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Game: Acting Nurses - Group A

In this game, the participants will be divided into three groups. The first group will contain 10 students who will be acting as community members of Wiimai. They will be the general public who will be suffering from different problems. For example, one student will become a particular individual of the town of Wiimai and would create a hypothetical back-story which would ultimately demonstrate his trouble. The back story should justify the problem faced by the person. Like this, all the individuals of the group have to make hypothetical scenarios around their characters. These characters should be suffering from mental as well as physical problems.

Game: Acting Nurses - Group B

The second group will also contain 10 students, who will play the role of community nurses. These students have to listen to the group A students who have become the community people and then they have to solve their problems. The nurses should first assess the problem and then diagnose it. They also need to give treatment and implementation plan for the community people. Each nurse would attend one patient and would have to give a full solution to the patient problems (Hannan-Jones, Young, Mitchell & Mutch, 2019). They also need to show effective communication and other interpersonal skills. Nurses have to inspect the patient's back-story in detail and then have to state how they will provide quality care to the person.

Game: Acting Nurses - Group C

The last group will also contain 10 students. Every student has to listen to the nurse-patient conversation and have to evaluate if the treatment plan and diagnosis is correct or not. They also have to focus if the communication used is perfect and the quality of care which is delivered is accurate towards the patient (Bryant-Lukosius et al., 2017). Then, they have to find fault with nursing practice and then they have to communicate these things to the person who is playing the nurse. After this, they will replace the nurse and would themselves act as nurses. By doing this, their group will be changed. The person who just shifted from group B to group C will now do the evaluation of the nursing practice. He will also look at the changes made by another person in the evaluation plan of the student.

For this task, group B students will be given 7 minutes for assessing and evaluating the problem and to come up with the best treatment plan. If group C students replace the group B students, then an extra 2 minutes will be provided to them for formulating the answers. The best treatment plan will be chosen by group A students. They have to see if the diagnosis made was relevant, the treatment option was feasible and accurate. They also have to judge the nurses on their interpersonal skills and especially on their communication part. Group A student then will announce who is the better nurse among the two nurses that attended him and evaluated his case. He will also point out any mistake which is done by either of nurses.

Scenario for Game: Acting Nurses

Healthcare system of Australia is world's one of the best system. It is made for the people of Australia in such a way that everyone can afford and avail health opportunities. It is run by multiple levels of governance such as federal, territory, state and local as well. In the healthcare system, there are various healthcare professionals involved who help the general population to overcome their health issue and problems. Some healthcare professionals are general practitioners, specialists, nurses and health workers. These individuals are present in various health facilities like the clinic, hospitals and nursing homes to provide quality service to the suffering people. The services which are provided is focused on the holistic wellbeing of the person. These healthcare professionals maintain the emotional, social and physical wellbeing of the patient. The case scenario from the city of Wiimali indicates the changes in the high school of Wiimali. These changes are noticed in the health status of the children as it is reducing with the time period. The teachers are concerned about this problem and want to call a general practitioner or a community health nurse to school so that proper and accurate support is given to the students and as well as their families.

The Australian healthcare provides care to the patients in a quality manner which is affordable and safe for them. They have various people in this system who works for the welfare of the people. They are general practitioners, specialists, registered and midwifery nurses and healthcare workers. The Medicare of Australia has three very important parts. They are medical services, medicines and public hospitals. Medicare which is provided to people covers the cost people have to pay for availing the public hospital services. With that, it also takes care of costs which are put in by people while availing any other service which is health-related. By service, it could be meant a visit to the general practitioner or medical specialists. It also consists of costs which are related to physiotherapy, very basic services related to dental problems faced by children and community nurses (Department of Health, Australian government, 2020).The government of Australia provides a schedule which is known as The Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS). It is a list of every service which is related to health that the government of Australia subsidies. They have a group of experts who maintains the list and keep it up to date for the betterment of the practices. MBS act likes a safety net for the people so that that has to pay less after they have reached a level which is now out of their pocket costs and they cannot afford more than that..

