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Assignment 1

Qin Shu Huang was known to be the earliest king as well as a cruel leader who had taken an initiative to integrate the old country of China (Ma et al., 2016). Also, he was the ruler who created the footing of the Great Wall of China. On the other hand, Liu Bang occupied the royal seat in the name of the ruler of Gaozu. He was known to be a ruler who first developed the primary strategies that had the potential to drive his kingdom to survive for a long span of time.

Qin Shu Huang was considered to have an impactful personality in the chronicle of China. As a leader he created a huge impact on the cultural heritage as well as on the refinement of the country. Also, he had given the people of the country an inheritance of dissatisfaction. On the other hand, when Liu Bang came into power, the charges imposed on the farmers were reduced and the militaries were even permitted to get back to farming activities.

Qin Shu Huang was known to be both an agitator as well as a dictator to the people of the country. He functioned as an autocratic leader and had thrown cruel fines on the people of the country. Also, he made use of certain absurd techniques to put down any revolution be it original or even imaginary. On the other hand, Liu Bang emerged as a robust leader and applied certain influential techniques due to which the economic condition as well as the consistency of the kingdom of Han enhanced at a great pace.

Qin Shu Huang had put an end to religious views and had also charred philosophy-oriented as well as religion-oriented tasks. Confucianism came to be known as the religious-belief of the region and it became immensely famous with time. Taoism was also followed in his kingdom. While during the era of Liu Bang and Wu Di the religion of Daoism was established and came to be known as an important domestic religious belief of its people (Mark, 2016).

Assignment 2

Gunpowder & Fireworks

The invention of the gunpowder made the happening of battles all throughout the globe very distinct. It created an influence on the way in which the wars occurred and also the way in which a strict line was created all over the middle age (Müller,2019). Such bursting innovations turned into a reason due to which all the ammunition was utilized at the times of any battle taking place. Weapons ranging from blazing arrows, guns, heavy artillery as well as missiles were used at the time of the battles. Also, this contributed towards the development of bombers and large boats that were made use of in the second world war. Moreover, it was used at the times of the wars with the citizens of America. Furthermore, it contributed towards the innovation of atom bombs, it paved the way for a cannon to be thrown on a palace and even arms that were aimed to attack the aircrafts.

The invention of the fireworks paved the way for beautiful demonstrations that have paved the way to unify individuals and has also assisted in the development of group actions in terms of the fun-oriented platforms. It was known to be an innovation that all the people in all positions started to have fun with (Wootton, 2015). Moreover, the concerned invention has emerged to be an important part of enjoyment all throughout the world.

Assignment 3

Dear Friends.

I understand how bad you must be feeling that you missed the firework show at the king’s birthday. I must say, it was a real fun and you all would have really enjoyed it. But don’t worry, I will be describing the whole ceremony to you in this letter in a way such that you can visualize the same in front of your eyes.

Let me start from the point when the king stepped into the stage, that was decorated for him to celebrate with the guests. As he stepped into the open stage the rainbow colour fireworks were displayed in the open sky, with a sound that thrilled our hearts. Initially the loud noise scared me a lot but after sometime I really started to enjoy the whole event. With every sound and display in the night sky, the crowd started to get more and more excited and started to cheer aloud. If you people were also present then I would have enjoyed the whole event even more. Also, I had seen the king’s people burn the bamboos on fire and burst the same to create a loud noise (Oroji et al., 2019). This was scary but yet looked beautiful in the night sky. You should have seen these displays.

With Love,


Assignment 4

It is not correct to end the life of people for the benefit of the majority. It has been rightly depicted by Kant that any person in this world should not be seen as a reason for any kind of an ending. However, a person should be visualized as a discontinuity itself (Sapolsky,2017). If any issue that is required to be fixed needs to end the life of an individual, probably more than a thousand in number will always be considered as a weak strategy to resolve it. Moreover, if this type of a solution is needed to resolve a particular issue, it will be completely filled with negative intentions. A good example for the same would be the situation for the occurrence of a battle.

Furthermore, the only reason that provides a justification to end the life of others is self-protection, family-protection as well as the protection of the society (Botsman, 2017). The meaning of good for the majority has not been explained clearly but the meaning of protection has been explained specifically. In order to put- forward a defensive action, it is significant for an individual to determine the danger posed to him in a considerable manner and with an immense level of assurance.

