Interpersonal and E-Communication

1.Delivering bad news is hard especially when you do not agree with the decision you are communicating. Explain in details the appropriate channel and outline for a message that conveys bad news. Under what conditions a writer would be justified in choosing an alternate outline or channel?

While delivering bad news in a business setting, the bearer must ensure that they do it with empathy. They have to make sure that there is a buffer positive statement in the beginning of the conversation and a cushion statement at the end. This is known as the sandwich method and is the most appropriate channel to deliver bad news. But all this should happen without beating around the bush. The communication of the bad news must be clear and the writer should ensure that they are conveying so sensitively. They should also ensure that they legitimise the emotions of the listener while providing them with a clear framework and alternatives. (Bacon,2004).

The writer should have a proper introduction, the bad news should be the main body and the concluding statements should be along the lines of remedies and genuine empathy. Irrespective of what the writer feels the writing should be credible and damage the trust of the receiver. Identify the good parts, present the bad news and avoid all excuses.

Recognize their effort and say something of value but do not become too emotionally attached. Irrespective of their personal preference, a writer must be diplomatic enough to understand the company needs.

2. Discus briefly how price can be effectively handled in a sales message?

Answer: The best way to handle price in a sales message is by making it a persuasive sales message. The writer must ensure that they are able to identify the objective of the sales message to create a marketing solution to fulfil this endeavour. The attention statement should clearly state the main idea about the buyer/consumer benefit. It should provide reasons for intrigue call to action and close the sale. (Corbin, 1992)

The 3 main ideas behind an effective sales message are credibility, passion and logic. The sales message has to sound useful, exciting and full of efficiency and potential for the customer so that they are persuaded. The price should be mentioned in short, attention grabbing sentences to make a bigger wider impact to attract customers. Customers usually don’t pay much attention to long sentences so the framing should be done keeping that in mind.

3. Zappos is one of the leading shoe and clothing retail companies. If you are hired by Zappos to develop an effective message to market their brand-new handbags to potential online customers. In about 200 words describe any five attention-getting ideas you can use.

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4. Briefly discuss the primary principles involved in writing an executive summary. What is the significance of other names given to this preliminary report part?

Answer: The whole purpose of an executive summary is to give a summary of the background, the main idea, analysis and conclusion. It’s a brief look of the whole plan and is an extremely critical step for the whole business plan. An effective business plan will a single- or two-page executive summary that includes the mission and vision statement to help the get a glimpse into what the plan entails.

An ideal executive summary will make sure that it is strong enough to make an extremely powerful first impression. While highlighting the key steps and business strategy it should be able to wow the reader from get go.

Clarity of thought and relevance to the subject are the two things that a writer must keep in mind when writing the executive summary. It should grab the readers attention and hit some high points from the entire business plan. As it is the first thing that any reader will read , it has to be compelling enough to get them interested.

An executive summary as a term is specifically used for business reports and plans as it hands out the key executive objectives of the entire plan. For projects that use just the term – summary introduction, overview- it entails only a brief synopsis of the entire assignment that significantly helps in adding formality to the report and giving a brief overlay of the project.

5. Describe the purpose of findings, conclusions, and recommendations sections of a formal report? Are they always distinct sections in both long and short reports?

Answer: An ideal business report always follows a standard business format to create considerable impact. The reason why people must follow this format for assignments is because it has been put in place as it streamlines all the information and data in an effective manner. The project or plan then becomes readable clearly listing out every part of the plan. ( Fisher, 1988).

The findings, conclusions and recommendations in any formal report is that the whole idea to understand a subject or an objective is followed. The findings section of any report tells us about the discoveries that have been made because of the research and this helps in building on the objective. It gives facts and figures that verify the project and give it support to make it credible.

The conclusion arrives at a point where the reader has been already exposed to the entire project. The conclusion should offer a finishing point for the reader. It should summarise the project while reaching a judgement after all the research. without repeating any other points, it should connect all the dots and present the final picture. (Bacon, D. R., & Anderson, 2004).

Recommendations are important for any formal report so that the readers have a reference point about the subject matter other than what the project gives. They are distinctly present in long reports separately. In short reports findings and conclusions maybe clubbed together.

6. Describe any five (5) graphic types and include the appropriate objective for the use of each.

Answer: Graphics form an important part of any business plan or campaign because they help the audience connect with the idea more effectively. The five types of graphics are :

  • Visual identity graphics: this how a brand can communicate its personality and its ideas and help the consumer connect with the brand.
  • Marketing and advertising graphics: this is how the brand taps into the decision making aspect of the consumer by influencing them with their marketing ideas and working sales messages in an impressive manner.
  • User interface graphics: this is about how the user interacts with the design interface of the brand
  • Numerical graphics: these provide the information required to create a proper sales message and help in enhancing the logical value of the message.
  • Communicative graphics: these help in reaching out to the audience and creating a source fascination through visuals so that their interest is piqued.

7. You are preparing to give a talk or presentation to an audience of people who have differing cultural backgrounds. Discuss any three important Do’s and Don'ts that you need to consider to ensure that your presentation is successful.

Answers: When speaking to an audience that has members form different cultural background, one must ensure that they stick to their main bullet points and do not get too animated while talking. It is extremely important that as speaker they realize the responsibility that comes with making a well-informed speech. They should not use any statements that could hurt the sentiments of and group members.

They must ensure that they are inclusive and they should use universal analogies in their speech so that everyone can relate with the message (Robin, 1987). It is also of utmost importance that they do not crack unnecessary jokes or say things that are irrelevant to the main idea.

They must maintain a balance between composure and expressiveness so that they are able to deliver their message effectively.

8. Differentiate between a chronological résumé and a functional résumé.

Answers: a resume is the brief accounting of relevant work experience and education background of an individual. Chronological resume recounts the entire job history of an individual as per proper chronology. It gives them a proper depth and breadth of the work history for the assessment to employers. This is the more popular resume and great for individuals with solid, dependable history.

A functional resume is more suitable with new graduates or individuals with erratic work history as it emphasizes on particular work skills and experience that build on the calibre and potential of the individual. It states work history in order of importance and can be useful for people with gaps in their job history.

9. Social networking is often considered the most valuable source of information about jobs. Discuss your opinion about this statement in 200 words. Provide at least two examples from your experience.

Answer: Wit=th each passing day, your online presence is becoming more and more important of a role player in your potential recruitment. Social media is important for visibility and also for one to search for jobs in their desired arena. Your online presence helps your recruiter decide whether you are a good fit for their company. Social media can help you get more aware about the changing trends and sites like Linkedin can help you gain access to avenues that might have been inaccessible in any other circumstance.

From displaying your wide range of interests to your advanced communication skills, it can help you build confidence and project an image to you potential employers (McDonald, 2016) It helps them gain an insight about your background information too as you can also showcase your old work.

Social media also helps in interaction with the potential employer and give them an idea about the interview setting. It is extremely helpful in decision making where the individual can also as if they want to be a part of this company or not.

My first job at a production house as an intern was because of this Instagram story I saw on the particular company page. On personally messaging them, I got called for the interview and was selected.

The other experience was a workshop started by one of my favourite authors in my hometown. I got the notification about the workshop from their Instagram that I follow. The workshop gave me some amazing exposure and the chance to meet some industry personnel while equipping me with necessary skills.

References for Interpersonal and E-Communication

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