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Personal Social-Ecological Health Map Analysis with Narrated Content

Personal Level Factors

At the age of six, I was diagnosed with jaundice as the liver was unable to regulate the levels of bilirubin. The liver function test was used to diagnose the condition. During early childhood, the liver is unable to regulate the levels of bilirubin owing to reduced regulation mechanisms by the liver cells. The condition was pain associated with abdominal pain, delirium, and GIT bleeding. Treatment includes (Briggs,2011). Treatment of the early jaundice is important to relieve me from extreme pain conditions and will avoid the occurrence of secondary illness like diarrhea and anemia, and weight loss (Roche .,2011).

Current Health Experiences


Currently, with the changed lifestyle and eating habits I am shifting towards obesity which can impact the overall quality of my life. I need to follow a strict eating regime and exercise every day to maintain the weight for creating a healthy life (Lean et al.,2012).

Potential future health risks (Risk for hemophilia secondary to strong genetic link)

Hemophilia is an inherited genetic disorder. The mother was diagnosed with the same before marriage and she can transfer the same to her children. The genetic disorder was related to the lack of sufficient blood-clotting factors and blood loss (Cahill and Calvin,2011). So I went for early genetic diagnosis for knowing the status of the genetic disease. 

Relationship Level Factors


My parents were vaccine deniers, therefore, did not have me vaccinated as a child. They believed that vaccination will impair my brain development. I was diagnosed with hepatitis at age eight. The infection was associated with chronic cirrhosis and various other blood disorders (Vilstrup et al.,2014). Treatment involved anti-viral antibiotics like tenofovir and entecavir. The disease if left uncured could have damaged the liver in the future. Vaccination (HBV) in early childhood as per immunization schedule can reduce the risk of hepatitis (Vilstrup et al.,2014).

Lost Relationship with Family Members

The hepatic is often associated with behavioral changes emotional stress and impacts my mental health that impacted my overall quality of life. Due to frequent mood changes, I lost a relationship with my parents as I used to remain in anxiety and delirium (Cruz,2010). Also, the fear and depression owing to multiple medications affected my relationship with the family members.

Future Health Risk (Depression)

The discrimination owing to the existing illness creates a space for my mental illness. Perceptions of discrimination create a negative impact on my mental well being and I consequently shifted towards depression and anxiety. The condition impaired my social interactions and I started living in isolation along with my depression (Cruz,2010). So I start using social media to keep myself engaged with the world.

Community-Level Factors

Skin Psoriasis

In my previous rental property, there was significant dirt in the surrounding garden which supported the growth of wildflowers and pollens as well. Around the same time, I started experiencing skin psoriasis which clinical conditions caused due to pollen contact. The symptoms included skin itching, dry and cracked skin, soreness, and others ( Nestle et al.,2014) psoriasis give rise to joint pain which consequently impacted my mobility and impair everyday activities. I become dependent on others walking and even going to the washroom. To rectify the cause of psoriasis, we cleaned the garden area and planted more plants to keep the environment safe and healthy(Khan et al.,2011). Dirt and wild pollens are a community-level issue because it can infect any person who passes by the garden area and can impact their health and wellbeing.

Lost Family Relation

As the pollens became a community-level issue my neighbors limited their visits to my home and I eventually lost my relationship with them. Moreover, the stereotypical idea of the community regarding skin infections is limiting social interaction.


Arthritis is an auto-immune disorder and the main clinical symptoms associated are pain, inflammation, stiffness, and impaired mobility. My grandfather was diagnosed with the illness a long time ago so I will be at risk for arthritis as well. So I went for early diagnosis as there is no proper treatment for the disorder and failure to early diagnosis will lead to joint destruction and mobility (Birch and Bhattacharya,2011). The community-level relationship was also impaired due to reduced association with the community gathering.

Society Level Factors

Past Health Experience (Air pollution)

Air pollution has been a social global threat to human health and various past episodes of health pollution occurred globally and have impacted various health issues. Respiratory illness is a common illness caused by extreme levels of air pollution that existed in the environment. Common symptoms include shortness of breath, sore throat, impaired lung dysfunction, and others(Breton et al.,2016). My respiratory system started impairing due to pollution in which my habit of smoking added to the illness.

Current Health Experiences

The brain surgery is a complicated procedure and takes longer healing time. The doctors used invasive surgical procedures which is better than the conventional procedures (Boulton et al.,2014). Brain surgery impacted my life as it leads to various complications including impaired coordination, vision, speech, and others. This impacted my every-day life patterns as well.

Future Potential Health Risk (Risk for COVID-19 in the context of a global pandemic).

COVID-19 is a potential health threat to me because of the immunocompromised health, It impacts everyday life and increases the chances of respiratory infections. I recently went for COVID-19 testing to confirm my health status. I take all the necessary precautions (PPEs) to minimize the risk of infection (WHO, 2020).

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