Managing Organisations in a Global Environment

1. Ans (a) There are four significant management skills which helps in providing efficient management. These four critical skills include:

1. Leadership skills: Leadership skills deals with observing the work of employees and encourage and motivate them(Hoffman and Tadelis 2018). These skills are also responsible for allocating work to employees and leading meetings. The skills include patience, motivation and team building.

2. Planning and strategy skills: There is a requirement of a strategic plan for the future mission and vision(Harris and Kelly 2019). The skills include strategic and critical thinking and decision making.

3. Communication skills: These skills help in conveying the business instructions in a simpler way to the team. The skills include listening, interpersonal and intrapersonal skills and public speaking.

4. Organizational skills: These skills help to organise and balance different activities of a project in the business(Sebastian et al. 2019). The skills include Office and time management and Scheduling actions.

Candace Stathis and Sue Ryan applied the management skills in the following manner.

1. Leadership skills: Sue Ryan showed these skills while managing the customers and making them happy. Simultaneously, it was required to keep the dog happy and safe.

2. Planning and strategy skills: Sue Ryan planned to get more employees who can be mentored for taking more leading positions so that the workload can be divided(Morris and Laipple 2018). In this way, the plan was to make an entire management team.

3. Communication skills: These skills are showed while dealing with the customer and making personal connection with them. These helps in providing the best customer service.

4. Organizational skills: As there were numerous activities to be carried out like taking care of dogs, answering phones, booking reservations, doing front desk work, therefore Candace Stathis and Sue Ryan found out a solution which was to fix up the position of camp counsellors(Aldulaimi 2017). They need to join in the mornings and afternoons.

Ans (b) There are mainly two management skills which are most significant skill for a manager at Camp Bow Wow. These include leadership skills and Organizational skills. These are the skills which are required for the self-improvement of the manager at Camp Bow Wow.

Since, the managersat the Camp Bow Wowwere not able to devote time for resolving conflicts among the employees, therefore the process was uneven.As the organizational skills deals with the time management skills,therefore, it is required by the managers at Camp Bow Wow to learn the organisational skills. This will help the managers to manage the time efficiently which will give more time to the managers. This time can be utilised by the managers to coach the team and understand the problems among employees or during the interaction with the dogs. In this way, the issues can be resolved the operation can be made smooth.

The managers at the Camp Bow Wow were instructing the team once and they expected that the team will follow all the given instructions. When the instructions were missed by the team members the managers start losing their patience. Secondly, the manager at Camp Bow Wow should learn leadership skills as there were issues related with keeping patience while training or instructing the team. A leader should be patient so that the instructions and training can be given in an efficient manner. There are different types of employees out of which some are fast learners and some are slow learners. A leader should take care of both types of employees. This is an effective step of team building which is one of the main skills in leadership.

These two skills are mostly required for the Camp Bow Wow since there are numerous activities which go side by side in the camp, which needs to be managed. Also, there are issues in the interaction with dogs.

2. Ans (a) Black diamond treated its employees in a good manner in terms of ethics at the company’s factory partners in Vietnam, China, and Bangladesh. Because of this reason only the daughter of CEO was working as a developer of appeal line in Vietnam, China, and Bangladesh. If this was not the case then the CEO would not allow her 26 years old daughter to work in a factory. The company tries to maintain everything neat and clean. There is compliance and a certification procedure which was followed in the company. The company was having a very strict guideline of ethical sourcing needs. These guidelines were enforced and followed. The company was providing the employees three meals per day. This is an excellent step by the company for taking care of the employees. The company takes care of the health of the employees. The company also trains employees in English language so that the employees do not suffer due to the language barrier. There is sufficient ventilation and lights in the company for work (Crane et al. 2019). This will enable fresh air to come in and make a positive environment in the company. The company also provides money to employees for their additional education. The company also takes care of cleanliness and safety of its employees. These are very significant values of the company and these are very important for the company. The company follows the ethics very strictly and it has been checked and verified by the auditors. The company focuses on the leadership team and includes its employees in the decision making process. The company also emphasizes teamwork and its effectiveness. The company is operating globally and therefore it has to improve its status in the eyes of the world. Therefore, the company works on following ethics and ethical behaviour in the company.

