situation.

Then, there was middle or working session that lasted for about 10-15 minutes. This session entailed the discussion of risks associated with the tobacco consumption and facilitator conducted a group activity in that session. During that discussion, my coordinator showed educational videos that proved to be fruitful in spreading awareness about the tobacco prevention. Moreover, I personally felt that group video method was the best to make the members understand of the importance of its ill effects and at the same time it proved to be motivating for whole group session. All the members including me understood how important is to quit tobacco for the improved mental health of an individual.

The final session was based on sharing the personal experiences of the group members that also made me learn the things that I was not aware of. All the members shared their story that motivated and reinforcing the positivity in all others. I also shared my viewpoints on tobacco prevention by storytelling method which was effective in awaking others. However, there were certain individuals also who did not take part in sharing their experience due to the fact that they were introvert and carry shy nature. Additionally, I motivated them to take part in activity and speak freely about their views.

The ending stage was about the lessons learnt and this stage helped me revising the facts learned in session and will be helpful in future also.

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