Marketing Management

1. What is the message that P&G wants to send to its customers?

The video showed different stages of growing up and the intensity of a mother’s care that is instrumental in making a child grow and achieve their goals. Each part of the video shows the intensity and determination of a mother in making their child reach unparalleled levels of success. It is selfless and nurturing. P&G shows that reaching a level of success requires concentrated efforts consistently along with unconditional love from our mothers. P&G wants to be associated with that.

2. According to your opinion what does the benefit P&G gain when they implemented the Thankyou Mom campaign’?

By implementing a campaign like Thankyou Mom P&G ensures that we associate the brand with those universal intense feeling. The gratitude we feel for our mothers can be a strong propeller for decision making. Through this aspect of marketing management, P & G ensures that it will make a mark on the preferences of the consumer as they will remember the campaign every time, they come across any P&G product.

3. What kind of emotions does this video evoke in you? Explain what you felt and why. (there are no wrong answers here, just you thinking 

The video had a hopeful preparatory beginning and a very impactful end that made me feel extremely emotional and made me think of the sacrifice my m other had made. This effect is deeply proud and extremely universal, so the creatives know the impact they were trying to have. At numerous parts in the middle of the video I felt like I too was part of the video. The high level of production, the relatable concept and the invigorating emotions have made an unforgettable impression on me. I felt a mix of longing and intense affection for my mother and the journey we had had so far. The raw efforts and the unconditional love filled me with an intense sense of gratitude for my mother and all she had done for me. I felt inspired and wanted to do something to make her show that I love her just as much.

Marketing Management - Question 2 Week 8: Tutorial 7

1.Who do you think is the target customer of this product?

I think the target customer for this product is children below the age of ten and new parents in urban areas. As the purchasing power of new parents across the world continues to increase, they are looking for innovative ways to ensure the healthy physical and cognitive growth of their children. The Gululu go , interactive water bottle is the perfect mix of creativity, health and technology that will appeal to the demographic that are looking for the latest trends in tech to aid their parenting process. These are the parents that are conscious of the importance of imagination and creativity of their child. They are also aware that they cannot be present with the kid every minute of the day, so the presence of a technological aid that ensures that there kid will have enough water while being busy sounds like a win-win situation.

2. Do you think this product will be success, if yes, why and how? If no, why not?

Answer: I think this product will be a success but only for a certain part of the crowd as after a point those little children will grow up and become aware enough to understand their bodily needs or the game level will not be engaging or magnetic enough for their growing minds. This is a good way of engaging little kids with busy parents but only for a certain amount of time.

Marketing Management - Question 3 Week 9: Tutorial 8

Agatha's Inc. is about to introduce a new product in the market, but is not sure as to how it should price the product. The company is facing intense competition from five other companies. In such a situation, what should be Agatha’s Inc. pricing objective? Provide an explanation for your answer.

Answer: Pricing is often determined by various factors viz, profitability, competition, market share and sales volume. Companies often try to react to current competition and set prices accordingly. And in today’s age of intense global competition companies soften react at every level, changing and modifying their pricing policies so as to respond to the increasing competition.

Agatha’s inc should survey the market needs and the changing trends to understand the situation and demand. If the product they are providing is being easily emulated by their market competitors they need to either revamp certain aspects of their product for edge or make sure they reduce their pricing to an extent so that they are still in competition. Because it is a new product, they should not be too adventurous and price it extremely high as they must test if the consumers will take a liking to it.

This level of market penetration ensures that the company makes an entry into the market fast even in the face of competition. The high sales volume leads to reduced costs that helps the company maintain a healthy profit margin. This will happen eventually but market penetration pricing will ensure that it will happen.

Competitive pricing refers to the way of strategizing prices to take advantage of a situation and to react to changing market trends responsibly. After a point Agatha inc can employ this method once they reach a level of equilibrium in their sales.

In the initial stages it is important that Agatha inc understands the response reaction to their product. It is advisable that they price it at a lower rate than the rest of the companies so as to lure the customers in. This way they can beat their competition and still stay relevant enough to them. The pricing objective used here is to keep competitors away. at time this might even mean that the low process of the product will drive the company to losses, but with time they will gain domination of the market as customers will associate the product with their profit. Once the brand establishes this repute, then they can slowly increase their prices as per the standard of their quality. By that time, the competition will have been significantly lowered and consumers will get habituated to the particular product.