Ans (b)Yes, it is suitable for the firms like black diamond to scrutinize its partner factories. Anything which affects the partner factories will directly or indirectly affect the status of Black Diamond Company also. If the business partner is not following the guidelines of ethics then it will surely lose its valuable employees. If these employees will leave the company then the work will be hampered. Due to this, both the companies will be at loss whether it is black diamond or its business partners. There will be a requirement for hiring new staff members. Then there will be a need to train them for the work. This will take a lot of time and efforts of the company. This type of scrutiny will help to check the integrity of the company’s business partner. This will also help to know about the partners conduct. This will also help to know that whether the business partner is solution oriented or not. This will help to take decision regarding further partnership with the firm. This will help to give additional advice related to the ethics and its procedures. It is required to know about the protocols which the business partner’s company is following (Mulatu 2018). This will ensure better outcomes for the partners firm as well as own firm. If the company black diamond will scrutinize its partner factories regularly then there will be a fear in the mind of the business partner and they will not follow wrong practices and approach. They will work in a positive direction and will follow the ethical guidelines. Also, they will take care of their employees.They will provide efficient and timely training to the employees. In this way, the business partners will build trust among the each other. Therefore, it is significant to scrutinize business partner factories.

3. Ans (a) Barcelona is always hiring the staff and the ads of the restaurant are always going on to bring in new staff. The philosophy of the restaurant group Barcelona is to search for new staff rather than the improving the old staff. The COO of Barcelona Restaurant Group is always engaged in conducting interviews. He believes the fact that the staff can be trained for work but the staff cannot be trained to be happy always with a good attitude. This is a feeling which comes from within. Barcelona Restaurant Group is mainly recognized for its customer service because of which it is necessary that the right staff should stand in front of the customer. Other than “shop”, there are two more stages in the interview conducted at Barcelona Restaurant Group(Durrani and Rajagopal 2016). First stage is to take an interview of the candidate. There are around 4-6 interviews in day which last for about 20 minutes. The COO of Barcelona Restaurant Group does not take long interviews. He talks more in the interview so that the candidate can get an idea about Barcelona Restaurant Group and its activities. After this there is a stage called as shop. The third stage of the interview is that the candidate should pretend that he worked for the Barcelona Restaurant Group for around six months. After that the candidate should answer about how he has become in these six months. From this question, the interviewer wants to know that whether after six months the candidate is in commanding position or not, whether he is able to make friends with the guests or not(Choi and Joung 2017). If the answer is positive then the interviewer discusses about job. In this way, the COO of Barcelona Restaurant Group hires new staff in three stages and ensures that the employee fits in the Barcelona Restaurant Group.

Ans (b)Other suggestions which can improve the new hires fit in the job at Barcelona Restaurant Group include:

1. Showing expectations: At some places whenever there is a new hire, the employees are unaware of the company expectations because of which they give less productivity. Also, the working place in unwelcoming to the new employee. These things dishearten the new employee and reduce their energy level. This can be avoided by explaining them with the expectations of the company prior only or on the day of joining.

2. Providing anoffice tour: There are numerous confusions when a new employee enters the new office. It is good to begin with an office tour which includes the description of office facilities. It is also required to have an introduction with the colleagues. The new employee will not remember everything but overall it will assist the new employee.

3. Providing on-the-job training: The job training should start on the very first day. It is important to give minute details while training.

4. Setting small and manageable responsibilities at first: Initially, the new employees should not be provided with a huge assignment instead it is beneficial to provide the new employee with less complicated tasks with proper instructions which will help the new employee to settle in the job.

5. Giving a mentor: A mentor should be assigned to the new employee for the initial weeks of the job. A mentor will be helpful with all the queries of the new employee.

7. Asking for their feedback: It is required to ask for the feedback from the new employee in the end of the first day. It will be helpful in knowing about the difficulties faced by the employees, their concerns, queries, and the things liked by them(Durrani and Rajagopal 2016). This step will leave a positive impression on the new employee since it will make them feel that someone is concerned about them in the new office.

4. Ans (a) Goal setting theory of motivation was introduced by Edwin Locke in the year 1960. According to this theory, the setting of goal is linked with the task performance. It indicates that if the goals are specific and challenging with suitable feedback it supports greater and improved task performance. It can be explained as the goals can give proper direction to the employee about the requirements of the task and the degree of effort which is needed to accomplish the task successfully.

The main features of goal setting are:

  • The inclination in the direction of work for theachievement of goals is the key source of job inspiration(Latham et al. 2017). Specific, clear and problematic goals are larger inspiring factors than common, easy and unclear goals.
  • A clear and particular goal goes in the direction of higher result and improved performance. A clear, quantifiable goal having a deadline for achievement removesmisinterpretation.
  • The goals should be challenging and realistic. This offers an employee a feeling of pride and victory when he achieves them, and fixes him up for the achievement of subsequent goal. If the goal is more challenging then higher reward can be achieved. In this case, the passion for attaining the goal is the highest.
  • If the employees is provided with better feedback the performance of the employee can be enhanced.