Assignment 5

Significance of Dance in India

Dance is customary known to be significant aspect religious as well as cultural beliefs in the country of India. As per the history of India, it was the supreme being who discovered the art of dance. Also, it is considered to be an honourable art of the Hindu religion (Tiwary et al., 2016). The reason here is that the art of dance integrates music, play, type as well as alignment in the same. Moreover, the movement, body language as well as movement of the head is of huge significance in the form of Indian dance.

Importance of Hand and Eye Movements & Jewelleries

The concept of dance in India gives immense importance to the process of narrating a tale and thus the hands and eye movements adds up to the same. It is important for the eyes of the dancers to get around with the posing of the hands (Skiba,2016). Hence, it can demonstrate major movements. Huge weight accessories made of gold are traditionally embraced by most of the customary dancers in India. Also, the outfits worn by these dances are made up of heavy gold designs as well as several gold chains, forehead tikka and ear jewellery are worn by them to improve the attributes.

Assignment 6

Dear Mom,

I understand that you and papa are not ready to get me married to a boy of caste that is different from us. I can completely understand your feelings and your fear about society. But I still want to make you understand that marrying in another caste is not a bad thing at all, though it is bad from the point of view of the society but it also has a number of benefits.

You know, if I marry a man from another caste, I will get immense opportunities to grasp knowledge about multiple new perspectives. I will get an opportunity to gain knowledge about a completely new cultural background, I will get to learn about a different style of living as the eating style of that different caste. Moreover, I will get a chance to enjoy a new taste in my life. Another big advantage would be that once we will have our own child, we can raise them in a more improved way ((Allendorf et al., 2015). This is because as parents we will have wider and conventional perspectives and vision in different directions of our life. I know that I will not be able to adopt the different religious customs followed by them but still I will gradually learn to adjust myself accordingly.

You should also be able to understand that all people in the current time are equal, after all we all are human beings. Most of the people these days are educated, hence their religion should not come in between. It is important for an individual to have a good upbringing and a decent cultural background, hence their religion should not matter. It is important for an individual to be a morally well-behaved person, that will make him a good human being and his religion will not make him a good human being (Kandpal, 2019). For example, if a person is of your religion but he is a criminal, then would you consider marrying him to me. Obviously, not, so it's better not to make a marriage decision based on religion.

Your Daughter

Assignment 7

The Mauryan Empire Ashoka

In the above quotation Ashoka is having a sense of dissatisfaction even after gaining victory in the Kalinga war. He was disappointed on seeing the site of the war, where he found that many faultless ladies and kids were killed during this war (Sahoo,2017). He was forced to think, whether it was fair for him to kill these innocent people or was it the right way to broaden his kingdom. He was forced to think that he was right in terms of destroying other regions for the purpose of broadening his own region. In other words, Ashoka was having doubts in the ethical validity of the action he embraced to broaden his kingdom. Moreover, he was disappointed to find out there were women who had lost their husbands, someone lost their children, while some lost their parents.

This is the only reason due to which Ashoka and adopted to be a Buddhist. It was his guilt due to the outcome of the Kalinga war in which he had won but also caused massive levels of destruction ( Sharma, 2015). Ashoka was influenced by the teaching of enlightenments in Buddhism. After adopting Buddhism, Ashoka governed his region by incorporating calmness and patience and concentrated on functions oriented towards his people as well as in terms of only creating his kingdom and not in broadening his kingdom.

Assignment 8

Dear Chandragupta,

When I was just a child, I had teeth like that of a canine, which was an indication of being a king. It was known to be an indication that I am going to a ruler at some point of time. My mother was living with the fear that if I become the king, I will start avoiding her and for this reason only I had to break my teeth. When I matured, I got a chance to visit the charity offering event that was organized by king Nanda at a place known as Pushpapura. Also, my foot was disfigured, which seemed to irritate the king, so he had thrown me out of his kingdom. This had angered me to a great extent and I promised to take a repayment from him. Moreover, I was successful in escaping from being confiscated by running away to the forest. I was so angry that I broke my connection with the king’s son Pabbata (Chakravarti,2016).

