Introduction to Homeostasis :

Homeostasis defines the equilibrium included to maintain balance between different elements of human body. Keen observation of the physical, chemical and the internal composition supports in maintaining the health condition of the human body (Lin & Zhang, 2017). The condition is considered to get idea about the optimal functioning of different organisms that benefits in maintaining body temperature and the balance of fluid that assists in maintaining functioning of human body. On other hand, integumentary system functions together with circulatory system that is beneficial to manage body functioning intensely. The functioning of nervous system depends on the functioning of neurons that is embedded in the skin that is used to make sense regarding the outside world. The current essay has shed light on the homeostasis and its connection with the integumentary system.

Discussion on Homeostasis :

Role of Homeostasis:

The main function of homeostasis is to keep balance between body temperature, food intake and water consumption (Iurlaro, et al., 2017). Constant changes of the these factors creates an intense impact on the functioning of the human body that is essential to maintain functioning if brain. Strong inter-relation among the brain and various organs increases the chances of restoring body temperature, energy, water and salt levels that are essential to maintain the functioning of human body. The warm-blooded organism named homeotherms mainly focuses on the controlling the temperature of human body (Iurlaro, et al., 2017). The hypothalamus has direct impact on the sweet glands that assists in managing muscle construction and body temperature (Iurlaro, et al., 2017). Maintaining equal balance between the ratio of water and slat is essential to manage osmolality level of the blood. Imbalance level of water and salt leads to create thirst in human body.

The hypovolemic blood arises due to low level of water in the blood volume. In response to this thirst, the brain indicates the person to consume high level of water. The release of the hormone vasopressin has increased the chances on releasing the excessive water level a urine. On other hand, the osmotic thirst details about the salty blood present in outside of the human body (Cani, et al., 2019). In response to this, the braid has released the anti-diuretic hormone that is essential to release the concentrated urine. It is essential to manage calcium balance in the human body. The bone is considered as the storage section of the human body. High level

of calcium is considered as hyperkalaemia and the low level of the existence of the calcium is regarded as hypocalcaemia (Iurlaro, et al., 2017). Parathyroid hormone gets sect ration from the glands that results in managing calcium level in blood. The PHP is used to retail the level of calcium in the human body (Lin & Zhang, 2017). The presence of this hormone is beneficial to control the functioning of intestine to make release of calcium in liver. On other hand, proper functioning of PHP is essential to manage the sec ration of calcium in the urine. Calcitonin gets secretion from the thyroid grand that benefits in taking the calcium that has been come of the blood vessels.

Function of Integumentary System:

The integumentary system is like a protection system and this acts as a barrier to protect the body from the outside world. The function of this integumentary system is quite simple and that is being referred to here for better and more concise understanding. The function is based on creating protection, sensation, allows movement of the muscles and also creates immunity. It is the system that covers the whole of our body and provides protection to our body. It has different layers and that helps in protection of the body parts from the outer world. For example the one of vital components of this system is skin and that has different layers such as epidermis and dermis (Iurlaro, et al., 2017). The epidermis and dermis again has different layers and sections such as stratum basale, stratum spinosum, stratum granulosum, Stratum lucidum and Stratum corneum. The function is based on use of the skin layers and the skin tissues to create a form of covering and also the function is based on heat regulation and control. The functioning of this system is an integrated one and that includes one step after another where the layers come together to form a thick membrane (Lin & Zhang, 2017). The hypodermic that is there is just beneath the skin and is also attached to the dermis and that leads to the forming of the protection system and also at the same time points out the functioning system of the integumentary system. This system acts in the outer surface of the body and that has a connection with the inner skin and inner skin layers.

Connection Between Homeostasis and Integumentary System: 400

Proper functioning of the integumentary system is essential to manage the functioning of the homeostasis that benefits in controlling the body hydration. It helps in managing the body temperature that results in managing the internal function of human body. The integumentary system supports in storing essential water level that is essential to maintain the hydration of the body. Managing the water intake increases the chances of releasing sweat that is helpful to keep check on the temperature and release the waste products regularly (Giulivo, et al., 2016). Proper function of the inter-connected body system is vital the function of sensory system which benefits in sharing valuable information to the sensory nervous system in limited timeframe (Iurlaro, et al., 2017).

The integrated connected of the motor nerves benefits in keeping strong sense of the surrounding environment that helps in reacting accordingly. Connection of the integumentary system long with the nervous system increases the chances of controlling excessive heat of the body. It also helps in controlling the excessive dropping of the temperature that results in making the skin extremely freezing (Iurlaro, et al., 2017). As the integumentary system considers the functioning of glands, skin, nails, hair and nerves that helps in securing the functioning of human body that is essential to secure the body against diseases (Wee & Aris, 2017) . Considering the functions of skin, it is evident that it helps in controlling the sensory reception. Inclusion of valuable materials helps in lowering the production of sweat. Accumulation of valuable vitamin and other ingredients is essential to maintain nutrition level in human body.

The regular contraction of the skeletal muscles benefits in releasing the temperature that is essential to manage the body warm. Movement the muscles increases the chances of maintaining flexible body that is essential to avoid health problems for long run. The functioning of the endocrine benefits in releasing the Vitamin D that is vital for the protection of the skin. Excretion of the sweat glands is essential to manage the release of water level from body. The functioning of the integumentary system needs to be considered to deal with the changes that are required in human body (Iurlaro, et al., 2017). It assists in maintaining the functioning of cell division, muscle strength and blood circulation that are essential to maintain blood circulation. The system also maintaining the functioning of metabolic system that is essential to enhance body immunity (Nowak, et al., 2018). Controlling the blood circulation increases the chances of maintaining fluid level that impacts on the internal functionality of the human body. On other hand, improper functioning of this system creates trouble in controlling the function of respiratory system. Imbalanced release of hormone creates problem in reducing the body heat that impacts on the blood circulation process.

Conclusion on Homeostasis:

The current essay has detailed about the internal functionality of homeostasis that aims at controlling the body heat. It is evident that proper functioning of integumentary system increases the chances of protecting the function of homeostasis. It assists in managing the human body system that is essential to maintain blood circulation and nervous system functions intensely.

References for Homeostasis:

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