The government also has another scheme for people which are known as The Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS). This helps Australian people to pay less for the medicines that are required by them. Without this, the cost of medicine will be more and will also create a financial problem for the people. In this, a list is made which have brand names of medicines. The list consists of more than 5,200 products. These all are effective and safe for selling in the country. This list is updated with the help of medical experts who advise about what should be on the list. If people are enrolled in Medicare then they have to pay some cost and the other part will be paid by the government. Concession card also adds to its benefit. If individuals spend a lot of money on medicine then this scheme helps in cutting the cost of them (Department of Health, Australian government, 2020). Australian people also cover their expenses by taking health insurances. There are two types of insurances. The first one being the hospital cover and the other one being the general treatment. In general treatment, non-medical services are not covered such as physiotherapy, optical service and dental. In Australia, there are primary health networks (PHNs) for local areas which help in the coordination of health services. These organizations have the goal to support hospitals, general practitioners, healthcare centers, registered nurses, medical specialists. They also help in the coordination of various healthcare systems for the welfare of the patient. Moreover, PHNs assess the people’s needs which are related to their health (Keleher et al., 2017). They also lay emphasis on continuous education.

Nurses are very important members of the healthcare community. Their role has totally been transformed in the current scenario. They have become fully functioning team member of the healthcare community who provides quality care to the patient (Salmond & Echevarria, 2017). With that, they have to provide care to the patient’s family as well. Their key responsibility is to assess and diagnoses the patient's condition as soon as possible so that he does not have to suffer from the problem and then to provide him with the utmost care. They have various other responsibilities like engaging with the patient in a manner which is safe and efficient and to lead teams to improvise the patient care. With that, they are needed to provide complete information to the patients and their families so that they can make informed decisions and choices which would benefit the health outcome. In addition to that, nurses play an important role in educating patients with self-management techniques. They also have to set the patient's treatment plan (Lukewich, Tranme, Kirkland & Walsh, 2019). Besides, all these roles nurses have to take care of the mental and social wellbeing of the patient so that they could provide patients with holistic care. They have to look for the changes in patient behaviour so that they can detect from which psychological problem the patient is suffering from (Lake & Turner, 2017). In the case of Wiimai High School, the students are facing various problems. They have started to use drugs and alcohol on a regular basis and sometimes at the same time even. There is a probability that students will become dependent on these substances. With that, the cases of asthma have also risen within the students of the school. The health status of the students has also reduced continuously over the period of 5-6 years. The students also suffered from mental illnesses and some students belong to those families who lived in an isolated area and are struggling to survive. These families and students find it difficult to ask for help from other people (Parker & Hill, 2017). There are other students as well who are relocated from elsewhere and are refugees. These students also are in need of emotional and financial support.

Therefore, the students require immediate help from nurses so that they can support the students emotionally and physically. Nurses in a scenario like this can help by assessing the problem which is faced by the students. They could also manage the risks and provide care to the students who needed it. They can help them by educating them and laying emphasis on healthy life behaviour. Nurses could also check for students’ mental wellbeing. They could also guide the students and can refer to the psychologists so that students get holistic care from every aspect. The nurses could also provide a treatment which will lower the rates of chronic illnesses, injuries and accidents. Nurses could also check the implementations of the measures that were told to the students. They could also examine students for having acute diseases and can take immediate action to reduce the risk or the problem itself. They could also plan for doctor appointments which could be held outside the school facility on the student’s behalf. By doing all this, they could also have a better impact on the attendance rate of students and their overall education (Kocoglu & Emiroglu, 2017). Hence, nurses could provide them with quality care and can help them solve their life problems. They can encourage healthy living and could mention the bad effects of abusing drugs and alcohol.

In conclusion, it can be said that the healthcare structure of Australia is very strong as it includes various individuals who focus on the health status of the population. The government has the main focus on providing healthcare services to the citizens at low rates. For that, they have to build two important schemes. The first one is MBS, which help citizens by covering the cost of availing medical services. People could be benefitted by this when they do not have any more money or they cannot afford the healthcare services. Then, MBS help them by acting as a safety net for them. The other scheme is PBS, which covers the cost of the medicines so that people do not have to pay more. It also acts as a safety net when a person has to buy an excessive amount of medicine. Some cost of it is paid by the government which directly helps the person (Ashley, Halcomb & Brown, 2016). Then there is insurance option also available to people. Nurses play a very big role in handling the health status of the citizens. They have to provide holistic care to the patients by checking their physical, social, emotional and psychological needs. For the students of the high school of Wiimai, nurses could help them by educating them on healthy practices and could also aid by referring them to other experts.

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