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Case Study: Benjamin (Benny)

Counsellor is a qualified and experienced individual who utilises various counselling method which could help people to overcome their mental and emotional issues. The duties of counsellor are to listen the patient, provide treatment plans, and proposed the action strategies. Excellent written and verbal communication skill helped me to support the client, which help him to use the mechanism to come from the through tough situation. I used various methods of counselling, medication, or other services to identify fault for improvement. The essay will highlight the role of counsellor require to support the client and to develop a rapport in front of him. The essay will address the effective communication strategies, ethical considerations and implement them to overcome the barrier.

Benjamin (Benny) is 19-year-old adolescent who lives with his family. He belongs to Aboriginal or torres strait islander community, his family comprises of his mother who has separated from her husband, and three sibling. He is a full time worker. However, he is not working properly from past time because of irregular sleep, mood swings, and regular alcohol intake. But, the major problem which affects him is his father who does not live with them and this make him upset and aggressive. This made his general practitioner to seek a support from health care counsellor.

As a healthcare counsellor, I will develop a rapport with Benny through various methods of communication and discipline. I will ensure the effective and efficient communication with Benny. Active listening skill will help in understanding the Benny’s story, try to develop a intimacy with him. Start the communication with the Benny’ culture, background, personality and make a notes on how he react on each personality question. As this will help me to develop a trust with him and help me to know about his life dilemma if any.

S from paper (Papoola, & Oluwatoin, 2018) can be opined that person’s cognitive, psychomotor, and affective behaviour help one to develop overall development and trust. Inform him about the small success stories of mine and how I address the situation of other clients and made inventions on their health problem. Thi will ptovide the self-disclosure of my information as from a paper (Kenosi, & Cartwright, 2018) I found that self disclosure would implement qualitative scenario towards client perception and beliefs.

Rapport help to develop a meaningful and harmonious relationship between me and Benny. S To develop the rapport in front of Benny, I will do the following points:

  • Mutual alertness – I will make sure that during conversation, we both ensure a focussed, interested, concerned, and active toward each other. From the paper written by Ali & Elzubair, (2016) it was also opined that with help of accurate diagnosis of the problem, patient satisfaction, and litigation avoidance contribute in building report with patient.

  • Friendly relationship – Develop a friendly relationship with Benny so as it will help to know more about him. It can also be reviewed from article (Ali & Elzubair) that healthcare professional – patient relationship must be strong, trustworthy, and comfortable. So that, good relationship will enhance patient outcome and satisfaction.

  • Medical discussion – I will try to develop the situation in such a way that will help me to initiate the medical interview with Benny. From the paper (Ranjan, Kumari, & Chakrawart, 2015) it is advised that counsellor shouls understand the client’s problem and learn its psychosocial bearing. Ensure the good clinical practices such as detailed explanation by clinicians, which should be oriented towards the family beliefs and myths. The interview would be an opportunity for the clinicians to understand the patient problem. It is extremely important in case of pschologicall issues, chronic disease, and mental health problem. The communication would provide allaying anxiety and help in motivating the client with regards to good compliance regarding advice. The health professional must make sure that the interview should be patient-centric, and socio-cultural based. This can be done if the healthcare practitioner has develop the good patient-doctor relationship.

While communicating with Benny, there may be development of various issues, which effect the overall treatment and counselling. The communication gap has further impact on health outcomes. Benny is a person who is currently working as a full time professional and know English bit of language. Currently, he is facing health issues in terms of mental health, sexual health, physical health and social support. With respect to his family, they are supportive and provide the good home environment to him. But, the major problem which affects him is his father who does not live with them and this make him upset and aggressive. The communication gap between me and Benny arise due to less of trust between us. Limited health literacy, weak English speakin ability, cultural, linguistic differences and social determinant are some of the factors associated with counselling procedure (Amery, 2017).

From the paper written by Amery (2017), stated that the small proportion of indigenous adults under sixty years does not speak English well, and have a significant communication issue. Many of the indigenous people has poorer grasping power, lack of knowledge, and weaker communication skill. Benny knows lesser English language and suffers from psychiatric disturbance; there might be the chance of occurrence of misinterpretation which hinders the communication. The miscommunication lacks the understanding and can extrapolate the difficulties in counselling procedure.

Barrier Associated

I will recommend his situation with other professional health professionals. This communication will some time create some critical issue. The barrier associated with the treatment is as follow:

  • The referees with other health professional may lead to Benny’s privacy, confidentiality, emotion protection. This may sometime affect the relationship of patient-doctor.

  • There is a need to establish an ethical consultative committee so that, the various other health care professional must know about the case and social factor associated with the client. However, the with the establishment of meeting could adversely affect the psychological thinking of Benny (Kemparaj, 2018)

  • Benny belong to indigenous community, and according to the article (Harfield; Davy; Arthur; Munn; Brown; & Brown, 2018), they stated that the indigenous people have a poorer health outcome as compared to other. These people are often marginalised from the standard and available health services.

  • The health care professional caring may be interfered by the comprehensive program which incorporates treatment, management, prevention and promotion of health.

  • The community from which he come from lives in geographical distinct area, with different traditional habits and cultural belief. (Harfield; Davy; Arthur; Munn; Brown; & Brown, 2018). The distinct culturally belief and myth could lower the acceptance rate with other professional health care.

  • Benny has a long distant with his father and does not like to talk about him anymore. This create some psychological effects on his mind and he became aggressive e and different. This uncontrollable problem may hinders the proper communication with health professional.

Ethical Consideration

  • The ethical principle of respect is associated with doctor and patient relationship. First and foremost important thing in this case is that the relationship must be fundamental to the socio-cultural factors, emotional factors, and myth associated with Aborginal life and well being

  • The treatment and consultation must be based on the ideas of individual autonomy, self-decisive personality, and sense of cultural safety among the client. Thus, the communication between the Benny and healthcare professional need to be respectfully effective.

  • The extrinsic and intrinsic factors need to be ensured while dealing with these kinds of cases.

  • The prejudice and unfair practice need to be removed from the health system. The healthcare professionals, psychiatric, and counsellors, play an important role in the removal of these practices which further improve the emotional and social factors among this community.


From the above case study, it can be concluded that many problems arise while communicating with the person belong to indigenous family. In this case, benny belong to indigenous community and develop the social-cultural characteristic due his ancestral beliefs. He also faces family problems due which suffers from psychological health problem. As the health care professional, one should adopt many strategies as discussed above to solve the problem and treat the case. If requires one can also make other health professional involved, but with proper understanding of the client situation and beliefs.

The repo build should be in compliance with the needs, understanding, and conformability. The ethical consideration, myth, and other factors need to be addressed while communicating and introducing the client with other health professional referral. The unfair practice, prejudice practices, extrinsic factors, social-cultural factors, social determinants, and indigenous belief need to overcome before the consultation starts. Thus, there is a need for filling the community gap through communication strategies, beliefs and methods.


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Prinicples and guidelines for aboriginal and torres strait islander mental health. Retrieved from: https://www.ranzcp.org/files/resources/college_statements/ethical_guidelines/eg11-principles-and-guidelines-for-aboriginal-and.aspx

Ranjan, P., Kumari, A., Chakrawarti, A. (2015). How can doctors improve their communication skills? Journal of Clinical & Diagnostic Research, 9, 1-4

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