Management and Organisations in Global Environment

1 A) Rational decision making

The rational decision-making process is a linear process designed for solving the real-world problem by identifying solutions and making logically sound decisions. It is the structured approach to process the thoughts and makes the right decisions(Hill 2019).It plays a significant role in making high-value decisions that can provide benefit to the organization. Here are 7 simple steps for rational decision making: -

  • Identify a real-world problem.
  • Brainstorm on identifying solution.
  • A set standard of success or failure based on a potential solution.
  • Bring out the potential result of each of the solution.
  • Choose the best solution out of them.
  • Track and analyze the result of your test.
  • If the test conducted can solve the problem, then implement it.

All the steps mentioned above help in rational decision making for any organization. It can help solve the complex problems experienced by the people.

1 B) Greensburg was dying – The town was consistently hit by a tornado and was severely destroyed.

Population – The population of the town was just 1500 out of which every year 2 per cent of the population of the town was dying due to Tornado hit. The people of the town even lose their job because the agricultural sector was worst hit.

Infrastructure- Ninety per cent of the buildings of the town were affected by Tornado. Only five per cent of the buildings in the town was intact rest all of them were damaged. The buildings in the town were producing 43 per cent of the carbon-di-oxide and used to consume 76% of the electricity(Berry 2020).

It was very important for the municipal corporation of the town to save it from consistent tornado hits thus the committee found that the only way to protect the town is to reinvent it into a green town.

2A) Horizontal communication occurs between employees within the same group or a team or between those who belong to the same hierarchical level in the organization chart to share important information. This kind of communication is also termed as lateral communication. This form of communication is done through oral media. It is considered as an emergency communication method to effect a quick resolution of a problem. Horizontal form of communication occurs properly in only those organizations where the structure is properly defined and known to every employee of the organization to share information in interdepartmental parts(Lee and Lin 2017). Managers of the organization, as well as employees, must make sure than none other information is shared to higher or lower authority member of the organization. Everyone in the organization must ensure that the organization will have horizontal communication for exchanging important messages with one another.

2B) Horizontal form of information is prominent in the organization because it is a transparent organization. It updates every information to all the employees of the organization. There is a symmetric information system because wrong information can take away the life of the patient. Since it is a health care organization therefore the practitioners would have shifted. So to treat the patient according to the report of the first shift the employees convey a message to the people of the second shits so that the patient can get cure at the earliest without conducting any sort of mistake. They also started using a digital form of communication in the organization to improve relations and also manage the demand of life(Lee and Lin 2017). The organization understand the importance of importation and thus try their level best not to miss any important message while taking care of the patients. The organization is used as an example of horizontal communication worldwide.

3A) Hewitt leadership style lacked in managing a large team consisting of 20 to 25 members of the organization. Since he has other work too thus, he assigned the task to individuals and also gave them the responsibility to take the best decision. His authoritative power and overconfidence led to the fall. He always thought whatever he is doing right even though he was wrong. H even never cared about the people as he had no fear of upsetting a community or individuals. He does what he feels and this is one of the drawbacks of Hewitt leadership despite his efforts in reinventing Greensburg he failed in the leadership style(Harris 2016). He received critical remarks for answering rudely to his management during the time of the crises. No doubt, he was a good leader and was appreciated for its work but still failed in leadership style.

3 B) There are no real deficiencies as such in the Hewitt leadership style. He was a good leader and had a good analytical ability. He had a big heart and was trying to reinvent Greenburg to make it a green town. He developed a vision for the community and also established a direction for the future of Greensburg. He knew what adjustment was required and used to do the needful. The only thing which lacked him was he never paid attention to the critics and he even does not have a fear of upsetting a community for taking a certain decision against them(Harris 2016). He lacked in empathizing with others and he does not listen to anyone. Interaction with the team and management was essential but he never listened to the higher authority member. He continued to do what he felt right and this is why he lacked.

4A) The issues experienced with China-based suppliers was that they were not ready to accept the change in culture and another issue was the cost and wages given to the employees were to be influenced by the company. The company stated that it was looking for a sustainable chain. It was looking for sustainable packaging, sustainable transporting and so on. But the suppliers were not ready to accept these practices and were producing goods based on their old practices(Mani et al. 2018).The company was trying to reduce the cost and use the saved cost for developing a sustainable product and to do a fair trade. But it was found that cost reduction was also the biggest challenge of the company. The only way to improve quality and reduce cost and increase wages of the employees was to introduce the policy.

4B) Manager of Numi asked its suppliers to go social and environmentally conscious. The company will try to male its supplier understands that since the beginning of the product until the end of it. The suppliers must make sure that it does not produce any waste. The company need a good forecast and a good plan of why which can influence suppliers to change their processes and make them eco-friendly. It is due to this reason the company came up with a policy it stated that if the suppliers adopt environmental-friendly practices and stop producingwaste generation then supplies will get benefit from it(Mani et al. 2018). It will help in increasing the employees’ wages by 20% thereby it will also increase profitability. The suppliers will efficiently function and this will reflect their knowledge maintaining quality and packaging of organic Tea. The company would also state that it is practising sustainable development and is doing its every bit to protect the environment from degradation.

5A) Honest tea has a mechanistic organizational structure to manage the employees of the organization. It aimed to make the employees work in a single unit. Employees initially did not have any specialization but the organization wanted them to specialize in at least one thing this is the reason it sticks on the mechanistic structure. Organization having a mechanistic structure have strong control over processes and employees. Rules ones implemented in the organization are rarely changed. It is seen that generally, manufacturing companies use this kind of structure in their organization. The best part of this structure is that power remains throughout the organization as employees fulfil all the responsibilities delegated to them(Péréa and Von Zedtwitz 2018).While the organic structure is a bit different employees of such an organization do not have any specialization and therefore works in a team. They have open communication throughout the organization and also adapt to the changes introduced easily. The environment of such organizations are unpredictable and its emphasis on the happy workplace because according to its happy workplace leads to happy workers.

5B) Since, the company is preparing three of the products thus it needs employees that specialize in the task and it is only possible in the mechanistic organizational structure. As it consists of a pyramid. The authority of Honest Tea is centralized at the top so that all the tasks in the organization can be managed properly and the company flourishes in the business market. In an organic structure, the employee has no specialization and they do a general work which was not possible in mechanistic one(Ahmady et al. 2016). This proves that Honest Tea has a mechanistic structure in the organization. Moreover, it is also found that mechanistic structure is used in manufacturing companies as in this case it is Honest Tea while the organic structure is used IT companies like Google and Facebook.

References for Management and Organisations in Global Environment

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