In order to turn things in an appropriate direction I have an intention to develop another king who will always work towards protecting his kingdom and will also be successful in terms of taking the place of king Nanda (Roy, 2020). In order to accomplish this mission, my aim is to develop Chandragupta into an excellent ruler and thereby take his revenge from Nanda.

From Chanakya

Dear Friend,

I would like to thank your father for his great contribution towards removing the concept of untouchability from the society. Previously, all the members of the untouchables were separated in a community that is on the external side of a village (Guru, 2020). The whole community was not permitted to go to the religious places as well as to schools. Moreover, they were also not allowed to fetch water from the well that was used by upper-class people living in the society.

Mahatma Gandhi played a vital role in removing such a distinction from the society (Kaur, 2019). He began calling the touchable as the harijans which means the kids of God. Also, he arranged for pacifism movements at different regions and thereby the harijans were given entry to the religious places, paths, schools or any other public properties. In order to convince the higher section of the society, he himself started cleaning latrines to demonstrate that it is not an underrated work in the society. Furthermore, he made great efforts to convince the high level of people of the society to transform their feeling towards the untouchables. It is because of these transformations that such a caste system has been abolished and it is punishable by the court of law.

Assignment 9

At the starting of the kingdom of Rome, when Augustus started his rule, the number of slaves in Rome was about 35% of the population of the country. Around 3,00000 to 3,50000 of the slaves were there for every population ranging from 9,00000-9,50000 of the people living there. Most of the population of the servants in Rome were men and was mostly engaged in hardworking tasks such as building projects, agricultural activities, packaging as well as unpackaging activities. Also, the home-servants in the country were mostly men (Pieterse,2015).

Furthermore, in the context of Greece, Athens comprised nearly 100000 servants that is ⅓ rd to 1/5th of the gross population of the region. The dwellers in Athens had a minimum of one servant at least, which does not include the deprived section of the society.

The servants working in ancient Greece were treated in a fair manner and they were provided an improved environment to work. Moreover, the women servants of the region performed tasks like that of baking, cooking and weaving (Rio, 2017). In this context, the servants working in Rome mostly hailed from some other country and it was also not prone to any kind biases in the society as prevalent in the present times. Captives from the battle ground or sailors who had been traded by the sea robbers worked as servants in Rome. Hence it was different from other countries.

Yes, even today people are living in a slave like condition in the form of forced labour. Such laborers are treated violently, given warnings and are even compelled to travel to other countries and thrown into sexual business, organ trade or any other of that sort.

Assignment 10

Technology has brought about a major difference among the teens of the past years and the current times. In the present time teenagers give more importance towards their fun time and care less about their tasks (LERTNAPASAIT, 2017). The teenagers of the present time give a greater preference to huge salaries and to maintain a high position in society. A present-day teenager will not be willing to surrender their mobile phones at any cost, as mobile phones are dominating their life. Nowadays even if a teenager is going to buy some household stuff from a store nearby, then also they will opt for changing their pants or applying a lip-stick. Furthermore, the teenagers of the present generation will behave in a cruel manner with those people who are not aware of the various technological developments. They are immensely engrossed in technology that is considered dominating their life. Also, they will wear outfits of their own preference and go to places that they like the most.

Assignment 11

Being a slave, I have pity on myself in the course of getting all set to fight against the gladiators in the battle field. The gladiators fight using a sword and even by means of swinging their sticks. I will be scared entering into such a site of war. I would blame my deprived condition in the society and the governing body that has compelled me to face such a situation. Ending one’s life seems to be a fun platform for the people of old Rome. The spectator of the battle is always ready to end the life of that gladiator who is not putting up a good fight (Elliott, 2016). This too seemed scary for me. I think, if I had a little money and even little power, the government would not have forced me into such a situation. I totally blame the government for not treating people of all status in an equal manner. Death should not be converted in the form of a game; the life of an individual is very precious and it should not end so easily. I feel scared, terrible and sorry for myself as well as for others living in such a deprived condition and being pushed into a life-threatening fight.

Assignment 12

Dear Dad,

I am writing this letter to you just to take your permission to spend this Friday night with my school friend. Also, I know, that it would be difficult for you to say “yes” for the same, but still I am taking a chance to convince you, because I know that I am not doing anything wrong. It’s just the gap in our thoughts, which is forcing you to take such a decision.

