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Hotel Property and Operations

Executive Summary of Hotel Property and Operations

This report is focused on identifying the technological advancements in the service delivery processes of the hotel. The report further consists of the introduction of the topic, then it focuses on the contextual discussion on the low touch and the high touch delivery services in the hospitality industry. Then some of the places or areas where the technological advancement will play a major role in hotel industry is discussed. Then a proposal is given by taking into considerations the various aspects of a topic. Some recommendations are also given which would help the hotels to use the technology in an effective and efficient manner.

Table of contents

Executive summary


Contextual discussion

Areas of technological advancements




Introduction to Hotel Property and Operations

The advancements in the field of technology has made service delivery into automated services. As the new generations of business and travellers are expecting higher technological interactions in various aspects of their lives. The technological advancement has made the services in the hotel industry easier and effective. Kazandzhieva and llieva (2017) suggested that the technological innovations have a significant effect on the traditional hotel services, by changing the role of customers into it, and also modifying the functions, behaviour and tasks of the hotel managers and the service staff of the hotel.

Some important technological innovations which have taken place in the hospitality industry or the hotels include- online bookings, mobile check-ins, cybersecurity, service robots, automated check-ins and check-outs and many more. Bilgihan. et al. (2011) stated that technological innovations are being widely used in the hotel industry, which is obvious that these technological investments will increase hotel’s productivity, will reduce their costs and will also add value to the services and various products and services offered to the customers. These advancements not only improve the guest’s experiences but also are helpful for the hotel service and staff members. The human intervention has decreased with the increased technical intervention.

Contextual Discussion on Hotel Property and Operations

This discussion is mainly based on high touch and low touch service delivery. The high touch delivery services are those in which the services are dominated by high human interaction while the low touch delivery services are those in which the services are having very low human interaction. Rouse (2019) states that the high touch and low touch services can be differentiate on the basis that the high touch services require more human contact and more human intervention. While the low touch services use automated phone systems and online self-service portals which make it easier for the customers to avail the services. The high touch services are usually complex and non-repetitive, they require more human power and their skills, example-customer complaints. Although the low touch services are of low complexity and are more repetitive, they do not require human skills again and again once they are installed then they will not require any extra human power, example- vending machines.

With the advancement of technology more and more hotels are moving towards the low touch services or we can say that the high-tech services. It could be said that the hotel services are moving from high touch to high tech. but it is seen that both high touch and high tech can co-exist. When this system is followed then there is more overall productivity. As technology always provide support and plays an important role in identifying, evaluating and communicating consumer’s needs and also their problems. But personal touches in the hospitality industry is a crucial part of their services. So, it is suggested that both high touch and high tech could be used equally as when technology is used effectively it can enhance a personal touch. Many researches have also proved that when both of these aspects are used together then it will lead to a great service experience for the customers and also for the service providers. So, it could be said that implementation of both high-tech and high touch can lead to great guest experiences.

Areas of Technological Advancements

The areas of hotel where technological advancements are appropriate based on the research of contemporary practices-

  • Smart Energy Management

Smart energy systems use certain machines which analyse various local weather patterns, thermodynamics systems and many more. This is an important area where the technological advancements will prove effective. These smart energy systems can decrease the hotel electric consumption cost and can generate energy useful in the hospitality industry. This system helps in efficient utilisation of resources.

  • Smart Reserved Parking

Hotels should use smart sensors and various apps which will allow the guests to secure their parking areas in prior of their visits as well as to have their space assigned at their time of arrival. Also, there can be special arrangements for scanning car numbers and details. This will help to save the labor cost, time and energy of manually managing parking areas of the hotels and it will give guests a great experience from the point they arrive in the property.

  • Portable mobile phone Room Keys

Nowadays the hotels are offering guests room access to the guests through the use of their smartphone app. These apps consist of special software which could be detected at the room key entry place by using special software’s. This is saving costs of making the plastic and magnet or metal key cards and also removes the fear of their losses and area for their storage.

  • Remote Check-ins and Check-outs

By enabling the guests to check in the hotel and out of the hotel through their mobile device, hotel owners can make the guests experience better and also their staffing needs and save considerable labor costs. This technological advancement can aware the hotel staff the details as when the guest arrives or leaves and provide them with a personalized experience.


A proposal for the hotel industry could be introduction of the robots in the various aspects of the hotels. Till now the robot’s automation technology is used in many restaurants and bars. The robot automation would be very helpful for the hotel and the hospitality industry, as it would be helpful in various aspects of the hotels. Such as welcoming the guests, serving the guests and many more. But the use of robots in the hospitality industry has both positive and negative aspects.

Some of the positive aspects include-

  • Cost effectiveness

Robots are very cost effective as they will not require any lunch breaks, sick leaves. The robots could be set to work on repetitive cycle until it works and could be just charged by battery and used for multiple works.

  • Increased productivity

The robots in the hotel industry are very useful for increasing the productivity of the work. The robots can do a large amount of work in a short time and can do this all effectively and efficiently without the use of excess resources.

  • Work in hazardous environment

The robots can work in any tough and hazardous environments very easily. The works which could not be done by the human employees. The areas such as production and manufacturing require a high intensity of manpower and resources. these areas also use chemicals and certain things which are not suitable for human body. But the robots can easily work in such extreme environments.

The negative aspects could be-

  • Hiring skilled staff

When the robots would be used then there will be less requirement of the skilled staff members. This would create a bad impact on the employees working from a long period also for the new skilled staff. This is a major negative impact for the use of robots in the hotels industry.

  • Potential job losses

Due to the use of the robots the jobs would be reduced. Many workers will lose their jobs and would be jobless which would increase unemployment. This is a point where the lives of the many workers will be in immediate concern. It is a perfect example of where the high touch and high tech must work in a co-existing manner and use of both must be made effectively for increased productivity levels.

  • Increased costs

The robots are expensive as well as their maintenance requires lot of time and money. This is one of the negative aspects of the use of the robots in the hotel industry. The hotel owners have to invest a huge amount of money for buying the robots then they would have to spend more money on time to time maintenance of the robots. As it is a machine so it will require time to time servicing and cleanliness, which would cost more to the owners of the hotels.

Recommendations on Hotel Property and Operations

This proposal must be accepted as the world is amongst the deadly pandemic and the theory of social distancing needs to be followed everywhere. Now the people are afraid of contacts with each other’s and are preferring to be away from each other. So, at this time robots would be very useful for the delivery of services in the hotels. Also, with the advancement in technology it has became a necessity to change with the world and adopt something which is in trend and would help for the work in the industry.

References for Hotel Property and Operations

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