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Table of Contents

Introduction to Communication Skills in Medical Practice

Discussion to Improve Communication Skills in Medical Practice

Conclusion of Improvement of Communication Skills in Medical Practice


Introduction to Communication Skills in Medical Practice

Like many other anthropological professionals, communication skills are essential for medical practice. It covers many areas of patient care, including interviewing permanent patients, investigating related and additional issues, consulting with patients, explaining treatment options, and advising on their complications and follow-up. One needs to explain the risks to the patients, provide counselling in case of trauma or accident, provide information on complications related to the surgical procedure and acquire informed outlets and more areas of patient care. Disease Treatment Education provides patients with theoretical and practical knowledge of the disease process and its diagnostic and treatment methods but the most important communication skills in dealing with patients. Good communication and counselling strategies can enhance clinical skills in Education and practice. Communication skill and interpersonal skill of the Physicians are more likely to have an essential impact on the outcome of the patient (Joo, Sohng & Kim, 2015 p53).

Discussion to Improve Communication Skills in Medical Practice

Better communication between physicians and patients builds trust, improves compliance, reduces errors and accidents, and thus reduces the incidence of abuse. Communication is an art which when knowledge of treatment, surgical skills and clinical intelligence is a medical skill. Professionalism, an integral part of good medical practice, requires knowledge, skills, competencies, ethics and effective communication skills. Physician-Patient Face-to-Face: The key components are building relationships, openly discussing, collecting data, understanding patient perspectives, sharing information, reaching agreement on issues and plans, and using the structure of the Cambridge patient interview model.

There are some misconceptions about the teaching of communication for medical students such as not being taught communication skills or being considered as skills. Acquisition time during training decreases over time students and teachers feel that they gain experience, learn and improve. To improve communication skills, faculty and students need to be interested in self-awareness, interpersonal sensitivity, and self-will (Park, & Chung, 2015 p6702).

Despite the barriers mentioned above, communication in drug practice is predicted to be a good communication for efficient as well as effective practice. Communication skills training may include undergraduate training.

Good communication skills are a resource for medical practice. Effective communication helps physicians gain the trust and consent of their patients and build relationships between healthy physicians and their patients. These necessary soft skills can be acquired in constructive years and can be fully practised every year. One has tried to establish these points in the above project. Students develop their communication skills by observing and practising seniors, teachers and mentors. It is difficult to systematically study these skills at the formation stage, but communication training during clinical submission strengthens these skills and allows students and faculty members to see their relevance.

Nursing practices should be dedicated to taking care of oneself: taking care of oneself, taking care of others, taking care of oneself that leads to life and happiness. This view is one of the foundations of human existence and is unique to all human beings. This process of care and attention can exist without sharing information and emotions or without a very close relationship between nurse and patient. The training and experience of nurses can help one find valuable information where one needs it and understand and respect the patients. This training and experience help prevent unjust behaviour and respects the individuality of each patient. This interaction allows nurses to differentiate between different patients and provide their nursing care (Lee & Kim 2017 p322).

The nurse needs to consider her needs, limitations, and possibilities to identify how each patient interacts with nearby patients. It is important to choose the right behaviour to help poor patients. Nursing understudies are encouraged explicit abilities and significant information that empower them to give customized nursing care following a reference model custom-made to the requirements of every person/family and network. During the preparation cycle, nursing understudies perceive the significance of correspondence among them and their patient/family to comprehend their ailment and the medicines they have to understand. Nursing understudies can build up a relationship of trust and compassion with their patient/family while performing all reflections about their clinical practice and their activities. They need to learn to listen and deal with different situations in different situations. The student can establish a truly supportive and therapeutic relationship with him or her patient that allows for the existence of isolated care (Kim, 2016 p612).

Five characters are there that exist in human communication. The overview is the basic structure that controls the entire communication process. If the aquarium does not work for any reason, communication may fail. These five axes:

  1. No one can communicate. All actions are a form of communication, so people who are aware of each other are always in touch. Other perceptible behaviours, including a lack of behaviour, may be explained by other people.