Dad, there is nothing wrong in spending just one night with my friend, we just want to spend quality time with each other, hear some music together and relax our minds. This will be a good opportunity for me to refresh my mind and relieve myself from the tensions as well as pressures that I was prone to all this while, due to my examination (Roman et al., 2016). Please allow me as I just want to refresh my mind. Dad, you must be considering this night-out plan from a negative angle and you are right in your own way. But don’t worry, I am not going to engage in any kind of alcohol or drug consumption during this night with my friend.

Please, allow me dad, as it will give me happiness, satisfaction and motivate me to work harder during exams.

Your Daughter

Assignment 13

Learning in a traditional school environment will provide immense opportunities for the students to socialize with their friends, while being taught at home, they will just be able to maintain connection with their teacher. Hence, the chance of their growth and development would be very less. Also, studying in a traditional school environment, students will be able to enjoy extracurricular activities such as sports or even get a chance to take part in concerts. However, being tutored will deprive the students from any such activities and if a student will only have to focus on their studies, there is a high chance that they will easily get bored (Kovač, 2018). Thus, learning in school, will allow them to engage in other activities other than their studies, which in turn will contribute towards refreshing their minds as well as towards motivating them. Furthermore, studying in a traditional school environment will teach the students to follow a specific time-timetable, teach them to be organized and also to have value of time. Even though, learning at home will provide a flexible routine to the students, the students will not learn to be organized and follow a routine.

Assignment 14

In the given poem, discussion is mainly about the trip made by Aeneas in the quest of a region wherein he would be building a town, which will be known as the Roman kingdom in the future. The poem started mostly in the middle of the adventure made by Aeneas, when he was about to enter the Carthage region, which was dominated by Dido. Carthage was created by him after he fled away from his brutal brother. Hence, Aeneas narrates his tale to Dido and her people one night while having their dinner.

In the first part of the poem, Aeneas discusses his journey along with the fugitives of the Trojan and the various aspects they encountered prior to the discovery of the city of Carthage. They believed that their destination lies in the Crete, wherein they discovered a region and they were attacked by a disease known as plague and hence they had to exit the region (Ziogas, 2015). Also, they had to fight against the Harpies and later on their ruler even gave them bad wishes. They ran away from the island to protect themselves from the single-eyed monster, while Anchises’s life was ended on the Drepanum island.

Assignment 15

I am interested in doing an apprenticeship in the management of a commercial organization. In future, my aim is to be a successful business manager, hence, I would like to do an internship in the same field. I have great skills in planning a project or an activity, organize it and implement the same in a systematic manner. So, if I am doing my internship in management, I will be able to enhance my skills. Also, I will have the potential to run my own business, if I am aware of all the appropriate skills, expertise and techniques to conduct a business. Moreover, with this I will be able to add more meaning to my theoretical knowledge and I will be able to serve in a much better way in the future of my career. Additionally, I will get a chance to communicate with a wider range of people and my knowledge in terms of the concerned field will also be widened (Binder et al., 2015).

Assignment 16

People living two centuries ago only admired a king, queen or high-level priests and later on they even started to respect the Popes. In the present time, those people who are rich, wise and powerful are only respected and admired (Korte, 2016). Thus, both in the past as well as in the present, only people having power were respected.

There is a difference in the way a celebrity is fascinated in the current time and in the way in which the Gods of Rome were worshipped. People mostly admire a celebrity, they like their looks, style, personality as well as their choice. But in case God's people believe in worshipping them and follow their teachings, they are considered to be the ultimate authority for the people.

However, the mutual element between both is that they do good for the people (Zhang, 2018). God offers people with the essentials in life, while celebrities work hard to entertain the people around the world. People living today are so engaged in the world of entertainment, that they are forgetting they even have to worship God. Hence, they are getting detached from their culture. However, two centuries back, people religiously worshipped God and then they didn’t pay any heed towards developing their culture.

Assignment 17

  1. A lot of time was needed on the part of the preachers to go home by home to teach lessons on Christianity and to persuade them to follow the Christian religion. However, this could have been resolved if people in bulk were asked to gather at a common place where the lessons would have been given to them (Witte et al., 2016).