The theory of goal setting has certain possibilities like:

Self-efficiency: This is the belief and confidence of employee to perform the task (Locke and Latham 2019). If the level of self-efficiency is higher than the efforts made will be higher and vice versa.

Goal commitment: It means that the employee is committed towards the goal.


  • Goals are recognized and publicized
  • Goals are set by self
  • Goals should be consistent


  • Helps to raise incentives
  • Better performance
  • Increased motivation


  • Complicated goals impose risks
  • Absence of skills and competence becomes hindrances.

Ans (b) Brad John is motivated to form the Fight 001 as the international authority in travel. This motivation of Brad will incorporate numerous changes like changing the merchandising, financial planning and company’s staffing. Brad should take care that while thinking of expansion and adding novel product lines the main goal of the Flight 001 is not distracted. As the Flight 001 has speciality for its design, location and flawless product line. As per the goal setting theory the goal of Brad is linked with the performance of the Flight 001. The decided goal is specific as well as challenging. The goal decided by brad will provide proper direction to all the staff members about the needs of the task. It will help to know about the efforts required in the whole task to complete it successfully. Brads inclination in the direction of work for attaining the goal is the main source of motivation. It can be observed that the goal is clear but it is challenging therefore it motivates a lot to Brad and the team. Because of this the goal will provide greater outcome and it will improve the performance of the team. Brad’s goal is quantifiable which reducesmisinterpretation. The goal is realistic which leads to business expansion(Locke and Latham 2020). This type of goal will give Brad a feeling of victory and pride when he will achieve it. The higher challenges of the goal will provide higher rewards to Brad. Brad has a great passion for accomplishing the goal. Brad should incorporate confidence and belief in the employees for performing the tasks. This will raise self-efficiency in the employees. Because of which the efforts will also be higher. The employees and Brad should be committed towards the goal. The goal is recognized and publicized by Brad. There are some risks also as the goal is challenging but it can be removed by hard work.

5. Ans (a) The norming stage occurs when the team gets combined. The team member starts to recognise the strength of each team member and builds those strengths during the project. In this stage, the teamarrives in a comfort zone. In this stage,a team meeting can also be conducted just like the storming stage. A status meeting can also be done in the storming and norming stage. The norming stage is the stage which helps in team formation. In this stage, the team members trust each other and feel a commitment towards each other. The team become consistent in the norming stage. The team showed a win with the help of routing the conflict of the storming stage. In the norming stage, the team members give values to the strengths of other team members(Tang 2019). The role of each team member is defined as organizers, communicators and leaders. The team members emphasize less on the differences and dedicate more time on utilising talents for communication and attaining team tasks. This is the stage when the team uniqueness becomes completelyshaped and team members feel a sense of unity. When the group members start its standards for how employees will interrelate and cooperate it is the norming stage. The stage of performing is different from norming. In performing stage the team members have useful relations and are able to interact and organize efficiently and effectively. In the norming stage, there is a development of team individuality and it includes bonding. In this stage there is a development of synergy. This means that the team members feel that they can achieve more together than working alone. The team starts working together as a group in this stage. Employees begin to understand each other’s work conducts and morals. Roles and obligations are clearly well-defined, prospects are set, and teamwork is in full swing.

Ans (b) Nathan Decker is the director of the E-commerce company name Evo. The company has formed a novel team of three members comprising of a copywriter, designer and a photographer. This team is responsible for the production of Evo’s promotions, magazine ads, and website content. Nathan Decker has become the team leader of the novel team so as to guide and support them in their work. Also, Nathan Decker will assist the novel team in learning to work together. Nathan Decker ensures that through his talent and intelligence that the team of the three team members provides efficient results and there is no dysfunction.Nathan Decker has a number of leadership skills and he is able to resolve conflicts arising among the team members. Due to these the team members are learning effective ways of communication with the team members(Black et al. 2019).Nathan Decker helps the team members to identify the strength of the team members and build them in the work. He makes the team members to come in a comfort zone. He takes the status meeting with the team members. Nathan Deckerhelps the team members to become consistent in their work. He works on building trust and commitment among the team members. Nathan Decker assists the team members in giving values to the strengths of other team members. He decides the roles of each team member of the team. In this way, the team members focus less on the differences and give more time on using talents for interaction and achieving the team tasks. The uniqueness of the team gets shaped in this manner and the team members were feeling a sense of unity.Nathan Decker helps to build the team individuality and forms bonding among the team members. In this way, the team members start feeling that they can achieve more when they work together.

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