Business Research Report

Table of Contents


Research Methodology.

Qualitative-quantitative debate.


Proposed primary data sample size.

Sampling approach..

Questionnaire design factors.

Data collection method.

Envisaged analysis and interpretation..

Summary of Findings.


Reference List

1. Introduction to Adapting Research Methodology During Covid-19

Research is of fundamental importance to any business. The most effective method to do such research and what are the components and center of exploration, to become familiar with the segment of such the examination you ought to have the best possible information. From the MBA considers where we find out pretty much this and builds up our aptitudes to do as such. Here we get familiar with the significance of business research and a profundity investigation of such data. Essentially, research implies applying your MBA talent into useful use and going past your own understanding, emotions, contemplations, and assessment and looks for the data. Directly the world economy has been profoundly influenced by the pandemic called the Coronavirus. Proceeds with the spread of this infection place a parcel of changes into organizations and for a specific time huge numbers of businesses went under lockdown and a few of them still not dynamic. Numerous businesses are profoundly affected by this too which may not be recuperated and furthermore shut down in the blink of an eye. As the pandemic spreads, overall gatherings and events across advancement, plan, and sports are being dropped or deferred. While the cash related impact on the development and trade industry is yet to be surveyed, it is presumably going to be in the billions and growing.

2. Research Methodology of Adapting Research Methodology During Covid-19

Qualitative-Quantitative Debate

The following research project is based on a mixed approach that referred to the considered research will be regarded by the qualitative and quantitative method. A qualitative approach is used for engaging and analysing the data which is not in a numerical format such as previous research study and other information as well as existing report to figure out the experiences, opinions and concepts (Rahman 2017). The quantitative approach is used to inspect and analyse the specific information that is related to numeric data and quantifiable information. Both the approaches are utilized in the research because the topic of the study is current and not so much information available among the population. 


The following hypothesis has been considered for the research regarding the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic around the globe which influences the business.

H0: there exists no definite impact of COVID-19 pandemic on the current business and future business owners.

H1: there exists a definite negative impact of the COVID-19 pandemic which generated challenges for current as well as future business owners.

Proposed Primary Data Sample Size

In the strategy of data sampling, the sampling size needs to be a broad range because there is various type of businesses exist in a country and all the businesses are affected due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Therefore, the sampling size of the primary data required to be 100 people by which it can cover all the different kinds of businesses, as well as the primary data, gave by the participants are required to be in a range from the business owner to the employees of an organisation. There can be divided into such 10 groups and covered all the participants within the groups. 

Sampling Approach

The sampling approach of this research is based on random sampling. In this sampling approach, each member of the group has an equal possibility of being chosen. To use this sampling method in the research is because it is least expensive and time consumed in this technique is much less than other approaches. The random sampling approach is easy to understand and the result of the sample is easily projectable (Maduekwe and de Vries, 2019). For all these reasons the research regarding the topic of the impact of COVID-19 pandemic in the business is considered by the random sampling approach and the result of this sample will help to understand the exact reason for the downfall of the business.

Questionnaire Design Factors

The design factors which have been considered as an important element include having a clear mode of data which have been considered as one of the important methods for collecting the data by uploading the server question online portal and specifying the criteria for respondents. It has been ensured that the wording of the questions is easy to interpret by the readers and clearly specify the intention of the research regarding the reason for collecting data while focusing on such a questionnaire (Ahmad, A.R. and Murad, 2020). 

The following question set can be considered as an example of sample questions to understand the impact of COVID-19 on the current business and future business. 

Q1. Have coronavirus pandemic effective business operations?

  • Strongly affected
  • Moderately affected
  • Neutral
  • Slightly affected
  • Not affected

Q2. Do you agree there exists a risk of permanent shutdown of your business due to this global crisis?

  • Strongly agree
  • Moderately agree
  • No opinion
  • Moderately disagree
  • Strongly disagree

Q3. Do you agree the outbreak of pandemic has influenced the ability of the consumers to continue the purchase from your company?

  • Strongly agree
  • Moderately agree
  • No opinion
  • Moderately disagree
  • Strongly disagree

Q4. Does your country provide effective policies that would help you to earn enough profit and maintain the operation of your business?

  • Strongly agree
  • Moderately agree
  • No opinion
  • Moderately disagree
  • Strongly disagree

Q5. Is it easy to access the details and receive benefit from the programs initiated by the government related to COVID-19?

  • Strongly agree
  • Moderately agree
  • No opinion
  • Moderately disagree
  • Strongly disagree

The above-mentioned question set is a set of sample example which can be e modified and other questions can be added to understand the existing scenario of business worldwide. 

