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Statistics And Research Methods For Business Decision Making - Question 1

When Sue started working with the camp about two and half years ago, there were few staff working under her and she well led all the staff members by performing different managerial roles. While dealing with the staff at individual level she has shown her interpersonal skills by assuming the leader role and through encouraging the team members so that they can improve their working capacity. She has developed a friendly environment with the work force and offered them a very relax environment which motivate them to show effort while at work. This increased their moral and working capacity. As she started working with the team and people, wherever they need her help she mentored them and provided her support. Not only with the work force, she also communicated with the customers in most efficient way by giving them respect and using the kind words for them. She always focussed on staying calm with everyone.

As far as her informational role is concerned, she tried providing every detail to client and making the position clear. During the work at Camp Bow Wow, she assumes role of a disseminator and defined the customer service guidelines to the team members. At the camp, she shared all the necessary information with client so they are aware of the activities of their dogs at the camps

In terms of analytical and decision-making skills, she performed her duty well while preparing the budget and allocating the resources.

Statistics And Research Methods For Business Decision Making - Question 2

Statistics And Research Methods For Business Decision Making - Part A

The four main skills that needed to be apply during the position of manager includes the technical skills, human skills, conceptual skills, and management skills.

Conceptual Skills

Theoretical skills help employees "see the forest through trees," as per the conceptual meaning. These skills help in knowing how all parts of an organization work together to achieve their goals. Conceptual people are creative people who can work with abstract concepts and ideas. Conceptual skills are essential for leadership positions, especially senior and middle management positions. Corporate managers need to make sure that everyone works for them and helps achieve the company's near and far goals. Rather than being satisfied with the details of day-to-day operations, senior and middle managers also need to take "big pictures" of the company's goals into account.

During her work with camp bow she needs to show the well-developed conceptual skills for thinking strategically regarding her business and understanding the current market trends.

Interpersonal Skills

Human or interpersonal skills which is highly important for middle managers is the ability of treating and working with the people effectively as a member of a group. The art of dealing with people is one of the main skills that successful people are keen to learn and apply in their lives, in order to deal in the best way with those around them, and it must be emphasized that with the large differences between people's personalities it is difficult for the individual to obtain the satisfaction and friendship of all, However, this art contains a set of effective ways in which the best results can be obtained when dealing with various personalities.

There are many ways that can be used to deal intelligently with people and maintain respect as well. The following are some of them:

Accepting Difference with Others

Understanding and accepting the presence of a group of people who are different from how a person thinks is one of the first steps to master the art of dealing with people, and they may be personalities

Uncomfortable and not easy to befriend immediately, and this step is important because it increases the person's ability to control his feelings and awareness of them more, and helps him to get rid of negative feelings that may accompany his thorny relationships.

Maintaining Calm

It is a very useful trait when dealing with people, where people in general love to be around the calm person around which a comfortable atmosphere full of respect and tolerance prevails and gives others enough space, and when having to deal with an annoying person helps away from anger and its actions Such as shouting, threatening, etc. to think properly and understand the general situation clearly

Expressing Oneself Clearly

Expressing oneself clearly helps the opposite person to summarize the misunderstanding that may occur in different situations, as it does not leave an opportunity to judge the person, and thus this method often works; it is preferable that the reaction be to a negative attitude For a person it is to express feelings openly, for example when the opposite party is busy

In the case of Sue Ryan, she well managed her ongoing relations with the employees. She worked along with other team members and provided them her support at each step. General manager, Candace Stathic needed to be specialized in interpersonal skills, especially the main person responsible for developing good relations with the customers as well as with the work force.

Technical Skills

For the line managers, this is one of the important skills and for non-managers, technical skills have great importance as they need to understand and proficiency of each task. Technical skills help managers to use different technologies to accomplish the tasks required of them. These skills are not related to machines, production tools or other equipment, but also the necessary skills that will increase company sales and design various types of products and services. Technical skills are more important for first level managers than senior managers, and the more we move in the pyramid to the higher level, technical skills lose their importance.

At the Camp Bow, the managers, are required to have their strong technical skills in terms of managing the dog care and routine office work and provide all the necessary related support to the customers. They provided all the details such as related to how their dogs did with other dogs.

While communicating with the customers, they ensured that each of the details are shared with them.

Analytical Skills

This skill provides the manager with the ability to abstract thinking which helps him to form a complete future vision for the company or department through analyzing and diagnosing problems and making appropriate decisions. This skill is considered at a high level of importance for senior managers and its importance decreases when moving the pyramid to the lowest level

Statistics And Research Methods For Business Decision Making - Part B

Effectiveness is the degree of achieving the goals of the organization therefore, it is important that company make all efforts in achieving the targets to maximum possible extent while using the limited resources. Considering the nature of the camp, it is considered that interpersonal skills and technical skills are most important while managing the camp. As the managers has to ensure high customer service so for that the first line managers, needed to show high human skills by behaving with the clients politely and also they have to show good leadership qualities among their staff workers so their morale is raised and also they would be able to work deliberately generating quality output. Further, the technical skills needed to be equally important as they have to provide accurate information regarding the dogs to customers.

Statistics And Research Methods For Business Decision Making - Question 3

The owners of any businesses remain entrepreneurs until they become managers, as they begin to deal with a new type of problem which is administrative problems. Management is not an easy task because it requires extensive knowledge and long experience, and for this reason there is a hierarchy and organizational structure in companies so that the employee moves from the bottom of the pyramid to above by developing his capabilities and expanding his experiences and obtaining sufficient knowledge.

There are three levels of business outcomes that is individual, group, and organizational. For keeping the balance among these, managers needed to cope with the individual, team, and organizational goals.

The individual level includes everyone in the organization. Each person behaves differently, which affects the dynamics of the group and organization as a whole. If there are a lot of happy and effective people, the working environment will be efficient and productive. However, if there are many dissatisfied people, this can create a toxic environment. It is not possible for a company to examine the behavior of each employee individually, but it is important for a company to establish guidelines and expectations that attract employees with the desired behavior. For example, a company may hire employees based on their personality or how they answer behavioral interview questions. At the same time, companies can help influence individual behavior. They do this by creating a code of conduct, establishing guidelines and policies, and developing incentives and consequences.

Teams are a group of individuals with integrated skills who adhere to specific goals, work collectively and purposefully, with concerted efforts that lead to better results. The work teams are completely different from the committees in our Iraqi organizations, as these teams are permanent and not temporary. There are several types, including different functional teams: Cross functional Teams: It includes individuals from several different functional units: for example, working teams from the Marketing, Engineering, Finance and Services department, so that each department can learn the work of the other section and as a result, coordination is better and what achieves efficiency and effectiveness, and these contribute The difference is very much in reducing conflicts and their severity between departments, which are often the source of reliability of tasks or scarcity of resource.

Finally, the enterprise level includes the organization as a whole. If this trend is unknown, it is important to note that organization affects the behavior of a person and a group and that the behavior of a person and a group affects an organization.

Statistics And Research Methods For Business Decision Making - Part B

The Ryan and Stathis, start building work teams that are concerned with activities that help working groups set goals, develop positive relationships between individuals, and clarify the role and responsibilities of each member of the team and the organization. They interacted with the team at personal level as well in groups and teams where they make sure that they have all necessary information and in case of any problem they discuss with the managers. Furthermore, they have set the organizational goals and fully functioning towards them.

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