  2. Even after Christianity gained its popularity, there were times when people took out wrong meaning out of its teachings. People back then were living with the notion that if they became a member of the Christian community, they would be prone to immense amounts of risks. This would have been resolved by redirecting the attention of the people and removing any kinds of doubts from their minds.

  3. Also, certain significant customs performed by the Christian community were wrongly interpreted as barbaric customs. This would have been resolved by teaching the written principles and meanings to the people and clearing all their doubts ( Flemmen et al., 2017).

Assignment 18

Jesus was hated by the rulers of his time because they were the ones who could cross any limit to force the people to worship them (Oderinde, 2015). Thus, if Jesus starts to teach about affection and calmness, people will get more attached to him and will start the leading figures of the Roman empire and accuse Jesus of being worshipping him as well. In this way, the ruling figures of Rome will lose their power and status among the people of the country.

The Roman ruler Pontius had questioned Jesus as to whether he was the emperor of the Jewish people or not (Bennema, 2016). According to him, the answer of Jesus was yes, but in reality, Jesus did not claim to be the emperor of the Jewish people. This blame on Jesus was known to be an action of betrayal by the ruling body of Rome. Also, Pontius unified with a major danger to the authority as well as the politics-based situation of the empire. Hence, Jesus was prosecuted. This accusation made people hate him to the point of a murderer. In this way, people will not stop worshipping the Roman emperors, as they will believe Jesus to be a killer.

Assignment 19

The Fall of Rome

Economical complexities can be considered as the most powerful reason for the decline of Roman kingdom because the development of the country was on the basis of a powerful economic support. In its leading phase at 117 AD, the province broadened to about 1.5 million km square and about 130 million of individuals lived in the country.

Business was known to be a major cause for the development of the economic condition of the country, along with its excellent transportation arrangements that allowed hassle-free import of commodities to different countries ( Morgan, 2015). An integration of numerous conditions such as a very high rate of inflation, huge taxation, localized business and finally a degrading fiscal deterioration contributed towards the end of the Roman empire.

At one point of time, the number of metallic elements making its entry in the Roman empire degraded, hence only a little number of coins were created, known as the denarius. Also, due to the scarcity of these coins, the rulers of the country started to develop self-conceit assignments and also took the decision of minimizing the originality of the coins.

Nero was determined to be the most initial ruler who minimized the purity of the coins. Moreover, at this point of time the province did not even have any rivals who would take away their coins, hence the tax imposed on these coins also increased. This paralyzed the business of the country.

The situation worsened when the province experienced an immense shortage of workers and they started depending on servants to serve as farmers as well as an artisan. All these are considered to be a great reason for bringing an end to the Roman empire (Wijnendaele, 2018).

Assignment 20

Castes‌ ‌Letter‌

Dear Friend,

I am writing this letter to you to share my feelings as a Dalit girl, which for me is a curse, due to the treatment I get from the society. It feels so bad when the Dalit community is regarded as an untouchable group of people and when they are not allowed to come in contact with any assets used by the people in general. Every day, like my community members, I am forced to have smelly food and also the food that is discarded by the higher-class people of the society. In the village, where I am staying, I am not even allowed to drink water from the same well as the higher section of the society (Sabharwal et al., 2015). My entry is barred in the temple or other religious places. Moreover, I am not as lucky as you to go to a school as this right has also been snatched away from me. It feels really bad to be seen as a curse and to be excluded from the society.

Your friend

Assignment 21

Middle Ages Reorganize Social Order Monk

Dear Dad,

I am writing this letter to describe my life as a monk in the monasteries. Being a monk, I will have to separate my life from all you people and devote all my time reading religion-based books. As a monk, one has to spend their entire day towards serving God by offering prayers, converting religious texts and in learning about Christianity. In order to help themselves, the community engaged in plantation, harvesting crops and even in raising cattle. The monk community assists the deprived section of the society with food and shelter as well as to the tired travellers (Jaeger et al., 2015). As a part of their daily routine, the monks have a particular time to offer prayers to God, chant and do meditation. The monk community is not given the right to get married or even to purchase an asset, instead their whole life is devoted towards serving God. The life of the community is not easy, it is difficult to stay away from family, but it is equally important to be in the service of God.



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