  2. Each correspondence has a substance and relationship angle, ordering the last into the previous. This is known as a meta-correspondence. Every individual reacts to the substance of the correspondence that there is an existing relationship between the communicators.

  3. The nature of the relationship depends on how the partnership communicates. There is often a real mail stream from every aspect of communication. This is especially true for verbal non-messages.

  4. Communication of Human being comprises both digital and analog forms. Digital languages have controversial, complex and powerful syntax but do not have proper semantics, while analog languages have semantic ownership of languages, but do not have proper syntax. What is called self-talk (digital communication) is very important but what is called (body language, moments of silence management, onomatopoeia) is also very important.

  5. The methods of communication between people are symmetrical or complementary, depending on whether the partner relationships are based on differences or equality (Meng & Qi, 2018).

Nursing professionals can go to patients, listen to them, state the perfect words at the perfect time, support correspondence through signals and motions, and make addresses one has to know. Be straightforward, deferential and invest the correct energy with the patients. Medical caretakers ought to be permitted to build up their relational abilities to set up powerful restorative associations with their patients and give quality nursing care. Thus, nurses need to acquire communication skills, and for that purpose, communication skills and interpersonal skills need to be trained and evaluated, and their skills need to become one.

When using clinical interviews, nurses arrange more information to create an appropriate treatment plan. Last-minute problems are less likely. Discussing sensitive topics makes each part more comfortable makes everyone happier with the way the interviews are conducted. The same author adds during the so-called "clinical conversation" that he provides patients with topics and guidelines that help them become more caring and active in their nurse information. Therefore, nurses should open up, clarify, validate, summarize and seek feedback from patients on topics of discussion. At the same time, nurses need to address new sensations in the moment of illness and help patients (Imran, 2013).

Teaching them is one way to improve communication skills. It can improve the patient’s clinical condition and increase satisfaction by changing the nurse’s outlook. Therefore, the establishment of efficient communication is universal. Many studies confirm the above results that most patients complain to the medical staff due to ignorance about their dignity and quality. There is a strong correlation between patient satisfaction and the use of verbal and incredible communication skills by healthcare professionals. Besides, this study showed a positive relationship between the verbal and incredible communication skills of midwives and patient satisfaction (Shafakhah, et al. 2015 p323).

The purpose of communication is for nurses to communicate properly with their parents and to exchange ideas with them so that they can understand each other. The nurse's job is to take care of the patient as the main responsibility and the goal of the treatment is to restore the patient's health. The most important task of a nurse is to establish relationships. A nurse is a link between parents and physicians and other healthcare professionals. Communication between nurses and parents and the transfer of information to other healthcare professionals are needed to meet demand. Effective communication is an important element of supportive support. If the family gets enough support from the treatment professionals, their stress will be reduced. Nurses are an important source and support for pediatricians, and communication is especially important in nursing.

Establishing efficient communication is an important feature of the organization’s nursing care, as nurses spend a lot of time with their patients. Teaching communication skills also improves the quality of care. Nevertheless, most studies describe the nurse’s poor communication with patients and the quality of delivery care, especially patient communication, is one of the main concerns of nursing education managers. Therefore, this study is conducted to improve the communication learning skills of nursing students.

Different approaches to developing communication skills training programs are evidence-based approaches.

The right choice of communication skills that must be part of the training and can make the difference between skill-based approaches to clinical practice. When one is learning skills through teaching, one can try more specific communication problems and challenges (Beaird, Nye & Thacker, 2017 p180).

Conclusion of Improvement of Communication Skills in Medical Practice

Teaching communication skills is one way to improve the quality of healthcare, improve clinical conditions by changing attitudes and increasing patient satisfaction. The results of this study show that nursing interns can improve communication skills by changing the way they communicate with their patients.


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