Data Collection Method 

Data collection method used for gathering relevant information which would be helping in finding answers for the research problem and focus on concluding by proving the null hypothesis as invalid and the alternative hypothesis satisfies. Data collection method used for research regarding the impact of COVID-19 in the business industry involves the use of both secondary as well as primary sources for data collection (Paradis et al., 2016). Extensive literature review along with conduction of online survey has been recognised as the most important and relevant is a collection method which would help in providing available information about the pandemic and its influence on business as well as incorporating the ideas and intention of the people who are currently surviving the pandemic. 

Envisaged Analysis and Interpretation 

The envisage analysis and interpretation of the data collected from both primary as well as secondary sources are important for providing relevant results to the readers. Envisaged analysis and interpretation of the information collected from the secondary sources mainly explain the current situation of the globe which is influenced by the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic along with learning from previous articles about the method used by the business organisation in previous pandemic conditions to manage business and control the GDP fall. The information collected from primary sources good allowed to evaluate the level of knowledge within the individuals who are surviving in COVID-19 pandemic and are highly influenced by the pandemic. 

3. Summary of Findings

Business pioneers are grappling with the genuine components of having the premises shut, relocating staff to their homes, investigating various roads concerning better methodologies for working, and the new genuine variables of having to lay off immense amounts of staff, a large portion of the Australian and world organizations are depending on government sponsorships and mane of them shut down their organizations (Dodds and Hess, 2020). On the off chance that we take a gander at the joblessness proportion that likewise gets high as al the business can't stand to keep their representatives and a considerable lot of them can't work distantly too, because of world lockdown circumstance Importation issues and staffing insufficiencies stood separated as the key concerns for associations due to aggravation to flexibly chains and self-detachment plans (Lin and Meissner, 2020). As the development business is one of the soonest and hardest hit. Transport directors are engaging for perseverance as COVID-19 measures have brought enormous cost and salary pressures. The result could be market cementing and less contention in the business. The key and financial results of these outside shocks call for squeezing change in the acquisition and sponsoring model of open vehicles to ensure it is continued with cash related practicality (Bonaccorsi et al., 2020). New organization models should move executives from straightforward consistency with inspirations for advancement and worth creation. The effect likewise going on media outlets where they were going under lockdown and couldn't make any movies or other amusement ventures. Which will be going to affect from creation to conveyance segments, billions of dollars has been spent behind the making of films and they won't ready to delivery such motion pictures they hanging tight for pandemic over which appears to be too inconceivable and a significant number of other created delivering their films on online stages where their winning or return of such task will get bargained and theater ventures will get influenced as well (Dodds and Hess, 2020).

In any case in the wake of considering the all the effect of Coronavirus on business we ought to consider what we can do to limit those negative effect and considering the positive side how to maintain the business further and on the off chance that somebody needs to be the new business person what are the open doors they are conveying with this pandemic. According to the report given by the Harvard Business audit, they have noticed a portion of the thoughts or a portion of the approaches to deal with your business in pandemic they have given brief data on it. The first thing they are thinking about is to refresh your insight views to circumstance as the image is changing everyday schedule (Lin and Meissner, 2020). At first, it was not by all accounts a lot of risk, however, over time it is beginning to spread very quickly. Keep refreshes your staff and make the least strides of precautionary measures in business consistently under government rules and limitations. News affiliations routinely revolve around occurring instead of the far-reaching perspective, and they on occasion perceive hard real factors, sensitive real factors, and speculation (Lin and Meissner, 2020). All the data in business ought to be straightforward and pioneers ought to think about sharing data to workers on an ordinary premise. Enormous affiliations are inconsistently so versatile. Bosses routinely restrict spreading plans until they are sure, and thereafter they are reluctant to change them due to a neurotic dread of looking unsure or misdirected, or of making confusion in the affiliation (Bonaccorsi et al., 2020). Our investigation focuses on the conversation and not just the negative effects of Coronavirus on business yet, besides the positive effect and attempts to discover opportunity from current circumstances, understanding business sector circumstance and future changes makes significant changes to future organizations business people what they have to do to continue in any business. From our survey, various heads are developing new techniques to get ready for a post-COVID world. The greater part of the study recommended that in ongoing future business ought to get ready to work distantly in case of government limitation and augmentations with that business should need to zero in on business progression arranging (Bonaccorsi et al., 2020).

4. Conclusion on Adapting Research Methodology During Covid-19

Preferably, when this crisis is done, we will show new degrees of appreciation. We have moreover made sense of how to regard and thank prosperity workers who are at the bleeding edge of this crisis, taking a risk that continues normally by basically showing up at their basic work. We are in a new time of life where our reality has been changed because of pandemic and it will be going to be new typical for us all. In the event that we can expect something, we can expect that soon everything is more typical and all the business back to track and we will acknowledge the exercise that we learn and we will live and support ourselves with this new ordinary. All the data in business ought to be straightforward and pioneers ought to think about sharing data to representatives on a normal premise. Enormous affiliations are inconsistently so versatile.

Reference List for Adapting Research Methodology During Covid-19

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