Preventing the entry of competitors can be one of the key factors of pricing and this often relies more on the attractiveness of the product more so its ability to make an impact ( Lanzillotti,1958).

Marketing Management - Question 4 Week 10: Tutorial 9

Briefly explain in 300 words the 4 levels of marketing channels with example.

Answer : Marketing channel refers to the people organisations or activities that ensure that the product created for consumption reaches it consumers from the source of production. All the facilities that are involved in the transfer process form a part of the marketing channel. They are extremely essential in creation of an effective marketing strategy and come very handy in management. Following are the four types of marketing channels:

  • Manufacturer to consumer – this is known as the zero level channel s there are no third parties in this channel. The product once created goes directly to the consumer. the consumer buys the product directly from the producer and these types of goods are usually utilised by smaller segments of the population. Which is why the producer is extremely sensitive to the response and demand from this small segment of population. If the demand increases, they can increase the price. For example, handmade chocolate shops owners that directly cater to the need of their small but loyal customer base.
  • Manufacturer to retailer to consumer – this is known as the one level channel. this is the most preferred marketing channel by the industry. Retailers buy the product from the producer and then sell it to the customer. This works best for manufacturers who produce shopping goods. Examples are Target and Walmart.
  • Manufacturer to Wholesaler to retailer to Consumer- this is also known as the tow level marketing chanel. here the consumer goes to the wholesaler to get their products so that they get it at a cheaper rate. Its easier and cost effective.( Mohr,1990) Sometimes the wholesaler might even go through a retailer and then to the consumer. Each dealer will make a certain amount of profit. Examples are wholesalers like Costco.

Manufacturer to Agent to Wholesaler to Retailer to Consumer

This known as the three-level marketing channel. This Marketing Channel always involves more than one middleman or intermediary that ensure the safe reach of products to the customers. The agents or the middlemen help in the process of selling the products and they take a commission for the same. Frazier,1983) They are extremely useful in this transfer process as they are the ones how ensure that the delivery time remains the shortest. They increase the accessibility of the product. examples are ice cream markets or chips manufacturing channels.

Marketing Management - Question 5 Week 11: Tutorial 10

Focus on Technology: Tracking Customers

1.What is shopper marketing and how might retailers use Wi-Fi technology to implement it?

Answer : Shopper Marketing refers to the discipline which is based on the idea of creation of consumer awareness at the time of marketing and it focuses on the customer at the point of purchase.

When you stop to sample a new line of perfume or the try tasting the cheese at the super market the sales person will try to convince you that you need this product. This discipline combines marketing and technology to understand and influence consumer behaviour inside the retail store. It focuses on the consumer experience from the moment they step into the superstore.

As a process it focuses on the first thought that the consumer has to the point where he / she selects what they want to buy.

Heat mapping is the new process that helps retailers exercise an edge over online shopping sites as they can now map the entire store and see which part of the floor attracts the most crowd. How the shoppers linger, on which items do they focus, which prices turn them away, which prices make them linger and go online to check, all this is enabled by heat mapping.

Some retailers can even control the amount of internet access they provide as they do not want you to turn away from buying the product because you found cheaper options online.

The free Wi-Fi at the store can help you figure out which part of the store needs some changes. This will help you understand consumer behaviour. As soon as the shoppers will try to access the free wifi from the store they will be lead to a landing page. Heat mapping allows the store manager to get an idea about the location of customers in the entire store. This information can be extremely beneficial in creating marketing policies and placements of products according to demand and pricing all over the store.

Another way in which the retailer can use the heat mapping technique is that when the customers use the free wifi and land on the first page they can show more exciting offer about their own store to promote further customer engagement before they give them access to the network (Hendrickson,2014).

Overall the free wifi technique in shopper marketing enables them to monitor and effectively control their in store environment and also influences the consumer experience with the information.

2. What may be the likely response as more shoppers learn that retailers gather information without their knowledge?

Answer: There is complete chance that a consumer might not enjoy the exploitation of their insights without their knowledge for retail profits. There is certain level pf freedom that comes with window shopping and just looking at things at the marketplace though the customer might stumble onto something more interesting once in a while and may even be surprised most times they will want to be able to make their own decisions. Depending on the subjective approaches of the individual they might even decide to not log in or completely leave their shopping experience and exit the store. But on the other hand it is also possible that customer might enjoy the insights provided by the tech and get completely influenced and buy what the retail store workers might suggest.

References for Marketing Management

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