Managing Organisations in A Global Environment - Answer to Question 1

(a) Rational decision making is basically a process incorporating multiple steps for making the final choice between arrays of alternative. The decision making is based upon objectivity, logic and evaluation rather than insights and subjectivity (Perkovic and Orquin 2018). Rational decision making incorporates three key steps; the preliminary step is to define the problem and present detailed information regarding the solutions and alternatives to the problem. It is basically gaining a peek into the definition of the exact problem and is also regarded to as the definition of the issue. The second step is generating the possible solutions which involves proper planning and contributing to different alternative solutions and ideas and hence, adhering to an optimal decision. The third step is to attain an objective assessment and recognise the failure or success of the different alternatives. It also involves conducting analysis with respect to secondary solutions of the problems and conducting site sensitivity and site suitability analysis. The fourth step is choosing the best solution generated. The fifth step is implementing the same and the sixth step involves monitoring and evaluating the outcomes and hence, gaining the feedback (Perkovic and Orquin 2018).

(b) The preliminary reason for supporting rebuilding Greenberg as the green town is a fact that the town will become more effective and efficient. The second reason is that fewer waste materials will be produced and new buildings constructed will be more effective. The third reason is that by rebuilding the town, there will be a great investment which will also provide an efficacious return. It will help sustainable construction for the next 10 to 20 years and will be beneficial in the long-term. The three reasons for not supporting the rebuilding is that there is less education regarding the green change, there needs to be educational strengthening done for bringing such a change. Another reason for not supporting the change is the fact that there is an insufficient fund for supporting the platinum green buildings and also there needs to be a system for supporting a tax base rather than investing in the green development. Also, it will require high efforts from all the members of the town for bringing such a change and many people are not yet ready for the same.

Managing Organisations in A Global Environment - Answer to Question 2

(a) Horizontal communication is basically the dissemination of data and information between departments, people, divisions and units within the same hierarchy of an organisation (Kim et al. 2016). It takes place between employees who are at the same status, it is also regarded as lateral communication and encompasses the flow of information between individuals and groups at the same level within a business. It contributes to deflation of misunderstanding between departments working on a particular project. This is so because it contributes to inflation of the productivity and efficiency and also results in better implementation of the decisions imposed by the managerial team. It allows employees at a lower level to co-ordinate directly and facilitate the implementation of the decisions. It also fosters teamwork and enhances job satisfaction as it motivates individuals by empowering them and safeguarding transparent communication (Lee et al. 2017).

(b) Healthcare industry is characterized by the need to maintain a continuous flow of information. Intermountain healthcare is aimed at ensuring that low cost and better patient outcomes are attained (Kneck et al. 2019). Good communication is essential for providing the clinical data to different departments for enhancing the outcomes to the patient’s health. Since the healthcare runs about 300 clinics across the enterprise, henceforth, it becomes critical that horizontal communication is maintained as there is enormous detailed information that needs to be stored and provided to different clinicians and physicians for making good decisions. There is an extensive requirement of transparent communication that focuses on keeping all the members well-informed (Lee et al. 2017). Since healthcare has an integrated longitudinal medical record system, it becomes vital that horizontal communication is fostered so that better clinical program goals are set and patient education is also emphasized.

Managing Organisations in A Global Environment - Answer to Question 3

(a) Hewitt displays a leadership style which is based upon his rebuilding efforts and leading from the front. It is evident from the scenario that he followed a participative leadership approach and he provided the necessary guidance to his subordinates and did not interrupt or administered them in a robust custom and allowed them to follow their own way, however, while staying on the track and completing the communal objective. He made sure that a better community is fostered through focus and education. He disseminated his energy to all his subordinates and made sure that everyone followed the plan with the same enthusiasm. Furthermore, as a part of the democratic leadership, he formed different departments for different processes and also allowed the different respective team leaders to elect their team members and staff and lead their way which served as a source of motivation.

(b) One major pitfall which is evident from Hewitt's scenario is that he failed to involve with his team members at the ground level as he only co-ordinated with the team leaders regarding the goal progress. It may be a source of knowledge and motivation for the team leaders but may be disappointing for the employees as they may not be well-informed about the decisions been taken by the chief leader. Furthermore, he was also out of time for monitoring the performances of different teams. Being a strategic and calculating leader, it is essential that the performance of different team members is measured and assessed in a timely manner and ensured that any sort of glitches is identified at the initial stage (Bolman and Deal 2017). Another shortcoming of his leadership is indulgence with the media and involvement in politics. Hewitt employed new people and provided them with new directions which result in chaos.

Managing Organisations in A Global Environment - Answer to Question 4

(a) As per the provided scenario, the issues that the manager is facing with China-based suppliers involve primarily the emphasis on quality. The manager needs to comprehend the level of sustainability that is amalgamated in the supply chain by the China-based suppliers. It involves knowledge of the processes incorporating packaging products and handling the waste (Rajeev et al. 2017). The manager is also concerned about the issues of treatment offered to the workers. One of the biggest challenges with China-based suppliers is to comprehend the way the processes need to be conducted by comprehending the labour-intensive nature of this industry. The manager stresses on the need for a sustainable supply chain and attaining high recyclability in packaging.

(b) Numi ensured that its suppliers comply with its policies by ensuring that all the quality control measures are effectively administered involving sampling of the inventory and purchasing. Furthermore, it has three third-party partners who work in Asia, California and in Canada, with its growth, it ensures that fluctuating costs are dealt in an effective manner and the volume of the products and materials is strictly checked. Also, Numi contacts its suppliers to ensure that the tea is put in the bags as per the directions and specifications. The firm also uses the ERP system for effectively managing the inventory management accounting system to ensure that accurate management of the value of the inventory is done so that cost of the goods can be clearly identified. It has laid prominence on reducing the overall costs by improving the customer services and helping in easier management of the business. It also provides visibility to the suppliers in terms of tracking what exactly is happening in the organisation.

Managing Organisations in A Global Environment - Answer to Question 5

(a) Honest tea followed a mechanistic structure which is also regarded to as a bureaucratic structure. This is so because the organisation has a centralised network of the decision-making process and the authority reflects a well-defined hierarchy. Unlike organic structure, the decision making processes are centralised in the honest tea as the managerial board has the power to take the key decisions of the organisation (Kessler et al. 2017). This model of organisational structure is highly organised and clearly made out and depicts a definition of the position of the leader of the organisation. This structure depicts the hierarchy and judgement of different positions in departments. As portrayed in the case of honest tea, this structure is responsible for a stable working environment and well-defined accountabilities of different team members.

(b) Organisation initially commenced its operations, the decision of introducing its five products in the market was taken by the founders and today it has 35 different package varieties which are also managed by the founders only. However, advice are sought from third parties. The decisions are made by the founders as they demonstrate autocratic leadership by ensuring that innovation is embedded into the organisation for driving the mission of the organisation and finding best ways to offer healthier and low- calorie products to the customers. It is contingent from the scenario that both the co-founders have the power to take the key decisions regarding the organisational operations. It is evident from the scenario about the centralisation of the processes involving tea filtration, accounting system, sales, production and marketing.

References for Managing Organisations in a Global Environment

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